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Alkyonis Kouremetis Bros Co has extensive experience in projects on surface naval ships and submarines. Since 1993, he have successfully completed several projects which include insulations, piping works, modulation of interiors, external & internal deck coverings, steel works.

Alkyonis Co

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Engineering Constructions - Ship Repairs

The Company H is to ry Our company was established in 1993 from Ioannis Kouremetis mechanical engineer MSc, Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), Stavros Kouremetis production manager and Manolis Kouremetis economist MSc. However xperience in the marine industry goes many years back. We are all sons of Nikolas Kouremetis, owner of a construction & repairs company since 1959 and founding member of TRITONIS S.A., which operated on the 19th km of National Road AthensKorinthos until 1991, as one of the major ship repairers of the Greek market.

A im s a n d O b je ctive s The management has as a priority to offer services of high quality standards to all customers of the public and private sector.

are according to our customer demands fulfill customer needs and expectations are harmonized with all the laws and regulations that are relative to them Our main objective, which applies to all the company s activities, is to offer our customers: Immediate service Guaranteed quality of services Technical support Reliability on time schedule Competitive prices Having as a target the growth and modernization of s activities, ensuring the safety and health of our employees and the protection of the environment, we are in constant search for new technologies – methods that apply to production, equipment, training and products.

Manag eme nt S tru ct ure The main idea of organizing Alkyonis Co is to provide the company with a modern, flexible, adaptive and well-structured management system. The target of the Managerial System and whole Organization is to create an ideal working environment, in order Alkyonis Co to be able to economically render high quality services, leading to customers satisfaction by fulfilling their needs and expectations, as also satisfying certain conditions imposed by regulations and laws.

Alkyonis Co

The Company Organization Chart

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Piping Works Team

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Woodwork Team

Engineering Constructions - Ship Repairs

The Company Human Resources Our specialized and qualified manpower is a great asset for Alkyonis Co, with its ability to respond to the most demanding requirements of any project. Among other professionals, our staff is composed of certified engineers and experienced technical workmen. All works, procedures, processes, and services provision that require acquired skills and which could be adversely affected by the lack of such skills are identified, categorized and documented. Documented evidence of personnel competence is retained. At regular intervals through review, examination or other means, an evaluation is undertaken to determine whether personnel carrying out such functions require additional training or experience to rectify any shortfall. Training is undertaken utilizing internal company courses or by training schemes operated by recognized third party organizations.

Our company provides all services needed for the proper and fast completion of each project. These include study, design, supervision and construction.

Quality Having as an aim the completion of our targets, our company established a management system which concludes all our activities, materials procedures and human resources, which effects the quality of our products and services, based upon quality standards of ISO 9001:2008. Furthermore, our company is a registered member of official shipbuilders and ship repairers according to the rules of Greek legislation for the following marine applications: metal constructions, piping, insulations, electrical, modulation of interiors, sandblasts - paintings, deck coverings. All products / materials supplied to our company for use, are inspected on receipt for condition, completeness and contract / order requirements. Products are stored and handled in accordance with instructions specified by, or agreed with, the customer. Special care is taken on receipt of all supplied products to ensure that documentation received with the product is correct and that all deficiencies and defects are reported immediately to the customer or supplier for verification and action. Functional or non-destructive testing shall be conducted on receipt, or prior to issue, as required by the contract or regulations imposed by customers or specifications. Material, services, assemblies and finished items are processed only from acceptable / approved suppliers. When required by contract, a customer or his representative shall be afforded the right to verify at source, or upon receipt from the company, that those conform to specified requirements. to permit verification at source.

Alkyonis Co

Customers Satisfied Customer s - Partners Hellenic Navy Hellenic Spipyards S.A. Elefsis Shipbuilding & Industrial Enterprises S.A. Siemens Transportation Systems GmbH&Co. V-Ships Ship Management Halyvourgiki S.A. A.M. Nomikos Transworld Maritime Agencies S.A. Neorion Holdings S.A. - Neorion Yachts Louis Hellenic Cruises Easy Cruises Argonaut Ltd. Union Commercial Inc. Navarone S.A. Core Marine Ltd Worldwide Green Tankers Carell S.A. Ciel Shipmanagement S.A. Navinco Naval Architects & Marine Engineers Public Power Corporation S.A. Hellenic Seaways Ancora Investment Trust Inc. Polyeco S.A. Waste Management Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. Oceana Yacht Refits & Agents Salamis Shipyards S.A. Flanmare Shipping Inc. Sealink Marine Inc. Efploia Shipping Co. S.A. Andriaki Shipping Co. Ltd Navegadora Transpacifica S.A. Softex S.A. Princess Cruises Chronos Shipping Co LTD. Regal Agencies Corp. European Navigation Inc. Variety Cruises Municipality of Piraeus Hellenic Public Real Estate Corporation Namma Shipping Lines CGG Veritas Pearl Ships LLC Element Shipmanagement S.A.

