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By Kathleen Francisco


Mr. Dever has stepped down as Mary Ward’s Athletic Director. Devoting extra time and effort to managing teams, he successfully served the athletics department for eight years. The community now gives a warm welcome to Ms. Davies and Mr. Wong as they take over the Wolverine’s Den. For this school year, 2012-2013, Ms. Davies and Mr. Wong are now geared to start running the athletics department. Ms. Davies, a former member of Canada’s junior track and field team, is a University of Toronto and D’Youville Faculty of Education alumnus. She currently holds teaching positions in the English and Special Education departments. Mr. Wong, on the other hand, is a graduate of University of Toronto who majored in Human Biology before attending the

University of Windsor for the Faculty of Education. Presently, he is teaching grade nine science. Being an athletic director requires more than their usual responsibilities and challenges. Ms. Davies and Mr. Wong were both fearless enough to step up and take on the role of Athletic Directors. They believe that sports play an important part in the school community. Their role as directors is essential in running the department smoothly. The duo is currently busy working on multiple projects in the department, such as fixing up the storage room and making use of Edmodo to communicate with coaches and athletes. In addition, they are revamping and upgrading sports equipment. When asked about the plans for the department, they stated that their goal was to ensure that everything the coaches need will be provided as long as it will benefit the team. They have also placed emphasis on fostering good camaraderie among the coaches and athletes, which will further boost the morale of the entire athletic team. With all the exciting plans and activities that the new directors have hope for, more students will definitely be encouraged and inspired to join different athletic teams. Ms. Davies and Mr. Wong are not only concerned about their students’ academic success, but also care in seeing them become more involved and excel in sports, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

As expected, Mary Ward’s fall season for sports was filled with commitment, achievement, and improvement. Of course, fun was a major player in each sport as well, and led to enjoyable experiences for many students. Here are some highlights: This year’s Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country Team, led by Ms. Davies, Mr. Démoré, Ms. Poole, and Mr. Wong, persevered through mud and hills to achieve several personal and team achievements. Ms. Davies says, “We did really well; made a lot of improvements throughout the season. Our highlight is that one midget boy, Jerome Judd, made it to OFSAA. It was his first experience at OFSAA, yet he did very well there as well. It was an excellent season overall!” In the face of tough competition, the Junior Boys’ Soccer Team was able to work hard to improve their sole goal last season to over four goals. Behind the effort were coaches Mr. Carabine and Mr. Veccharielli. Proud and pleased, Mr. Carabine comments, “It was a great season! We improved by four or five goals this year. Last year, we only scored one goal - Bernardo Athayde was our lone goal scorer. But this year, Michael Mines scored a few goals. So last year when we were losing 12 or 10 games, it’s now down to 5 or 6. We improved 100%! I have to say we have a great group of guys and had a lot of fun.” Despite a short season, the Varsity Girls’ Field Hockey Team, coached by Ms. Fleischacker, Ms. Parise, and Ms. Saran, was able to thrive and reach the Quarter Finals. In good spirit, Ms. Saran recounts how “the games were fast-paced and exhilarating. Unfortunately, we had to go without our experienced goalie, Amanda Bailey, during our first game because of the senior phys. ed camping trip. Luckily enough, grade 11 [student] Rebecca Saldahna solved the problem by replacing Amanda during the game. Rebecca held her own quite well! A couple of victories were won on the home field with the guidance of our experienced league player and captain, Rebecca Titus, and the team was able to move onto

By Samantha Quinto

the Quarter Finals. Sadly, the girls lost to Bishop Allen after a well-played game. The coaches look forward to new and returning players and wish the best of luck to those graduating.”

This year’s Grade 9 Boys’ Flag Football Team was coached by Mr. Adourian and Ms. Sersanti. Mr. Adourian explains: “The boys’ team came off pretty rusty, but once we got into the playoffs, we were able to beat Libermann. We felt really good about that, because we lost to them twice before that, and we actually got revenge which was the best part of it. But unfortunately we lost in the semi-finals, and even though it was a short season, it was a very good season.” Coached solely by Mr. Simone, the Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis team had an incredible tryout and a successful season as well. Mr. Simone divulges, “Numerous enthusiastic individuals tried out. This year, 14 Mary Ward students represented us at Markham Tennis Club and Sir Winston Churchill Park in downtown Toronto. Fun was had by all, and a special mention goes to Jessica Abalos and Kathreena Tejada who managed to place 2nd in Junior Girls’ doubles.” The Varsity Golf Team, despite having only two members, was able to show good effort and play competitively against tough opponents. Mr. Emer, coach of the team, shares: “The two members were Mark Wodz in Grade 10 and Erin Edghill in Grade 12. Erin Edghill has been on the team for three years now, but both were able to have a competitive season. The pair had a good day. It was tough and they didn’t score their best scores, but they had a good effort. They were competitive, but they also had fun. “ An amazing combination of ambition, skill, and sportsmanship, Mary Ward’s sports teams always impress and improve each year. Each athlete creates and sets new standards, and contributes to that unmistakable team spirit that Mary Ward teams always have. Congratulations to all teams and their dedicated coaches; you have represented our school terrifically! VOLUME 18 / ISSUE 1 mwplanet 17

(17) athletic director  
(17) athletic director