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introducing the CAPE COD COLLECTION


Masalababy blends modern comfort and stlye with global Indian influences, in a harmonious rhapsody of color, texture & pattern. At the heart of each design is its own fabulous story that continues to happen along the way. From infants and baby apparel to kids fashion, we have expanded our line to include accessories and kids furnishings creating a cohesive brand statement across product categories. Fashion and Textile designer, Dipali Patwa, created the Masala brand in 2010. Her Journey from East to West and back led her to working with amazing artisan groups all across India absorbing their traditions and crafts. Starting out with infant apparel, the brand has grown to include kids fashion, accessories and kids furnishings, including our signature Swaddle Wraps, Bib+Burp sets, Reversible quilts, and Diaper Clutch and Changing Pad- great year-round “fun-damentals” for masala moms. For SPRING/SUMMER ‘14 we are all about being on the beach, global bohemian style! Cape Cod colors and crab shacks inspired the cool casual style of the CAPE COD COLLECTION. Get carried away in colorful caravans & fishing houseboats, as we present the CARAVAN COLLECTION summer living, masala style!

e njo y !

dipali patwa president & founder masalababy & masalakids

< our new mira top dots in jacq pink with hot shorts in chevron ikat pink
























introducing our new


romantic nomadic influences spark our

CARAVAN COLLECTION The wonderful art of floral block prints and ikat highlights this look. Gorgeous hues of rose pinks, saffrons and corals against pure white give it a refreshing feel.


TU84 Padma Tunic Kamal Floral Pink

TU83 Padma Tunic Bala Geo Indigo

TU82 Padma Tunic India Rose Pink

< padma tunic comes in girl sizes 2 yr- 10 yr

Masala style !

TU81 Padma Tunic Paisley Toss Turquoise

TU93 Padma Tunic Chevron Ikat Pink

L7 Solid Leggings Pink

L22 Thin Stripe Indigo Leggings

L26 Chevron Ikat Pink Leggings

for your information:

MASALA SIZING GIRLS: 2yr-10yr BOYS: 2yr-10yr BABY GIRL: 3mos-24mos BABY BOY: 3mos-24mos

DANCING DUO style & sizzle !

DR208 Tutu Dress Kiran Geo Pink

DR207 Tutu Dress Anna Floral Turquoise

DR204 Ria Dress India Rose Pink

DR206 Ria Dress Ikat Dots Navy

> our signature tutu dress in anna floral turquoise

DR205 Ria Dress Cross Stitch Turquoise

introducing the


DR203 Ziva Dress Chevron Ikat Turquoise

DR201 Ziva Dress Thin Stripes Indigo

get rea dy to

introducing ou r new

ZIVA DRESS DR202 Ziva Dress Multi Paisley Pink

DR210 Fusion Dress Paisley Toss Coral

DR211 Fusion Dress Thin Stripes Pink


DR200 Ziva Dress Boondi Coral

DR216 Ziva Dress Kiran Geo Pink

our signature fusion dress in kolam navy >

DR209 Fusion Dress Kolam Navy


o nce a round the cape & ba ck !

DR196 Gypsy Dress Boondi Coral

DR199 Gypsy Dress Seer Sucker Pink

DR195 Gypsy Dress Paisley Toss Yellow

DR215 Gypsy Dress Chevron Ikat Pink

DR197 Gypsy Dress Cross Stitch Pink

DR198 Gypsy Dress Multi Paisley Blue

summer days


NEW Frocks zuri Tops

& Pom - Pom skirts !

DR214 Frock Ikat Dots Yellow

DR212 Frock India Rose Dark Turquoise

DR213 Frock Chevron Ikat Pink

TU87 Zuri Top India Rose Pink

TU88 Zuri Top Medallion Green

TU86 Chevron Ikat Pink

< TU85 Zuri Top Kolam Navy

S28 Pom Pom Skirt Ikat Dots Navy >

S27 Pom Pom Skirt Dots Jacq Turquoise >

S26 Pom Pom Skirt Dots Jacq Pink

SH17 Hot Shorts Cross Stitch Pink

SH16 Hot Shorts Dots Jacq Yellow


SH20 Hot Shorts Kiran Geo Pink

tur n up the


< P16 Raga Pants Chevron Ikat Pink

> P15 Raga Pants Chevron Ikat Turquoise

SH19 Hot Shorts Canvas Stripe

SH18 Hot Shorts Chevron Ikat Pink

< TU91 Mira Top Boondi Coral

< TU90 Mira Top Dots Jacq Pink

< TU92 Mira Top Cross Stitch Turquoise

< TU89 Mira Top Dots Jacq

Our kid-friendly temporary tattoos for the shoot were specially created by Jessica Gomes, founder of SKNPRNTS. Thanks Jess!

SH21 Hot Shorts Chevron Ikat Turquoise

SHT32 Tabla Tunic Multi Check Red

SHT33 Tabla Tunic Wavy Stripe Orange

SHT36 Tabla Tunic Chambray Stripe Blue

boys will be


SHT39 > Ham Tee Fishy Indigo

SHO6 > Player Shorts Seer Sucker White

< SHO7 Player Shorts Seer Sucker Stripe

SHT34 Tabla Tunic Wavy Stripe Navy

SHT31 Neat Shirt Canvas Stripe Blue

. . . when left to their own devices !

