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ICE SCULPTING Atlanta Ice Carver Creates Frozen Masterpieces

MANUFACTURING Trends That Will Transform the Industrial Manufacturing Industry: Outlook for 2020




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Bottle Water Brand Releases Multi-Serve Packaging Options – Plans To Transition to rPET bottles

Mo Valley Now Accepting Applications for Scholarships


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Just Like Your Product, Ideas Need To Season, Too I have a friend who worked as a lower level executive with a legendary business giant - a pioneering billionaire, a household name. He interacted directly with this guy on many projects and knows him well enough to reach him on the phone. When I learned how closely he worked with this guy, I commented, “One of the things I admire about him is the way that on pretty much every decision he has made, even when he was in his 20s, all the advisors told him, ‘That’s a terrible idea, you shouldn’t do it, you’ll lose it all.’ Yet, almost all of his ideas turned out to be incredible successes.” My friend took this in as if he’d heard it before, and responded, “That’s true, about the ideas that he does get to execute. But, you should hear some of the things we have to talk him OUT of.” There’s a Thomas Edison quote, but it’s probably been said in different forms since Archimedes was writing math formulae: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” For every Edison there were others who either gave up or ran out of money to try. One thing about experimenting with your own business is that, depending on the risks you take, you may not be able to come back from an unsuccessful experiment. Many is the business owner who had a happy 2007, with a nice house, cars for the whole family, kids in college, only to wake up in 2009 in a rental house with the kids at home and sharing 10 year old cars. If you leverage too much, it’s a domino effect. I have made some of my worst business decisions in August. I don’t know what it is, but I think I was bored and apprehensive. It was the downside of the season, everybody knew whether they would have a good, mediocre or bad year, and everyone was thinking about starting to scale down and plan for the off season. Kids are going back to school, and you have more time on your hands to devote to the business. It can be a formula for overthinking things. Luckily, you have a check and balance system: Your bank. Pretty much anything you can do with cash shouldn’t bankrupt your business since you were able to accumulate the cash in the first place. It’s the debt and the cash flow it requires to service that kills businesses. With any luck your banker is wise enough to look you in the eye and tell you that she or he can’t approve the proposed loan because they don’t think the cash flow projections will work. Added to that, maybe you have a business partner, or a wise wife, husband or bookkeeper, who is involved with decision making at the business (after all, it’s their livelihood and success on the line, too). I can’t recall how many bad ideas I have had that I thought were great. Sometimes everyone else thought they were great too, only they failed to live up to promises or just didn’t work out in the marketplace. Anybody running their ice plant using solar panels or wind turbines? Why not, it’s a great idea, and the resource is free! The fact is, not every great idea will actually work for you. Here’s hoping that you have the wisdom and patience to let your great ideas settle, to include other decision makers, and to wait out the end of the season before you make changes to your next season. You’ve got the whole winter to consider it. Happy Reading!






Matthiesen is a manufacturer of baggers, bucket elevators, balers, block presses, live bottom bin, belt conveyors, crushers, gravity bins, heat-sealers, rotating tables, shakers, snow reels, custom drying belts, screw conveyors and bagger takoff systems including the Magic Finger System. Contact us today to provide customized solutions for your plant through our research and development, technical service, and experienced professional staff.

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Atlanta ice carver creates frozen masterpieces By Paul Milliken, Good Day Atlanta, FOX 5 Atlanta

If you spent New Year’s Eve sipping champagne at a swanky party, there was probably an ice sculpture somewhere in the room. And if that New Year’s Eve party happened here in Metro Atlanta, there’s a good chance we can name the man who crafted that frozen masterpiece. Jim Duggan is the owner and lead carver at ICE sculpture INC., a Metro Atlanta-based company that literally turns water into art. From gleaming wedding centerpieces to ice bars and luges for parties to sculptures used in movies and television projects (including the 2017 film A Bad Moms Christmas), Duggan and his team are masters of this cold craft, and have won awards at competitions hold around the world. So, how did it all begin? Duggan started out in the culinary industry after graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta, and started learning ice

6 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ January 2020

carving while working in kitchens around Metro Atlanta. He eventually found a job as a delivery driver for Atlanta Ice, where he honed his craft; eventually, in October of 2011, Duggan launched ICE sculpture INC. Duggan is now also focused on his new company called Ice Carvings Everywhere, which ships small ice centerpieces through the mail (kind of like flower delivery…for ice!). It is one thing to read about Jim Duggan and his ice carving, but it’s another to actually see it happen. So, we spent the morning in the freezer at ICE sculpture INC., getting an up-close look at the process and even trying a little ice carving ourselves. Click the video player to watch our segments live from ICE sculpture INC.! RM


Trends That Will Transform The

Industrial Manufacturing Industry Outlook For 2020

Manufacturing is one of the major and most significant industries across the world. Tremendous developments have been witnessed transitioning at a fast pace. Here are ten trends that will lead the manufacturing industry in the coming years.

