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EMPLOYEE VALUE Your Employees as Your Most Valued “Equipment”





Consumers Increasingly Looking to Food as Medicine

12 NIA Meets in Hershey 14 SWIA To Meet in Galveston


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Happy Holidays...besides food, drink and merriment, let's remember why we're here No end of year editorial should ignore the massive changes taking place in public life in the United States and the world. Yet the news cycle, political and social changes don’t change the fundamental facts about why you are in business, and why what you do every day should continue regardless of what goes on in the world. Our business is driven by a need that is constant and unaffected by outside issues. People want refreshment and leisure time and we are part of that industry. People want fresh food and drink and we are part of that industry. The need is affected by things out of our control – we’re seasonal, and demand in Maine, Chicago and Boise is marginal in January. When the economy is off, people decide not to spend as much on leisure activities and our demand may decline. Industry-wide changes affect everyone across the board, so if your cost of doing business is increasing so will everyone else’s. New diesel emissions regulations hit everyone. The Food Safety Modernization Act hits everyone. These won’t change your competitive position. Most of us are too busy with our day to day to worry about running the world anyway. I highly recommend that you get and stay engaged in the civic affairs of your local government. You are an employer, part of the tax base. They may make decisions that directly affect you. Vote. Run for office if you feel like it. Will a local sales tax issue affect healthcare delivery in the U.S.? Maybe in a tiny tiny way, but in a bigger sense not at all. Will city regulations on large truck operation change the balance of power on the Korean peninsula? Here, we can say with certainty that it will not. Will either affect you? Yes, to varying degrees, and you should know about it. It’s easy to watch cable news and get depressed about things. Cable news is a business that depends on people wanting to watch, and to do so it has to put things on the air that grab your attention. Ever watched C-Span? It’s boring, by definition. Things happen there, but cable news grabs the highlights and runs them every 15 minutes. Yes, the world is changing. Always has been, always will.

"No matter how you got into this business, the reason is still there: customers want the refreshment and food preservation that your product provides."

You got into your business for different reasons. Some of your families have been in business since before you were born. Some of you saw an opportunity for a steady demand business using equipment that lenders were happy to give you money to buy. Some of you came into it through your association with the grocery or convenience store industry because you realized there was a local demand. No matter how you got into this business, the reason is still there: customers want the refreshment and food preservation that your product provides. Let’s take a few moments here at year’s end to reflect on why we got into this business, and why it’s still a good one. The world will continue to revolve without our help. I’m glad of it.


The average person in the United States buys 4 BAGS OF BAGGED ICE a year most of which is bought between Memorial Day and Labor Day. In fact the numbers are over 360 BILLION POUNDS OF ICE PER/YEAR in North America. 4 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2019





Matthiesen is a manufacturer of baggers, bucket elevators, balers, block presses, live bottom bin, belt conveyors, crushers, gravity bins, heat-sealers, rotating tables, shakers, snow reels, custom drying belts, screw conveyors and bagger takoff systems including the Magic Finger System. Contact us today to provide customized solutions for your plant through our research and development, technical service, and experienced professional staff.

the name you’ve come to trust

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The packaged ice industry just came off another busy season. These past months have revealed to you what worked well and what needs improvement. It’s not always the equipment that proves its merit, however. The quality of your relationship with your employees often needs tweaking too. How you are with your employees impacts directly, the level of productivity and success of your company. Studies have shown that if an employee is dissatisfied with their immediate supervisor, there is an 80% chance that they are not only dissatisfied with you and their work environment, but disengaged altogether. (This survey of employees was conducted between February 2012 and April 2012 by MSW Research on behalf of Dale Carnegie Training. Participants included 1,500 employees ages 18 to 61+.) Your employees have worked hard for you. Most of the companies I have spoken with value their staff and speak of them like extended family. I have found this humble appreciation for business and the people who comprise it, one of the greatest strengths of the ice man and the packaged ice industry. It is because of this humility, that we are able to take hard looks at ourselves as engineers, owners, managers, bookkeepers, drivers, equipment operators, salespeople and the rest of our crews. The significance of building positive relationships in the workplace, aka, having a “caring” manager is one of the key elements to a positive and successful workforce. Employees want to feel valued and have their manager take an interest in their personal lives, health and well-being. If a manager 6 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2019

has been ‘too distracted’ by running the business, or dealing with issues that take him/her away from staying close to the workforce, then disengagement can fester. Many times we tell ourselves that our employees ‘get paid for doing a job, so why should they be recognized for doing what they are supposed to do?’, or we become contemptuous of what we judge to be their lackluster performances. This contempt can contaminate the entire organization, since success begins with the weakest link, the bottom wrung, even the lowest person on the totem pole. So, here are the signs of employee disengagement and ways we can manage it. With the large numbers of family members working together in the ice business, this can be particularly difficult and painful to deal with. (Reference: Employee Engagement Report 2011 Blessing White Research Published Dec 2010 / Jan 2011.)

