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UTA Trax hazards. See page 4.

Volume XXXIV

Issue I

Taylorsville High School

5225 Redwood Rd., Taylorsville, Utah 84123

Student ‘Dreamers’ given college, citizenship option

Girls’ soccer wins consecutive away games, record now 5-2. See page 14.

September 27, 2012

Gradebook reconstructed

Photo by Jilea Fobair

A new stop sign near the student parking lot, forces students to turn left.

Traffic’s new one-way system causes confusion

Photo by Jilea Fobair

Jelena Berjan, junior, learns how to use the new gradebook

Student access to gradebook troubled by server limitations

Leslie Picasso and Cody Adair

Haley Roper  Reporter


  The new driving system added this year has everyone puzzled. Students, faculty and parents have had trouble dealing with the new “one way system” implemented due to the Hartvigsen building being built.   “I hate it, I think its going to take me awhile to get used to,” said Jonny Matich, English teacher. “I hate how students get in by the teacher parking, it slows everything down.”   The new one way system requires vehicles to enter the school on the west side of the building, on Redwood Road. The lines on the road then point drivers towards the back of the building where they can park, drop off students and then continue to exit at the light on 5400S.   “I don’t like the new parking lot for many reasons,” said Kimberly Pimentel, “Having a one way street is hard to understand for many new drivers, which is obviously what Taylorsville High School has. I’ve already seen people driving the opposite direction than what is marked. I have to go all the way around the school to get to the other designated student parking. For people who don’t come to school early, it presents a problem, especially when speaking about attendance and citizenship. I don’t believe that it is an ideal parking solution for high school students.”   Due to the longer route that they have to take to the parking lot, students are finding it hard to find a parking space

photo Courtesy of mct (Al Seib/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

More than 150 students and Dream Act supporters rallied in front of the Federal Office Building in downtown Los Angeles, California, on Friday, June 15, 2012, to voice their support for President Obama’s decision to halt the deportation of young illegal immigrants.

Residence, college or military service will qualify undocumented immigrants for citizenship under new presidential order Emmalee Garrett Reporter

  Hundreds of Taylorsville students, past, present and future, will be impacted by the Dream Act inspired presidential order, S-1291, executed by President Barack Obama in June. This act will give many Latinos students without legal citizenship the right to attend college, or enlist

in the Armed Forces, and obtain full residential status. School officials are already seeing a high demand for transcripts from former Latino students.   Through the Dream Act, Latino graduates can apply for conditional permanent residential status so that they may attend college. After attending college, or serving in the Armed Forces, for two years, they

See Gradebook page 4

See Dreamers page 2

New Hartvigsen building, expected to be completed in August 2013 Joshua Miles Reporter

New Traffic

changes to the rules

The faculty parking lot must now exit to the right and cannot exit at Redwood Rd. Photo by DANILYN AHLSTROM

Construction progresses underway with new student and faculty parking lots, new athletics field and the beginnings of an exterior already completed.

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would have to prove your residence,” Maria Garcia (actual name withheld) said. “I was going to try to go to a community college, but that was the highest education I could get. I felt like it was unfair that because of a law, I felt like I couldn’t meet my full potential. Now that there is this Dream Act, I am most definitely going

Hartvigsen construction on schedule for 2013

See Traffic page 3

New stop signs were added by the softball field

will be eligible to apply for full residential status, pardoning the original crime of entering the country illegally when they were children, which until this order would have been grounds for deportation.   For one immigrant student, this will change their entire path. “Before, I didn’t think I had a chance to go to college because to get into a good college, you

  The new reconstructed Gradebook system may offer a few advantages, but there are plenty of complaints being registered by students and staff alike.   The newest version of the Student Information System was designed, with teacher stress levels in mind, according to the State Office of Education. However, many teachers have had a hard time adjusting to the change.   “There are a lot of things teachers encounter such as grading reports and different menu options,” Tech Specialist Lorraine Wyness said. “Right now there are some places they have to click too many times to get where they need to be.”   The Gradebook, required to be implemented by every district in the state of Utah by Thanksgiving, is giving a new experience to both teachers and students. Wyness describes that after teaching them, the students seem to be excited about the new Gradebook.   The old version of the Gradebook didn’t have as much information as the new, Discovery 2.0. Teachers and students can access more information this year as well

