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At first I was apprehensive for many reasons. That

Sabbath I was assigned to be the Sabbath school pianist, & our group the ―8th key‖ will be singing for the special program in MSHC Campus Church after the Hour of Worship. These were my excuses despite Ate Abby’s convincing me to join. Last Wednesday, September 22, I went to attend the Midweek Prayer Meeting. It so happened that those who were joining the Bible Camp had their briefing and orientation for the event. Not knowing what would be happening, I finally decided to join in. Well, just plainly for the reason of bonding with friends, meeting new ones and typically enjoying camping stuff. That was what was on my head. Amazingly, it was more than what I was expecting. I never thought this event would be a turning point of my life. It made me understand what kind of person I am. Honestly, I never realized there are a lot of things in me that need to be changed. Specifically, the spiritual aspect. Am I worthy to be called a Christian? Surprisingly, I voluntarily opened up all my liabilities & surrendered it to the LORD.

I confess, the best part of this event was the time we grouped ourselves, sharing our worries and concerns, giving hopes and assurances with each other, accompanied with the sincerest prayers I’ve ever experienced in my life. Right there, I sensed the power of prayer is great when it is done wholeheartedly. This Bible Camp made me aware of GOD’s providence, showing me that had I not involved myself with this program, I could never have had the chance experiencing the beauty of being with committed young people spiritually and, the change I had in me. And above all, I could never have had the experience of knowing the real joy in being more closer to the LORD. Faiza L. Abueva, 16

ARMAuS Bible Camp is a blessing. I cant explain what i really felt after that camp. But one thing is for sure, the prayer room moment is amazing! The Holy Spirit touches every heart that prays. Thank You, labaw sa tanan, thank You, thank You JESUS! Thank You for Your love!

Clendelyn Jane D. Bala, 19

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We have not yet asked for it but GOD already impressed it upon the ARME California team! By faith we see more and space is not enough to testify of how GOD is moving His work forward. So we just end this testimony with these thoughts: GOD is not a GOD of the past nor of the future, but of the present as well. HE is a GOD who hears, who sees, who knows and works, and HE is the owner of our very lives. He knows each entity and has plans to save each one by all means NOW. You may be doubtful, but just like us, we have known that GOD was planning for something big in our lives as Seventh-day Adventist Christian soldiers and didn't expect HE can do it now but anyway HE DID IT! So if He did it for Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, Esther, Ruth, Peter, Paul, John, Ellen and James in the past, and if He’ll do it for the 144,000 in the future, and if He did it for us now, then HE WILL SURELY DO IT FOR YOU !

Praise GOD for all the people who have been willing to be used to support the ARMAuS Bible Camp. GOD knows what you have done, and it might be that through the help you gave, you’ve won a soul to JESUS’ feet. Many thanks from the MAS-AMiCUS Family! For more information, please visit:


www. www.

UPCOMING CAMPS: Faith Camp Asia MVC– October 20-24, 2010 Philippine Youth for CHRIST (PYC)/ GYC Philippines– December 17-22, 2010, AUP Generation of Youth for CHRIST(GYC)– December 29, 2010-January 2, 2011, Baltimore,MD Now the small ARMAuS becomes the big ARMe International! ARME Bible Camp Northern Mindanao– February 2011, EMEU, Valencia City ARME Bible Camp Mindanao– May 2011, MVC ARME Bible Camp Visayas– May 2011, Western Visayan Academy ARME Bible Camp Luzon– May 2011, AUP Have you been BLESSED with the ARMAuS BIBLE CAMP? Want to EXPERIENCE deep PRAYER and BIBLE STUDY? Then, Join the BIBLE STUDY sessions with the MAS-AMiCUS ICD friends 3 pm everyday and the CONVERSATIONAL OR UNITED PRAYER every Sunday at 4-5 pm! Contact any MAS Officer for inquiries!

The Official Newsletter of the MAS-AMiCUS Iligan City District ARMAuS Bible Camp

Vol. 2010-0001

September 2010

Youth revived to Christ at ARMAuS Bible camp Apyrll Eunice E. Comison

Refreshed, replenished, and reformed. A great revival was felt by the MAS-AMiCUS and friends as GOD’s hand led out the ARMAuS Bible Camp last Sept.24-26, 2010 at RD Beach Camp, Naawan, Mis. Oriental.