Stage ONE CHANGES IN PERFORMANCE When performance falls off, after the employee had demonstrated their ability at an acceptable or above standard level, then something is changing. It is leadership’s responsibility to watch for negative trends and catch these

"It’s hard to not like someone after you’ve achieved something important with them."

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8 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2019

at the earliest possible stage. The sooner that you discover their performance falling off, the odds of fixing it are the best. Supervisors can be disengaged themselves, so they don’t put forth the effort to help an employee perform to their fullest, or they have a personal indifference with that particular employee and they want them to fail. As an owner or leader, recognizing this and interceding is crucial. Documentation may be necessary, along with an action plan for improvement. Make sure that the managers and supervisors understand that their measure of success is gauged on how all of their employees perform. Encourage them to spend equal time and effort with all their employees not just the easy ones or those they enjoy working with. It’s hard to not like someone after you’ve achieved something important with them.

Stage TWO CHANGES IN BEHAVIOR OR ATTITUDE A shift in demeanor is a red flag before they completely disengage. Again, they may still be giving a fair effort so performance has not completely slipped but they are disgruntled in some way. At this juncture, most of us have known or worked with someone who changed after landing a certain job, or experiencing a promotion. They were highly capable and efficient so we overlooked how increasingly difficult it was becoming in working with them. “They are a complete jerk, but can back up what they say they’ll do, and then some, so I keep my mouth shut,” is a comment I have heard more than once. But in a business, especially one as tight-knit and emotionally connected as the ice industry, this still rubs raw, and is a sign of disengagement. Often, too, they generally move on out of frustration and resentment if their concerns are not resolved soon. We sometimes love to see this type employee leave the company, but a smart leader can win this type over and reap the benefits of their mis-directed passion. Again, documentation and an improvement plan should be in effect.

Stage Three COMPLETE EMPLOYEE DISENGAGEMENT The point from stage I to stage III may have happened so quickly that we missed the warning sign and missed our opportunity. This is why leaders need to be vigilant to both the performance trends and the pulse of the culture and morale of individuals.

Stage III is a vindictive employee who believes they were unfairly treated and are relieved knowing that they are eventually leaving the company and no longer committed to their responsibilities or the company mission. Many times a disengaged employee’s attitude changes in a positive mode. This is because they’ve taken the pressure off themselves, by working less, and not trying to keep up with what’s going on in daily business routines. They perceive that as inflicting payback to their supervisor or the organization. A strong, caring leader may still be able to retrieve them from this downward spiral with the right combination of effort and technique. Sometimes an employee must reach this point before they see the destructive path they are taking and may very well be willing and even anxious to get back on track. That said also bear in mind that no matter how badly we would like to save the employee and get them to reengage, like in poker you need to know when to hold them and when to fold them.

"Sometimes an employee must reach this point before they see the destructive path they are taking and my very well be willing and even anxious to get back on track."

How To Minimize Employee Disengagement.

The study I mentioned, identified four characteristics needed for total employee engagement: enthusiasm, empowerment, inspiration and confidence. Personal lives are no longer off limits. Managers that are viewed as caring about their employees’ personal lives, are more engaged, and therefore inspire their employees to be more involved/engaged as well. An engaged workforce can help put your company ahead of your competition, with fresh brainpower and energy. According to the Global Workforce Survey the number one driver of engagement is a belief among employees that their leaders are sincerely interested in their well-being. What are you doing today to show your employees how much you care? Those answers will have to come from you. RM

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Consumers Increasingly Looking to

Food as Medicine

As cannabis becomes legal in more states and cannabidiol (CBD) gains mainstream acceptance, it is more important for retailers to consider the potential ramifications for the food and beverage industry, according to The NPD Group. CBD in particular is not just consumed by a niche group; nearly 20 percent of adults have tried it in states where it is legal and nearly half of them have used it recently. This number is expected to increase quickly as CBD is appearing in snack foods and beverages, consumers are becoming more comfortable with the idea and as many consumers plan to try CBD as currently use it, according to NPD’s Health Aspirations and Behavioral Tracking Service. Among CBD users, food and beverages are major pathways through which they seek to improve their lives, as 40 percent seek to better themselves through food and beverage choices. This statistic reflects the increasing use of food as medicine. “There is definitely interest on the part of consumers in CBD but its future in the mass market is dependent on legalization, which is now a patchwork of state legislation,” said Darren Seifer, NPD food and beverage industry analyst. “Even with the complexities of legalization, consumer acceptance and adoption of CBD as a food and medicine is an important topic for food manufacturers to keep on their radar screens.” Medical cannabis, which unlike CBD has contains THC, is on a similar path. Approximately 20 percent of adults have used it in states where it is legal, but nonusers still have some hesitance about trying it. Despite negative stigma against cannabis, there remains a sizable group that has brought into the idea, NPD said. Additionally, CBD users overall are more likely to have medical conditions such as cancer, autoimmune diseases and ADD/ADHD. RM

