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Letter to Kenya

my country, my nation

Dear Kenya, I greet you in peace. You might not know me, nor heard of me but if you have, then I consider that a mean feat. I am a humble hardworking Kenyan who uses her God-given talents to relay what is in my heart and mind, and I do this through my voice. I sing. I have sang, I have told the story of what is so dear to my heart, that of peace and humanity. When I released my first song, 'Mikuki ya Moto' my heart was bleeding. I was telling a story of someone I knew and lost during the last post-election violence. All in all, I was telling a story of my beloved country. How we allowed evil vices like selfishness and greed to overcome our being and give the devil an upper hand to loot, maim, rape, kill and destroy our country. I am sure most of you were there although others have passed on, but what makes me wonder is if ever in your deepest hearts you ever thought you could have done things differently. To be in possession of power of such magnitude such as by the mere utter of a single word, action or inaction could turn Kenyans into bloodthirsty animals resulting to loss of loves, property, families displaced..... most of all to stand and watch as the country lost its dignity. Let me ask you a question? How much is your life worth? Does it have a price? Precisely! Then how allow a leader to distribute few shillings thus taking advantage of poor unemployed youths to turn them into beasts all for our selfish gains? Would it be different if the roles were reversed and you were on the other side of the mirror? In order to understand my bitterness you'll need to either be raped, get infected by HIV, have your arm chopped, your posh bungalows burnt and looted or watch helplessly as your loved ones perish! You need to wear those shoes to know where it hurts. So as you go about your business looking for votes to achieve your ambitions, remember where we came from, remember that every action and every choice or decision that you make: each of you at one point in time shall be accountable at the end of it all for we are all mortals, that is if you believe there is a Creator of those lives that you are in charge of; that every blood you spill as a result of your in-actions or actions shall cry out in vengeance and as result our beloved country shall never be at peace. Finally I wish you Gods' wisdom and Gods' grace to be responsible and uphold the sanctity of life... and put our country before your selfish ambitions. I wish you the grace of God not to let the devil get an upperhand. I humbly apologize if I have rubbed some of you the wrong way but I will not be doing my duty as a Kenyan, a child of God, if I do not speak out what is in my heart. Meanwhile I’ll continue doing what I do best as an artist. Sing, sing, and sing against social injustices and other matters that are dear to my heart. Sincerely, Masallah Somba.

Letter To Kenya  

Just my thoughts in black & white.

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