Quinceañera celebrated following cultural tradition. Pages 5 & 6

    Students this year have been greeted to the sight of the construction of Hartvigsen, a school to accommodate those with severe disabilities. Aside from the construction of the building itself, parking lots and roads have been changed and rebuilt to handle the new school. Construction

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Owl City releases new album Midsummer Station. Page 13

Roy Nash wins national wrestling competion. Page 16

should be finished in August of next year.   According to Dr. Garrett Muse, the new building is being constructed because the old Hartvigsen school did not comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.   “You just can’t get in,” Muse said, referring to those with disabilities. “Imagine a bathroom for the kids in

electronic wheelchairs that the wheelchair can’t fit in the bathroom.”   Taylorsville was chosen as the location of the new building because it sits roughly in the center of the Granite District.   In addition to being built to ADA standards, the new school will also contain an adaptive gym in addition to a regular gym, a swimming pool to help those with physical disabilities, and various See Hartvigsen page 4

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02 September 27, 2012

News Briefs

News Briefs Convenient Apps Top Tweets

Top Three Most Convenient Apps On Android and Apple Markets


Mid-Terms will be Friday September 28th so make sure all missing assignments are turned in and your absences are excused.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:

P/T conferences will be held here at the school October 2 and 3 in the main hall and the cafeteria from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. Students and parents should make time in their schedules to come and meet with their teachers.

Credit Recovery:

Credit recovery and citizenship makeup classes are held every afternoon except Fridays from 2:15 and 3:15pm.

Free Business Trip:

FBLA is sponsoring their annual business trip on Thursday, October 4. They’ll be heading to Provo to see the award winning 3-D animation school at BYU, the Orem Castle of Chaos for a scare fest and behind the scenes tour, lunch at University Mall, and a tour of the new Scheels company, which is a sports megastore with an aquarium, virtual golf range, a ferris wheel and lots more. Sign up in H-107 by October 2. Students must be paid members to attend.

y Planners n Calendar Trip to Europe:

If you are interested in traveling to Europe this summer please contact Ms. Elkins or Senor Wells for more information.

808-8741 Scholarships:

The first edition of the Scholarship Bulletin is posted in the showcase in “D” hall. For your own personal copy, please come to the Career Center. It is also available for viewing on the District website.

Name: Tiny Flashlight+LED Price: Free Downloads: +1.5 million Description: This app allows the user to use their screen or flash to see in the dark.

ame ddress hone Number ogo Save ate elling

Applications are available in the Career Center, and must be returned to the by Thursday, September 27, at 3:00 p.m., to be considered for membership--no exceptions! Requirements include 3.75 GPA and three academic courses each semester. NHS is for juniors and seniors only, and seniors must re-apply even if they were members last year.

From Dreamers page 1

to apply for it, go study at a four year college, and get the career I always dreamed of.”   To qualify for conditional permanent resident status, you must: have entered the country at age 15 or younger, be able to prove 5 years of residence, be under the age of 30, and obtain your G.E.D. or High School Diploma.   Another immigrant, who is in the process of applying for the conditional permanent residential status, feels that the requirements of the presidential order are appropriate. “It proves that they [the person applying for the permit] were actually trying to create a better life.” Jose Salvador [actual name withheld] said.   “For me, this gives me new motivation,” said junior Jesus Garcia [actual name withheld]. “Before I thought, ‘what does it matter if I get good grades in high school, this is the end of the road for me. But now, these grades matter. Now, like every other student at this school, if I do well I can go to a better college and really make some-

thing of my future.” For others, there is a danger that comes from the Dream Act order and the uncertainty of the presidential race.     “What happens if they repeal this act? Will they deport the now documented, illegal residents?” said a concerned parent.   “This is a great thing as long as nothing happens to the act,” Nina Lemons, school registrar said, “If the act is repealed, there will be hundreds of students documented as illegals, which is kind of a risk.” Since the order was issued, Lemons said she has had hundreds of former Latino students come in to get a copy of their transcripts and attendance records.   “I know that there is a risk, but there was a risk for my parents to bring us here in the first place,” said Garcia. “Then it was [ we left] because they could not make enough money to feed our family, now it is worth the risk so I will someday be able to do much better than just feed my own family. Isn’t that what the American Dream is all about?”

