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4,600 ft Glass Walking Will Make You Terrifying with the 10 Pics

1/13/2017 If you are scared of height, you will be feel vertigo when you through this glass walking in China. This glass skywalk for your adrenaline may be suit for peoples who like challenge. The fact is 4,600 ft or 1.403 meters in the mountain side is enough to make you get the best nightmare and terrifying. The most stand point that the bridge is made from glass that make you able to see down sight. This glass skywalk is placed in the Tianmen mountain side in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Hunan district. the step path is 328 ft (100 meters of the length and the wide is 5,3 ft (1,6 meters). This skywalk also famous as a dragon cli that you can see. You will get the amazing views for peoples who have strong adrenaline to pass the walkway. This is becomes your amazing and incredible experience. Make you feel like a bird who see from the top of mountain.

This skywalk really save for 3 road ways of glass with 1,410 ft (around 430 meters) and the this glass skywalk had been suspended for 590 ft (180 meters) above of he ground. If you looking for something new or need get the extreme selďŹ e, you should know where you will go. This glass skywalk for your adrenaline is amazing to get fresh experience.


As we mention before that China had been revealed the frightened glass skywalk which surrounding the Tianmen Mountain in the South Hunan Province.


The 100 meters, the walkway circling the Dragon Cli and has the height 4.600 ft (1.402 meters). This skywalk open for visitor on Monday.


China had been obsessed with the scary glass bridge with this Dragon cli in Tianmen Mountain. Do you brave enough to step this skywalk? But, this is will be your unforgettable moment for you if you scared of height. You may cannot walk but crawl it.


Brave visitors can see the down sight from the cli when they step the skywalk. The bad risk, you can get vertigo, the views from the skywalk is incredible and more than your scary.


The visitors can visit only on Monday then you able to get the amazing selďŹ e while you can see the sight below your feet. Beside this skywalk, the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park also provide you with other skywalks as well.


As we know that Coiled dragon Cliff is the third glass skywalk bridge in Tianment that had been open on August, 1 in year of 2016. You can enjoy the view from the other see sight. The first glass skywalk had been opened in Tianmenton November 2011 also can call as “walk of faith”. This is also becomes tourist attraction.

So, the Tianmen provide you with the glass bridge options with the ways in variants. Surely, these glass bridges give


you sensation of walking in the sky. But for the peoples who have faint heart, you should avoid this bridge to prevent any damage. in the foggy days, you can easier to pass it because you unable to see the downside. But for the best views, you should go when the weather is clear to see the amazing views from the heights.

You should check the weather forecast i get your best experience and get the terrifying features from this glass skywalk. The glass skywalk also covering up by snow during winter. You should ďŹ nd the best season for your journey, you also can get the open chairlift for 2 persons to step the mountain top, in the top, you can see the bird eyes from the surround Mountains. The chairlift take around 20 minutes in the top of forests. You should know that there are 99 sharp bends that also become your best photo spots.


There are best times to visit the Tianmen Mountain to get your glass skywalk for your adrenaline, you can visit around April-October for the golden times because the temperature is very convenience. You can choose September for dry seasons but you still get the warm enough in the Mountain. December until February is the best times to enjoy the snow in Mountain, but, you should get the thick clothes to stay warm. Via:

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