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6 Worker Safety and Attention to Detail: Protect Your Brand 18 The Importance of Periodic Equipment Cleaning 18 The Sanitation of Ice Making Equipment Ice VII Trapped in Diamonds is First Direct Evidence That Liquid Water Exists 600 Kilometers Underground

Mo. Valley Meets in (where else?) Missouri!

COMPANY PROFILE Cool Running Software Soars into the Cloud

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Winds of Change Always Blowing It’s good to see technology in the industry continue in advancement. The ones who are pushing the modernization mentality and production are aggressive, interested and committed to making our equipment and our industry safe, ecologically updated, progressive and efficient. Like all things, change is inevitable and once the fear factor is addressed and accepted, we can all go about the business of enjoying what the changes deliver. The publishing industry is one factor of a changing breed, and we are embracing the thrill and endless options of digital technology to bring you an updated and interactive product in Refrigeration Magazine. Going forward, our online version will allow hyperlinks for all our advertisers, in order to connect you immediately to an ad or company mention that interests you. Many a day I get a call from a reader wondering about a company advertising in Refrigeration, whether it be a display ad or an ad in our popular classified ad section. Now they can find more information for themselves in an instant, and be able to send you the inquiry that they often exchange with me. We hope you enjoy this first REAL online issue of Refrigeration. We’re excited about it. Always striving. On a personal note, I want to thank and wish love and best times ahead to Debbie Thomas of Roesch/Ice Maid. She attended all the meetings for too many years to count, and was a constant supplier force in our industry. May we all strive to be as diligent and committed as you were, Debbie. Enjoy your time off! We’ll keep the lid on it for you.

Mary Yopp Cronley Editor, Refrigeration Magazine

4 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ April 2018

"Like all things, change is inevitable and once the fear factor is addressed and accepted, we can all go about the business of enjoying what the changes deliver. "


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loomberg Businessweek recently published an article on how America’s worst graveyard shift—third-shift sanitation—is grinding up workers. Those using in-house staff are required to report injuries and other situations in which an employee may get sick and/or hurt on the job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) doesn’t require plants to report contractors’ injuries. Whether you are involved with supporting the in-house and/or contract sanitation staff, the time is now to make sure your janitors commit to attention to detail. In today’s food safety environment, not only does training become the number one focus within your day-to-day sanitation operations, but it also lends itself to reinforcing hazard communication/safety

6 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ April 2018

and attention to detail. Recalls can be devastating for companies. Environmental positives can also contribute to loss of revenue and production downtime, and can even contribute to losing a key account. Our sanitation staff is the first—and best— line of defense against mishaps that can lead to costly injuries, recalls, etc. Although turnover continues to be a very challenging concern, the better we teach these people the “whys” of sanitation and the better we view this as a family approach, the better our chances to minimize costly recalls, lost product batches and workplace injuries. Sanitation typically is viewed as a thankless job. As we all recognize, the consistency of performance is a result of a solid sanitation training program. It not only teaches workers how to perform but also why it is so important.

Read more about creating an optimal food safety environment, including the seven steps of wet cleaning by clicking the link below.



Ice VII Trapped In Diamonds Is First Direct Evidence That Liquid Water Exists 600 Kilometers Underground The mantle deep within the Earth might be riddled with small pockets of water, after researchers found the first direct evidence of liquid water within the mantle trapped in diamonds. If this can be confirmed, it would mean a recalculation of how much water our planet actually holds, and could change our views on how heat moves through the crust, impacting the models we use to predict earthquakes. While most of us might value diamonds for their beauty, geologists like the minerals for what they can tell us about the goings on deep within our planet. For diamonds to form they need two basic conditions: extreme heat and extreme pressure. Both of these things are in ample supply within the mantle, which forms most of the structure of Earth. The mantle itself is divided into three parts; the upper layer, the transitional layer, and the lower layer. Despite being made up of solid, hot rock under unimaginable pressure, the mantle still has water within it. This comes in a variety of different forms, with some water molecules being mixed in with other minerals. Only now are scientists beginning to fully understand just how much water is being held more than 600 kilometers (370 miles) under our feet. One form that the water takes under such pressures is a crystalline structure known as ice VII. We’ve known that ice VII exists deep within the Earth, and it has even been created in the lab. But for obvious reasons, it has proven impossible to find a naturally occurring sample of ice VII at the surface. That is, until now. Researchers found that some diamonds collected from mines in southern Africa and China contained samples of ice VII, reporting their discovery in Science. This makes them the first-known naturally occurring examples of ice VII ever discovered, but what is more, they tell us that there must be liquid water floating around even under such extreme pressure and heat. They know this because, for the ice VII to have ended up in the minerals, it must first have been in a liquid state as the diamonds were forming in the transitional zone. This water was encapsulated within the diamond, and would have remained liquid due to the intense heat down there. As the diamond was pushed to the surface, it would have cooled while still under pressure, and the ice VII formed within.

