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It’s time to fix it


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61% of Americans paid no income tax in 2020, Tax Policy Center says.




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61% of Americans paid no income tax in 2020, Tax Policy Center says.

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A few notes.... Pictured here is John Smibert, center, receiving a dedicated service from Brett Fletcher. Mr. Fletcher is incoming president of the Canadian Association of Ice Industries. He operated Spring Water Ice, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. On the right is IPIA director Maria Maggio. Fall convention season has come to an end, but 2023 promises continued successes in the ice industry. We are grateful to our readers and supporters. Thank you for sharing your news with us so we can share it with others. Automatic Ice Systems is also in our spotlight this month. They have been a constant supporter of technology, and have brought so many ice people up in their game when it comes to improving their operation. Thank you AIS for your years of support! Happy Thanksgiving everyone !


4 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2022

“We are grateful to our readers and supporters. Thank you for sharing your news with us so we can share it with others.”

About the Only Way to Stop a Polar Temp

When your ice merchandisers become your ice problem, it’s time you try Polar Temp. Refrigeration



Polar Temp checks all the boxes. Built stronger than the others, they are checked and re-checked before leaving our factory to give you years and years of trouble-free service. Quality and longevity are engineered into each merchandiser. For more information on our full line of Ice Merchandisers please call the factory sales office nearest you. GA: 800.554.4852 | CA: 866.746.0437 | CO: 877.376.0367 | NC: 866.827.3232 | TN: 877.984.5945 | TX: 866.598.4206 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2022 5



What type of system makes sense for your facility; packaged or custom-engineered? This is a common question for customers that are planning to build a new or expand an existing ice plant. There are many factors that influence this decision, and it can be overwhelming. Key factors that need to be considered are capital cost (upfront cost), operating cost (utilities), footprint (how much space is available), future expansion plans, operational control required, and schedule constraints.

P34A Packaged Ice Maker P34AL Ice Maker for engineered system

First, we need to define packaged ice makers. A packaged ice maker, like a Vogt P18XT, P24A, and P34A are stand-alone ice making systems. They are built on a frame that contains the compressor, water-cooled condenser, refrigerant piping, receiver, ice freezer, wiring, and a control panel. They are essentially plug-and-play. Once onsite, water and electrical are connected to the package, and the cooling tower and water pump are installed and piped, the ice maker is ready to run. PROS OF A PACKAGED ICE MAKER: – Install costs are low – roughly 10-20% of an engineered system – Small overall footprint P18XT packaged ice system photo

– All controls are done from the Vogt-supplied panel – The entire install process can take place in less than a week’s time CONS OF A PACKAGED ICE MAKER: – Higher capital cost per ton of ice produced

– Lack of controls for sequencing and optimization

– Future expansion is limited

–W hen a compressor or cutter has an issue, the entire package is out of production

–O perating costs are roughly 5% higher due to the water-cooled condenser – I ce production is slightly lower ~3% due to the water-cooled condenser 6 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2022

–W ater-cooled condensers can become fouled from water hardness – difficult to clean and leads to higher head pressures/loss of efficiency

Future expandability when using packaged ice makers is limited. Packaged ice makers are stand alone, meaning they can’t communicate with each other. When multiple packaged units are running simultaneously, their cycles will overlap. When they overlap, they will harvest at the same time and send ice to the screw conveyor all at once. Screw conveyors are only able to handle so much ice at the same time, and because of the lack of sequencing possible with multiple packed units, limits the number of machines able to be on any given system.

Packaged ice maker system schematic

Maximum recommended number of packaged units on a common screw conveyor: – 5 P18XT (50 tons of ice per day) – P24AL (75 tons of ice per day) – 2 P34AL (100 tons of ice per day)

An engineered ice making system is much different than a packaged system. An engineered system is comprised of multiple pieces of equipment, individually sourced from vendors, field installed and piped/wired onsite. All equipment is installed as part of a large system, whereas packaged units are all stand alone. The customization of an engineered system allows the owner to stage equipment installation over multiple seasons, allows for full control optimization, and provides redundancy as compressor, condensers, and ice makers can all be run individually or in any pairing.

