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The leading and only firm-wide, legal-targeted knowledge management solution.

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The leading and only firm-wide, legal-targeted knowledge management solution.

West km Enterprise


aw firms and legal professionals are faced with an increasingly challenging business environment. The economy is growing but competitive pressures are on the rise. Clients seek to negotiate better service at lower rates. To remain viable, firms must deliver services efficiently and keep overhead costs down. The dilemma firms face is how to get more work done with fewer resources.

Each day, law firms create volumes of documents in the form of various types of work product. These documents represent the intellectual capital of the firm – its best thinking and experience. Solutions that unlock the value of the work product and knowledge available in the firm can provide firms with a distinct competitive advantage. West km Enterprise not only makes this possible, it makes it incredibly easy. If you know how to use Westlaw ‚ you know how to use West km.

applications West km Foundation Services West km Foundation Services is installed onsite at the firm, remains safely behind the firm’s network firewall, and integrates with the firm’s document management system (DMS) or a standalone document collection. It provides the following key functions:

• Security and administration • DMS integration



• IntelliSearch capability

Security and administration

West km Enterprise is designed to further knowledge sharing by combining access to an organization’s collection of work product with Westlaw research. Now users can quickly find relevant documents and gain insight and understanding from both internal and external knowledge and expertise.

The administrative toolset provides the ability to set system and user interface options. Security of the firm’s work product is maintained by ensuring that all documents within West km are stored onsite at the firm and secured by the firm’s firewall and network security protocols.

value proposition

Administrative options are provided for managing and processing new documents being added to the West km collection. West km is designed to respect access control and document security permissions (including ethical walls) for individual documents and users as specified by the network and DMS. Separate security does not need to be set up or maintained. West km supports the leading DMS platforms, including Interwoven (formerly iManage), Hummingbird/Docs Open, and WORLDOX. West km can also be used with collections stored on file systems.

• Reuse the firm’s best work, regardless of practice area • Enhance quality and consistency • Increase knowledge sharing and transfer • Improve productivity and avoid “reinventing the wheel” • Help junior associates benefit from the experience of more seasoned professionals

• Maximize the value of the firm’s investment in a document management system

• Retrieve documents in word processing format for easy editing and repurposing

• Collect and classify documents automatically • Ensure security because all documents remain onsite and are secured by the firm’s firewall and network

DMS integration

IntelliSearch IntelliSearch allows users to locate relevant in-house work product as well as information on any Westlaw database. Users can search both Westlaw and internal documents, search internal documents or just search Westlaw documents. The search interface mirrors Westlaw search functionality and allows users to perform full-text searches by keywords or Westlaw terms and connectors. Additional features include:

• Load copy provides the ability to launch a document in word processing or other application.

• Limits help users quickly find relevant documents by reducing the size of a result list according to specific criteria including author, date, depth of treatment and others.

• Locate allows users to run a full-text search within a West km search result list. /solutions

From the search results window, users can review and navigate both internal documents and Westlaw results.

• Field searching allows all or part of a search of internal documents to be restricted to a specific field such as author or client-matter.

• Display name searching allows searches of internal documents to be restricted to those grouped under particular display names including office locations, practice categories and others.

• My Westlaw integration allows users to search internal documents from Westlaw tabbed custom pages and search templates.

• Results Plus enables searches ®

of internal documents to automatically suggest additional content on Westlaw that is related to your search.

West km for Litigation West km for Litigation is an add-on module to West km Foundation Services that is ideal for use by everyone involved in the process of managing litigation matters. West km for Litigation speeds the research and preparation of documents so that users can be more productive and billable. At the heart of West km for Litigation is the ability to categorize and search for documents using West taxonomy or by cited reference.

The KeySearch advantage ®

Allows users to search using West KeySearch taxonomy, which is powered by the West Key Number System . West km automatically classifies internal documents into the KeySearch taxonomy, allowing for more precise results when searching for material on a particular legal topic. West km also provides customized text queries for each KeySearch category to improve search results. KeySearch in combination with full text searching provides the most advanced set of research tools for legal practitioners. ®

Whether you are an expert researcher or a novice, KeySearch can save you time and delivers improved search results.

West km Enterprise West km for Litigation identifies all firm work product that cites the document you are viewing on Westlaw.

