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ALSO INSIDE Food Safety Cleanliness Sells, and The New World of the Empowered Consumer.

COOLEST NEWS In the Ice Carving Industry


May 2018 Vol. 201 │ No. 5 ISSN #0034-3137


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FOOD SAFETY From the IPIA e-newsletter

INDUSTRY TRENDS C-Store Retailers Predict Emerging Trends for 2018

PRODUCTS Coalza RS Series, DH Automatic Packaging Machines

C-STORE TRENDS The New World of the "Empowered Customer"

GREEN CLEAN Five Sustainability Pre-Construction Tips

18 Cleanliness Sells

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ICE CARVING Shipping Ice Blocks Will Be Expensive

20 Ice Carving Boot Camp Workshops For Available for CEH DEPARTMENTS

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Let's Sell Some Fun! People are still getting into this business. I see new suppliers popping up. I can’t speak to them all, but I can verify that they’re receiving REFRIGERATION’s print and now online editions. New entrants are good for suppliers to the industry, they’re good for consumers in their area, and they can be good for you. You know about them before I do. Maybe you lost an account, maybe you just saw their trucks rolling around. Sometimes it’s slide in box in the back of a three quarter ton truck, and the driver may have loaded the bags early this morning from a Manitowoc before putting them directly into the reefer and driving the route himself. They could be taking low value accounts that are too far to drive or too low volume to be really profitable for you. It’s not likely they are servicing big stores. But sometimes somebody sets up shop in a big way. They found out about the margins, they found out about capital equipment finance, maybe they used to work for you or for another company and wanted to branch out. You see 24 foot trucks on the road and you lose a major account. Or two. If this motivates you to tighten up, if this motivates you to really look at your accounts with a magnifying glass and figure out which ones make you the most money, good for you. Sure, you want every single account and every single customer. We all do. But when you really get down to it, driving fifty miles to service five accounts doing a hundred units each weekly may not make sense for you. Maybe their pricing needs to increase. Maybe you need to let them go, tell them you can’t service the area any more. The point is that there’s room in this industry for new players, and people are constantly “discovering” what you and I have known for maybe our whole lives – that packaged ice is a great business model. We sell fun, we sell refreshment, we sell parties and good times, we sell baseball games and picnics and summer festivals. So far we haven’t had the zombie armageddon hit, but ask anyone after floods like Houston or a hurricane like Puerto Rico what becomes important when all hell breaks loose. It’s shelter, water and food, and you are part of two of those items. We also sell basic human services.

"The point is that there’s room in this industry for new players, and people are constantly “discovering” what you and I have known for maybe our whole lives – that packaged ice is a great business model. "

No matter how bad the economic year, demand for ice still holds. High gasoline prices? Sometimes it helps you, if people decide to stay home instead of go on vacation. Factory closed? Drive through a depressed part of town on July 4th, they’re still having barbecues and drinking beer on ice. Maybe cheaper beer, but the same ice. It’s a strange time in America today. Politics are all over the place. Around the world, change is taking place. In your backyard, though, people still want what they always wanted: friends, family, comfort, a little bit of fun. That’s what you’re selling them. Now get after it.

Mary Yopp Cronley Editor, Refrigeration Magazine

4 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2018


Emergency Ice

the American Way!



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Debbie Thomas, recently retired from Roesch/Ice Maid, Belleville, Illinois, took this photograph in her travels home from business. She shared it with Daryl Mount, KCS/RouteMan, who shared it with us. Thank you everybody!


From the E-Newsletter Chris Lamond had a large crowd at the Ohio Environmental Health Association convention for his presentation on ice and ice machine contamination. Very well received with lots of questions Mr. Lamond has built a career representing clients before federal, state and local governments bringing more than 20 years of experience working for and with governmental entities. The biennial Conference of Food Protection didn’t have the success that we had hoped with our submission, but they heard about ice again. Walter Berry, Berry’s Arctic Ice presented to the Kansas Environmental Health Association (KEHA), meeting very recently on Ice Machine contamination and Maintenance. Thank you Walter! Chis Lamond and Jane McEwen (Jane is Executive Director of the IPIA) will be meeting with the FDA in Washington to talk about appropriations language and its implementation.


Find out why putting lemons in your drink is a bad idea.


REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2018 7



FOR 2018

(From Convenient Store News)

If convenience retailers had a crystal ball they would say the momentum behind healthy food and beverage sales will continue for some time.

8 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2018

According to a survey of retailers released today by NACS, the Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing, more than two in three convenience retailers said that foodservice sales increased last year, and 61 percent said that sales of betterfor-you items — like fruits and vegetables, yogurt, nuts, and health bars — saw sales gains. By comparison, only 7 percent said that foodservice sales were down and only 3 percent said that sales of better-for-you items decreased. At New Paltz, N.Y.-based Chestnut Petroleum stores, "customers are demanding higher quality foods and snacks," according to CEO and President Mickey Jamal.

Sales of healthy food and drinks were strong in 2017 at Arroyo Grande Valero, based in Atascadero, Calif. Protein bars and fruit and protein smoothies propelled sales at A-Square Enterprises Inc. in Conyers, Ga., and water — whether plain, flavored or coconut water — grew sales at Select Fuel & Convenience in Red Bud, Ill. With convenience stores selling roughly 80 percent of fuel purchased in the United States, retailers also saw strong sales at the pump. According to the survey, 52 percent of retailers said that fuel sales increased in 2017, compared to 20 percent who reported a decline in gallons sold. C-Store retailers offered their predictions for what will be hot:


Kombucha drinks will continue to grow, as will new programs for home delivery, according to Lisa Dell'Alba, president and CEO of Square One Markets Inc. based in Bethlehem, Pa. New payment methods also will be a top trend, said Kent Frieling, president at Stop 'n Save in Grand Junction, Colo. Healthier meal replacements will come to the menu at Stop & Go Mini Mart in Bend, Ore., and compliment the retailer's growler fill program, according to owner Kent Couch. In addition, retailers said that the lunch daypart has the most potential to grow sales at their stores, with 67 percent identifying lunchtime traffic as their biggest opportunity. But other dayparts also hold promise, including the opportunity to grow sales of midday snacks, said Stephen Lair, president of Petromark Inc. in Harrison, Ark. With new trends on the horizon, retailers continue to advance with strong consumer support. Beyond products, retailers said that strong consumer optimism over economic prospects also helped grow sales in 2017. "There seems to be a direct correlation between our customers' view of the

economy and their use of disposable income in our marketplace," said Dennis McCartney, director of operations at Landhope Farms in Kennett Square, Pa. Strong consumer optimism also translated into strong retailer optimism. More than three in four retailers are optimistic about their business prospects for the first three months of 2018, with the same percentage of retailers optimistic about the overall U.S. economy for the first quarter. However, retailers do have some concerns, notably competition — both from outside the channel (46 percent) and inside the channel (45 percent), according to NACS. Labor is another major concern, cited by 45 percent of retailers, such as finding and recruiting top talent in the market. To address the issue, retailers say that they are recruiting employees from nontraditional labor pools including retirees, disabled workers and military veterans. "For the right kind of person, it is a fun job. Interacting with customers is enjoyable as our business attracts a lot of repeat customers whom they see every day," said John Clark, president of Alpine Mart in Stowe, Vt.

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...the lunch daypart has the most potential to grow sales at their stores, with 67% identifying lunchtime traffic as their biggest opportunity.

REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2018 9

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ice storage & metering systems The Ultimate Babysitter When you go home for the night, the last thing you want to do is worry about what is going on at the ice plant. Used as a surge bin, the KEITH® Ice Storage & optimizing run time for the ice machine and by storing ice for processing during work hours. Bins are built to last using the best FDA approved food grade materials and are driven by reliable WALKING FLOOR® technology. Low Maintenance • Higher Quality Ice • No Ice Buildup True FIFO Rotation • Horizontal Metering • Vertical Comb Built to Last • Superior by Design ®

KEITH Mfg. Co. 1.800.547.6161

KEITH can handle it. 2016 KEITH Mfg. Co. All Rights Reserved.