Engineering Constructions - Ship Repairs

Customers & Projects Elefs is Shipyar ds Alkyonis Co, in cooperation with Elefsis Shipyards has accomplished a variety of projects on commercial & passenger vessels, yachts & naval ships. Furthermore, yearly subcontracts have been successfully completed regarding steel and piping works. More specifically, we categorize: Insulation works Fire, thermal and acoustic insulation of bulkheads, decks, HVAC, pipes & exhaust pipes, floating floors in the following vessels: Lesvos and Ikaria. Prometheus in 2004.

ncantieri design, delivered

Roussen, Daniolos, Krystalidis, Grigoropoulos, Ritsos l 2008. Nissos Chios Ro-Ro La Caranta SpreFixTM Spray-On Insulation was introduced for the first time in Greek market in this vessel. M/Y Tueq. A super yacht reconstructed in 2006. Deck Cover ings Internal & external deck coverings in vessels:

LTD Lesvos SS Prometheus Stee l & Piping works Subcontractor for period 2003 - 2004




We have participated in every single new build constructed in Elefsis Ship We were mainly committed to projects of insulations and deck coverings. The new constructions include a variety of vessels such as LTDs, Support Ships, FACs, Ferries, Ro-Ro.

Alkyonis Co

Customers & Projects Hellenic Shipyar ds During our long-term cooperation with the Hellenic Shipyards S.A., we have performed numerous projects concerning steel works, pipe works, insulations and machining. The projects were commercial vessels and more.

Insulation Works

the following vessels: M/V Marco Polo M/V Iollos Triumph HS Aliakmon. General Support Ship of Hellenic Navy refitted in 2007. Cruise Ship Easy Cruise Life of Easy Cruises refitted in 2008. Cruise Ship Royal Princess of Princess Cruises repaired after major fire in 2009.

Deck Cover ings

was totally refitted in 2008. Alkyonis Co performed all the insulations and deck coverings on this vessel.

applications in the following vessels: Cruise Ship Easy Cruise Life M/V Venetia M/V Aegean Pride HMS Concorde FG Elli FG Limnos Manufact uring Air ducts for the new wagons of Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE) constructed in 2009.

Mac hining Various spare parts for the new wagons of Hellenic Railways Organization.

Engineering Constructions - Ship Repairs

Customers & Projects Hellenic Nav y Since 1994, Alkyonis Co is in constant co-operation with the Hellenic Navy and committed to many long-term contracts on surface ships, submarines and dock sites concerning: Steel Works Piping Works Insulations Flooring Systems &Deck Coverings Woodwork Brickworks

Alkyonis Co is currently in contract with the Hellenic Navy for the entire fleet deck coverings maintenance

Specifically, we refer:

and replacement.

Deck Cover ings External & internal deck coverings in vessels: P/C Yperion, LST Samos, PGFG Starakis, PGFG Troupakis, FFG Spetsai, FFG Adrias, P/P Likoudis, MSC Kissa, HS Promitheus, FFG Limnos, LST Chios Insulations Fire and thermal insulations of bulkheads, decks, pipes and exhaust pipes, fridge rooms in vessels: FACs Mykonios – Blessas – Troupakis - Zisimopoulos, FFG Limnos, FFG Agaio, H/T Romaleos, PCFG Pezopoulos, D/R Themistocles, P/C Kithira, D/R Kimon, Panagopoulos, Pandora, Pandrosos, Doirani, Nautilus, Aris, FFG Chios. Pipe Works Pipe works of high pressure, valves and fittings in submarines: Glaukos, Triton, Nireus, Proteus, Stimfalia, Amphitrite. Piping works, valves and fittings in surface vessels: FFG Limnos, P/C Pandrosos, P/C Ouranos, PCFG Pezopoulos, PC/PG Tolmi, PCFG Konidis, PG Karteria, SS Aliakmon, T/ S Aris, Naukratousa, FFG Hydra.

Alkyonis Co

Customers & Projects Hellenic Nav y Woodwork

FFG Limnos , FFG Elli, PG Navmachos, WC Prespa, Pandora, Pandrosos, Doirani and Nautilus. Other works FACs Mykonios - Blessas - Troupakis. Formion, Themistocles, Kimon, Nearchos.

LST Ikaria, PGFG Kavaloudis.