The youth have just like ―woke up‖ from a deep sleep dreaming of this beguiling world, thanks to our Almighty GOD who told revelations and exhortations through the mouths of Pastor Jerry Campomanes and Bro. Elmond Ray Mondigo to the young Christian soldiers. Many were amazed and felt convicted and repentant upon hearing the lectures and sermons that shared something about what kind of people we are nowadays when the end is near. For instance, we do not want to worship GOD insincerely but unknowingly we are doing it unrightfully again and again. Studying the Bible deeply, understanding apocalyptic texts and revealing unnoticed schemes of deception are just a few bits of the spiritual food they ate. Everybody got misty eyes after experiencing the ―conversational or united prayer‖ at the specially allotted prayer room. Among all the activities, the prayer room experience made everyone's heart to be moved. It was like you are

The youth gather together in groups for the united prayer time at 5:30 am on Sabbath.

talking straightforward to our Father above with a bunch of friends telling their burdens and praying for each other. The prayers just flowed out that an hour or two seemed just a matter of minutes! It started with a grieved feeling in them but they ended up relieved. GOD has used this camp to prepare the youth for the great battle. We must be ARMed with the Scriptures before knowing that we are already hit by the enemy’s bullets. We need not highpowered weapons but GOD, HIS double-edged Sword—the Bible, and the breath of the Christian soldier’s soul—prayer.

event because it's about studying the Bible, decoding the prophecy, Scripture memorization and others. They also "To the only wise GOD our Savior, be glory and found out that ARME actually means ARM ME, i.e., ARM ME majesty, dominion and power, both now and with the WORD. forever." Amen Later it was somehow impressed upon these beloved It all started with some beloved of JESUS hearing that the MAS-AMiCUS ICD should also conduct one Bible and downloading audioverse sermons from Pastor Ivor Camp patterned on this ARME Bible Camp, and then call it Myers. With the Holy Spirit's guidance, they were led ARMAuS (ARM MAS - the Movement of Adventist Students or to a sermon entitled "Going Nuclear," a very powerful ARM US - us as a group). The officers went on having the sermon by the pastor. The sermon, as audioverse said, meetings for the Bible Camp dates and other preparations was from an event called ARME. These beloved of JEthinking in mind that this will be another one of those ordiSUS were at first uninterested with what ARME was nary events of the MAS-AMiCUS. and thought of the event name as weird. Later on, they But one night, through the leading of the Holy found out a video in the internet about the ARME Bible Spirit, an officer of MAS-AMiCUS tried to send a message to Camp and found that it is actually a very interesting Pastor Ivor Myers' facebook asking for permission and help

HIStory of the newest ARMe

in having a small ARMAuS Bible Camp here in Iligan. Without thinking that he would reply to this unofficial message, the officer was shocked having read the "unexpected" reply of the pastor. Little did the officer know that the pastor already forwarded the message to the ARME team, and without even knowing it, the ARME team is now contacting the officers for help. Through a series of calls and email messages, both parties - the ARME team of California and the small MAS-AMiCUS ARMAuS team of Iligan were sensing that this could not be an ordinary event but a GOD-led start of a genuine revival in the Philippines, especially in Mindanao. In fact, both teams were so excited about how they got connected to each other by Divine providence. By that time ARME has held three (3) Bible camps in the U.S. but has also been praying to take ARME overseas. Melissa Miranda, the prayer colonel of ARME, is by GOD's amazing providence a Filipina; and she believed that this small ARMAuS was the answer to their prayers. "ARME International" was what they called it. And we just praised the LORD! With these things in mind, the ARMAuS team became serious in preparations and were inspired to fill everything with prayer. A great number of miracles began to happen. During the ARMAuS team's firsthand

conversational/united prayer experience on Tuesday night before the camp weekend, hearts were touched, softened, brought to tears, healed and drawn closer to GOD and to each other. Once again, the team was one. The RD Beach Camp, our venue, instead of costing Php 6000 per night, exclusive, was then granted exclusive for Friday to Sunday way down to cost only for Php 3500. The ARMAuS large tarpaulin was printed for free. The transportation was for free. And all the rest were perfectly provided by GOD. And again, we just praised the LORD! And yet the greatest miracles are of those lives just turned around from the world to Christ after the Bible Camp. Surely GOD has just been waiting for His people to lift up JESUS so He could just swing wide open all doors for all people to be drawn unto Him! And now after the ARMAuS, surely He's not stopping. There's Faith Camp Asia at MVC. There's another ARMAuS with Iligan and CDO Districts in February 2011 but no! GOD wanted it to be an official ARME event and include the whole of NMC. Then there are these three (3) big, big ARME Bible Camps in each of Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon in May 2011! Continued in page 4...

