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Application questionnaire

for LCVP position in term 2013/2014

Łódź, February 2013

What does AIESEC mean to you? What has changed in you since you joined AIESEC?

AIESEC – for me this word is similar to “OPPORUNITY” and “PEOPLE“. The opportunity to be a leader, to learn, to gain a professional practice, to go abroad, meet new people and a lot more. Here we can develop actually all skills which are important in relationships with other people, and many skills of the B2B area, like management, marketing, sales ect. I think it’s a place where everyone can find something for himself.

People often say that AIESEC is like a sandpit. To my mind, this isn't a good metaphor, because it don't show what is the most important value in our organization. In my opinion AIESEC is like a kindergarten. Why?

kindergarten Place where children can learning to live through play.

AIESEC Place where students can get theirs first professional experience through participation in projects.

They can use a lot of diverse toys.

They can use a lot of diverse projects.

They can develop many skills

They can develop many skills

They learn from each other

They learn from each other

In both places the most important value is human. The people are necessary to do everything in AIESEC and in kindergarten too. In a sandpit we can built a great construction alone. In AIESEC, if you want to create something great, something value, you need other people around you. Because the people you develop. Look at kindergarten. There the children learn from each other. In AIESEC the same thing happens.

AIESEC changed my approach to people. Earlier I didn’t appreciate things like sharing, feedback or exchange of opinions. Now I see it’s the foundation of development.

What attitudes should leader in AIESEC present? What would be the characteristics of a perfect leader? Which of them do you posses, and on which you still have to work?

People in AIESEC should understand that being a leader is not the same as being a manager. Leader should to pursue, but also remember about development of his .newbies and himself. Perfect leader is a person, who motivates, develops, teaches, he gives a fishing rod instead a fish.

I didn’t have a chance to be a leader yet and I don’t know whether I can inspire or motivate. I want to improve all the interpersonal skills.

What is and what should be the role of EB? What will be your role in LC life as a part of EB team?

Work of EB isn’t simple. They are responsibility for committee life and have a lot of different obligations. The role of EB should be like in enterprise. Strategic planning, delegation, motivating, summary, improvement activities and again. EB should have knowledge from their area and share it with OCP. Also they should keep an eye on all documents which require MC so that do not get penalties. My role in EB will dependent on position, but I want to be a member who will make a difference.

Imagine, that you can make three changes in our LC Łódź, what would it be and why? Draw main strategies of introducing those changes. •

Number of delegates on national conferences – we need the people who will get involved in organization life.

Continuation of AIESEC Experience – I would like to more people apply on position OCP, LCVP, LCP and to MC.

Frequency of LCM – this is chance to integration our LC.

What are your personal values (min 4) give examples when you have behaved according to those values. •

Friendship – this is examples from last days. I had to write this application, but my friend told me that he has a big problem. Within 5 minutes I was in a car and I went to help him. Because of this situation I had a sleepless night. But I helped my friend.

Family – this value is the most important in my life. Now I study at University of Lodz. But after my high school diploma I had a choice. I could study at Jagiellonian University. One of the reasons why I rest in Lodz is my brother. I felt I had to rest in home for him.

Honesty – I am always honest and I expect it from others.

Respect – I respect other people and their views of the world. For me their opinions about something always are very interesting.

Write at least 2 actions toward each ELD program that can be undertaken in LC Łódź to improve the quality of AIESEC Experience.

TMP 1. Frequent


TLP and


(sales, marketing finance) provided by EB and alumni 2. Better integration newbies and leaders

1. Frequent




management, inspire and motivate ect. 2. Educate and remind what it means to be a leader

on recruitment conferences GIP 1. Discuss in detail with enterprise the responsibilities of EP before his arrival 2. Take care of EP when he come and go

GCDP 1. Show our EP polish kitchen 2. Don’t promise things that we can not fulfil


How do you as an AIESECer have an impact on the society? Give at least three examples of how you were an agent of positive changes.