Name: Zedge Price: Free Downloads: +403,000 Description: This app has ringtones, wallpapers, and games galore for its users.

Infographic By Victoria Riggan

Cell phone apps gain popularity Applications developed to make life easier Eve Ramos Reporter

  Life is very tough... Unless one owns a smartphone, which can help out with shopping, darkness, and even the annoyance of finding a good screensaver. However, with the thousands of applications out there for smartphones, it can be a little tough deciding which ones are most convenient. So fret not and read on.   Like most teenagers, students probably use their phones most often while attempting to sleep, and like most people they probably try to do this in the dark. Which means that visibility is slim to none. The best way to combat darkness is obviously with

se proof your order Y carefully! National Honor Society:

Name: Amazon Mobile Price: Free Downloads: +150,000 Description: This app makes it possible for the user to shop online via Amazon.

light. Not very many people have flashlights on hand at all times, but almost everyone has a smartphone on them nowadays. So if a student was ever in this type of a problem, they could download the “Tiny Flashlight+LED” app by Nikolay Aniniev. It works well to keep from tripping in the dark, and being scared of the monsters in your closet.   “It helps you see in the dark.” said Andy Castaneda, senior. “My dark path has been lit up!” said by Brandon Cervantes, a senior as well. For students struggling to find a suitable app, it is available from the app store for free.   Besides the need for being able to see in the dark, online shopping is becoming more

and more popular. Mostly because, for some reason, making a purchase while on the toilet is very convenient and somewhat empowering. “The Amazon Mobile” app is definitely worth checking out if one were to say that a certain student might need to upgrade some of their personal items and just so happens to enjoy shopping without shoes on.   The app has received positive and high reviews and the user interface is friendly. Everything runs smoothly and making purchases is easy. Plus, you have access to all of the same features that are on the desktop site. This app is also downloadable for free in app stores.

  Nearly everyone, adult and high school student alike, struggles when trying to find wallpapers and ringtones that are cool and in at the time. So the Developers at “Zedge” took the time to categorize thousands of wallpapers and ringtones.   Say a student wants actor Samuel L. Jackson to notify them every time someone decides to message them. All that needs to be done is just search his name and many of his sayings will appear. Seems like magic right? No, it’s just another thing achieved with technology. Not only does it search for wallpapers and ringtones, but also games. Get it for free now, also in the app store.

Proof for 2012-2013 Calenda

“Do you think when graduation comes, instead of shaking Dr. Muse’s hand, I can shake his mustache?”

“My timeline doesn’t want to load. It wants to fight me.”

“The substitute asked us to stand up and say our favorite song. This kid started singing ‘We are never ever getting back together.’”

“Some girls wear so much makeup I wonder if their face would still be there if I slapped it with a wet towel.”

“I really hate how people have to hug the life out of each other after every class. Like really?!”

“I just played one round of tetris for 30 minutes... #thuglife”

Coupon Calendar Ad

Infographic By Victoria Riggan and David kehr

New & Used Equipment Turntable and Vinyl Accessories

801.679.2532 Taylorsville, UT 84123

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RespinReco rd


Extended education College day

September 27, 2012


38% of Taylorsville students plan on attending the U of U straight into careers. Everyone has their own options and Reporter prefences on future career   Your knees feel a little planning. wobbly. You scan the numer-   Some students, such as, ous buildings ahead of you, sophomore Christopher Battle unable to shake the small have chosen a career and sense of planned his confusion college choice “I want to go gnawing at around the cathe back of reer he want for chemical your mind. to enter. Anxiety burns “I’ve had engineering.”  family in your stomgo ach. This there for biomight be how chemistry,” you feel if you are one of the said Battle who hopes to at38 percent of Taylorsville tend Virginia Tech University, students planning on attend“I want to go for chemical ing the University of Utah engineering.” next year.   A poll of Taylorsville stu  For many, college can dents illustrates how Warriors be an intimidating and intend to continue their eduoverwhelming experience. cations, with 38 percent of reRoutines, class structures, sponders saying that they plan are completely different from on attending the University high school. of Utah, 17 percent attending   The freedom, responsibilout of state universities, 11 ity, and independence of percent attending Salt Lake being on your own and trying Community College, nine to continue your education percent attending Utah State can be horrendously shockUniversity, and five percent ing. Many students move out attending Brigham Young after high school to fit a better University. schedule for their classes.   One of the 38 percent of   A formal, four-year univerthose who plan on attendsity, however, is not the only ing the University of Utah option for post-high school is junior Cristina Adamson education. Many students who has chosen her school also elect to attend trade because of prior feelings for schools, community colthe school, and said, “I love leges, online classes, or jump the ‘U’.” Braxton Tompson