< SHT37 Tabla Tunic Buffalo Check Black

SHO8 > Slim Bermuda Grey Chambray

< SHO9 Slim Bermuda Indigo Chambray

SHT30 Neat Shirt Wavy Stripe Orange

BLS142 Neat Shirt 2pc Set Canvas Stripe

BLS141 Neat Shirt 2pc Set Wavy Orange Stripe

BLS140 Neat Shirt 2pc Set Fishy Aqua

BLS150 Ham Tee 2pc Set Fishy Indigo

BLS148 Tabla Tunic 2pc Set Multi Check

BLS144 Tabla Tunic 2pc Set Wavy Stripe Navy


cool sets for summer days

BLS146 Tabla Tunic 2pc Set Stripe Aqua

BLS145 Tabla Tunic 2pc Set Buffalo Check Black

BLS147 Tabla Tunic 2pc Set Chambray Stripe

BLS127 Boogie 2pc Set Cross Stitch Pink

BLS128 Boogie 2pc Set Multi Paisley Pink

BLS129 Boogie 2pc Set India Rose Turquoise

BLS130 Boogie 2pc Set Chevron Ikat Turquoise

the cutest 2 - pc sets


< our new simple tunic 2-pc set in kamal floral pink

BLS153 Boogie 2pc Set Kiran Geo Pink

BLS122 Rhythm 2pc Set Cross Stitch Turquoise

BLS123 Rhythm 2pc Set Multi Paisley Blue

BLS125 Rhythm 2pc Set Kolam Navy

BLS126 Rhythm 2pc Set Paisley Toss Coral

BLS124 Rhythm 2pc Set India Rose Pink

BLS131 Laya Dress 2pc Set Paisley Toss Turquoise

BLS133 Laya Dress 2pc Set Ikat Dots Yellow

BLS132 Laya Dress 2pc Set Chevron Ikat Pink

BLS135 Simple Tunic 2pc Set Kamal Floral Pink

BLS134 Simple Tunic 2pc Set Bala Geo Turquoise

jumpinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; jacks

BLS121 Taal Jumper 2pc Set India Rose Pink



BLS151 Taal Jumper 2pc Set Kiran Geo Pink

BLS152 Taal Jumper 2pc Set Chevron Ikat Turquoise

RSH3 Reversible Sunhat Fishy Medallion Navy >

RSH2 Reversible Sunhat Chevron Ikat Turquoise >

< RSH1 Reversible Sunhat Ikat Dots Yellow

< RSH4 Reversible Sunhat Chevron Ikat Pink



EHP3 Jai Elephant Ikat Pink EHP1 Jai Elephant Paisley Toss Navy

EHP2 Jai Elephant Kolam Red

EHP4 Jai Elephant Ikat Navy

pop ups

BS26 Pop Onesie 2pc Set Paisley Toss Yellow

BS25 Pop Onesie 2pc Set Boondi Coral

LETâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S PARTY!

buddy dogs

< DG2 Buddy Dog Kolam Marigold Yellow

DG1 Buddy Dog Kolam Coral >

< DG3 Buddy Dog Kolam Ikat Dots Navy

DG4 Buddy Dog Kolam Ikat Dots Red >

mo ksha quilts

MMQ21 Kamal Floral Moksha Quilt Pink

MMQ20 India Rose Cross Stitch Moksha Quilt Pink

MMQ15 Boondi Moksha Quilt Coral

MMQ17 Chevron Ikat Moksha Quilt Pink

MMQ18 Fishy Medallion Moksha Quilt Navy

MMQ19 Fishy Medallion Moksha Quilt Yellow

MMQ16 Chevron Ikat Moksha Quilt Turquoise

MMQ22 Bala Geo Moksha Quilt Indigo

bib & burp

BB16 Kamal Floral Bib+Burp Set Pink

BB12 Boondi Bib+Burp Set Coral

BB15 Chevron Ikat Stripe Bib+Burp Set Turquoise

BB14 Cross Stitch Rose Bib+Burp Set Turquoise

BB10 Fishy Medallion Bib+Burp Set Navy

BB11 Fishy Medallion Bib+Burp Set Yellow

BB17 Bala Geo Bib+Burp Set Turquoise

BB13 Paisley Chevron Bib+Burp Set Pink

swaddle wraps

MSW21 Kamal Floral Swaddle Set / Pink-Orange

MSW20 Boondi Swaddle Set / Coral-Turquoise

MSW18 Fishy Medallion Swaddle Set / Navy-Orange

MSW15 Fishy Medallion Swaddle Set / Yellow-Aqua

MSW17 Chevron Ikat Swaddle Set / Pink-Orange

MSW16 Chevron Ikat Swaddle Set / Turquoise-Navy

MSW22 Bala Geo Swaddle Set / Turquoise-Navy

m ore

MSW19 India Rose Swaddle Set / Turquoise-Navy


must have ” Tote Bag

TB5 Quilted Tote Chevron Turquoise

TB4 Quilted Tote Chevron pink

TB2 Quilted Tote Ikat Dots Navy

TB1 Quilted Tote Ikat Pink

TB3 Quilted Tote Ikat Dots Red

“ on the go ”

D ia p er Cl utch & Changing pad

DC2 Chickies Diaper Clutch+Pad Red

DC5 Kolam Diaper Clutch+Pad Pink

DC3 Happy Elephant Diaper Clutch+Pad Navy

DC4 Ikat Dots Diaper Clutch+Pad Pink

DC1 Ikat Dots Diaper Clutch+Pad Navy

inside view diaper clutch


art direction: VOTH BARRALL kids photography: JORG MEYER product photography: JILL LEIGH

Š 2013 Masala Baby LLC

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