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General questions

1.What does AIESEC mean to you? What has changed in you since you joined AIESEC?

In my opinion, AIESEC gave me an opportunity to observe the changes and processes within the organization, which motivates me to undertake changes myself. It also gives me an opportunity to take up challenges, go out of my comfort zone and a chance to change myself.

When I joined AIESEC I had a need to develop myself because my university studies were not enough. I was a self centered person but I felt I needed change. I decided that I wanted to become a positive change agent. I wanted to implement changes on others because I found that with my personal change I can give a good example to others. In other words, I came into conclusion that if I can change, I can help others to change. 2.What attitudes should leader in AIESEC present ? What would be the characteristics of a perfect leader? Which of them do you posses, and on which you still have to work?

I believe that a good leader should: 

Be well organized

Have an outstanding knowledge about what he/she is doing and why

Believe if what they are doing

Want to cooperate with others

Be a motivator for the team members

Open minded

I think my leadership skills can be characterized as an action person who sets challenges for myself and for others, who wants to have an influence on a group discussion or pattern and who is capable of overcoming the lack of effectiveness. I feel I still have to work on delegating the tasks and I have to work on internal motivation.

3.What is and what should be the role of EB? What will be Your role in LC life as a part of EB team?

I would like to be in charge of the external relations. My role will be to set up a team who would be able to take care of the long term contacts with the companies. I would also like to try to change the image of AIESEC. I believe it should be perceived as an organization for the people who are not amateurs, but who are striving to be professional. The role of EB should be to coordinate the work of the leaders, be prepared for the mistakes that the leaders might be making. 4.Imagine, that you can make three changes in our Local Committee Łódż, what would it be and

why? Draw main strategies of introducing those changes.

1) I would like to introduce the role of a strategic partner for mutual promotion and knowledge exchange. I would do a market research amongst the companies that are student-focused. Then I would establish a meeting with them to ensure the long term communication. 2) I would like to establish contact with the Medical University of Lodz, which can help us to set contact with specific companies, which can result in opening new ICX opportunities, for example in the field of medical studies or pharmacy. 3) I would like to establish better contacts with other student organizations, with which we could exchange workshops and trainings. This would lead to a better recognition of the AIESEC brand amongst the students.

5.What are your personal values (min.4) Give examples when you have behaved according to those values. 1) I believe in everything what I do. If we ourselves don’t believe in what we do, nobody else will, and we won’t be able to motivate anybody 2) An important value is also setting clear priorities and sticking to them 3) It is important to try not to give up and always finish what one has started 4) Seize the day and catch every opportunity 6.Write at least 2 actions towards each ELD program that can be undertaken in LC Łódź to improve the quality of AIESEC experience.

1 Team member: I would improve communication. The meetings should be with more frequency, and the members should get an external motivation, for example from the EB. 2 Team leader: I would start to act and acknowledge that a change doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time for it to become a habit. The changes don’t happen because the people are scared of new things and they prefer to stay unsatisfied. There should be more specific professional trainings for the leaders. 3 GIP: I’m not sure but If I were to coordinate the GIP, I would focus on brand recognition of AIESEC to make sure that the participants know at least who we are so they can trust us. We should delegate a person who would be like a Buddy to an OC EP to improve they stay abroad. 4 GCDP: I think we need to improve the reception.

7.How do you as an AIESECer have an impact on the society? Give at least three examples of how you were an agent of positive changes.

1 I had an influence on the OC who will continue the AIESEC path 2 I did a lot of class shouts which encouraged others to join in the organization

FINANCE 3.What steps would you take to ensure that every project in LC Łódź is self-financing?

I would start with offering a professional product with which I would approach a company. The leaders should be tracked more efficiently in order to avoid unexpected costs. Professional approach to the meeting in a company by an LC member, who should before undergo a specific sales training. 4.What would be 3 priorities for finance area in LC Łódź in the upcoming term? Describe why.

I would try to reduce costs of the conferences for the EB and for the leaders. Then I would try to find exterior partners for financing our initiatives. TM

1.Suggest three solutions for keeping the highest retention rate from TMP to TLP. What retention rate would you suggest as our goal?

a) Constant motivation of the OC b) Meet the needs of the OC c) Quality, not quantity I think a 50% of a retention rate would be okay.

3. How would you improve cooperation with student organizations. Please point specific steps that have to be undertaken highlighting the sequence of the actions.

We could organize meetings with the representants of the student societies in order to establish patterns for further communication. Because we are better recognized and we have a better promotion, we are an attractive partner for cooperation. Thanks to a better cooperation, we can gain new possible members and new possible partners, thus – more money.


3.Prepare SWOT of ER area based on last years' performance. Strengths: Diversity of the members, the experience of the leaders, prestige of the brand, an opportunity for employment. Weaknesses:

Fees an payments for the companies and for the students, virtually no recognition of the brand, not a perfect time for the realization Opportunities: Getting a strategic partner, better recognition of the brand Treats: Personal problems, 2.What should be the focus of the ER area for the term 13/14 to ensure financial stability of the Local Committee?

Ensure a long term relation with companies, because these are the main financial partners of the LC. It is also crucial to search new partners to ensure the financial continuity.

ICX 3.In your opinion, what are the main benefits for companies who are cooperating with GIP program. Suggest at least 3 ideas how to improve positioning GIP program in external environment as First Choice Partner.

The extention of the companies horizons through the cooperation with the foreigners, the language challenge for the employees. The company has a new challenge to involve a new intern into the work of the company. The company can make of use of the experience of a foreign intern with the implementation of the new strategies on the local market.


3.Describe two crucial synergies that can work between OGX and other areas.

Participation in the events organized by the OGX, they both can participate with the ICX initiatives, such as common workshops with the trainees who already are in Lodz. Ensure that the promotion of the OGX initiatives is a priority to the LC not only on the exterior level but as well as on level of the LC.

Ewa Drzazga  
Ewa Drzazga  

Executive Board 13/14 Application