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about fresh snapped photos tiny snapshots of an ordinary day often pay witness to some of the most natural expressions of love and life. Well hi there, lovely! Come on in! I’m your photographer, Lori Dunbar, and I am so pleased to meet you. I suppose this is the section where I tell you a little something about myself. So, here goes! I’m a mother of two little boys, wife, photographer, designer, and illustrator. So, how did I find myself a professional photographer? Funny story, really… You see, I also run a stationery business where I design and illustrate paper and gift products. To increase my business exposure, I purchased a camera to take product shots. And, to hold myself accountable to this amazing camera, I challenged myself to post a photo every day on my blog. My skills improved and I soon received requests from friends to take family and child portraits. I fell in love.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Now I daydream of photo shoots, day in, and day out. I am inspired by vintage and modern, great typography and patterns. Lifestyle shoots and cuddly newborns are among my favorite: tiny snapshots of an ordinary day often pay witness to some of the most natural expressions of love and life. Children, high school seniors, couples, families, weddings; I strive to capture genuine, natural moments. But what else can we do with your beautiful photographs? I can customize nearly anything! With so many options (and more every day), your wish is my desire! Canvas? Of course! Jewelry? Yes! Together let’s design a totally unique and delightful trinket to adorn your neck, arms, ears… or we can wrap it up as a one of a kind gift. Wrap it up, you say? What about custom wrapping paper with your photos? We can do that, too! After I take your newborn’s photos I can design the announcement you send to

family and friends. I’m pretty much a one-stop-shop! Capturing a great photograph isn’t just technique; there must also be a great connection between you and your photographer, a comfortable and natural environment and a common desire to let loose and have some fun!

And I don’t just want to be your photographer; I want to be the person you trust to capture your story, beyond words. The moments you hold most dear in your family. I’m so glad you’re here. Relax, grab a cup of coffee, poke around and stay a while, won’t you?

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family & couple sessions I lo v e ca p t u r in g famili e s j u st as t h e y a r e in t h e i r own e n v i r onm e nt, as nat u r al as p ossibl e . Your family is totally unique and as a photographer, I am always thrilled to participate in a little snapshot of your world. More than anything, I love capturing families just as they are in their own environment, as natural as possible. And while I love, love lifestyle shoots where the image literally reflects a slice on life just as it may be at any given moment, I also strive to capture your family dynamic in any type of photograph, whether organized or amid the natural and love-drenched chaos of family. So many of us think, you know, I really have to get that family portrait taken, but then we hesitate. Life is busy and these days it seems increasingly difficult to gather up everyone in one spot, much less figure out the details of what goes into the photograph. That’s where I’d love to come in and help. Let’s brainstorm together! I’d love to hear about your family; what do you do together on weekends, how do your individuals personalities work together as one team, what were your favorite vacations, what does an average day look like? And, let’s go a step farther…what are your favorite scenes? The absolute beauty of living along the shores of Lake Michigan in Sheboygan Country is the wealth of backdrops the land provides-everything from a studio shoot to something downtown, a rustic barn to the favorite room of the house, let’s work together to find the environment that will provide us the most ideal lighting and most comfortable scenery. And, no family is too big or too small. I love couples shots just as much as I love families filled with little ones running about. In fact, if you have young children, I often let them run the shoot! After all, forcing them to sit in one place or pose the way I want them just pushes them not to participate. Instead, I encourage children to explore their surroundings, following them to catch those natural child-like moments. I also apply the same principal to couples; watching couples naturally interact often helps me capture the most genuine image.

or activity. I’m also happy to provide a variety of beverages! Let’s talk about exactly what you’d like to achieve and collaborate on wardrobe, shot lists, timing, breaks, likes and dislikes. I’m happy to brainstorm with you and provide props or even direction on wardrobe if you’d like! Don’t be afraid to ask; I love learning from you!

To help ensure things move as smoothly as possible, make sure everyone is well fed and rested. Don’t hesitate to bring water or snacks. If we’re shooting in my studio, bring along a favorite book 4

that is exactly what i was looking for without knowing how to ask for it. thanks so much!!! 足足-michelle p.