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Coalza RS Series, DH Automatic Packaging Machines


he industry proven Coalza RS series, DH packaging machines are specially designed for food-safe ice packaging operations. AIS has recently collaborated with Coalza to re-design this proven vertical form, film and seal packaging machine to better accommodate the needs of North American packaged ice producers. Coalza, a Spanish company, was founded in 1963 to develop better automated packaging solutions for the food industry. The first Coalza ice packaging machines were built in the mid-70’s. Since then, Coalza has made continual product improvements to yield better solutions. Today, Coalza ice packaging machines are the preferred industry standard for European packaged ice producers. In fact, the Coalza presence is so big in Europe, that the current standard 2-Kg ice bag size

was driven by Coalza equipment. Currently, there are over 500 Coalza ice packaging machines in operation, and more than 5000 total Coalza packaging machines in the food industry, in 60 countries, worldwide. Coalza is a second generation, family owned business. The company founder is still actively involved and manages a team of highly experienced engineers that share his passion to produce the best available packaging solutions. Coalza ice packaging machines are simplistic by design. Fewer moving parts, mean less failures, and better operational productivity. Less parts to break, or malfunction, also means less replacement parts. The average annual cost for

replacement parts for Coalza RS300-DH is less than $1000 per year. These easy to operate packaging solutions also save on poly roll film consumption. Every inch of film is utilized to make the bag of ice, with no waste or extra film needed. In addition, long service life makes Coalza packaging equipment an even better investment. The serviceable lifespan of Coalza machines is more than 25 years. There are even some Coalza machines still working today that were installed in the early 80's. More operational up time, less packaging disruptions, low PM cost, packaging savings, and long service life make this proven packaging platform a solid solution.



The New World of The

'Empowered Consumer' Steven Rosenbaum , Contributor to Forbes

It’s hard to say exactly what has driven the shift from passive to empowered customers – perhaps it is our connected lives, or our abundance of choice, or the ability to get what we want when we want it, where we want it. But anyway you explore the trend, a new consumer is emerging. There’s no doubt we’ve arrived at the moment the "Empowered Consumer” takes control.

MOBILE The Empowered consumer lives on their smart phone. It is their calendar their map, their library, their credit card. It’s their digital companion - and it drives everything from what they buy to who they are. It’s a critical assistant in all facets of their lives.

HANDS-ON Not willing to be driven by ads, or even entirely by friends recommendations - the Empowered Consumer is driven by their own ability to try before you buy, return at will, and click their way to new options and choices. Changes in how they shop, what 12 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2018

they shop for, and how they expect to be treated run through the trend - with power and control at the driver of change.

SMART With access to multiple points of information - the Empowered Consumer is going to check sources before making a decision. With Amazon’s consumer comments, there’s a crowd intelligence that often beats the ‘experts.’ But it goes further - using their social network of friends and co-workers to give them feedback on potential purchases, trips, or vendors before they even try the service.

COMMITTED An Empowered Consumer can be loyal, but only if it goes both ways. Value comes from both price, and quality and honesty from a brand they patronize. It’s expected that a brand will understand their needs, their history, and everything from the way they engage to what they’ve done in the past. Service and quality beat privacy here.

A GLOBAL CITIZEN No longer loyal to their home turf, the Empowered Consumer is able to shop across borders, and patronize brands and

services that meet their needs. No single flat is flying the “Empowered Consumer” colors - it’s a world market now. So, if the consumer has this new power and independence, how do brands and marketers use the new environment to connect with them? It’s a complicated space, but there are a few core principles worth outlining: CONNECT WITH CONSUMERS ON THE TECH PLATFORM OF THEIR CHOICE. It’s easy to think that the CMO is able to leap complex technology platforms in a single bound. But the cape aside, tech is complex - and shows no signs of slowing down.

sales and service all operated in their own channels. But that’s going to change. A service call is an opportunity to increase brand loyalty. A promotion to engage super fans can turn brand advocates into customer/sales people. At every touchpoint -there’s an opportunity to connect with the Empowered Consumer. It’s clear that connected consumers are empowered consumers. And for companies and brands that embrace this change -there’s a huge now powerful force that can work as partners to engage and magnify your message. But this new environment is complex, risky, and changing. So ignore the Empowered Consumer at your risk - because with their new publishing platform and voice they can be your best friend or your brands most vocal critic. Welcome to the new connected and empowered world.