By StrangerThanKindness [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], from Wikimedia Commons

It has long been suggested that there is liquid water down within the mantle – however improbable that might sound – but this is the first direct evidence of its existence. Exactly how common it is, however, is trickier to discern, but previous studies have suggested that it could amount to the same quantity as all the planet's oceans. REFRIGERATION Magazine │ April 2018 7

Mo. Valley Meets In (Where Else?)



With about 80 in attendance, the longtime Mo. Valley Ice Manufacturers Association met at the Ameristar Resort in St. Charles, Mo., March 25-27, 2018. With 18 suppliers to share new ideas and latest technology, along with two ice plant tours, there was much to see, do and learn at this year’s Spring Meeting. Mo. Valley has traditionally met twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. It has worked well for the group, and many suppliers and ice companies attend both meetings. For those who don’t, it is convenient and helpful that if one can’t make one meeting, there is always the ‘other’ meeting they can get to. However, Mo. Valley is considering reducing the two meetings to one, depending on what the membership decides to do. Executive Director of the group, encourages all Mo. Valley members (and anyone else in the ice industry who cares about this issue) to contact a Mo. Valley member, a supplier, or Tom personally. His email is thomhow4@aol.com. As mentioned previously, there were two excellent tours. One was a Turbo plant, hosted by brothers Tommy and Ted Sedler, The Home City Ice Companies. The other was a Vogt plant hosted by Steve Camenzind with Arctic Ice. Great seeing such modern and high end ice plants.

8 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ April 2018

Along with all the old-timers, there were several new attendees. For instance, Bob Moelter, with 30 years in with American Ice, Eau Claire, WI, brought along his guests, Ken and Deb Hanson, who were just six weeks into the ice industry when they stood up to introduce themselves. Speaking of old-timers, we will all miss Debbie Thomas, 36 years with Ice Maid/Roesch, Belleville, Il. Debbie retired on March 29th and was celebrated with lots of hugs and tears at the convention. More will be forthcoming on Mo. Valley and their future meetings. The spring meeting will be a joint gathering in Hot Springs, Ark., with the SW Ice Association. The business meetings updated us all on food safety, diseases, PIQCS and cleaning techniques for you plant. Speaker Chris Dunn spoke on “Food Safety Act Updates and Answers,” and speaker Kirk Hartwein, Bacteriologist, spoke on “What’s Lurking in YOUR Ice?” There was plenty of time with suppliers, and the hospitality suite captured many an attendees’ attention. Lest of all, let’s not forget the casino which was in full swing 24/7. See you in the fall in Duluth, MN.


REFRIGERATION Magazine │ April 2018 9


Mo Valley Officers and Board of Directors

10 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ April 2018

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www.polartemp.com 1520 Westfork Drive, Lithia Springs, CA 30122 Email: sales@polartemp.com REFRIGERATION Magazine │ April 2018 11


Mrs. Debbie Thomas (right) of Roesch, is retiring this month. This was her last association meeting. Congratulations Debbie! We all wish you well. 12 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ April 2018


Chris Dunn, provides updates and answers questions about the Food Safety Act.

