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Sailor Supply List Here is a list of things our deployed Sailors like to have in care packages (compliments of Molly's Adopt-A-Sailor group). PLEASE remember that these are suggestions only....if you have other ideas...add them in and share with us. The goal is simply to make sure that every Sailor that receives a package knows that he/she is loved and honored. Remember that we want to make and/or write cards for each box we fill. The more cards the better...the well wishes are priceless to our Sailors. Plan to include a pre-addressed postcard to make it easier for them to send a thank you note if they have time. Including your email address also will help them out.

DRINKS Capri Sun Sweetened Kool-Aid Packets Country Time Lemonade Gatorade Kool Aid Lipton Tea Mixes Flavored coffee and Cappuccino Flavored drinks powders to put in water Hot Chocolate & Hot Cider Flavored Creamers Juice boxes have not traveled well

FOOD Beef Jerky & Beef Sausage (very popular) Candy of all kinds – (really like Ind. bags of Skittles and hard candies) Canned: meats. Cheeses, chips, Fruits , salsa, dips, tuna, chicken Chocolate anything (they don’t care if it melts) Cookies – all kinds Dried fruits & Granola bars Hickory Farms stuff (no refrigeration) Nuts, Pop Corn, Sunflower Seeds Peanut Butter / Jelly / Honey Pop Tarts Pretzels and Trail Mix Protein Snacks Power Bars & Cereal Bars Ramen Noodles Microwavable Soups Microwavable Single Meals Hamburger Helpers Singles Easy Mac Single Serve Brownies Bowls Chocolate and Lemon Microwave Cakes Instant Oatmeal Otter Pops Spices ( love hot sauce) Slim Jims - any kind Jalapeno Cheetos Baking Soda

FUN STUFF Books (new or used) CD's & DVD's & Videos updated May 2010. bjsc –via diane

Board Games, Card Games Travel size games & Electronic Games Comic Books Holiday Decorations ANY…. Magazines (Newsweek, People, Maxum, Cosmo, Sports Illustrated, Car related, Fitness related, ESPN,hunting and anything else sports related) Tabloids Newspapers (fun to read) Playing Cards and Poker Chips Puzzles & Word Puzzles Footballs, Nerf Balls, Soccer Balls Trivial Pursuit Cards (no board) Disposable Cameras Scented Candles (will melt in sandbox) Silly Putty Squirt guns Wooden and Styrofoam airplanes

HEALTH AND HYGIENE Aspirin and other pain relievers Antacids and Alka Seltzer Band-Aids – (fun ones, butterfly and regular) Chapstick and Cough Drops Dental floss and Mouthwash Disposable Razors Foot Powders Hand Sanitizer Hair brush/Comb Kleenix - Individual pkgs and boxes Neosporin Q-Tips Bar Soaps Shampoo/Conditioner Dry Shampoo Thera-Flu - Cold and Flu Liquid packs Sore Throat lozenges Vitamin C drops Toilet Paper Toothbrushes AND Toothpaste Wet-Wipes & Baby wipes & Wet ones Air Fresheners Fabreeze Purifiers Shaving Cream & Lotions Hand and Foot Warmers, Heat Packs Flip Flops (Shower Shoes)

Fabric Softeners

MISCELLANEOUS Batteries Can Opener Boot Socks (gray, green, black only with thick soles) Wal-Mart has them Tan Shoelaces - Leather 72" Bug Spray – “OFF” requested a lot!!! Gloves Gum, hard candies, Journal ~ Pens ~ Sharpies Stationary, Generic blank Cards, Envelopes Plastic Utensils Reusable Microwave Containers Straws in paper wrappers Napkins (even those from fast food restaurants) Tan T-Shirts – various sizes (Mostly Med & Large) Fleece Blankets Panty Hose for cleaning weapons Deep Woods Off wipes (this is the replacement suggestion for the collars) Phone Cards – (AT&T has a Military Global card) Super Glue 3M Hooks with removable tape Sunglasses & Sunscreen PLEASE DO NOT SEND Dog Treats Rawhide Chews Dog or Cat Flea Collars

SHARE WHO AND WHERE YOU ARE: Your local Newspapers/Comics Photos of your town or state Postcards of your State and or city Jokes you know Blank Cards for upcoming holidays. Calendars Notes of Encouragement - The most important thing we can do

Supply List  
Supply List  

Just a list of "suggestions" that we have put together over the past few years with the help of our deployed military