PROVIDE A BRAND SAFE PLATFORM. Every brand has a community of super fans. By offering a platform for sharing opinions, fan communities can help brands how to share their stories. That consumer intelligence is invaluable. Since Empowered Consumers use social networks to drive their purchasing decisions a brand community can serve as the “ultimate social network” creating a two way relationship between brands and consumers. DRIVE CONTEXTUAL CONTENT RELEVANCE. Brands have a firehose of data to work with - which can drive personalization. Digital content needs to find consumers at the right place, the right time, and on the right platform. Using content driven by consumer intelligence and delivery native brand content will strengthen a brands relationship with its customers and potential consumers. ANALYTICS DRIVEN DECISION MAKING. Marketing is no longer able to embrace the old adage that said: 50% of my ad budget doesn’t work, I just don’t know which 50%. Today, you know. As consumer feedback loops continue to generate more data - marketers are able to gain a detailed and deep understanding of their users, and drive marketing messages to that data. IT’S ALL ABOUT ENGAGEMENT. It’s no longer about keeping brand conversations in silos. Today marketing,

REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2018 13


Five Sustainability Pre-Construction Tips “Sustainability begins in the demolition phase” Thanks to a vibrant economy, many building developers, owners, and managers are investing funds into new construction projects as well as renovations. This makes this a perfect time for developers, owners, and managers to start thinking about sustainability, according to Stephen Ashkin, president of The Ashkin Group, and the leading advocate for sustainability in the professional cleaning and distribution industries. “For instance, many pre-construction projects start by ordering too many materials or too few,” says Ashkin. “In both situations, this reflects poor planning, which usually ends up producing waste, requiring more fuel, releasing more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, and increasing costs.”

To properly plan construction projects with sustainability in mind, Ashkin provides the following . Five Sustainability Pre-Construction Tips:

1. Planned Demolition Sustainability begins in the demolition phase. Traditionally, old materials are hauled off to landfills. Planned demolition looks for ways to reuse or recycle these items.

2. Focus on Long-term Savings When selecting new construction products, put more emphasis on how they will reduce costs over the long-term, than their initial costs. Solar panels, for instance, do add to construction costs, but they can reduce a building’s electricity bill by as much as 75 percent, each month for years.

3. Buy Locally Purchasing from local suppliers helps reduce the energy used for transportation. This reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses released into the environment, plus, it helps the local economy 14 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2018

4. Use Newer Construction Equipment Use Newer Construction Equipment: Newer construction equipment tends to use fuel and electricity more efficiently, promoting sustainability and helping to lower construction costs.

5. Emphasis on "Efficiency" Emphasis on “Efficiency.” Efficiency is a keyword in sustainability. It refers to products and materials that reduce waste, energy, fuel, water, and other natural resources. “Finally, almost all construction projects have one or two ‘cleanups’ once work is completed,” adds Ashkin. “This is the perfect time to introduce Green cleaning solutions into the facility, so they are used from Day-1.”

Quality, Value and Performance!

Model 1000G


Sizes Available: 4’x8’ • 5’x9’ • 5’x10’ • 7’x12’ • 7’x16’

Model 600

Your Sales Solution! Call Today for more information! TN: 877.984.5945 | GA: 800.554.4852 | CA: 866.746.0437 CO: 877.376.0367 | SC: 866.827.3232 | TX: 866.598.4206 1520 Westfork Drive, Lithia Springs, CA 30122 Email: REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2018 15


SHIPPING ICE BLOCKS WILL BE By: Aaron Costic Elegant Ice Creations


ere's a heads-up for those ice shops shipping raw blocks. We move a lot of blocks via commercial trucking companies and recently, we were shocked to see a huge jump in pricing. For example, we shipped a full load (160 blocks) from Ohio to Ontario, Canada, at a cost of around $1000. Four weeks later, the cost had escalated to $1800! Quite the increase. There are three reasons for escalating prices - a severe shortage of drivers, increased fuel costs and the new digitized log books which are mandatory on new trucks. I understand the digitized log book automatically shuts down the engine when a driver has reached his maximum daily driving hours. This means that extra hour a

driver might take to deliver his cargo to a customer is no longer available. In Canada, the estimated shortage of drivers - for dry and refrigerated transportation - is 48,000 by 2014. The province of Ontario alone will see a shortage of 13,000 drivers during this same period. For every truck in Ontario at the present time, there are 60 loads ready to be picked up. In the US, there will be a shortage of 80,000 drivers by 2020. It is the gap between supply and demand which is the major consequence of this shortage. Shortages could bring about several issues, such as price increases and major delays in product delivery. On-line shopping has never been more prominent than it is today, yet the transportation of those products has never been more uncertain. Talking to the owner of a trucking company we use frequently, I learned about some of the 'hidden' costs they have to absorb. He has a regular run to Toronto from Hensall delivering beans from the local Co-op to the port. Before