I’m so excited to see the rest of our pictures. I have a feeling they’re going to be nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much! We had so much fun. ­­-julee s.

wedding sessions it is my job to capture those near ‘invisible’ interactions: the tender moment between daughter and mother as the dress is revealed Well hello, lovebird! If you’ve reached this page, it’s likely that you’re searching for a wedding photographer. So before we get started, let me first wish you a very warm, ‘CONGRATULATIONS!’ Let’s get this party started, shall we?

we get to know more about one another, you’ll learn my shooting style and see my process. I can’t wait to meet you!

American author H. Jackson Brown once quipped, ‘Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye,’ but as your wedding photographer, I believe it is my job to capture those near ‘invisible’ interactions: the tender moment between daughter and mother as the dress is revealed, the vulnerable strength required as the father of the bride guides his daughter down the aisle, the warmth, humor and loyalty of friendship as the best man pulls the groom into a bear hug and the first time the groom sees his bride. I also strive to capture the natural energy of the crowd as they move and celebrate, each individual another arm in a universal embrace of love. There is just so much to talk about, much more than I could include on this page! So, let’s set up a meeting to discuss your vision. I want to know what you love in an image, and maybe even more, what you don’t! Are there moments that you’d really like to have captured? What is your style as a couple? A meeting is so important because I want you to feel totally comfortable with me. I love having a personal relationship with my clients. It is not unusual for me to become friends with wedding clients as we spend so much time together: from engagement shoots to the creation of your album. I take only a limited amount of weddings each year so that I am fully able to focus on YOU! (not next week’s wedding). I never shoot more than one wedding per weekend and I will be with you the entire time. My time is dedicated to you as a couple, I never hand off to anyone else to ‘finish the job,’ both on the day-of and in the processing, album making, etc. And bonus! If you decide you’d like me to photograph your wedding, I will provide a complimentary engagement session! As 7

child sessions it is most important to me to capture your child exactly as they are at this precious, exciting moment in their life! to allow them to be comfortable enough to reveal it. So, how do I achieve that? You and I work to accommodate each individual personality. First, let’s take some time to talk about what your child loves. Is she really into trains? Is he a budding artist? Well, let’s include that in our images. I will brainstorm with you to suggest or provide props I think will work without being overwhelming, and I encourage you to share your ideas with me. Let’s also talk about wardrobe, colors, shot lists, location, and additional likes and dislikes. It is so important to me that not only do we achieve photographs to treasure for years to come, but also that the session is fun, relaxed and a cherished experience in itself! If you have a shy child, having their session in a place that’s familiar for them can sometimes make it easier. And, if we’re having a rough time with shyness or sudden misbehaving, I sometimes ask that you take a short walk. In my experiences photographing children, I have found that there’s something about mom and dad not hovering over them that often opens them up to participate, listen and most importantly, have fun! (Don’t worry you don’t have to go far! You can still peek from behind a bush if you’d like!)

I love, love, love taking photographs of children! Yet, anyone who has children knows that it can be challenging to reign them in to achieve that ideal photograph you’ve got floating in your mind that you saw in an advertisement or a magazine.

If you’re coming to my studio, let’s make it as relaxed as possible! If you are photographing multiple kids together and individually, don’t hesitate to bring games or even movies for the down time. There are plenty of comfy places for kids to hang out and I’ll be sure to stock up on water and snacks.

But, this is exactly why I love working with children the most! Isn’t it so often true that when we enter a room full of children discovering the world around them, that we too can drop some of our biases and revel in what it must be like to experience the world through their eyes, and perhaps recall our own memories? I don’t want to pose your child as a cookie cutter image and I don’t believe in having any child repeat, ‘cheese!;’ it is most important to me to capture your child exactly as they are at this precious, exciting moment in their life! And while I am happy to work to pose them on occasion, I prefer them to run the session. After all, the best way to capture the most meaningful and true image is

I find that it’s best to schedule a session when your children are most alert and well fed! If our session is outdoors, it’s always a good idea to bring water and a snack for those emergency munchies—hey, being a glam kid can work up an appetite! I am so excited to hear what you have in mind; I don’t want to settle for a posed image, I want to exceed your expectations!


the caliber of your work is excellent! i absolutely love your eye!