Other Custo mers & P roject s

Mar ine Vessel Nissos Mykonos Ro-Ro Aniara Vessel Massarah

Agiasma Aetos Arielle Macedonia, Express Limnos, Panagia Agiasou, Samothrace, Arsinoi, Nona Marie, Panagia Krimniotisa. M/V Ability V

M/V Scanderborc, M/V Mossel, Ro Ro La Castellet, HMS Laurence.

Engineering Constructions - Ship Repairs

Customers & Projects Mar ine Floating crane of Argonaut Ltd. Project: New crew cabins with B15 panels & ceilings. Vessels M/V Ropax 1 and M/V Ropax 2 on behalf of V.Ships Ship Management. Project: Fire insulation in car decks with SpreFixTM Spray-On Insulation. 3 new builds of the Fire Department at Neorion Shipyards in Syros island. Project: Thermal insulation and condensation control of aluminum superstructures with Mascoat Marine-DTM thermal insulating coating. Vessel M/V Redwood of Regal Agencies Corp. Project: Modulation of interiors with new B15 panels - ceilings - doors, cabin furniture, deck coverings. Palmer & Johnson Yacht I-Sea refitted at Atlas Shipyards SA. Project: Thermal insulation and condensation control of aluminum superstructure with Mascoat Marine-DTM thermal insulating coating. Sound damping in engine room with Mascoat Sound Control-dB sound damping coating. Yacht Panorama of Variety Cruises. Project: Sound damping in passengers cabins with Mascoat Sound Control-dB sound damping coating. Heesen Yacht Absolute. Project: Thermal insulation of bridge deck with Mascoat Marine-DTM thermal insulating coating. Vessel M/V Atlantic Promise of Union Commercial Inc. Project: A60 Fire Insulation of engine room bulkhead. Cruise ships Coral, Kristal, Thomson Destiny, Thomson Spirit of Louis Hellenic Cruises. Project: Thermal Insulation of main engines, electric generators, exhaust pipes, pipes, fuel tanks. Vessel M/V Bluewing of Navarone SA. Project: A60 Fire Insulation of engine room bulkhead. Thermal Insulation of Electric Equipm. room with Mascoat Marine-DTM thermal insulating coating. Feadship yacht Ancallia of A.M. Nomikos Transworld Maritime Agencies SA refitted in Atlas Shipyards SA in 2012. Project: Full scheme renewal of fire, thermal and sound insulation using Isover Ultimate insulation arine-DTM and Sound Control-dB insulating coatings and Bondal速 Sound Damping composite panels. Industr ial Steam pipes for Softex SA. Project: Thermal insulation with aluminum cladding Exhaust pipes and steam pipes for Public Power Corporation S.A. Project: Thermal insulation with aluminum and stainless steel cladding Spare Parts for Halyvourgiki SA. Project: Machining of various spare parts.

Alkyonis Co

Customers & Projects Tran sporta tion






l a




Engineering Constructions - Ship Repairs


As mentioned already in previous section, Alkyonis goal is to expand and modernize all of its activities. As a result of our efforts, the last couple of years, our company not only offers high quality services to customers, but also represents the following innovative insulation products:

In April of 2009, Alkyonis signed a contract with Mascorp LTD and became the exclusive distributor of Mascoat products for Greece and Cyprus. Since 1995, Mascoat has been The Coatings for all types of surfaces and applications. Mascoat has been revolutionizing the way the world insulates and protects surfaces in the industrial, marine, automotive, rail, commercial and residential markets. Our thermal and sound insulating coatings are capable of providing personnel protection, energy retention, sound damping, and prevention/reduction of condensation. Mascoat coatings offer the same insulating capabilities with most of conventional methods known so far, but with a lot faster application time and significant lower costs.

Mascoat Marine-DTM is a composite ceramic insulating coating that is exclusively designed for thermal insulation and anti-condensation protection for the harsh marine environment. When the weight is important then there is no other choice than Mascoat Marine-DTM . It is in use on over 1500 marine vessels from Alaska to Antarctica and has replaced most blanket and foam insulation products, resulting in substantial reduction of weight. Reduce the time of application and cost up to 50% compared to conventional methods, but with the same insulating results. Mascoat Marine-DTM is the only coating that is certified by all major marine approval agencies. (ABS, DNV, Lloyds, USCG, NK, etc).

Mascoat Industrial-DTI is designed to be a multiple purpose coating, which solves painting and insulating problems. This thermal insulation coating product fulfills niche market areas of temperature under 200째C on all types of substrates. It is used worldwide with great success, when energy retention or personnel protection is needed. Applications: Heat exchangers, Tanks, HVAC, Boilers, Diffusers, Piping, Substrate protection and insulation, Pressure Valves and many more. Application is very fast, without any need to cut pre-fabricated elements of insulation, to use studs, and to cover the insulated areas with metal sheets, like with most conventional methods. Time and costs are saved. This coating is Class A fire rated and considered as a fire retardant by Lloyds register.

