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fun Also Capturing The Attention of Customers, Family Business Spotlight, and more.



Matthiesen is a manufacturer of baggers, bucket elevators, balers, block presses, live bottom bin, belt conveyors, crushers, gravity bins, heat-sealers, rotating tables, shakers, snow reels, custom drying belts, screw conveyors and bagger takoff systems including the Magic Finger System. Contact us today to provide customized solutions for your plant through our research and development, technical service, and experienced professional staff. 2 REFRIGERATION Magazine │May 2019

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The Golden Rules for Mastering Social Media Engagement

7 Bassett’s Ice Cream: Cool Since 1861 9 Five Common Threats to a Family Business

INDUSTRY EVENTS Michael Fischer of RLS Logistics Awarded 2019 Don Schlimme Future Leader Award


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Let's Sell Some Fun! People are still getting into this business. I see new suppliers popping up. I can’t speak to them all, but I can verify that they’re receiving REFRIGERATION’s print and now online editions. New entrants are good for suppliers to the industry, they’re good for consumers in their area, and they can be good for you. You know about them before I do. Maybe you lost an account, maybe you just saw their trucks rolling around. Sometimes it’s slide in box in the back of a three quarter ton truck, and the driver may have loaded the bags early this morning from a Manitowoc before putting them directly into the reefer and driving the route himself. They could be taking low value accounts that are too far to drive or too low volume to be really profitable for you. It’s not likely they are servicing big stores. But sometimes somebody sets up shop in a big way. They found out about the margins, they found out about capital equipment finance, maybe they used to work for you or for another company and wanted to branch out. You see 24 foot trucks on the road and you lose a major account. Or two. If this motivates you to tighten up, if this motivates you to really look at your accounts with a magnifying glass and figure out which ones make you the most money, good for you. Sure, you want every single account and every single customer. We all do. But when you really get down to it, driving fifty miles to service five accounts doing a hundred units each weekly may not make sense for you. Maybe their pricing needs to increase. Maybe you need to let them go, tell them you can’t service the area any more. The point is that there’s room in this industry for new players, and people are constantly “discovering” what you and I have known for maybe our whole lives – that packaged ice is a great business model. We sell fun, we sell refreshment, we sell parties and good times, we sell baseball games and picnics and summer festivals. So far we haven’t had the zombie armageddon hit, but ask anyone after floods like Houston or a hurricane like Puerto Rico what becomes important when all hell breaks loose. It’s shelter, water and food, and you are part of two of those items. We also sell basic human services.

"The point is that there’s room in this industry for new players, and people are constantly “discovering” what you and I have known for maybe our whole lives – that packaged ice is a great business model."

No matter how bad the economic year, demand for ice still holds. High gasoline prices? Sometimes it helps you, if people decide to stay home instead of go on vacation. Factory closed? Drive through a depressed part of town on July 4th, they’re still having barbecues and drinking beer on ice. Maybe cheaper beer, but the same ice. It’s a strange time in America today. Politics are all over the place. Around the world, change is taking place. In your backyard, though, people still want what they always wanted: friends, family, comfort, a little bit of fun. That’s what you’re selling them. Now get after it.

Mary Yopp Cronley, Editor, Refrigeration Magazine

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Northeastern Ice Annual Convention

October 13 – 16, 2019

Hershey, Pennsylvania

IPIA 102nd Convention & Tradeshow

November 4 – 7, 2019

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

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robert t s a M y y Tamm


s e l u R n e d l o The G g n i r e t s a

t for M n e m e g ga n E a i d e M l a i c o S

“If they randomly post every few days or let a couple of weeks go by without posting, there is no reason for the customer to return,” he explained. “Social media is all about a well-thought-out, predetermined, disciplined approach.”

Capturing the attention of customers in today’s digital world is not easy. Email inboxes are overflowing, the number of apps on a person’s cell phone continue to grow, and brands have just seconds to grab a customer’s attention on social media. So, how can convenience store operators best utilize social media to engage their customers? “Video or motion graphics have proven to be ways to stand out in the crowd,” Brad Plowman, spokesperson for FUEL Marketing, an advertising agency based in Salt Lake City, told Convenience Store News. “Fighting to be engaging in a twosecond window as a consumer is scrolling through an app or their social media feed is tough, but we have found success in creating compelling videos and motion graphics to cause the consumer to pause. We have seen a much higher click-thru rate than static display ads.” Another tactic Plowman has seen work well is highlighting customer messaging and comments. If a customer makes a video or creates a post with a c-store’s brand in it, this is something to promote in hopes that it will go viral. Plowman even recommends the retailer put advertising money behind it and “boost” such posts to further engagement with existing and potential customers. With social media engagement, consistency is key. So, he recommends brands plan their posts for each month ahead of time, and then post them based on a “disciplined schedule.”

