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6 Amazing Spiral Staircase from Classic and Modern

1/13/2017 Spiral staircases now are not only a construction in house that benefit for connect between floors, but it also become the aesthetic aspect that enhance the house. It gives house look with glamorous, modern and simplicity at once depends on design corporate. In addition, this staircase design also offers much benefit for small space. This staircase is able to connect more than two floors in once design, it is easier to install and cheaper that other staircase design. Even, for those who love to have DIY project for their home, they can built their spiral staircase by buying preassembled kit spiral staircase.

Spiral staircase is come from wide range materials and available to mix and match with other decoration elements that will make your spiral staircase enhanced. This staircase is available to made from steel, wood, concrete, and even from granite material.


The disadvantage as this staircase takes little space, and then it usually becomes steeper and harder to climb especially for elder or big size people. The other disadvantage when you consider this staircase type, you might meet with some problems include choosing right design for your home.


Therefore, meet with construction consultant can help you much for your construction. We are Nikifour is best contractor in Indonesia, especially in KIIC, Suryacipta, Jababeka, that can be your reference when you are considering for construct spiral staircase at your home. They will help you on choosing right design of spiral staircase that sit with your building construction and building codes regulated in local area.


There are many awesome designs of spiral staircase in around the world that can be your reference and source of ideas for construct spiral staircase at your home. The ďŹ rst great staircase that will make you love to view is Mediterranean spiral staircase design.


This is a great example for those who want to have permanent spiral staircase. For footstep it is made with concrete material and for handrail, this staircase corporate wrought iron that also added with decorative design for adding aesthetic elements. The white concrete that combined with black wrought iron makes this staircase look classic.


The second idea is the glamorous granite spiral staircase. This is a classic spiral staircase design that perfect for house with Middle Age theme such as Victorian house or Gothic and castle or even for chapel design. With full granite material made, this spiral staircase presents an elegance and luxury from the material that combine color grade from the granite.


The third design that present classic look is grand circular staircase with granite footstep. For handrail it combines wood for handrail and the decorative elements from wrought iron that painted in gold. For adding dĂŠcor, the stair exterior is added with gypsum furnace. If classic not your style, then you can choose modern design that simpler, easier, and it usually cheaper to install.


There are many modern spiral staircases that you can choose for your modern home even for your small apartment. When you have small apartment, then corporate this sleek stainless steel spiral staircase. It is located in the corner and ďŹ t into your small space to install.


The second idea is eye shape spiral staircase design. In this staircase design, the structural of staircase is shaped into eye frame when it is view from beyond. The footstep is wrapped with rug that adding dĂŠcor element and warm into your foot.


The handrail is made from wood and it finished with white that matched with flowered burgundy in the footstep rug and yellow at the edge of surface. In the middle of stairs, there is orange pool and two leather chairs with coffee table right into the end of stairs.


The third idea of modern spiral staircase is the lovely circular heart shape staircase. This staircase has edge shape with heart shape that painted in black and combined with orange color for handrail. The handrail itself made from stainless steel that derived from four parallel handrails.


The stairs look awesome with ceramic installed in the wall right into the oor where it ends in each oor. If you really want to build one spiral staircase at your home, then this can be your inspiration for your simple home. Call Nikifour is you already to improve your home now. via: More pictures:





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16 amazing spiral staircase from classic and modern  
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