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curated by Mary Z

73 C Pine Street Montclair, NJ 07042 973.746.8737

EXPANSION: on LOVE DREAMS POLITICS MUSIC Al Johnson is a prolific artist – and seeker of soul connection. Many of his paintings capture the essence of the erotic – the yin and yang of color and form juxtaposed in a way that evokes communion. His profound connection to the quintessential rhythms of jazz strongly resonate, and love of women, life, family, and creating in union with higher power manifest in his extraordinary works. The majority of his work is figurative abstract expressionism; however some of his most provocative works express social commentary. Though non-confrontational, these social/political works stem from a raw, instinctual perception that sheds light on an ever present force of love in the universe. There is the indisputable presence of cultural commentary in many of his works. His engagement and communication of what Johnson refers to as “cultural consciousness” permeates his work in a way that allows viewers to connect to an ethnically transcendent vision that honors ancestry while envisioning universal commonality of our human experience. At times Johnson exhibits his solid, refined classical techniques in portraiture, literal musings on mythology, personhood, political statement or contemporary commentary involving social narratives. These works grant authenticity to the breadth and depth of his artistic abilities and to the power of his work to evoke and stir a viewer’s thought and emotion while demanding engagement, intimacy and discovery with the subject. Expansion: on Love Dreams Politics Music was curate to convey this scope and diversity in his work. Al Johnson’s artistic mastery lies in his unique spiritual connection to the mundane and the divine – which allows him to communicate through his work joy and suffering, urgency and stillness – love.

All works in the exhibit are available in very limited signed and numbered editions. Please contact the Gallery by phone at 973.746.8737 or email with your inquiries. Curated by Mary Z.


Monk In the Box 17” x !7” mixed

media painting with collage on wood panel,

loated in an antique wooden box with found objects, assemblage 12” x 32” $3,600

Rush Hour 16” x @0” mixed media painting on canvas inside wood box with buttons and otherfound objects 24” x 24” $1,800

Music Meditation

17� x 17� mixed media painting with collage, original Dvorak sheet music on wood panel floated inside antique wood box with found objects $2,500

When Myths Meet mixed media on canvas $2,200

Broken Dreams and Promises mixed media on canvas 36” x 48” $2,500

When Morning is Still Night mixed media and collage on canvas 36� x 48� $3,000

Spritual Recovery mixed media on canvas 5’ x 5’ $8,500

Comfort Zone mixed media on canvas $4,000

A Cause to Bear acrylic on canvas 24” x 50” $2,200

Healing Sister mixed media on canvas 24” x 50” Available only as Fine Art Print

I Got the Power mixed media and collage on wood 18” x 42” $1,200

Congo Talks acrylic and collage on masonite 33� x 42� $2,200

Seeking the New Directions mixed media and collage on canvas 42” x 42” $6,000

From the Tropics to the Projects mixed media and collage and found objects on masonite board 36� x 48� $4,000

Majestic Moment acrylic on canvas 15” v 36” $1,800

As I Dance with God mixed media on masonite board 42” x 62” $7,000

Aja acrylic on canvas 15” x 36” $1,800

In Order to Receive oil on canvas 18” x 24” $1,800

Echoed Whispers oil on canvas 12” x 12” $1,800

The Magic in You oil on canvas 24” x 24” $3,000

Harmony Seeker oil on canvas 12” x 12” $1,000

Inspired Insanity oil on canvas 18” x 24” $1,800

A Burning Desire oil on canvas 42” x 55” $4,500

Caria’s Dream mixed media and collage on canvas 36” x 48” $3,500

The Red Herring acrylic on canvas 36” x 48” $4,200

The Bullfighter’s Daughter acrylic on canvas 18” x 36” $1,200

Songs From My Father 1 oil on canvas 12” x 12” $1,200

Songs From My Father 2 oil on canvas 12” x 12” $1,200

Songs From My Father 3 oil on canvas 12” x 12” $1,200

Songs From My Father 4 oil on canvas 12” x 12” $1,200

fine Art

& art reproductions 73 See Gallery invites you to stop by the gallery or visit us online. We offer original art for the serious collector and the highest quality limited edition fine art reproductions on museum archival paper or canvas to enhance your home or business environment. We are expanding our representation of artists and as our collection grows so should the frequency of your visits. we look forward to seeing you soon

Golden King, Mary Z, mixed media on wood, 2010, tribute

73 Pine Street, Suite C Montclair, NJ 07042 973-746-8737 u Hours: Tuesday Thru Sunday Noon til 6 or by appointment. Closed Mondays.

EXPANSION: on Love Dreams Politics Music  

The Art Work of Al Johnson Exhibit at 73 See Gallery March 2012 Curated by Mary Z

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