足足-kate d.

newborn & birth sessions T h e mom e nt yo u r c h il d e nt e r s t h e wo r l d is on e of t h e most c h e r is h e d mom e nts of lif e . You will, no doubt, be surrounded by a flurry of excitement and well-wishers and you might even feel a bit overwhelmed, too! Sleep? What was that again? And while every parent and baby experience is different, there is one aspect of that remains the same: these moments do pass quickly. Before you know it, they’ll be sitting up, laughing and giggling at you. That’s why I love photographing newborns; there is such magic in the innocence of a new birth, the extraordinary future is spread out before them beckoning them and their parents with a wealth of hopeful possibility. Let’s capture that magic!

Newborn Sessions Newborn photography is an art of its own. As a photographer, I not only need to take beautiful photographs, but I also have to ensure that your baby is as safe, comfortable and sleepy as possible. We both want to capture these precious moments, so let’s talk about how we can work together to achieve this exciting goal! In order to help me control the safety, comfort and beauty of the shoot, I ask that all newborn sessions take place in my studio. Here, I have specifically arranged for all elements of your session to go swimmingly. On my end, I start by cranking up the heat. Since newborn photographs are typically done nude, I ensure that the temperature of the space is kept somewhere around 80º to keep the baby sleeping soundly. White noise is also a huge help in getting your baby to sleep soundly. Lastly, I need to use some magic. Baby magic, that is!

to design your birth announcements, as well. If you are interested, let’s talk about that! Perhaps there is a prop or a specific color that we can use to go along with the card. Birth Sessions The moment of your child’s birth is purely overwhelming: the first touch, the look on dad’s face, the first weigh-in, the first bath­--these genuine moments of love that are so inspiring and beautiful jump right out of the image. As a photographer, it is one of the purest most cherished moments to capture. As a parent, there are really no words to describe the emotions paid witness in the images. There are many different ways to photograph a birth session, whether you are interested in having me in the room at that moment or directly after. Contact me and let’s work out what makes you feel most comfortable; I’m open to many options.

If mom is nursing, I will have you nurse while I set up. After the feeding, we’ll try to limit contact with mom as mom’s smell encourages feedings and the baby may want to nurse the entire time. Let’s schedule at least two hours for the shoot; we want to make sure we have enough time to capture exactly what you’d like! And, let’s brainstorm before the session. I’d encourage mom or dad to contact me around six months to let me know your due date. I will loosely pencil you in for that week, so I know to keep a spot open for you! Call me, text me, get in touch with me so we can get that session done in the first 14 days. The reason we want to get the newborn shoot done in those 14 days is because if you want those beautiful photos, you’ll want it so they’re still used to being in the womb. Once they learn how to stretch out, they’ll want to keep stretched out! Can you blame ‘em? Let’s also talk about your vision. Would you like to bring something to the session, like a sentimental blanket or a headpiece? That would be wonderful. I would also love to share with you what I have at the studio and maybe we can come up with some new, unique ideas! I can’t wait to hear your ideas! I am also a designer and illustrator and I run a paper and gifts company, so not only can I take your photographs, but I am happy

i felt all possible emotions while viewing these ~ excited, thrilled, love, tears to my eyes. you captured all the perfect shots! ­­-becky j. 11

i am in awe. when i linked onto your site and saw McKenna’s picture, it literally took my breath away. ­­-tracy p.

senior sessions Seniors are standing at the precipice of an incredible adventure. Life is spread out in a dazzling array before them. Senior sessions are all about fun and creativity! Sure, by this point, kids are used to the traditional pose of a yearbook photo, but what exactly does that tell us about the individual? Well, mostly just their year, name, and maybe a small glimpse into their personal style. But that’s it! And being a senior is one of the most awesome times in anyone’s life. Think about it! Seniors are standing at the precipice of an incredible adventure. Life is spread out in a dazzling array before them; this is the moment where they really start to put one step ahead of the other on their journey toward self-discovery and navigating their own paths. Teenagers have the most colorful and interesting personalities and they are so fun to capture in image. By this point, they can communicate their likes and dislikes, their personal style and what they hope to achieve in a portrait. I love brainstorming and coming up with all kinds of sessions: from vintage to modern. Because I am a bit of a collector of fun and funky pieces myself, I would love to share all kinds of props, from eclectic pieces of jewelry, to scarves, and other fashion items. Or, share your own ideas and props. One piece of jewelry or one hat might provide the inspiration to build our entire shoot! Bright colors, urban environments, rural settings, coffee shops, downtown architecture, beaches and hilly landscapes: one of the most wonderful aspects of shooting in the Sheboygan area is the vast array of backdrops available. Let’s get creative and go beyond the standard smile and pose. Together, we can create a great list of locations, props, shot lists, likes and dislikes to make this session a blast!


