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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Arlington Times ❖ A15


Sweetheart Deals Filet Mignon Prime Rib & More! Full e ic Serv r! Ba



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EagleCrest Restaurant


Happy Valentine’s Day!

21102 - 67th Ave. NE • Arlington Near Downtown 360-474-8275

Love You Linda

R e s e r v ations Sugge s te d

Massage Therapy

Order Your Bouquet Today

Gift Certificates for your Valentine

Sweetheart of a Deal

Haircuts, color, foils, manicures, pedicures, waxing, makeup & professional products.

Sweet Specials On Now Through February 28

Sound Port Special

SoundPort Wireless Bluetooth EarSet $ 335 North •reg. Arlington on saleOlympic for $150


1415 Pioneer Hwy • Silvana



reg. $75

FREE Custom-molded Earpiece

Call offi details when you purchase a aReceive ece viefor ceRa

hearing aid E andR a F e FREE ceipraCustom-molded E dedlom-Starkey moZon tsu Earpiece CE

SoundPort at the same time. CaSCadE audiology aid CEntER when you a epurchase sahcr& upHEaRing uaoy nehw

a Cascade Center Starkey ZonaMedical hearing dna digroup a aid gnirand a ehanoof ZExcellence yekratS

CaSCadE audiology & HEaRing aid CEntER

SoundPort .eat mthe it• e m same as eah time. t taMedical tro PdCenter nuo S Cascade group of Excellence 20302 77th NE ARLINGTON 360-435-6300 118 S. 12th St.Ave.1019 24th St., Ste. B1019•24th 20302 77th Ave. NE 118 S. 12th St. St., Ste. B 20302 77th Ave. NE

Mount Vernon AnAcortes Arlington Mount Vernon AnAcortes Arlington 336-2178 (360) 588-8985 REtn CaSCadE EC dia gaudiology niRaEH & (360) yg& oHEaRing loidua Eaid daC(360) CEntER Sa435-6300 C

(360)ec336-2178 (360) nea lleCascade cxE fo reMedical t(360) neC pu588-8985 o group rg lacCenter ideM ed of acExcellence saC 435-6300 a

Arlington nonreV tnuoM

setrAnAcortes ocAnA

521 125 05 50

Starkey Special

laStarkey Starkey icepS eSpecial krataid S Zonyhearing



Gift Baskets and Gift Cards Available

360 403 Share3075 the Love

Hot stone and Thai Massage Yoga Pilates

437 N Olympic Ave #C

Vernon noMount tgnilrA

52125 1125 FREE Custom-molded Earpiece 50 0557a$ .ger 50 purchase $75 Starkey Zon hearing aid and a Starkey Special SoundPort at the same time.Receive a

on 0on sale 150 rofreg. e las$150 no 51$sale .gefor r for reg. Custom-molded Earpiece Custom-molded Earpiece eceiprEarpiece aE de$dlom-motsuC Custom-molded on sale for 50 $ $reg. $75 on on salesale for for $ f elas no$75

(360) (360) 0036 -534 )336-2178 063( 589(360) 8-885588-8985 )063( 8712 -633 )435-6300 063(

laiceStarkey pS yekraSpecial tS

Special lSound aicepSPort troPSound Special dnPort uoS

SoundPort Bluetooth tSoundPort eSraE htoWireless oWireless teulB sBluetooth seSoundPort Bluetooth leriWWireless trEarSet oP EarSet dnuoEarSet S $ $ $ $ aon sale for Receive $ 125 reg. $150