16 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2018

his drivers reach their destination, they will have encountered 10 sets of traffic lights. If the timing doesn't work out and they had to stop at each light, it will cost $25 to $30 to get their rig up to speed again. That can quickly add a healthy lump to running costs. We had a thriving export market for raw blocks a few years back, but again, the high price of shipping put an end to that very quickly. In addition, there are quite a few block manufacturers established in Europe today who can serve the market more efficiently. Another factor affecting the market is that container ships generally avoid war zones and there are plenty of those around the globe. We have lost significant orders from Egypt and Israel due to unrest - even though the problems are confined to a small area. It generally happens that a container shipment has to go through a port close to the trouble, and shippers are not willing to take the risks.

Matthiesen equipment is trusted worldwide to move, condition and package millions of pounds of ice every day. Reliability that works for you!

BTO System

Magic Finger

Bulk Bagger

Drying Belts

Automatic Baler


Screw Conveyor

VL Bagger

VLS Bagger


Rotating Table

Heat Seal Bagger

Block Press

Bucket Elevator

Gravity Bins

Dewatering Reel


Live Bottom Bin

Belt Conveyor

Customized solutions to meet your needs. the name you’ve come to trust

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Cleanlines “If you are not addressing the simple task of cleanliness in your store, don’t expect to see a sales increase — even when you add a new product or service.”

Having worked in the convenience store industry for more than 18 years, I not only spend a lot of time visiting c-stores, but I also always seem to live near one as well. When I first moved to Florida in 1999, I lived two doors away from a 7-Eleven store, which I thought was the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel because it had everything I could ever want — bread, soda, lunch meat, beer and doughnuts. Since then, I have moved several times, but with five 7-Elevens within a seven-mile stretch, I am never too far away from a convenience store. Which leads me to how a store owner could increase his or her business by 25 percent in one year. The 7-Eleven that is close to my home had been a company-operated store for as long as I can remember. Then, about a year and a half ago, the store was sold to Rick and Maureen Levy, a nice couple from St. Louis, as a franchise store.

The Levys’ store is about 2,000 square feet. It sells gasoline, but it doesn’t have much room to add a big, new food program or additional inventory. It is located in a tourist area, so there is a seasonality to the business due to tourists coming and going.

Since I spend a lot of time in convenience stores, I tend to be critical of how a store looks. Are the shelves being stocked? What is the product mix? Are the employees friendly and capable? Is the store clean? I had no complaints with the companyowned 7-Eleven that I had been visiting on a regular basis for 10-plus years. The store looked good, had the appropriate point-of-sale advertisements on display, the employees were nice, and the store was well stocked. In other words, I had become “normalized” to my surroundings. Which translates into: You don’t know what you are missing until you get a taste of what you have been missing. When the Levys took over a year and a half ago, I noticed a lot of shelves being moved and the store was being reset with the inventory moved around. Overall, the store looked better. Same workers, but something had changed. The store was a lot cleaner. The soda dispenser was cleaner. The coffee bar was cleaner. The

front counter was cleaner. The floors were cleaner. The gas station islands, or MPDs, and the trash dispensers outside of the store were cleaner. Not just me, but other customers also noticed the store was cleaner and I heard them telling that to the new owners. I couldn’t resist complimenting them on the cleanliness of their store, too. They explained to me that they believe it’s important to give the products in their store a good presentation. To do that, the store needed to be clean. They also believed their sales would reflect their attitude toward cleanliness as well.

Well, guess what. They finished their first year of business with sales up 25 percent over the previous year, and they are six months into their second year and sales are continuing to increase. Nothing changed locally in the market. Nothing that would bring in more customers or create more of a draw to their store. The customers who are local are still the same, and the store is basically the same except for the new owners focusing on and making cleanliness a priority. I know this may sound too simple to some, but cleanliness sells. Would you buy

