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Murrieta Association of Student Councils

Student Platform

MASC Goals

 MASC will perform a yearly study of student opinions and attitudes to identify ways that stakeholders in the community can encourage student success and involvement  MASC will create and launch a goals education program throughout MVUSD.  MASC will work help students find meaningful opportunities to gain experience in the community.  Encourage parents, students and educators to work together to achieve everything that they can be.

The Student Platform

We recognize the need for information about student opinions and changes to the student population. The question that we have is why students are not as successful as they could be, what is the difference between a student that is involved in and a large majority of students who are not engaged in their learning. We have recognized that there is a problem and beginning in 2009 the high school ASB’s have implemented the Starfish Students Program to identify students who aren’t involved in school activities. Now the question that we need to answer is why. What could school district do to better engage students, what’s working and what’s not. The platform will establish information about Murrieta students that has never been gathered before. Platform Goals: 

Answer the question why students are not as engaged in school as they could be?

What prevents student success?

What could non- school organizations do to better engage students?

Build a strategy to implement and influence decision making.

Strategy 1. The survey will be developed and created to work at the different levels of education (ie: elementary, middle, and high school) with a strong emphasis on the high school level. 2. Distribute the survey and collect the feedback 3. Analyze the surveys 4. Deliver a report.

The survey will be set up to compare different sets of students such as those that are in AP English versus those in American Literature. This will bias the survey and hopefully produce different responses and some common responses, which will help determine what the community do to help make Murrieta Students more successful.

Action Plan 

Find out what information would help community stakeholders.

Determine what information is needed by the school district.

Develop survey an produce them

Create a team to tabulate data and formulate the platform document

Distribute information and act on it.

Student Platform  
Student Platform  

The student platform outline.