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9 Best-Designed Telecom Infrastructure Buildings in the World

1/11/2017 If you are looking for the list of the best-designed telecom infrastructure buildings in the world, you have found to the right article. In this article, you will ďŹ nd 9 telecom infrastructure buildings which are considered to have the best design. Designing a telecom building certainly is not an easy thing to do. There are numerous aspects that are needed to think of.

Best-Designed Telecom Infrastructure Buildings Below is the list of best-designed telecom infrastructure buildings for you so that you can see what a telecom building with great design looks like.

1. AT&T Long Lines Building, Manhattan


This building is located in Thomas Street, Manhattan. This building looks really amazing from the outside simply because its granite-concrete combo. It implies that this building’s wall is strong enough to protect everything and everyone inside from even nuclear explosion. This 550 ft building is completed by 29 oors. It is considered odd for a building this tall. However, it is understandable because each story has 18 ft high ceiling.

2. AT&T Long Lines Building, Kansas City


This AT&T building was opened for public in 1976. This 298 ft building has 26 stories and looks great from the outside. The building’s exterior is dominated by yellow brick. Back then, the building was the location where over 1,700 workers of call centers did their daily job. The building was considered to be one of the tallest ones in Kansas City.

3. Digital Beijing Building, China


China is a crowded country. However, designing tall building there is not something that people take for granted. This Digital Beijing Building is giving us new perspective because even though the building is 187 ft tall, the building is still paying attention on the exterior goodness. Seen in daylight, the building seems to have green lines design. Seen at night, the building can glow beautifully.


4. PG&E Embarcadero Substation, San Francisco

This building belongs to the PaciďŹ c Gas & Electric. The building was built in 1973 and the main material to construct this building is cast concrete. From the outside, the walls of the building seem rough yet strong. It has the pattern of ďŹ ne lines and they make the building looks unique and distinguish it from the surrounding.


5. Western Union Building, Manhattan

This building is located at 60 Hudson Street in Manhattan. Inside, the building has great facilities including auditorium, classrooms, gymnasium, and cafeteria. From the outside, this building has amazing design with cagelike exterior. However, the building still looks elegant and grand. That is why this building is considered as one of the landmarks in New York City.

6. Bell Canada Toronto Telecom Building


The next building in the list is the Bell Canada Toronto Telecom Building. This building is quite exquisite with its


warm design. Take a look at the signature yellow masonry walls that this building has. It is unique and resembles something strong yet beautiful. The combination between the yellow wall and the glass panels also adds more strength to the exterior of the building.

7. SingTel Building, Singapore

Singapore is a modern city. This SingTel building is no exception to the modernity of the city of Singapore. The building has black exterior with no windows visible. It makes the look of the building is slightly exclusive and unique.

8. AT&T Building, Stockton, CA


Even though the building looks a little bit strange and old, this building is completed by strong exterior. Its cube design makes the building really noticeable. This Best-Designed Telecom Infrastructure Buildingsis why the building is standing still today. No one has enough gut to demolish the building.

9. The Verizon Building, Manhattan


This 540 ft tall building is completed by 32 oors. It is located in the heart of NYC and it is one of the best looking buildings in the city. The best-designed telecom infrastructure buildings has modern design with less windows visible. A concrete-colored wall is chosen to be the overall color of the building. Now that you know the buildings that has great design across the world, you should make your building looks great as well. If you own business in Jakarta and your business building needs renovation, you need to call Nikifour. We are the best contractor in Indonesia. We are ready to help you making your dream business building comes true. Your building will look like those bestdesigned telecom infrastructure buildings you’ve seen above with our help.

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Best designed telecom infrastructure buildings in the world  
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