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Welcome to the World of Batshua Magazine Editor: Mascheria Perdue

Table of Contents. Page 1. Batshua is working on a fundraiser to build a children and women’s Hospital in Uganda Africa. And to help with clean water. Page 2. How to lose weight by eating the right foods and leaving diet pills Alone. And how to exercise on a budget. Page 3. How to relax your mind on a stressful day. Page 4. Different Tea that is really good for you an can help you with every Daylife. Page 5. Word game. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Page 1. My story has meaning. That even I myself could not have come up with it. I always had a love for children. And women that are carrying children, In Uganda every month a woman is dying because she did not get the right Care she needed to carry the baby. When I saw this my heart dropped because I did not know what to do. So this idea pop up in my head to start a women’s and Hospital nothing big but just something that the women can get the stuff they need to have that child. The women do not know how to eat right nor take vitamins and the Children don’t either. I am putting together a team that can make the vitamins for the women and children. And using the water tablets to clean their water. I even learn how to make skirts out

T-shirts. The hospital will be built out of shipping containers. It's easy and very cheap. I am selling sheets. I know that I can not save all the women in Africa but if I Could make a dent. And help someone or save that baby boy or girl it would be worth Worth it all. Here is the information please help. ​ lease support the Batshua Shalom Children's & Women's Hospital SHEETS P FUNDRAISER and get 1500 Thread Count Soft PeachSkinSheets for $54.95 (instead of $79.95) in Any Color and Any Regular Size. You'll save $25 per set PLUS another $20 per sheet set sold will go to support our team. Visit ​​ and use our discount promo code BATSHUA on all $79.95 sets through April 14th, 2019 to redeem your special price. Online orders are shipped out within a few days, so there is no need to wait for your sheets until the drive ends. Please note that fundraiser pricing cannot be combined with other promo codes, discounts, or specials including Colors of the Month pricing. Thanks for your support, and please share.

Page 2. Everyone wants to lose weight but people are running out these diets that do not work And you have wasted your money. Well, here a few tips that I know for a fact that works.

Well, my mother was on a low salt diet. To were she at half of everything. Half of a slice of Bread. A half cup of rice. All her vegetables were even half of cup. Even down to the meats Everything was half. She did this until she got the weight that the doctors wanted. She would Drink half of the soda pop. Nothing diet about her drinks. Her doctor put her on this diet and She felt like a brand new person. You can eat whatever you want. But use wisdom. Once a Week do fasting. Drink some green tea. And just relax your mind. And when you get your mind off of food and your weight. You will be surprised of how your weight will fall off. Now The best part is exercising, my daughter taught me this and it works very well. Now let me Share a little about me. I use to be in the nursing field. Up until I got hurt 1994. Just to find out Almost 20 years letter I have nerve damage. There are times I can not even walk. But my Doctor wanted me to do exercise. So my daughter gave me this idea walk from my living room

To the kitchen for 20 mins a day. Well, I did and it has helped out a lot. And then I go and take The dog out. And sometimes I put on some Christian music and just dance. There are ways that You can do it. But it is also in the mind. Philippians 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ. But what brings on the weight is depression. That is the number one thing that causes people to Give up. But if you can keep your mind clear that is the keys. Keeping your mind clear. Once you do that everything will fall in to place.

Page 3. How to relax from a stressful day. Well here are some tips. And it does work. When you come home from your job. Leave your work at work. Fix up your home as a A safe haven. Buy you a slow cooker and put your dinner on before you go to work an When you get home dinner is already done. Fix your home with relaxing colors. Your Room and bedroom and bathroom. Once you are done with dinner. Drink you a warm cup Tea. Take you a nice warm bath. And if you are in the mood make love to whoever you With. Love making can calm the stress down. And after all of that, you can have a good Night rest.

Page 4. Good teas. Here is a list of the best teas that I love. 1. Green tea. I love green tea because of its cleaning power. 2. Red Zinger by Celestial Seasoning. This tea relaxes you as well 3. Lemon Zinger by Celestial Seasoning is a great tea to lose weight, I did some research and was very shock. Of what this powerful tea can do.

4. Passion Tea by Tazo. I love the flavor.Its great when it's cold or hot. 5. Now, these 2 teas my doctor told me about them and for me to use them. They great.Dandy Liver Detox and Organic Every day Detox. This gives you a healthy Skin and liver function. Now for me, I love Organic Every day Detox. Drink a cup Every day. ( Please note. I am not a medical doctor. Before drinking any of These teas please talk with your doctor.Not all teas are good for you.) 6. Vanilla Spice by Yogi, Now this tea is good when you have guest over. It's mild It makes your home smell very good. These are my teas that I love.

Page 5. Word game


1.Who 2. GOD 3. LOVE 4.BATSHUA 5. IS 6. LIFTED

7.AS 8. BAT 9.SOME 10. ME

I just wanted to see if I could do this lol.

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The World of Batshua Magazine  

Hello everyone. I have taken a step into the deep with Batshua. I hope that you all will enjoy it. The magazine went into some things like y...

The World of Batshua Magazine  

Hello everyone. I have taken a step into the deep with Batshua. I hope that you all will enjoy it. The magazine went into some things like y...