I study management two and a half year, but during this time nobody ever told me what it means to be a leader. Now I know, and I know that I want to be a leader, an inspirator for others. I try to inspired my brother. Last time he had a problem in scouting. He had to make an important decision. I talked with him and I used the knowledge from AIESEC. Now he’s happy because he makes a good decision. And I know my AIESEC knowledge came in handy.


What steps would you take to ensure that every project in LC Łódź is self-financing? •

define the maximum costs of the project

analyze the budget of the previous edition

create three plans for other costs (optimistic, realistic and pessimistic)

find cheaper substitutes for sources of costs

define all the possibilities for income

control the budget


How would you like to promote participation in National Conferences in LC Łódź? Please suggest three solutions.

In my opinion it should be one of the most important goal in our LC. We are a big LC but our delegations on national conferences are small. It isn’t good forecast. People, who are going on national conference meet new people, new ideas for work in project, have a new energy to work. Their attitude show that they are engaged in the life of the organization. Finally, the quality of their work in LC is higher. I think the solutions should be divided into two categories: people who wasn’t on national conferences yet and people who was on national conference. It’s important, because second group has a big picture of AIESEC, they know how much of new knowledge is on conferences, and how valuable it is.

wasn’t on national conference 1. motivate them to come on LCM after conference 2. ask how they want to develop

was on national conference 1. Keep an eye on deadline and remind about it 2. [on conference] spend time with all delegates from our LC

Suggest three solutions for keeping the highest retention rate from TMP to TLP. What retention rate would you suggest as our goal.

1. We should emphasize on information the leaders that their goal isn’t the numbers, but the development of people 2. Leaders should approach each individually 3. We have to emphasize the importance of conferences national (for example on training for newbies). Our goal should be 100% of the retention. There is many possibilities in AIESEC, everybody can find something for himself. It’s not all. Yes, it’s true that the number of place in TLP is limited. But the knowledge gained during leader’s commission and leaders track on conferences can be used on GCDP or GIP. But it’s still not all. Even if not all of them will be leaders or go to exchange program, they will gain knowledge and new experience which enrich them. And it will be our impact on society.


How would you improve cooperation with student organizations. Please point specific steps that have to be undertaken highlighting the sequence of the actions. •

Determine our needs

Choose the organization that can support us

Plan what we can give them

First meeting, present our offer


Common action

I think the cooperation with student organizations is a great opportunity for AIESEC in Lodz.

How do you think AIESEC in Lodz could benefit from cooperation with local government of Lodz (The City of Lodz Office, Marshal's Office of lodzkie region). How would you improve the relations with them and start constant cooperation? Please specify at least 3 actions.

Cooperation with The City of Lodz Office should resemble our cooperation with enterprises. But we have to remember that AIESEC is an independent organization, so our negotiations and contracts should be more detailed. 1. I think there is the possibility to cooperate with The City of Lodz Promotion Office. We represent Lodz on conferences national and international. so I think it’s the base to start negotiations. 2. We can start cooperation with LC, which are in twin towns of Lodz (for example: LC NKU in Tianjin, LC Stuttgart, LC Lviv, LC Odessa ect.). If we will have high scores of exchange with those cities, The City of Lodz Office can be interested in cooperation with us.


What should be the focus of the ER area for the term 13/14 to ensure financial stability of the Local Committee?

ER area should be focused on build long-time relationship between AIESEC and enterprises. This is the key to financial stability. ER area have to guarantee and realize high quality of service. To do it we need very good communication in LC and a lot of training with simulations. Here the knowledge of our alumni will be invaluable.

ICX: Our goal for Q3 in iGCDP is 40. How are you going to ensure fulfilment of this goal, describe at least 3 strategies.

1. Cooperation with the twin towns of Lodz. 2. Open new interesting or unparalleled project. 3. Increase the effectiveness of sales

OGX: Please name three strategies in order to increase number on OG GIP. rd

1. Focus promotion on last year of study (3


and 5

year). GIP is long, so in my opinion

students will be interested in this after their study. 2. I write about cooperation with cities, which cooperate with Lodz one more time. In my opinion this partnership can be useful for both. 3. Increase transparency our website []

Thank you for reading my application

Szymon Brożyna  

Executive Board Application

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