If you are not addressing the simple task of cleanliness in your store, don’t expect to see a sales increase — even when you add a new product or service. 18 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2018

ss Sells

By Terry Monroe, American Business Brokers & Advisors

anything or eat something from a store that had overflowing trash dispensers, dirty floors and messy shelves? If you are not addressing the simple task of cleanliness in your store, don’t expect to see a sales increase — even when you add a new product or service. Sometimes, we all need to go back to the basics and rethink why customers are coming to our stores in the first place. Terry Monroe is the president and founder of American Business Brokers & Advisors. He is also the author of "The Art of Buying and Selling a Convenience Store" and “Cashing In on the Hidden Wealth of Your Business.” He serves as an advisor, consultant, speaker, professional intermediary, and market maker for privately held companies, and assists in market valuations, Monroe has been involved in the sale of more than 500 businesses. He can be contacted at

REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2018 19


The Coolest News In The Ice Carving Industry! From Aaron Costic, Elegant Ice Creations

Boot Camp has been approved for 16 CEH (continuing education hours) by the ACF. It also counts 16 points toward NICA Certification. Advanced Ice Carving Boot Camp November 9-11, 2018 Basic Training Ice Carving Boot Camp Classes April 26-29, 2019

Other workshops include: • • • • • •

Ice CNC Boot Camp Classes April 26-29, 2019


Makes For Great Art


r's N ote



Vintage Ice Truck Fleet

Vegetable Carving Sugar (cast and blown) Wood Carving Potter’s Wheel CNC for Ice Carving Water Color

We all know the warm memories, and other good feelings which come from seeing some of our industry’s vintage images. Loading docks, blocks of ice pulled from frozen rivers, horse drawn wagons and the infamous tilting man in a white shirt, baggy black pants, and fedor, balancing a cut of block ice on his shoulder are but a few. In cruising the Internet, I came across this image, which is in a collection of historic images, transferred onto beach towels. I tracked it down to the Consumers Ice Company of Lancaster, Pa. I’m not sure when they closed permanently, but their history lives in infamy on this website. I’m ordering one!

20 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2018


101st Annual IPIA Convention & Trade Show November 5-8 2018 JW Marriott Nashville, Tennessee

Mo. Valley/Southwestern Ice Association Joint Convention February 28 – March 3, 2019 Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa Hot Springs, Arkansas



REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2018 21


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Rates are $1.00 per word, with a minimum charge. Any blind ads, with an assigned box number c/o publisher, add $10.00. Deadline for upcoming issue is the 1st of the previous month. For advertising and listing information, contact Mary at (404) 819-5446 or

Polar Temp Block Maker, 2












• HAMER 310 W/ 125 CLOSER

– 10% discount on out of stock Hamer parts orders $250.00 or more.





– 10% discount on Polar Temp parts when ordered with a merchandiser.




• VLS - 510

– 10% discount on wire orders over 200 Lbs

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Vogt 218 7/8 W/C Vogt HE40’s 7/8 Vogt HE30’s 7/8 Vogt 118’s 5 Ton Ice Maker 7/8, W/ Vogt 9000 7/8, W/C Arctic Temp 4000 Lb Ice Maker Vogt P34 High-Side Vogt HE40’s 7/8 Vogt HE30’s 7/8 Vogt 118’s 5 Ton Ice Maker 7/8, W/ Vogt 9000 7/8, W/C Clinebell CB300 300lb Block Makers

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

Amcot ST-25 Cooling Tower Marley 4821 Cooling tower Hamer 310 Form, Fill, & Seal 10LB Ice Cans (45) 4.5” x 8” x 14”T Snow Cone Block Cans 16lb Wicketed “misprint” Ice Bags 5lb Wicketed Ice Bags 1/2HP drop In Refrigeration Vivian Manual Block Press • Kalamazoo 4000M-SA Stretch Wrapper Units

Kamco 20 Ton Bin Kamco 10 Ton Bin Kamco 6 Ton Ice MGR 3000SD Stainless Bin Mannhardt 2801 Ice Bin Matthiesen VLS, Bottom Load Bagger, Galv Matthiesen VL510, Top Load Bagger, Galv Belt Conveyor, Hytrol TA 12’ Belt Conveyor, Hytrol BA 16’ 9x10 Galvanized Portable Screw conveyor


If you have discontinued ice bags or used equipment you would like to sell PLEASE CALL. SEE OUR USED EQUIPMENT WEB PAGE AT AIEEXCHANGE.COM. Call for surplus ice! Polar Temp Equipment Mike Landino - Toll free - 1-877-376-0367 E-mail (NEW ADDRESS): Don’t forget to call if you have a quality piece of used equipment for sale.