REFRIGERATION Magazine │ April 2018 13

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Cool Running Software Soars

Cloud Into the

Olmsted Ice, was founded by the Dickson family and has been serving Northeast Ohio since 1979. Like most ice businesses, it started with very humble beginnings. They made sacrifices and worked long, hard days during the hot summers to keep their customers supplied with a quality product. Tours at Olmsted Ice will show you that the Dickson family had to learn to build from within. All the equipment you see there was built or fabricated by the family and dedicated employees of the Olmsted Ice team. They tried hard to avoid outsourcing for their needs as much as possible to help save on costs. In 1991, Tony Dickson, while attending Cleveland State University, joined his brothers on the Olmsted Ice team. He had a vision to take the company into the millennium, making it more efficient and therefore more successful. It’s hard for a new Ice Man to believe that any company could run their day to day operations and bookkeeping with a simple pen/paper and ledger book. However, at the time, this is exactly what Olmsted Ice was doing! Tony was responsible for bringing in the first company computer and Quick Books Accounting Software. This was the first step into the world of technology. In 2002, Tony wanted to bring handheld technology to Olmsted Ice to improve efficiency even further. While visiting an IPIA show in New Orleans, Tony saw what the industry had to offer the Ice Man for software. He was disappointed in what was available. It was at that point, Tony and the Dickson family decided to design and build their own software for running their ice business. Refrigeration Magazine got the chance to sit down with Tony and learn more about their software.

REFRIGERATION Magazine │ April 2018 15

RM: So, why did you feel you should build your own software product?

Did you do the programming yourself?

So, why the name Cool Running? You said Cool Running Software is now in the “cloud?” What makes that so different than what you were doing before?

TD: At that time, I saw only two products on the market. One did not have any handheld devices and was still using a DOS platform – not the latest in technology or efficiency. The other product had the handhelds but their software was very expensive and I felt they were missing a lot of the things needed to run the day to day operations. The biggest problem was the accounting. We use QuickBooks and love it. We didn’t want to change that part of our business. We wanted to connect Operations and Accounting. So we found a developer to build a product that would import all of our daily sales into QuickBooks.

No, I am more the idea man on this. I used developers to build the Cool Running product. I made the flow charts of what the day to day operations were and they put it all into code. Listen, I can move ice faster than most of the young guys, but if you asked me to fix the truck, I would be lost! The same goes with my software…I can use it and train a company to how to use it, but I could not write the code. I have a partner and a handheld development team that does all the smart stuff!

While trying to think of a name, the movie about the Jamaican Bobsled team came on. It was perfect for us and what we sell! Cool Running Software was born!

Prior to 2018, Cool Running, along with all the other software products available to the Ice Man was running on a Client Server system. The major difference is that our software is now hosted within the Amazon Web Services environment that customers can access from a web browser. It’s no different than getting into your online banking. You type the web address (coolrunningsoftware.biz), enter your credentials, and you’re in! Access your company data from any device that has a web browser, such as a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can literally be on a beach and check in on your ice business! My partner was the software engineering genius who convinced me that this was the way to go. Byhaving our product hosted with Amazon Web Services, we can easily access and support our product in one location. Companies using a Client Server system still need programs installed and maintenance on each device or PC. This means off site access to your server and secure firewalls to protect against hackers and loss of data.

Are you concerned about outages or not being able to access the site?

Not at all! Amazon Cloud services downtime in 2017 was only a combined 205 minutes over the entire year! I feel very confident in Amazon keeping our product live when we need it. When I was running my Client Server system, I was always worried about my hosting computer crashing; there is nothing worse! With the new Cloud system, if my PC or Mac crashes, my business isn’t affected. My customers aren’t affected. What is even better is my data security. With a Client Server system, you have to pay to have your data stored in the Cloud. With the Cool Running system, it’s all covered and secure.

What about your drivers and their handheld devices? They go into all kinds of areas that may have “dead zones.” What do they do then?

Actually, my handheld software is run through an application installed on their device via Google Play. It sends sales directly to my Cloud server as the sales are completed. If a driver is in a bad spot, no big deal. Once they reach an area with a better signal, the saved sales jump right into the server. What I also love about the Cool Running software is that just like my Cloud server, I keep the app updated in one place. As I update and enhance the product, it updates all the handheld devices as well. Believe me, there are a ton of devices to maintain in the summer!

"With a Client Server system, you have to pay to have your data stored in the Cloud. With the Cool Running system, it’s all covered and secure."



Isn't this all expensive? The Cloud Server system with data backup, Android app, and hardware needs...

I am not going to lie; development of the product was not easy or inexpensive. My development team and I have worked hard to make it all come together. Management and enhancements will be a much cheaper and easier than before. I wish I had done it years ago!

This all sounds like you have thought about this a lot! So, any ideas for the future?