The KeyCite advantage ®

Allows users to search by cited reference and find internal documents, cases and other sources that cite it. Provides access to KeyCite, West’s premier citation research service to determine whether a case, statute, administrative decision, or federal regulation is still good law. KeyCite flags tell you at-a-glance whether cases cited in your document are used in any other firm document and/or have a negative history. These easy-to-recognize symbols make it nearly impossible to overlook history that could undermine your argument. Depthof-treatment stars save valuable time by helping you focus on the most important citing references. A word processing add-in toolbar allows users to insert, update, hide and delete KeyCite flags from documents.

West km for Transactions West km for Transactions is an add-on module to West km Foundation Services that is tailor-made for use by everyone – from junior associates to senior staff members – involved in the process of negotiating and finalizing transactions. West km for Transactions simplifies and accelerates the transactional law process so that you can close deals quickly and significantly improve your bottom line. At the heart of West km for Transactions is a patented text-mining engine that features artificial intelligence capabilities to automatically extract and precisely tag significant content within all documents stored in your collection. Flexible search capabilities allow users to conduct deal research or search for model documents and clauses to use in drafting documents. Users can conduct simple full-text searches as well as smart concept-based searches. Result lists include automated summaries of the documents, making it easy to find the particular sections relevant to your work. Within West km for Transactions, a search for an “expiration of warrant” clause returns a result list displaying key deal points and summaries so the user can quickly assess which is the most appropriate clause to use. /solutions

Deal Proof provides convenient reporting capabilities that enable attorneys to quickly address and delegate issues for resolution.

West km Vetting Toolkit Selection of documents from the document management system and processing them for use by West km is an extremely important part of creating a knowledge repository. Many firms have attempted to index the full content of their DMS, only to find that performance and results both suffer. A better approach is to find and use only documents that are high-value, reusable work product. The West km Vetting Toolkit provides a very precise approach that ensures appropriate documents are being selected and reduces the number of unwanted documents or “collection noise”. Using the Vetting Toolkit, firms can create finely tuned rule sets that automatically run against the DMS source collection. Rules can define which documents should be included as well as which should be excluded from the collection. Documents can also be identified for selection through profile attributes or full-text search. The Vetting Toolkit provides a visual interface that allows content managers to spot check and confirm that the right documents are being added to the collection.

concern are categorized by potential issue: defined terms, numeration, unpaired punctuation or non-conforming phrases. Flags notify users visually of issues that need to be addressed and may be viewed individually or in summary by type of issue. Beginning with the first draft of a document through distribution to clients and ultimately to other parties involved in a matter, Deal Proof helps firms produce better documents, faster.

West km Deal Proof West km Deal Proof is tailor-made to be used by deal lawyers, litigators and everyone in between throughout the entire document drafting and review cycle. Deal Proof provides intelligent summarization and proofreading functions to automate the review of legal documents. Document Summarization delivers a synopsis of information involved in a transaction. Indexes are created that identify key topics, defined terms, open issues and more. Within any of these indexes, users can view, filter, segment, delegate and distribute issues via e-mail to partners, secretaries or clients; or print a summary report for internal or external distribution. Proofreading capabilities offer a substantive review of information and highlight potential problem areas within documents. Areas of

West km Custom Classifier West km features a built-in categorization engine that automates the classification of documents according to the West KeySearch taxonomy. KeySearch organizes thousands of legal issues into a hierarchy of topics and subtopics. If the standard KeySearch taxonomy does not completely suit a firm’s needs, they can create custom categories for additional legal topics or split an existing KeySearch topic into multiple subtopics. West km Custom Classifier allows firms to create their own custom categories, add them to the KeySearch taxonomy and train the categorization engine to assign documents to these new categories.

West km Enterprise

The West km Enterprise Advantage Comprehensive Solution Provides well-defined solutions for deal lawyers, litigators and everyone in between. Addresses the needs of users across the enterprise from partners to paralegals.

Intuitive, Familiar Environment Allows users to search the firm’s internal work product in the same manner they search Westlaw. Firms can optionally place the West km search dialog or other functions within their intranet portal.

Repurpose Intellectual Property Helps firms efficiently share and reuse their intellectual capital and collective knowledge.

Maximize Value of Technology Investment Takes full advantage of the firm’s investment in document management systems and enables the preservation and reuse of attorney work product.

Extensive Integration Offers extensive integration with document management systems, portals, word processing and other applications.

Protected and Secure Internal documents remain onsite and are secured by the firm’s firewall and network security protocols. West km uses the same access control and document security permissions set for documents and users within the firm’s document management system.

Robust and Scalable Uses the same robust and scalable technology in use today on Westlaw, West’s industry-leading online legal research system.

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