Alkyonis Co


Mascoat Sound Control-dB is a sound dampening, or sound damping, coating for structural and mechanical noise generated through substrates and surfaces. It is an excellent lightweight material especially compared with materials used so far. It can be applied in the marine sector, transportation, and heavy industry. It has all the appropriate certificates and the application is simple and fast, like all Mascoat products. It can be applied by spaying, brush or roll onto almost any surface such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, and polyester.

Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC is a thermal insulating coating specifically designed for application on rooftops, commercial buildings, and residential houses. In addition to insulating, Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC has an elastomeric seal to help protect surfaces. This product is UL listed and Class A fire rated. Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC is warranted for 10 years. Attention: do not confuse this coating with low E paints that only reflect the sunlight. Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC is a thermal insulating coating that reflects heat. For more information on how it works, please refer to the technical data sheets of this product. For more information refer to the technical data sheets in our web site or e-mail us at

In the beginning of 2009 our company signed contract with Ovacon AB of Sweden and became an official contractor for applying the system SpreFixTM Spray-On Insulation in the Greek region. Our technicians were extensively trained, for a week period, from trainers of Ovacon AB and certified for the correct and guaranteed application of this system. SpreFixTM is unique self-adhesive spray-on material that applies in oilrigs, ships of any type, trains and trams, airports, buildings and industrial facilities. The material comes in two versions: Glass wool SpreFixTM G and Stone wool SpreFixTM S. For thermal and acoustic insulation, we apply the lightweight and non-combustible material SpreFixTM G that withstands temperatures up to 600 째C. When insulation is combined with fire protection then we suggest the use of SpreFixTM S with resistance to temperatures of over 1100 째C. SpreFixTM is used for multifunctional insulation purposes fighting fire, noise, heat, cold and condensation.

Engineering Constructions - Ship Repairs

Distributions SpreFix Spray-On Insulation offers many advantages compared to the conventional methods of insulation known so far. Some of the advantages are: TM

A self-adhesive glass or stone wool, sprayed directly onto any surface. Easily applied to wood, steel, plastic or other surfaces without any mechanical fasteners whatsoever. No risk of air pockets between the insulation material and the underlying surface, now or later. No gaps or cracks between pre-fabricated elements. Reduction of Structure-Born Sound Transmissions, SBST: By gluing the insulation fibers directly onto the surface, a majority of the structure-born sound transmissions onboard marine vessels are eliminated. Condensation control. By gluing to the entire surface, it does not allow the condensation of the surface, thus eliminating potential moisture-related problems such as corrosion and rot. No need to paint steel plates with primer and epoxy final paints. The shop-primer of the steel plates is enough, therefore time and costs of painting works are forgotten. Entirely free of any additives such us solvents, asbestos, cement or fusible silicates. All the cutting and fitting of conventional methods often results in some 20-30% wasted insulation material; a considerable loss, both economically and in environmental terms. With SpreFixTM the corresponding figure is only 2-3%. .

For more information refer to the technical data sheets, our website or e-mail us at

SpreFixTM S has been acknowledged with the highest level of product certificates, level D, with most of the largest and most important registration bodies such as DNV, USCG, Lloyds, ABS etc.

Alkyonis Co

Photos of Projects M/V Massar ah

Modulation of interiors including corridors, distinguish & economy class areas, restrooms, cabins.

Engineering Constructions - Ship Repairs

Photos of Projects Industrial Insulations

Thermal ins ula tions in indu s trial facili ties wit h aluminum c ladding.

Deck Coverings

External dec k coverings in Nav y ships and commercial vess els.

Marine Insulations

A60 Bulkhead Insula tion

Alkyonis Co

Dec k T hermal I nsulation

Photos of Projects Marine and Building Insulations with SpreFix


T hermal insula tion with S preF ixTM G in new build at E lefs is S hipyard s

A -60 Deck Insula tion wit h SpreF ix TM S in new build at Elefs is Shipyards.

Ex ternal building t hermal insula t ion with SpreF ix TM G .

Marine and Industrial Insulations with Mascoat

T hermal Insulation of y acht I Sea with Mascoat Marine-D T M

I ndustrial Insulat ion with Mascoat Indust rial-DTI

Engineering Constructions - Ship Repairs

Why Paint and Then Insulate?

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Alkyonis Kouremetis Bros Co Engineering Constructions - Ship Repairs

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