I always have ideas. However, even my development team are not Ice Men, they have learned a lot about our business and come up with some great ideas of their own. For now, my focus is on additional functionality and integrating with other third party products that will make Cool Running even better, such as truck activity data from US Fleet Tracking and ice chest volume monitoring from IceQ.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

That being said, I am offering the Cool running Software to other hard working Ice Men to help them run their businesses successfully and more efficiently. I want this product to be available to any ice company, small or large. I think we have built a business model to make it affordable for all Icemen. Now, your drivers can be out in the field with the latest technology at their fingers for a minimal cost and operate more efficiently.

YES. To all the Ice Men wo have been at this for a long time and those just starting out, I would like to tell you what my old man said when I first brought a computer into Olmsted Ice over 25 years ago. He said, “I am losing control of my business.� He was scared of the unknown and felt he would not be able to have access to his company anymore. Once he embraced the new ideas, he realized it was one of the best decisions he had ever made for his ice business, next to bringing his sons into the company!

Tony, thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing more about what Cool Running will be doing to help the Ice Man in the future.

REFRIGERATION Magazine │ April 2018 17


The Importance of Periodic Equipment Cleaning By Richard Brouillette and Timothy Steffensmeier

• Reading the title, you may ask if equipment really needs to be cleaned

periodically; after all, it is cleaned routinely. Routine cleaning in a food plant is a critical component of robust sanitation and food safety programs. Depending on your product and process, the routine cleaning frequency may vary from daily to weekly or other slightly longer periods. Typically, routine cleaning involves some level of disassembly. In most cases, though, not all equipment is completely disassembled routinely for cleaning. This is typically performed periodically, as when deep or detailed cleaning is scheduled.


Health Safety Violations Restaurant: Eagles Restaurant Location: 151 Cline St. Norwalk, Connecticut Date of Inspection: January 3, 2018 standard inspection

The Sanitation of Ice Making Equipment • Sixty years ago, an article on the sanitation of crushed ice was published

in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The authors commented that an investigation of crushed ice revealed heavy contamination with coliform organisms. They opined that the contaminants can be introduced into crushed ice in many ways, chiefly by dust from the floors of freezing rooms, trucks and restaurants as well as by reusing soiled containers and through human hand contact. Of these, it was no small wonder that handling during dispensing was found to be the most prolific source.


18 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ April 2018

Violation: Repeat – Facility has a noncommercial grade microwave and a noncommercial grade refrigerator behind the bar area. When these units break down or are to be replaced, ensure that they are replaced with commercial grade units. Violation: Observed the area below the ice bin behind the bar to have a build-up of mold/mildew on and around the drain cover. During the next cleaning scheduled, make sure to clean out this area. Clean all areas of the facility at a frequency necessary to prevent build-up of mold/mildew and other dirt and debris.


Vogt Ice Focuses on Future HFC refrigerants are experiencing a phase-out in a variety of markets across the globe due to their high global warming potential (GWP). This forces OEMs to build forward thinking business strategies when selecting a replacement refrigerant for use in their equipment. The catch with synthetic refrigerants in ice machines is to find the perfect balance between something that will work well in the application and be available for purchase for the foreseeable future. Finding this balance has been Vogt’s focus. Vogt’s long-term refrigerant solution is to use HFO blends that are similar in properties to R134a. These hydroflouroolefin-based refrigerants have very low GWPs that are in line with the EU F-Gas Regulation phase-down and with projected refrigerant regulations in the United States. In November 2017 at the IPIA, Vogt introduced the HFO10. This is the first Tube-Ice machine designed to run on an HFO blend (R513A). This blend, along with other R134a-like HFO blends, are expected to be long term synthetic refrigerant solutions, but are likely to evolve to find themselves replaced by pure HFO refrigerants of the R1234 family. This family of pure HFOs will be retrofittable to the HFO10, giving it a secure and well-defined future as the market evolves. In addition to environmental benefits, the HFO10 operates at lower head pressures (approx. 130 psi), putting less overall stress on the system. Vogt utilizes Bitzer’s innovative CSH semi-hermetic compact screw compressor – a robust design that is more reliable than a reciprocating compressor. A further benefit of the CSH is that it is quieter when operating than the equivalent reciprocating design. Energy efficiency remains excellent with the machine consuming as little as 2.68 KWH per 100 lbs of ice produced. The HFO10 is just the beginning of Vogt’s new focus to innovate and to introduce superior products to the marketplace.