6 REFRIGERATION Magazine │April 2019

Additionally, while there are many avenues available today to personalize messaging, a wealth of data is available through social media to target the right customers with the right messages. And it’s easy to engage directly with customers in this manner, according to Plowman. “The data available to target a specific customer allows for marketers to engage one on one with a customer,” he said. “The burden then goes to the creative messaging and if the company is offering the customer a personalized message. We have the capability to offer a customer posts and engagements specific to their needs, wants and buying habits.” Last but not least, Plowman advises c-store retailers to follow the 80/20 rule, with 80 percent of posts being informative and entertaining content and the other 20 percent promotional. “Overselling on social media is the biggest nono,” he cautioned. “Social media is about letting the consumer see inside the company. Do they practice their mission statement? Are they socially conscious? Do they have a personality? “All of your posting on social media should contribute to the overall brand of the c-store,” he continued. “But don’t make every post about a sale or promotion. Consumers will see through that and quit following or engaging with the brand.” RM

FAMILY BUSINESS to stand in line. Also, the milkshake area has moved to the end of the space so people can more easily watch the shakes being made. This also helps ease traffic in front of and behind the counter.

Cool Since 1861 By April Hall If you are in business for more than 150 years, you must be doing something right. But to stay competitive, you still need to learn and improve.

This is also the time to introduce new flavors. A new milkshake this season is a cookies-and-cream mini-donut flavor. Bassetts teamed up with another Philadelphia icon, Tastykake, to launch its new product line, Scoop Shop. The Tastykake donuts and flavors are incorporated into a massive shake garnished with a donut. Alex and Eric were the family representatives on hand recently during the launch of both the milkshake and the donuts. RM Over the years the family business has also introduced a 5K race in which runners eat a pint of ice cream at the halfway point and an ice cream festival that brings other makers to Reading Terminal Market for a daylong event.

Alex Bassett Strange, a sixth-generation family member working at Bassetts Ice Cream in Philadelphia. Bassetts Ice Cream is widely regarded as the oldest ice cream company in the United States. In Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market, where family businesses make up nearly half the stalls, Bassett’s is the only original tenant; the ice cream maker has been there since 1892. In addition to the scoop shop, Bassetts has a catering arm and sells its products wholesale. The sixth generation — cousins Eric Bassett, director of catering operations, and Alex Bassett Strange, vice president of distribution — are now working in the business. The fifthgeneration leaders are their uncle, president and CEO Michael Strange, and Eric’s father, Roger, who is general manager of retail operations. As the weather warms, Alex says, the business makes improvements that were planned in the off-season. “This is when we finish all of the final touches,” Alex says. “Over the winter we take a look at what we’ve done over the year, how we can improve.” Recent updates include smartphone ordering and payment so customers don’t have REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2019 7

ice storage & metering systems The Ultimate Babysitter When you go home for the night, the last thing you want to do is worry about what is going on at the ice plant. Used as a surge bin, the KEITH® Ice Storage & optimizing run time for the ice machine and by storing ice for processing during work hours. Bins are built to last using the best FDA approved food grade materials and are driven by reliable WALKING FLOOR® technology. Low Maintenance • Higher Quality Ice • No Ice Buildup True FIFO Rotation • Horizontal Metering • Vertical Comb Built to Last • Superior by Design ®

KEITH Mfg. Co. 1.800.547.6161

KEITH can handle it. 2016 KEITH Mfg. Co. All Rights Reserved.


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5 Common Threats to a

FAMILY BUSINESS Every business is faced with challenges. However, as a family business owner, you are faced with unique threats to your business that, if not recognized and addressed quickly, will drastically affect your success in the marketplace. Here are five common threats that every family business faces and tips on how to manage them.

Family Feuding There is simply no fun and games when it comes to family feuds in your business. Family businesses are faced with internal conflict that typically arises from the inability to separate your business and personal lives. Sometimes the feuding is due to the varied interests of each family member, personal egos or personal rivalries that spill into the business environment.

not face consequences for non-performance. Ultimately, nepotism does not empower your employees, and, as a result, your bottom line will suffer.

Letting Emotions Run the Business You have probably heard the phrase, “It’s not personal, it’s business.” Well, in a family business, it is always personal. Separating your emotions from the business is not an easy task, especially if you are directly managing a family member. It is difficult for people to receive critical feedback from peers or their boss and even more difficult to receive it from someone they love.

Regardless of the cause, if you do not find a way to stop the feuding, it will be impossible to define and achieve common goals for the business. Also, excessive conflict in your organization can increase employee turnover and create a hostile work environment.