AI and machine learning Manufacturing is a massive industry. For changes to be implemented across the entire industry, it will take a lot of time. The increased appetite for the use of AI and machine learning will not be different. In such a vast and complex industry, machine learning, AI, and improved analytics offer plenty of opportunities. They can improve efficiency and elevate profit margins. These are two factors that the manufacturing industry can’t dare ignore. The more difficulties a company faces, the greater the opportunity to utilize these technologies to achieve that competitive edge that most organizations desire to succeed. These technologies are not fixed in one area of business. They can better performance in every department. Whether it’s in the supply chain, factory floor, or in client relations AI, advanced analytics and machine learning can significantly improve a company’s operations. In the opinion of experts, these technologies provide three fundamental values. They include scale, speed, and convenience. Speed and scale refer to a company’s ability of AI to automate industrial functions without assigning a group of employees designated tasks. These systems reduce the time invested in various jobs. Today, various manufacturing organizations participating in the global market have accepted AI. Not many firms have decided on their fates when it comes to AI, advanced analytics, and machine learning. However, the number is expected to increase in the coming years.

5G and smart manufacturing The fifth-generation innovation is one of the most anticipated technology trends that is expected to be launched in the coming year. Several cellular communication networks have, for a long time, been suffering from saturation challenges. In most advanced countries,

REFRIGERATION Magazine │ January 2020 7

the utilization of 4G is extensive. In the developing nations, 3G is still being utilized but with similar outcomes. But, organizations can’t heavily depend on these technologies for their daily operations. However, 5G has vowed to surpass the expectations of clients and companies in connection bandwidth, capacity, minimum latency, and many more.

optimization will improve. This is the only solution to pursue the sustainability of the manufacturing sector and the conservation of the environment.

5G technology is a feature of the universal digital transformation. It’s expected to provide industrial manufacturing organizations with faster connections. When these companies start to increase their utilization of cloud, centralized tracking, and quality inspection, 5G will already be in operation. With widespread coverage and stable and more reliable connections, an ecosystem of smart manufacturing will be born.

Technology in software, IoT technology, and connectivity is growing at an alarming pace. In the coming years, a more improved and valuable technique of monitoring

3D printing technology This is the other massive digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. 3D printing technology is expected to permit organizations to make cheaper and faster prototypes. This is a more cost-effective way for item designers to troubleshoot and test their commodities. Additionally, it enables industrial manufacturers to produce commodities in high demand. Before, companies had to manufacture the product and then warehouse them. The aerospace and automotive manufacturing industries have already embraced 3-D. The year 2020 will witness many sectors, especially the manufacturing industries adopting 3-D technology.

Energy efficiency Energy has been more of a challenge than a trend. However, with the recent systems being involved, the industrial manufacturing sector energy 8 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ January 2020

Predictive maintenance innovation

equipment utilizing multiple performance metrics will be realized. With this innovation, it will be effortless for manufacturing organizations to comprehend better how the process and system works. They will also be aware of the possible instance the may fail. This type of technology will prevent untimely equipment breakdown while assisting manufacturers to save time, resources, and money.

Internet of things (IoT) This technology has revolutionized numerous sectors. According to a prediction, about 20.4 billion connected gadgets will be in operation worldwide before 2020. A research conducted by Business insider Intelligence noted that this technology would expand to over $3 trillion yearly before 2026. The senior Vice president at Hitachi Solutions in the United States, Michael strand, noted that IoT is providing incredible opportunities for transforming and improving operations in all business sectors. The manufacturing industry enjoys this innovation through the evolution of materials, a transformation of processes, and the production chain. By 2020, this innovation will enable the industry to evolve with an elevated digital-first business setting.

Agility and responsiveness Technology will force manufacturers to concentrate on improving their responsiveness and agility because of changing customer demands and market conditions. Decreasing the time it takes to create, receive, schedule, and process a client’s order is becoming increasingly crucial to the average manufacturing outfit. This is beneficial to the manufacturing companies. They will be able to match production cycles and the emerging product demand levels closely. The more successfully an organization can match those two essentials, the more agility they can pump in their operations.