Engineered P34AXL ice production system

PROS OF A PACKAGED ICE MAKER: – Allows full expansion capabilities – Piping and vessels can be sized for future expansion at little added cost. When more ice production is needed, a single Vogt, single compressor or both can be added to spread the cost out over multiple seasons while still gaining production at each step

Engineered Ice System Schematic

– Redundancy across compressors, ice makers and condenser – No need to shut down when an issue arises or maintenance is required – Text or Email messages alert when an issue arises – Control system aids in troubleshooting – Vogt low side ice freezers cost less than packaged units – Custom control system allows optimization of ice production, efficiency gains, and redundancy –W hen an ice maker has an issue and goes down, compressor load is diverted to the other ice makers and the production loss is minimized – Evaporative condensers have lower fan horsepower and run on VFDs which allows for a lower head pressure, resulting in higher efficiency and more ice production CONS OF AN ENGINEERED SYSTEM: – Install costs are higher – all equipment, piping, valves, and electrical connections must be installed onsite – Large footprint – An engineered system required dedicated space for compressors, ice makers, vessels, and condensers Maximum recommended number of Vogt ice makers on an engineered system: – 10+ P18XT (100 tons of ice per day) – 8+ P24AL (200 tons of ice per day) – 6+ P34AL (300 tons of ice per day) – 6 P34AXL (Total of 480 tons of ice per day) RM

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It’s Time To

Fix It

2022’s prime summer season saw unprecedented heat waves and a return to large gatherings. This has demanded a lot from many packaged ice producers. With factories running on overdrive, every small operational disruption has piled on to make daily manufacturing operations more challenging than expected. It has become apparent that many facilities are just getting by until things slow down, with a plethora of issues that need to be addressed before next year. Most have waited to fix these problems until now.

IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING UPDATES TO YOUR MANUFACTURING PLATFORM, DON’T WAIT. With so many companies upgrading and fine-tuning their facilities at the same time, there is only so much our engineering team and partner equipment manufacturers can do. Manufacturing backlogs continue to escalate, making manufacturing lead times longer than ever. The longer you wait, the more likely those lead times will become much longer. 8 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2022

No more operation disruptions, no more headaches. Don’t let another year go by without implementing the changes your facility needs to be at the top of its game. The sooner you make your investment, the quicker you can start realizing the results.

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10 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2022


61% of Americans paid no federal income taxes in 2020, Tax Policy Center says | By Robert Frank More than 100 million U.S. households, or 61% of all taxpayers, paid no federal income taxes last year, according to a report from the Tax Policy Center. The pandemic and federal stimulus led to a huge spike in the number of Americans who either owed no federal income tax or received tax credits from the government. The main reasons for the spike — high unemployment, large stimulus checks and generous tax credit programs — will largely expire after 2022. According to the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, 107 million households owed no income taxes in 2020, up from 76 million — or 44% of all taxpayers — in 2019. “It’s a really big number,” said Howard Gleckman, senior fellow in the Tax Policy Center. “It’s also really transitory.” Gleckman said the main reasons for the spike — high unemployment, large stimulus checks and generous tax credit programs — will largely expire after 2022, so the share of nontaxpayers will fall again starting next year. The share of Americans who pay zero income taxes is expected

to stay high, at around 57% this year, according to the Tax Policy Center. It’s expected to fall back down to 42% in 2022 and remain at around 41% or 42% through 2025, “assuming the economy continues to rebound and several temporary tax benefits expire as scheduled,” Gleckman said. Some Republicans argue that the tax structure is already progressive and relies heavily on revenue from a small group of high earners and companies at the top, while many Americans pay little or no taxes. The share of Americans who pay no federal income taxes has been hovering around 44% for most of the last decade, according to the Tax Policy Center. The top 20% of taxpayers paid 78% of federal income taxes in 2020, according to the Tax Policy Center, up from 68% in 2019. The top 1% of taxpayers paid 28% of taxes in 2020, up from 25% in 2019. For 2021, Congress increased the size of the child tax credit, the earned income tax credit, and the child and the dependent care tax credit — all of which erased the federal taxes owed for millions of American families.

No household making less than $28,000 will pay any federal taxes this year due to the credits and tax changes, according to the Tax Policy Center. Among middleincome households, about 43% will pay no federal income tax. The offsets to income taxes last year were small for many families, in dollar terms, Gleckman said. “Imagine somebody who would have owed $1,500 in 2020 income tax until they got two stimulus payments — $1,200 in April and $600 in December,” he said. “That threw them into the category of nonpayers. While the payments resulted in a large percentage increase in their after-tax income, the dollar amount of their tax cut was only a tiny fraction of a high-income filer who received a tax cut of, say, $30,000 from the 2017 [Tax Cuts and Jobs Act], yet still owed some tax.” Federal income taxes do not include payroll taxes. The Tax Policy Center estimates that only 20% of households paid neither federal income taxes nor payroll taxes. And “nearly everyone” paid some other form of taxes, including state and local sales taxes, excise taxes, property taxes and state income taxes, according to the report. RM

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Scenes from the IPIA Convention

RouteMan introducing the Otodata system at the recent IPIA convention. For more information, contact Darrell Mount at 205-620-9843.

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