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Eating Disorders. Causes & effects. By: Grecia Quintanilla & RosalĂ­a Joya


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Eating disorders involve self-critical, negative thoughts and feelings about body weight and food, and eating habits that disrupt normal body function and daily

Is important to know about eating disorders because this problem has a los of consecuence like bulimia and anorexia. And its very common in teenagers and many parents don’t know about what is happen with their kids.

There is no single cause for eating disorders. Although concerns about weight and body shape play a role in all eating disorders, the actual cause of these disorders appear to result from many factors, including cultural and family pressures and emotional and personality disorders. Genetics and biologic factors may also play a role.

All the times the eating disaster happens because the kids have a psicologist problem. The psicologist problems happens when the kids have problems in the house or problems in school

Anorexia: Have an extreme fear of weight gain and a distorted view of their body size and shape. As a result, they strive to maintain a very low body weight. Bulimia: Is characterized by habitual binge eating and purging. Someone with bulimia may undergo weight fluctuations, but rarely experiences the

Good & Bad Nutrition  

We talk about the good & bad nutrition with that information we can change our life condition.