Increased Distributed Manufacturing The trend of small-scale, locally distributed manufacturing as an alternative for more significant plants, has already been in progress for years. However, more growth is expected as the global logistics market becomes more complex, and manufacturers get more connected. As time goes, it will be common for end products to be packaged and assembled

close to their final destination. This will be a strategy for companies to cut costs on freight and also decrease lead time. This is an excellent opportunity to increase value in the form of high responsiveness. However, it will add complexity in the already complex processes. For industrial manufacturing firms to absorb this trend, much will be involved. They will need to have a high degree of visibility, especially when it comes to their existing production processes.

Better customer engagement Internet of things encompasses the complete series of everyday items. Consumers will soon realize that products are not only for purchase but elements for connection. Once this takes the course, it will have an impact on the way manufacturing is done, mainly when producing products. Companies will be forced to devise ways to interact with and meet the demands of clients. Product customization is going to lead many companies to gather data and work in partnership with consumers. Though, this trend will go beyond this. The more consumers perceive a company’s products within the context of services and platforms, the more the firm will have to leverage any feedback or data to provide new sources of value.

Slow Industry 4.0 adoption This bullet point has been conveyed in many predictions in the past few years. Undoubtedly, it will continue to appear in the year 2020, and even after that. Technology that is empowering modern manufacturing is slowly becoming more complex and is tremendously gaining wider adoption. Early adopters of this technology are already providing value for their clients in ways they didn’t before. For instance, predicting the order for your clients in advance can radically reduce the lead time. Additionally, you will dramatically improve product turnaround. A full industry 4.0 capability hasn’t been fully realized in most organizations. A change is expected, especially with technologies that will see this become a reality and fully functional even in the most Luddite-filled operations. ˃

REFRIGERATION Magazine │ January 2020 9

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10 Must know statistics about industrial manufacturing trade in manufactured items has more 1 World than doubled


carry out 64 % of all private 2 Manufacturers sectors R&D


About 92% of manufacturing workers are eligible for health insurance

consumer 30% of a nation’s 3 Manufactures energy


Manufactured products export have expanded substantially

World trade in manufactured goods has increased between the years 2000 and 2017, coming from $4.8 trillion to $12.2 trillion. The United States share of world trade has risen from 7.6% to 8.7 %. This is according to the statistics released by the World Trade Organization.

Manufacturers around the world have driven more innovation than all other sectors. R&D in industrial manufacturing rose from $135.5 billion in year 200 to $ 252 billion in 2017.

Every dollar spent in manufacturing $1.82 is added to the economy. This is the premier multiplier effect of any economic sector. Also, with one employee in the manufacturing industry, another four workers are hired elsewhere. This is according to NAM calculations statistics.

Manufacturers are the leaders when it comes to energy consumption. Industrial operators consume 32.3 quadrillions Btu of energy. This is according to the U.S Energy information administration statistics.

cost of federal rules and regulations falls 4 The on manufacturers

Small manufacturers are the ones most affected by this. Manufactures pay $19,564 per worker on average to abide by federal laws. Small manufacturers with few workers spend 2.5 times more than the amount paid by significant manufacturers.

manufacturers have witnessed 5 Industrial tremendous growth

The past few decades, manufacturers have had more visits to the bank. Statistics reveal that the output per hour for all employees in the sector has elevated by 2.25 times. Productivity has roughly increased by 1.8 for all non-farm businesses.

Every $1.00 spent in the manufacturing another $1.82 is added

Industrial manufacturing has one of the highest percentages of employees that qualify for health benefits that are provided by the employer. This is according to Kaiser Family Foundation Statistics.

Manufacturing companies have had the opportunity to export their end products. This has been successful due to the partnerships that have been created between nations. This is according to U.S Commerce Department statistics.


Manufacturers export about half of U.S manufacturing output

Of all the U.S manufactured product exports, half were sold to the countries the U.S has trade agreements with. This is according to U.S commerce department statistics.


Foreign direct investments in the U.S, especially in manufacturing, has exceeded $1.6 trillion. In the past decade, the U.S has witnessed $1,607.2 billion when it comes to direct investments. The figure is anticipated to bulge, especially with the number of ventures expected to take place soon. This is according to the Bureau of Economic analysis. RM

As digital manufacturing progresses in the coming years, the industrial manufacturing sector will have to keep up with the evolution. For some companies, this will be a hard task, but it’s crucial to do everything to survive in the ever ballooning global competitive market.