what to wear

Deciding what to wear for your upcoming photo session can be daunting. But, with some easy tips, the process can actually be fun! Check out the tips below and the corresponding wardrobe examples. (the information below is from Never wear the same color shirts. That includes black, white, or whatever color you think will look cool...cause it typically doesn’t! If you need help coordinating what colors would look great together an old stand by is to look at a color wheel. Picking colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel is the easiest way to pick two colors to focus on as your accent colors. Then just add simple pieces with those bright and bold colors. Be comfortable! If you wouldn’t normally wear it, don’t buy it! The photograph reflects you, and you should look like you! If you are a picky person you may want to consider coordinating your fashion around the color scheme of your home. The pictures will hang proudly throughout your house, so they will stand out if you have crazy colors and your house is a muted color palette.


the value of fresh snapped photos HOW on earth do you choose a photographer when there are so many out there at so many different price points? There is so much confusion in the world of photography these days. Everyone and their brother is a photographer. It’s no wonder that searching for the right photographer is so difficult. How do you determine who’s legit? Why does one photographer charge $200 for a session fee, while another photographer charges $50 for the

session fee AND includes a full disk of images? Let me help try and break it down to ensure you choose the right photographer for you! I urge you to ask the following questions to any photographer you may be considering. Hopefully this list helps explain the value of a professional photographer vs. a hobbiest.

If something happens during our session, and someone gets hurt, do you have liability insurance to cover that? Absolutely! My number one priority is ensuring everyone’s safety during every session. If something unforseen were to happen, I have a substantial liability policy to help cover any issue.

What type of equipment do you have? While equipment isn’t everything, I do have professional level equipment in all aspects of my business including my camera, lenses, lighting, computer, software, etc. What level of service do you provide? I pride myself in providing top-of-the-line customer service at every step of the process. Whether you’ve been through custom photography a million times and know what to expect, or you need me to hold your hand ever step of the way, I’m here for you.

What if you have problems with your equipment? Do you have backup equipment? Yes! I have backup cameras, lenses, lighting, batteries, etc. It is my responsibility to make sure that your session happens no matter what may be going on with my equipment.

Do you offer wardrobe consults or in-home decor consults? Absolutely! Each and every part of the custom photography process is included in your session fee. If you need opinions on wardrobe, or need help to visualize what your wall art might look like in your home, I’m here to help! There will never be an additional charge to help you prepare for, or finalize, your session.

What is your training in photography? Do you take classes to keep up with the latest technology? I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and am continually taking courses in both the technical aspects of photography as well as the business side. How will we see the proofs from our session? Aproximately 10 days after your session, we will meet at my studio, enjoy some coffe, tea, or drink of your choice, and go through your photos together. I will help you choose the products that work best for you and your home.

Do you offer custom shoot developement? There are few things I love more than creating sessions based on an idea! If you need me to create or purchase custom props for your shoot, I’m all over it! I want to make your vision come to life! Are our files archived in case we need them in the future? Yes! I back up all files in two locations so that your memories will be preserved for up to 5 years.

How do you deliver your products to your clients? Your products will be delivered in a custom printed Fresh Snapped Photos canvas bag. All products will be wrapped and/or protected from damage during transit. If you live in the Sheboygan area, I am happy to hand-deliver your products to your home or office.

Do you provide us with a contract to ensure we are covered? Yes! There is nothing worse that paying for someone to provide a service and not getting what you bargained for. We’ll go over expectations together to make sure we’re all on the same page and that we’re all happy in the end!

Do you accept credit cards, check, or cash? Absolutely! I accept all of the above, and even offer payment plans if necessary!

Are your products guaranteed? Absolutely! I want you to enjoy your products for generations. All of the products I offer are guaranteed. I encourage you to preserve your memories with quality, professional products instead of using low-priced options which tend to be as good as their price suggests.

