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By Patrisha Ranin


High school is something we only go through once. With this knowledge, we, as teens and students, make it a mission to have the best experiences during these four short years. These experiences include anything from getting high marks in academics to *coughs* forming relationships. Especially in a school like Mary Ward, we are given a lot more choices on how we could spice up our monochromatic day-to-day studies. The particular spice: taking that extra step out of the confines of academics and getting involved. There’s more to Ward than just units, target dates, and more units. Believe it or not, they’re just half the fun. Joining sports teams This is a very common extra-curricular activity for most. Mary Ward has over 20 different sports teams that play in each season. Tryouts are held throughout the year, depending on the sport. If you love a certain sport, all you have to do is sign up for that team (if it’s available) and do your best for tryouts. Partaking in clubs Our school has a wide variety of clubs, making it almost impossible for someone not to find somewhere they fit in. From social justice clubs to clubs where you can just express yourself, there’s going to be that one club that interests you. The good part is that you don’t have to do anything grand to get into the club; all you have to do is participate and be willing to sacrifice at least one day’s lunch break or after school.

Auditioning for school plays and Christmas assemblies These two big events only happen once in a school year, so participating in them is a rare opportunity for most. It’s not everyday that the whole school gathers as one large community, and performing your talent in front of everyone -- juniors and seniors alike -- is truly a bold and respectable thing to do. To say the least, it’s a ticket to instant popularity. Isn’t it then an ideal way of getting involved? Trying out for Adrenalyn For those of you who don’t already know (which I doubt is possible), Adrenalyn is our very own hardcore dance group. They perform on school and city stages, and have won many dance competitions for our school in the past. At the start of each school year, Adrenalyn holds auditions to find those few people who have the same dancing powers as they do. If you have a passion for dancing, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to be part of this group. Helping out with the yearbook Seeing our picture (or our friend’s) on the yearbook is always fun and exciting, but working behind it is just as fun. Work in the yearbook involves using programs such as Photoshop to digitally organize pictures and improve the overall appearance of the yearbook. Being on the yearbook may require working during periods and a part of your summer, but I think it’s all worth it. Contributing to the Mary Ward Planet No, this is not shameless self-promotion. Our school’s award-winning newspaper produces three issues every year, or one for each season (summer excluded, of course). Contribution to the Planet not only includes writing articles; you can also take pictures or make layouts. Running for a position on the Student Activity Council The SAC, led by the school’s president, organizes various events ranging from dances to Spirit Week. Members of the council take care of student affairs and are usually the ones to coordinate school-wide activities. Elections are held near the end of the year, except for the Grade 9 Election, which happens at the beginning of the next school year.

By Erin Edghill We live in a day and age where technology is intertwined into every aspect of our lives. Whether it be the newest smart phone, the newest social media platform, or the newest pizza delivery app, people are constantly creating new ways to remove social interaction from our everyday lives. These technologies create a barrier within society, which leaves many people struggling with social interaction. Rather than joining a school club to make new friends, people have started joining Tumblr and Twitter; instead of going to a friend’s house, people are calling each other on Skype. It seems as though the more advanced technology gets, the less people are required to interact with one another. But I prefer to do things the old fashion way, so here are five different ways to socialize - without technology!

social factor of meeting new people, is the health factor. Nothing will kick start your day like a volleyball practice at 7:00am!

3. Organize an event with friends. This is a perfect opportunity to meet new people, invite your friends, and let them invite their friends. It could be a game of pick-up soccer or a trip to the movies. Just make sure that it is something fun! 2. Join a sports team or organization outside of school. Just like options 4 and 5, this option allows you to meet new people with similar interests. You could join your local house league soccer team, or an organization like Free the Children and make a few new friends along the way. 5. Join a school club 1. Put down the electronics and do not be No matter what grade you are in, it is never too afraid to put yourself out there. late to join a school club. Whether it be a social Log out of your Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, MySPHOTO BY: SAFETYWEB.COM justice or a self-expression group, clubs are a great place to meet pace, and put away your phone: give people the oppornew people. School clubs grant you an opportunity to meet tunity to talk to you! If you’re always on your phone, you people who have a common interest with you. Just remember: no matter what may come off as being unapproachable. The next time that you are at school, club you join, you will have something to discuss with the people around you. rather than texting your friends who are sitting three seats away from you, say 4. Join a sports team ‘hi’ to someone to whom you would not normally say ‘hi.’ Or, if you are too shy for If school clubs are not your thing, then another option you may want to consider that, try something simple like a smile. You never know: it could go a long way. is joining a school sports team. Here at Mary Ward, we are privileged to have a wide variety of sports, from basketball to curling to just about any sports team you could think of. Another plus to joining a sports team, aside from the obvious VOLUME 18 / ISSUE 1 mwplanet 07

(07) Guide to Getting Involved at Ward-5 Way to Socialize without Technology  
(07) Guide to Getting Involved at Ward-5 Way to Socialize without Technology