REFRIGERATION Magazine │ April 2018 19



Pictured here are two of several celebration photos taken during the 2018 Governor's Trade Excellence Awards. According to Routman/Keet Consulting Services’ Darrell Mount, “It was a great day. We are so blessed. WATCH HIGHLIGHT VIDEO

The second photo features Ella, Baylee, Governor Kay Ivey, Cooper (with the award) Ethan and Keri Southern.

Sean Southern and his wife Valerie, Governor Kay Ivey, Kay Southern, Ethan, Tom Southern and Keri.


101st Annual IPIA Convention & Trade Show November 5-8 2018 JW Marriott Nashville, Tennessee

Mo. Valley/Southwestern Ice Association Joint Convention February 28 – March 3, 2019 Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa Hot Springs, Arkansas



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SOUTHEAST (continued) PLANT MANAGER & REFRIGERATION TECH WANTED We are looking for a Plant Manager and a Refrigeration Tech for a distribution center in Southwest Louisiana. Resumes may be faxed to 337-238-5095, or e-mailed to westlaice@bellsouth.net. Candidates may apply in person or mail a resume to: West Louisiana Ice Service, 1707 Smart Street, Leesville, LA 71496-1507.


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Long Island Ice & Fuel Corp.


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40’ Frick herring bone coil & new coil 1,800 block ice 40 gal. cans, 50 36-can grids, 2 5-HP Pond Agitators 2 Shephard Niles 9–ton cranes, 40’ span, controls, spare parts

YOUR AD HERE To place a classified ad, contact Mary at (404) 819-5446 or refrigerationmag@gmail.com.

50 ton Turbo TIGAR ice maker, 2 CB 50 Turbo rakes and controls Compressors: 150 HP FES screw, 350 HP Frick screw, 4 – CrePaco 100 HP recips. Accumulators, Surge vessels, receiver, valves & VFD controls 20 HP fan IMECO & 50 HP BAC evaporative condensers Scott Memhard, Cape Pond Ice Company, Gloucester, MA

Tel. 978-283-0174; email: scott_m@capepondice.com


ICE FOR SALE Vogt Mini tube ice, 8, 20 & 40 lb. bags. All ice is screened, palletized & stretch wrapped.

Plastic liners for clear block makers - $1.24/ea Reusable drip pans – from $6.50/ea Over 500 items in stock for Ice Carvers


or (440) 717-1940

We deliver or you pick up. Our water is treated with ozone for sterilization. No chlorine added!

Martin's Ice Company

Phone (717) 733-7968 or fax (717) 733-1981 PA

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Vogt 6000 and Vogt 9000

(1) Vogt P118 Reconditioned, runs on R404 Freon

Call Charlie Bolton Houston, TX

(1) Mini Tube Vogt, air-cooled 404 Freon

(713) 643-0573

(1) Mid Tube Vogt, air-cooled 404 Freon (1) Rebuilt CB P118 Call Charlie Bolton (Houston, TX)

(713) 643-0573

COMPLETE ICE PLANT FOR SALE P24 Freon Vogt w/ cooling tower (no compressor) P18 Freon Vogt w/ compressor (no cooling tower) Matthiesen 10 ton bin Screw conveyors from maker to bin Matthiesen bottom feed bagger

ICE PLANT FOR SALE 4 P118 7/8 tube with cooling towers, 16 ton Kamco steel bin, 1 Matthiessen VLS top load bagger and 1 bottom load bagger. 4 Hamer 125 bag tiers Screw conveyors with drive motors

For information call Tom

Visit mirelesice.com/used-equipment for more info.

email jesse@mirelesice.com call (210) 842-1977

(817) 475-2459

WEST BUSINESS FOR SALE Full service ice manufacturing and water purification business for sale. Located in western Arizona on three parcels with living quarters consisting of one bedroom. Two 10-ton ice machines as well as commercial water purification system. Too many assets to list: trucks with refrigeration, store front with 24-hour vending, trucks with 10,000+ water tanks, over 60 ice merchandisers. Solid customer base in addition to seasonal contractors during growing seasons. Owners wish to retire.

Please call 928-859-4233.

26 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ April 2018


28 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ April 2018

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April 2018 - Refrigeration Magazine  

The April 2018 issue of Refrigeration Magazine, the leading magazine of the packaged ice industry, features food safety, Mo Valley meeting h...

April 2018 - Refrigeration Magazine  

The April 2018 issue of Refrigeration Magazine, the leading magazine of the packaged ice industry, features food safety, Mo Valley meeting h...