45 foot refrigerated trailer with electric refrigeration. Evaporator in trailer w/ 5 HP condensing unit on the ground. Great for cross-docking.

16ft gooseneck trailer with tandem 8000lb axles. 2hrs low temp condensing unit with cold plates. 7ft wide outside and 78” tall inside. Pulls great with pickup.

Tennessee Valley Ice Company Call Gary at (423) 698-6290

Call for pictures. Hamilton, Ms. $7,500 OBO

PACKAGED ICE BUSINESS FOR SALE 45 year old business. 100 miles wide. Central North Carolina, Southeastern Virginia. Business 220 Rockingham to North of Martinsvilla, Va. Wanting to retire in 2 years Interested parties call


Call 662-319-7460

TRAILERS FOR SALE Two 1998 Pup Trailers – Road Ready $7,800 each Contact Ruben Walden at (239) 936-3876 or

USED EQUIPMENT FOR SALE • Turbo Tig 33 Ice Maker, 98 model • Mycom N6WB Compressors w/125 HP motors skid mounted with oil separators (used with Vogt P34AL ice makers) • Turbo CB38 Rake • Screw Conveyor Drive Packages for 9" and 12" conveyors (great condition) • Hammer RBC with conveyor • Stainless 9" and 12" screw conveyors • 21' Hytrol belt conveyor • Turbo CB87 with plastic chain and sprockets and stainless steel flights • Morris 18 ton Tube Cube Maker, R22, 2006 model complete with evap condensor 1" ice • Vogt 218, rebuilt in 2005, complete with cooling tower

"NEW" KAMCO PARTS Ice Systems & Supplies Rock Hill, SC Toll free (800) 662-1273 or (803) 324-8791

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USED MANNHARDT STAINLESS ICE BIN FOR SALE Bottom 72” x 84” (84” on door side and 55” high) Middle 72” x 84” x 20” with 2 doors Top 72” x 84” x 34 ½” – 2 Tops

Vogt P112 Mid Tube - R22 Air Cooled New Freezer 2012 • New Comp 2013 New Water Pump 2014 Brand new condenser in crate 2017

Contact Chris at Paul Bunyan Ice 218-820-5401

Contact Chris at Paul Bunyan Ice 218-820-5401

2017-MATTHIESSEN BALER FOR SALE (NEW) Never put into production. Contact Chris at Paul Bunyan Ice 218-820-5401

WANTED Used trailer to haul frozen foods – small, only up to 12'


AFFORDABLE ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS AND LED LIGHTING FOR SALE NEW & USED REFRIGERATION & ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ICE MACHINE SPECIALTY • Improve efficiency and • Soft starters extend equipment life • VFDs • Reduce your electric bill • Starters and Overloads • Fewer breakdowns • Control Panels • Panel Rebuilding • Custom Control Panels • Miscellaneous Electrical Parts – EFFICIENT AND COOL RUNNING LED LIGHTING – ALL WORK AND EQUIPMENT GUARANTEED – EQUIPMENT AND FIXTURES PAY FOR THEMSELVES

ICE FOR SALE A Family Owned Ice Company

Call Mark at 309-786-4233

Tube Ice, 7, 10, 20, 22 lb Bags Over a million bags in stock. Shipped or Picked up


PIQCS Plus Accredited

• Universal Vibrating Screen 3’x5’ with 7/8” Screen Openings

Arctic Ice Inc. Call Steve Camenzind

• Hamer 540 Roll Stock Assembly

(314) 989-9090

Please email at or call 920-231-7784 and ask for Tom

FOR SALE • 36 " x 8' suction accumulator, 150# vessel good cond. • 9- 36" 2 hp direct drive fans, 220 volt • 3 evaporators evapco two fan, runs on ammonia, good condition • 200 amp three phase 240 volt,disconnect

Contact Jim Riley

231-218-5868 or

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A Family Owned Business 7 and 20 pound bags. PIQCS Accredited

Call 800-223-6345




Merchandiser Parts for all brands at competitive prices.

(877) 984-5945

VOGT ICE FOR SALE 5, 7, 16 & 40 lb. bags. Water is lab tested for purity. Delivery or pick-up. Six generations of quality.