I thought, prayer is just only a mere murmur to

GOD of our requests. I thought it is only a kind of communication to GOD which is powerless and weird. But all my thoughts are really wrong. An hour of prayer is too long and I don’t really want to talk with GOD for so long because I think it is boring. I only want to pray when I have something to ask before, but now, I wanted to pray everyday of my life and of course, to study the Scriptures daily and deeply. One hour is not truly enough for me to pray; it is not enough to spend time with GOD. I will use my extraordinary mother wit everyday so that I can fully serve GOD. When the prayer started, my tears began to fall because I was totally touched with their pleadings. I did not know that we are sharing the same problems, without knowing there is GOD who will help me. I want to dedicate my life to HIM alone and I want also to know HIM more because I now know how powerful prayer is, how great is the love of GOD for me, and how GOD wants us to follow HIS footsteps. In order for us to be more peculiar, we must serve GOD, through involving ourselves in a deeper study of the Scriptures and sharing the light; do what GOD wants us to do because we are HIS chosen ones.

The Bible Camp is such a great event for the

youth to discover GOD more and especially HIS words which are written in the Scriptures. It’s a great privilege for me to be in that camp, even though obstacles blocked me on the way of planning; still PRAISE GOD for HE had cleared the way for me. GOD really taught me a lot in the camp through HIS very humble speakers in the camp. And the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced in that camp is the prayer room. GOD hasn’t only drawn us closer to HIM while in prayer but also closer to our friends after the prayer. This opportunity of a lifetime is something I wouldn’t forget. Praise GOD for everything!

Jeremiah McCleo D. Bala, 16

ARMAuS Bible Camp was the greatest camp in my life because it took everything of me—my whole self, my life, my all in all. Oh Jesus, may you take full control of my life. With deepest sincerity and with my whole heart, thank you! and thank you JESUS!

Izzy J. Calunod, 15

I’ve taken prayer as just any form of meditation to praise, thank

and ask GOD of my needs, most especially material things. I’ve once prayed sincerely to GOD before going back to HIS fold—that HE would take away the hatred that, during those times, have devoured my soul. I have prayed that HE would forgive me of my iniquities. After that time, my prayers were just vain repetitions. But there are also times when I end my prayers shortly after kneeling down, in other words, I talk to GOD in a dry manner because I was time-conscious back then. It never crossed my mind that I was talking to an entity greater than any one else because I don’t focus. Sad to note, I allow worldly matters to occupy my mind in that state. But in the Bible Camp, everything that seems to be a tradition with regards to my prayer habit turned upside down. The prayers offered to GOD by my brothers and sisters sent me to tears and by the grace of GOD, I once again experienced the joy of talking to Someone so freely. It was a time that I’ve had one of the best communions with my Redeemer after years of uttering babbles thinking that GOD was pleased to hear it. In the prayer room, I felt my heart de-iced. I felt the pain of thinking how blessed I am to be loved by Someone so great, Someone whose love flows in the vast eternity. I felt so unworthy of that love after memories of my malign past flashed before me like a movie. At that very moment of prayer, I surrendered to GOD my everything because I realized how HE always embraces me in my lowly times. HE never left my side amidst the countless infidelities I’ve garnered from walking away from HIM and traversing the sin -tarnished paths of this world. Prayer is the breath of our soul, I heard someone said. And thus just like our breath, it should be natural. GOD always hears all our prayers but HE answers them according to HIS will.


Xenia Gay J. Calunod, 19

Van Russ Jade P. Dionisio, 20

Praise GOD! Our ARMAuS Bible

Camp was successful! I’m so happy daghan kaayo mi na-learn about sa Bible, how to understand it and the writings of Ellen G. White. We were blessed in this event, because we realized that we need character change. We started reading the Bible and praying every day to GOD. In the prayer room, nice kaayo, kay nabati namu na close sa ato ang GINOO. And there was unity and peace. Ang mga friends

namu kay naghilak kay nabati nila ang prayer ug nadunggan pud sa matagusa ang pag-confess sa mga sala. Praise GOD for all the youth in Iligan. Dasig igsuon! Forward soldiers!

Raisha L. Altubar, 19

The camp has been so very beneficial to me as a Christian. It ended but something commences in my heart! I thank GOD for making a way out for me to attend the camp. Praise the LORD for all those who where able to attend! Novie Jay G. Andales, 20

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The ARMED MAS- First Issue  

The first issue of the ARMED MAS

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