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6 Amazing Drone Pictures Showing Hong Kong’s Dense Skyscrapers

1/12/2017 There are plenty of people trying to see the Hong Kong’s dense skyscrapers. Indeed, Hong Kong is a crowded area and a very dense indeed. The city is full with tall skyscrapers. This is why people try to use the latest camera technology called drone to capture the density of Hong Kong from up above. As you can see below are the images of the stunning density of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers captured by drone. The photographers behind these stunning images below is Andy Yeung. He used his drone to photograph several districts of Hong Kong and capture its dense skyscrapers. You can see the Hong Kong’s dense skyscrapers photographs by Andy Yeung below. These pictures are going to show you how beautiful Hong Kong from up above because of its skyscrapers.

Considered as one of the most crowded cities in the world, Hong Kong is quite hard to navigate down below. Navigating through the streets and lanes in the city can be as challenging as other complicated things. It is because the city is somehow full with skyscrapers. It is not all. The population is also dense so that the city become even more crowded. However, people keep coming to Hong Kong to live or just for vacation.


This is why a photographer, Andy Yeung, as stated before, decided to show the world what Hong Kong looks like from the aerial point of view. He tries to show the world that Hong Kong is amazing even from up above. He uses the technology of drone to take the lovely skyscrapers photographs of Hong Kong. Andy Yeung states that it would be unique to capture the density of Hong Kong using “special angle�. The remarkable aerial point of view shows how the skyscrapers are forming amazing pattern from up above.


Andy Yeung takes the photographs of skyscrapers in several districts. He chooses districts in Hong Kong which are considered to be the densest. They are including Wan Chai, Sheung Wan, and Sham Shui Po districts. From up above, you can see that those districts are indeed full of skyscrapers. It seems like everything in the area is skyscrapers. However, it is just the optical illusion because of the aerial view. From down below.


Andy Yeung takes the aerial photographs of the skyscrapers in Hong Kong as the part of his Urban Jungle photo series. Particular in this event, he wants to show the world that Hong Kong is just as modern as the rest of the world. He wants to show that there are probably more skyscrapers in Hong Kong than anywhere else around the globe.


It is believed that Hong Kong is packed with skyscrapers and most of them are taller than 500 ft (150m). This is basically bigger number than the number of skyscrapers in other cities. Hong Kong is also small because the area is no more than 400 square miles. However, it is packed with skyscrapers and you can see how crowded it is from above.

Hong Kong is the home of more than 17,000 people and the majority of the people work in the skyscrapers across the area. It is stunning because only small part of Hong Kong is in the form of open space and open ďŹ eld. Most of them are skyscrapers and that is exactly where people are spending their days. As you can see, Hong Kong is just as modern and dense as other big countries and cities. However, we have to admit that the buildings and skyscrapers in Hong Kong are impressive. If you are living in Jakarta, you need to know that Jakarta is also full of skyscrapers. Do you want to build one? You need a reliable constructor then. Call Nikifour since it is the most reliable constructor in Jakarta to help you maintain your building and skyscrapers. It can do many other things including adding more story to your building, doing renovation, or even starting making building from nothing. Your building in Jakarta is going to be as good as the skyscrapers in the Hong Kong’s dense skyscrapers pictures above. You do not need any doubt to work Nikifour considering that it is an experienced constructor and it has numerous experiences working with building all across Jakarta. Via:

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Amazing drone pictures showing hong kongs dense skyscrapers