Ice Makers • Vogt Ice Maker – P24A • Morris Ice Maker • Vogt Ice Maker – P118 • Turbo Ice Maker – CAR120 • Turbo Ice Maker – CF40SCER • Vogt Ice Maker – P418 • Vogt Ice Maker – HE30 • Kold Draft Ice Maker

Check our most recent inventory online at!

Packaging • Matthiesen Heat Seal Bagger • Matthiesen Baler (3 Available) •H  amer Form, Fill, and Seal Machine - 310 Handling • Matthiesen Shaker Belt with Stand • Shaker •1  2” Stainless Steel Auger (Several Lengths) •1  2” Stainless Steel Shroud Trough Cover

EQUIPMENT FOR SALE Long Island Ice & Fuel Corp.

Call (631) 727-3010

ICE CARVING TOOLS Plastic liners for clear block makers $1.24/ea Reusable drip pans from $6.50/ea Over 500 items in stock for Ice Carvers

Suction Accumulator - Chil-Con, Model #AA24084, 24” x 7’ high, with boil out coil – Like new condition $6,000.00 Receiver 12’ x 30” with warming loop used with Vogt ice makerLike new condition - $6,000.00 Toshiba 125 HP Motor, Premium Efficiency Contact Kyle at Long Island Ice & Fuel Corp.

(631) 727-3010 or (516) 790-6842

USED ICE MAKING EQUIPMENT FOR SALE Tig 85 SC, SN 941010, Alum panels Tig 33 SC, SN 910170 Alum panels CF 40 SC, SN 8325500 SS panels BF 3690, SN 7801300, SS panels Morris TNT SN 785-388 Alum panel

or (440) 717-1940

YOUR AD HERE To place a classified ad, contact Mary at (404) 819-5446 or

Contact Bob Morse @ Getchell Brothers, Inc. 800-949-4423,

ICE FOR SALE Vogt Mini tube ice, 8, 20 & 40 lb. bags. All ice is screened, palletized & stretch wrapped. We deliver or you pick up. Our water is treated with ozone for sterilization. No chlorine added!

Martin's Ice Company

Phone (717) 733-7968 or fax (717) 733-1981 PA

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(1) Vogt P118 Reconditioned, runs on R404 Freon

ESTRUC moldes metalicos S.A. de C.V.) ESTRUC is a leader company with more than 5 decades of experience fabricating the molds for the ice bars, rivets, baskets, tweezers, ice picks and other products for the ice industry.

(1) Mid Tube Vogt, air-cooled 404 Freon

(1) Mini Tube Vogt, air-cooled 404 Freon (1) Rebuilt CB P118 Call Charlie Bolton (Houston, TX)

(713) 643-0573

Please contact us for more information

(011 52) 5884 - 6864 (+52 1) 55 9197 - 9142 FB: estrucmoldesmetalicos60

ICE PLANT FOR SALE 4 P118 7/8 tube with cooling towers, 16 ton Kamco steel bin, 1 Matthiessen VLS top load bagger and 1 bottom load bagger. 4 Hamer 125 bag tiers Screw conveyors with drive motors

For information call Tom

(817) 475-2459



Vogt 6000 and Vogt 9000

Full service ice manufacturing and water purification business for sale.

Call Charlie Bolton, Houston, TX

(713) 643-0573

COMPLETE ICE PLANT FOR SALE P24 Freon Vogt w/ cooling tower (no compressor) P18 Freon Vogt w/ compressor (no cooling tower) Matthiesen 10 ton bin Screw conveyors from maker to bin Matthiesen bottom feed bagger

Visit for more info.

email Call (210) 842-1977 26 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2018

Located in western Arizona on three parcels with living quarters consisting of one bedroom. Two 10-ton ice machines as well as commercial water purification system. Too many assets to list: trucks with refrigeration, store front with 24-hour vending, trucks with 10,000+ water tanks, over 60 ice merchandisers. Solid customer base in addition to seasonal contractors during growing seasons. Owners wish to retire.

Please call 928-859-4233.


28 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ May 2018

Refrigeration Magazine - May 2018  

The May 2018 issue of Refrigeration Magazine features food safety, green cleaning, industry trends and selling some fun.

Refrigeration Magazine - May 2018  

The May 2018 issue of Refrigeration Magazine features food safety, green cleaning, industry trends and selling some fun.