Medical ecnellecxEafoCascade retneC p uorg lagroup cideM eCenter dacsaCofaExcellence

laicSound epS troPort P dnSpecial uoS

Sweet Specials on Now through Feb. 28

S.212th B .tS20302 77th EN .evA118 ht77 0302St. B .et1019 S ,.tS 24th ht42 St., 910Ste. 1 ht21 .S 811Ave. NE

a evieReceive ceR a eceipFREE raE deCustom-molded dlom-motsuC EE RF Earpiece a eyou sahcpurchase rup uoy naehw when dna hearing dia gniraaid eh and noZ ayekratS Starkeya Zon SoundPort .emit eatmthe as esame ht ta ttime. roPdnuoS

teSraE htooteulB sseleriW troPdnuoS SoundPort Wireless $ $ Bluetooth EarSet o $150 051$ .ger on sale for rof elas nreg. e c e i p r a E d e d l o m -motsuC Custom-molded Earpiece $ $ rof elas no on sale for 57$ .ger

Starkey Special

8 Sweet 2 yrau Specials rbeF hgOn uorNow hT w Through oN nOOnslNow aFebruary ic epS February teew 28 S Sweet Specials Through 28

CaSCadE REtnEC d ia gniRaaudiology EH & ygolo& idHEaRing ua EdaCSaid aC CEntER

82 yraurbeF hguorhT woN nO slaicepS teewS Sweet Specials On Now Through February 28

laSweetheart eD a fo traeofhteaeDeal wS

Sweetheart lSweetheart aeD a fo tSweetheart rof aofeahatDeal eofea wDealS Deal

Call Today

Today! 360-652-8777 reg. $75

415 N Olympic Ave. Arlington

Call for your appointment

ph. 360-435-5789 Custom-molded Earpiece on sale for

One-hour session $60 or Three sessions for $150 Michelle Fisher, LMP

Arlington WA 98223

Comfort Packs, Bath Teas and Aromas

South of exit 206 on 152nd at 3627 152nd St. NE • Marysville

Call for your appointment.

437 N. Olympic Ave. #C • Arlington


Appointment Preferred


EN 118 .evS. A 12th ht77 St. 20302 1019 B .e24th tS ,.tS St., htSte. 42 91 B01 20302 .tS 77th ht21 Ave. .S 81NE 1 Mount notg Vernon nilrA

AnAcortes setrocAnA

(360) 0036336-2178 -534 )063(

(360) 5898 588-8985 -885 )063(


nArlington onreV tnuoM

(360) 8712435-6300 -633 )063(

Hair Design

February Foil Frenzy



partial - one color only

360-435-2975 517 N. Olympic Ave. • Arlington

Do You Want the Best Valentine’s Day Ever? HAVE YOUR MOST ROMANTIC & EXCITING VALENTINE’S DAY SIMPLY BY STOPPING BY LOVE ZONE TODAY. “Love Zone rocks! We came in and didn’t know what we were looking for but your staff was very helpful.” — Natalie & Kyle, Marysville “I love Love Zone, the employees are very knowledgeable and helpful. I was unaware of a product and the employee helped me out. I ended up buying the item and now my sisters all own one too.” — Christie, Marysville W. Every time I come in someone helps me find what I’m looking for, great customer service.” ~ Debra, Seattle These are actual customer testimonials we have received, if you want to be one of our satisfied customers having better sex more often, you MUST take advantage of this limited time offer.

Big Gifts for your Sweetie

BEST VALENTINE’S DAY EVER COUPON Bring in this coupon for

$10 OFF

Any Purchase of $20 or More

Because everybody deserves better sex more often! Limit One Coupon per Customer: Expires Feb. 22, 2009 (CP99-0143)


M-F 10 am-7 pm • Sat. 10 am-6 pm • Sun. Noon -3 pm • 3405 - 172nd St. NE • Suite 21 • Smokey Point Smokey Point Plaza • Next to Taco Time

Aurora • 10333 Aurora Ave. N • 206-526-2105 Ballard • 7750 15th Ave. NW • 206-782-3763 Bellingham • 4227 Meridian St. • 360-738-0737 Everett • 9740 Evergreen Way • 425-423-9719 Everett Central • 5716 Evergreen Way • 425-353-7965 Marysville • 9501 State Ave. G • 360-651-2840

Sweet Deals 02/11/09  

Sweetheart Deals 02/11/09

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