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Fresh Just Got Smarter! FridgeSmart® Fun Facts

American families throw out approximately 25 percent of the food and beverages they buy. The cost estimate for the average family of four is $1,365 to $2,275 annually. Source: Natural Resources Defense Council Did you know that the average family of four discards 24 pounds of fresh produce every month? Produce is a big part of everyone’s food bill. Get the most out of your grocery budget with FridgeSmart® Containers. They’re designed to extend the life of your fruits and vegetables. 1. Fruits and vegetables remain fresher longer when allowed to “breathe.” That’s why FridgeSmart® Containers’ innovative vent system controls the amount of air in each container to extend the life of your produce. 2. Some foods are heavy breathers and some aren’t. Because different fruits and vegetables require different airflow to maintain freshness, each seal features an air-circulation system with venting holes and an EZ slider seal vent that opens and closes, creating three different ventilation settings. 3. An easy-to-use, non-rinse off reference chart on the front of each Deep Container and the front and back of each shallow Container features pictures of commonly used fruits and vegetables. It shows which vent tab setting to use, so your produce receives only as much air as it needs to stay fresh. 4. The easy-to-clean, built-in grid on the bottom reduces spoilage by keeping fruits and vegetables up out of their own moisture and ensuring airflow around produce. 5. Unlike refrigerator bags, FridgeSmart® Containers protect food from bruising, which causes produce to go bad faster. 6. When not in use, the containers nest together (Place Deep Containers into shallow Containers). The modular and stackable containers also help you make the most of your refrigerator space. 7. The container’s curved corners and the seal’s wide groove lets you clean them easily. They’re also dishwasher safe. 8. See-through containers make it easy to identify fruits and vegetables at a glance. 9. Reduce food waste that ends up in landfills and save money on produce purchases. The FridgeSmart® Containers are reusable and will not end up in landfills like refrigerator-storage bags. 10. Separating various produce into the appropriate FridgeSmart® Containers (versus keeping them in half-open refrigerator bags and packages in the crisper drawers) is safer. If you bring home any produce that gets recalled, then keeping it in a separate container from the rest of your produce will protect you and your loved ones and save you money as well. 11. Using FridgeSmart® Containers is healthier. After 12 days of storage, Romaine lettuce stored in FridgeSmart® Containers retains up to 80% more vitamin C than in a conventional container. 12. Produce stored in FridgeSmart® Containers tastes better. Romaine lettuce stored in FridgeSmart® Containers received significantly higher ratings in appearance, crispness, flavor and acceptability.

FridgeSmart® Containers Fun Facts – May 2013   

13. FridgeSmart® Containers keep fruits and vegetables fresher. Produce loses up to 70% of its moisture after 12 days if improperly stored. FridgeSmart® Containers help extend this time frame significantly. 14. FridgeSmart® Containers help you serve healthier produce for meals and save people money. 15. Demonstration ideas: a. Take the “Broccoli Challenge!” Two to three weeks before a party, purchase two shrink-wrapped heads of broccoli from the grocery store. Remove the wrap on one and place it in the refrigerator crisper. Remove the wrap from the other and place it in the FridgeSmart® Medium Deep with the EZ slider seal vent positioned on the open circle to the right. On the day of the party, ask your Host to remove both products from the refrigerator to show her guests how much better the FridgeSmart® broccoli compares in appearance, freshness and taste. The experiment will also show that you will be buying produce less frequently. b. Or, bring a full FridgeSmart® Container from your refrigerator and let guests see what’s inside, how it looks, and then let them know how long it has been in your refrigerator.

FridgeSmart® Containers Fun Facts – May 2013   

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