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ey NIA Meets In Hersh The Northeastern Ice Association met in historic Hershey, Pennsylvania, October 13-16 for their annual convention. A great crowd was in attendance and the group was presented timely topics in the business sessions, time with suppliers and their exhibits, tasty meals, and outstanding field trips. Larry Aleksandrich, an ammonia safety engineer, led an interactive session about safety, ammonia, chemicals, and the ice plant. He is an expert on this topic and has testified before Congress as well as helped many ice plant owners with challenges related to these issue. The NIA convention gives attendees several opportunities to network with industry members and suppliers. The Supplier presentations session also gave attendees the opportunity to hear about the latest technologies and equipment in the ice industries. On Monday, October 14, the group visited Tröegs Brewery in place of the traditional NEI pub crawl. The group toured the unique brewhouse which

12 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2019

included a 5,000 square foot tasting room and beer garden. Attendees were able to observe the brewing process firsthand, sample craft beers and enjoyed light hors d’oeuvres and snacks. Pete Stack’s Antique Ice Tool Museum Tour was held on Tuesday, October 15, and was said to be a highlight of the meeting. You can view this amazing place at antiqueicetoolmuseum.org . Inside the Antique Ice Tool Museum, attendees discovered the fascinating history behind the natural ice trade. The group experienced a step back in time as they walked in the footsteps of the icemen and women who came before them. The museum follows the history from the harvest to the delivery of ice, and also covered the rise and eventual decline of an industry that had a profound effect on the way we live. This one-of-a-kind museum is housed in a completely renovated 1834 stone bank barn and is dedicated to the preservation of the natural ice trade. The museum houses the largest private collection of antique ice tools and memorabilia in the United States. RM

REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2019 13


SWIA To Meet In Galveston Make your plans to attend the Southwestern Ice Association’s January meeting to be held at Moody Gardens Hotel in Galveston, TX. The convention will start on Thursday, January 30 with a golf tournament at Moody Gardens Golf Course. Later that afternoon, there will be a Board Meeting, and Registration will begin at 5:30 pm. From 5:30 to 7:00, a Reception and Chairman’s Welcome is planned and then dinner on your own. Friday will see an 8:45 am - 11:00 am Buffet Breakfast with Exhibitors, Board of Directors Introduction, and Supplier’s Presentations. Lunch and an afternoon of outings is planned with Dinner and Auction with Exhibitors that evening from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. The room rate is $149 and please mention the SWIA when you make your reservation. The hotel may be reached at at 409.741.8484 or www.moodygardenshotel.com. RM

14 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2019

SATURDAY SCHEDULE 8:45 am – 10:00 am Buffet Breakfast with Suppliers 10:00 am – 10:30 am Annual Business Meeting 10:30 am – 11:00 am “What are you looking for out of SWIA?” 12:00 pm Lunch 1:30 pm Round Table Discussion – Driver Retention, Recruitment and DOT Issues If you have more questions, please contact:

Stephanie Bulak sbulak@eami.com 512.328.8632

ice storage & metering systems The Ultimate Babysitter When you go home for the night, the last thing you want to do is worry about what is going on at the ice plant. Used as a surge bin, the KEITH® Ice Storage & optimizing run time for the ice machine and by storing ice for processing during work hours. Bins are built to last using the best FDA approved food grade materials and are driven by reliable WALKING FLOOR® technology. Low Maintenance • Higher Quality Ice • No Ice Buildup True FIFO Rotation • Horizontal Metering • Vertical Comb Built to Last • Superior by Design ®

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KEITH can handle it. 2016 KEITH Mfg. Co. All Rights Reserved.

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FOOD GRADE VOGT TUBE ICE FOR SALE 6 AND 26 POUNDS BAG We are located in Magog, Quebec, Canada 20 min from the border of Vermont. We can bag in other size for serious quantity.


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If you have discontinued ice bags or used equipment you would like to sell PLEASE CALL. SEE OUR USED EQUIPMENT WEB PAGE AT AIEEXCHANGE.COM. Call for surplus ice! Polar Temp Equipment Mike Landino - Toll free - 1-877-376-0367 E-mail (NEW ADDRESS): mlandino@polartemp.com Don’t forget to call if you have a quality piece of used equipment for sale.

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Vogt Mini tube ice, 8, 20 & 40 lb. bags. All ice is screened, palletized & stretch wrapped.

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20 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2019

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Refrigeration Magazine - November 2019  

The November 2019 issue of Refrigeration Magazine, the premier magazine of the packaged ice industry, features recap from the NIA and how to...

Refrigeration Magazine - November 2019  

The November 2019 issue of Refrigeration Magazine, the premier magazine of the packaged ice industry, features recap from the NIA and how to...


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