Are you a registered business who pays taxes? Of course! As a busines owner, it is my responsibility to take care of all of the requirements and licenses associated with running a business. 15

1. wooden keepsake box Keepsake box with slide-out, printed lid. Box contains 10 - 4x4� mounted prints and 4 wooden tabletop stands.

2. acrylic wall art

Vibrant, glossy acrylic makes this wall art stand out among other options. A definite eye catcher your friends will want to know more about.

3. wood print 1.


3. 16

Wow your family and friends with your cherished photos printed on 1/8� thick wood. Small tabletop sizes come with wooden stands.


4. 5x7” folio

Luxurious 5x7” folio. Show off your favorite memories in this portable showcase. Printed on paper that feels as soft as butter.

5. 4x8” accordion book

This stunning fold-out accordion book will be sure to draw attention! Big enough to show off at least 10 of your favorite images, while being small enough to toss in your bag. Also includes a frosted plastic sleeve for protection.

6. custom wrapping paper

How amazed would your friends and family be when they receive a gift from you with custom made wrapping paper featuring your photographs!? Help me create just the right paper for you!





7. custom notepad 4x8”

Your favorite photo(s) featured on the cover of a custom designed 4x8” notepad. Continue the customization on the inside of your notepad with black and white details. Available in sets of 2.

8. custom notepad 5x8”

9. 10.

Your favorite photo(s) featured on the cover of a custom designed 5x8” notepad. Continue the customization on the inside of your notepad with black and white details. Available in sets of 2.

9. custom notepad 11x14”

Your favorite photo(s) featured on the cover of a custom designed 11x14” notepad.

10. float wrap wall art

Your favorite photo(s) featured on buttery-soft paper, wrapped around a board. A thick, foam mounting block on the back of the board allows your art to “float” away from the wall. A true eye-catching mounting option.




11. 12x12” acrylic serving tray

Highlight your favorite images for all to see on a lovely, custom designed, acrylic serving tray. Handwash only.


12. image cube

A great way to present up to 6 of your favorite photos in a small place like a desk at work, or a mantle over the fireplace. Available in either 4x4” or 8x8” sizes.

13. custom viewmaster

Yes! You can have your images produced on your very own custom viewmaster reel! Such a fun gift for anyone, but especially popular with high school seniors!


14. wallet sized accordion book

This mini fold-out accordion book will be sure to draw attention! Show off up to 16 of your favorite images in this compact book that won’t take up too much room in your bag. Also includes a frosted plastic sleeve for protection.

15. burlap wall art

Try this non-traditional approach with your next piece of wall art! Printing on burlap gives your photo a soft, subtle feel that will draw any viewer closer to see the details.



16. heirlom albums

Truly stunning, superior-quality albums that will be surely be handed down for generations. Thick watercolor pages are mounted on a thick substrate making the pages sturdy enough for decades of flipping.



17. metal wall art

18. canvas wall clings

Want to ensure your photos stand out in a crowd? Then metal prints are your answer! Photos printed on metal have a depth that cannot be believed until you see it for yourself. A sure show-stopper!

Available in a multitude of sizes and shapes, these removable and repositionable wall clings are perfect for kids’ rooms, dorms, apartments, or anywhere that hardware isn’t an option.





19. image block wall art

Available in a wide variety of layouts, these image blocks are a sturdy, and fully-customizable option for amazing wall art.

20. canvas growth chart

Keep track of your little one’s growth with this fully-customizable canvas growth chart. Choose from one of my current designs, or let’s work together to create something especially for you and your decor!

21. wood print wall art

Knock everyone’s socks off with this 3/4” thick wood panel engrained with your favorite photo. The grain of the wood will show through on the lighter images of your photo, ensuring each piece is one of a kind. This wall art is fully washable and is a great option for art in humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens. 21

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it is my sincere hope that i have the honor of being your photographer!

$50 print credit Toward your

initial order

credit is to be used toward prints and/or products. credit cannot be applied to session fees. coupon cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts.




fresh snapped photos edition 1  

studio magazine featuring details of what to expect in your session, about me, products, what to wear, and more! everything you need to know...