January 2020 11


Bottled water brand releases multi-serve packaging options, plans to transition to rPET bottles

As part of its longstanding commitment to environmental sustainability, FIJI Water announced a multifaceted initiative to transform its use of plastic while promoting a circular economy. The plan is highlighted by an aggressive timetable to make all plastic bottles from 100 percent recycled plastic (rPET) by 2025, with 20 percent rPET in bottles next year. “The transition to 100 percent rPET is the cornerstone of our comprehensive approach to sustainability,” said Elizabeth Stephenson, president of FIJI Water, in a statement. “Environmental sustainability and the preservation of nature is critical to our well-being on this planet. As one of the world’s leading source waters, we believe the best things come from nature, and are dedicated to taking steps to

12 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ January 2020

protect the environment today and for generations to come. Recycled plastics are one way to ensure that we are participating in the circular economy, encouraging recycling and reuse.” FIJI Water will further reach its sustainability goals through new packaging innovations and plastic reduction that advance the independent brand beyond pledges made by the largest global beverage companies, the company said. As an alternative to single-use bottles, FIJI Water will introduce a new 2.5-gallon packaging option for the refrigerator or counter and a 5-gallon option designed to fit in a standard hot- and cold-water dispensers. Both options will utilize approximately 76 percent less plastic — in the case of the 5-gallon option — an estimated equivalent of 38 fewer 500-ml bottles. RM



The Missouri Valley Ice Manufacturers Association has announced that two scholarships will be awarded this year, in the amounts of $3000. Tom Howat, Executive Director of Mo. Valley, said that the increase in the scholarship amount came from an anonymous donor. Refrigeration Magazine has reprinted the requirements below, along with the basic information needed, just below it. Good luck to all applicants. You don’t win if you don’t try!

ELIGIBILITY REQUIRMENTS 1. The applicant must be a high school senior or in a college and be enrolled full time in school. This scholarship can be used for any college or tech school. 2. The applicant must be an owner or employee or a family member of an owner or an employee of a member ice company or supplier that has their dues paid and has been a member for at least one year. 3. The applicant must provide their official high school, college, or tech school transcript, including their cumulative GPA (minimum 2.75). 4. The applicant must complete the M.V.I.M.A. application 5. The applicant should write a brief summary of their goals in life and any good or bad experience they have had with a former or present employer. Maybe what you liked or did not like about your job or duties. 6. You may also write about any innovative ideas or suggestions you would have for our industry. 7. Only one scholarship per person. 8. A letter of recommendation for the applicant must be submitted by a member of M.V.I.M.A. as explained above and returned with the application or sent separately before the deadline to the M.V.I.M.A. secretary. 9. Applications will be sent to all membership via e-mail when possible Starting in May and all completed applications must be postmarked no later than September 1. The scholarship committee wlil select scholarship winners at least one week prior to the Annual Meeting.


In the event of a tie, applications will be given to the Vice President for a final decision - if the VP should happen to be the sponsor of one of the applicants, it would then go to the President to break the tie.

NOTIFICATION OF AND AWARDING OF SCHOLARSHIPS For 2020 the M.V.I.M.A. has decided to award two (2) $1,500.00 scholarships to applicants that meet the requirements. The recipients will be announced at the Annual Meeting. The number of scholarships are to be decided at the Annual Meeting! 1. The scholarship recipient(s) will be notified as to when and where the award(s) will be presented. 2. The scholarship recipient(s) will have 2 years from the date awarded to use the scholarship money or it will be forfeited. 3. All scholarships are non-transferable. 4. S cholarship recipients will receive scholarship money after the first semester grading period indicating a minimum requirement of a 2.0 GPA. 5. Acceptance/Thank You speech if given by the applicant will be read to the assembly along with essay at the next official meeting. If the applicant would like to come in person, M.V.I.M.A. will buy their dinner at the banquet.

ESSAY GUIDELINES 1. Do not include a name on the essay as we are ranking the essays on merit and not by name. (The Secretary is to redact any name or any reference to any company - so as to make certain the outcome is merit-based before submitting entries to the scholarship committee) 2. The essay must be a minimum of 1 page with a maximum of 5 pages. One sided, 12 font, Times New Roman, and double-spaced 3. All essays become the property of M.V.I.M.A. scholarship committee. 4. All applications MUST be POSTMARKED by March 1, 2020. RM


Please mail completed applications to: Missouri Valley Ice Manufacturer’s Association PO Box 70, St. Peters, Missouri 63376 Attn: scholarship committee REFRIGERATION Magazine │ January 2020 13



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18 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ January 2020