Be aware that if you let emotions interfere with your business, it can make you appear weak to your employees and customers, and severely affect your ability to make sound business decisions. On the other hand, if you are insensitive, you may appear cold and unapproachable. Lack of sensitivity to family employees can also cause problems at home if you are not careful. You will need to determine the right balance of emotion needed based on the dynamics of your business environment.


Losing Non-Family Employees

Managing family is a delicate matter, and it is important to be aware that the fastest way to alienate the people that work for you is to create a company culture based on nepotism. Everyone wants to help out family, but hiring, promoting, and paying someone based on a familial relationship rather than on their actual merits and abilities, is a recipe for disaster.

There are two main reasons non-family employees will leave: limited growth opportunities and family conflict. Most employees want to advance within a company. Unfortunately, in most family businesses there are often limited opportunities for advancement because family employees occupy all leadership positions within the company. Without an opportunity to advance or take on a leadership role, many talented and ambitious employees will move on. Another problem is that non-family employees will leave because they feel as if they are always in the middle when a family feud breaks out. •

You will quickly find that non-family employees will lose the motivation and desire to work for you. Also, family employees may become complacent because they will

REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2019 9

INDUSTRY EVENTS As a business owner, you need to realize that every business needs a good mix of people to help you grow. Non-family employees add balance to the organization because they can view the business from an unemotional position. If given the opportunity, they can offer valuable input on how to make the company better. Failing to recognize the positive impact non-family employees have on a family business is a huge mistake

MICHAEL FISCHER OF RLS LOGISTICS AWARDED 2019 DON SCHLIMME FUTURE LEADER AWARD The World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO), a Core Partner of the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) announced the recipient of the 2019 Don Schlimme Future Leader Award – Michael Fischer, General Manager, RLS Logistics. The award was presented by Paul Henningsen, President, Henningsen Cold Storage/Immediate Past Chair, WFLO and Corey Rosenbusch, President and CEO of GCCA, in April 2019, during the 128th IARW-WFLO Convention where 400 temperature-controlled logistics executives gathered together to share experiences and best practices, build relationships and meet with industry suppliers. “Being able to attend the IARW-WFLO Convention and compete with my fellow future leaders for this award was a fantastic experience,” stated Fischer. “I am really honored to receive this award and grateful to RLS for supporting me in this endeavor.” Bestowed by WFLO, the Don Schlimme Future Leader Award recognizes talented young professionals in North America, 35 years of age and under, who have the potential to become future leaders and make a positive contribution to the development of the temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics industry. Nominees must have had to demonstrate excellence in their work, the potential to excel further in the many facets within the industry and possess insight into their organization’s strategic values and direction, policies and ways of working. The award is named in honor of Donald V. Schlimme, Ph.D, who passed away in 2012 and was a longtime member of the WFLO Scientific Advisory Committee (1983-2012) and a WFLO Staff Advisor for many of those years. He was an expert in food science and cold storage and was committed to sharing his extensive knowledge. Fischer competed for the award with an initial list of twelve nominees. As part of the selection process, each finalist was interviewed by a panel of judges made up of industry leaders. The field was narrowed down to three and each of those candidates delivered a short presentation to the panel of judges and the Convention attendees. A final recipient was selected after their presentations to the Convention attendees. “The dedication and quality of the emerging leaders within the cold chain continues to be so impressive,” GCCA President & CEO Corey Rosenbusch said. “Mike and his fellow competitors are excellent examples of how bright the future is for the cold chain with talented individuals such as these coming up through the ranks.” Fischer will compete with other young leaders from around the world for the global GCCA NextGen Award at the Global Cold Chain Expo, taking place 1012 June 2019 in Chicago IL. RM 10 REFRIGERATION Magazine │May 2019

No Succession Plan There is going to come a time when someone retires, leaves, or perhaps passes away. If you do not have a plan, you are setting your business up for failure. According to Nancy Bowman-Upton in the Small Business Administration publication Transferring Management in the Family-Owned Business, it is estimated that less than 33% of family businesses survive the transition from first generation ownership to second generation ownership. Sometimes this is due to the family not having an interest in running the business, but in most cases, it is due to the lack of creating a plan. A succession plan is necessary to ensure the business lives on from generation to generation.

Managing These Threats

» Tips to manage threats to your family business: » Clearly, define the goals of the company and make sure everyone is on the same page.

» Outline each family employee’s role and

responsibilities and hold them accountable.

» Keep an open line of communication at all times.

» Address all concerns quickly and in a nonemotional manner.

» Create a fair promotion and salary system that is based on individual merit and ability.

» Take a management course to learn how to

separate your emotions from the management process.

» Provide opportunities for advancement in your business for non-family employees.




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