5%   Not all responders have plans of attending college after graduation though. Students at Taylorsville also have plans of joining different branches of the military,

Colleges attempt to recruit students for fall enrollement

11% 9% attending trade schools, and starting careers.   Not all students at Taylorsville have committed to attending a specific college or whatever they plan on

17% Out of State

20% Undecided

pursuing. Sophomore Marilyn Flores has narrowed down her favorites colleges to three schools, but has yet to pick only one.   “I’ve been on tours to a

T-Ville’s College Plans

Warriors’ Future Educational Plans

infographic by David Kehr

few colleges. These three {University of Utah, Utah State University, and Utah Valley University} are the ones that stood out to me, I enjoyed them,” Flores said.

Gym equipment donated to school

Seminars inform students of scholarships and registration Emmalee Garrett Reporter

  College is commonly referred to as the next step to pursue after high school. It is frequently used through school, adults, and the media, but also advertisements with slogans, for example “college will get you a better job” and “go to college,” no one seems to advertise college with the facts. Such as, how to apply for scholarships, how many colleges should a person apply for, which college fits an individual best, or how to find financial aid. College Day is Taylorsville’s way to apply knowledge and give some answers to the seniors.   “It was very helpful to me personally.” Rachelle Bowers, senior, said, in favor of College Day. “There were some colleges that I had never even thought about before. But after College Day, I’m actually strongly considering them. It was the perfect opportunity to learn more about each college specifically.”   Along with helping choose the right college, College Day was the perfect opportunity to learn about financial aid. From Traffic page 1

a couple minutes. This gets them to class later and affects their citizenship grades in their classes. Teachers and students aren’t the only ones being affected

Photo by Maddie Cushing

Westminister speaker enlightens students about college programs available to take after high school.

“I learned that you can get through college debt free through grants (free money), scholarships, and on campus jobs or work study,” Bree Ann Fausett, senior, said.   Students aren’t the only ones in favor of it. “I think College Day is a great resource if students use it.” Jolley said. Jolley also recommends students to take a look at Utah Futures for scholarship and other financial op-

tions available.   Mike Lehr, college advisor, agrees. “There are many scholarship databases such as and, that students don’t utilize enough,” he said. “Applying for college doesn’t have to be stressful. You can use your parents, counselors, and me to help. When it comes to applying for college, you aren’t alone.”

by the school’s new traffic directions. “I think it is a good idea, but confusing because they did not cover up the old lines very well and drivers are confused when they’re trying to merge,” said Shawnda Estrada, a mother of a student

here at Taylorsville. The new lines will take some time before drivers understand where they are supposed to be going. Until then, faculty and district police will help direct the traffic in and out of the school.

Photo by edgar estrada

The Trujillo Family donates gym system to the school for students and the Athletic Department. Aubre Bishop Reporter

A generous donation from a couple in Taylorsville will be added to the school’s workout room - a donation that could have brought in money for the family - will instead be helping students stay physically fit.   Waisea Lesuma, assistant principal, received a phone call about two weeks ago from the Trujillo family asking if they could donate a weight lifting machine to the

high school.   The Trujillo family has two Taylorsville graduates, Carl and Craig Trujillo, who played for the baseball and golf teams. The family was involved in the sport of golf so their father had decided to buy a workout machine.   They bought the machine from Sports Authority, thinking that it could be much use to their family. Unfortunately, now that the students have moved on to college, the couple is unable to use the

machine. Instead of selling the machine through the classifieds, they decided to donate it to the school and the athletics program that had helped their sons.   “We wanted to donate to Taylorsville High School because it’s our high school” said the Trujillo family. “Both of our boys attended Taylorsville, so that is the reason we thought of donating”   School athletes are grateful to see another addition to the school’s fitness equipment.

04 September 27, 2012


New Drama Teacher TRAX Safety Online class changes

New drama teacher excited to join staff Prior history in theatre and love of high school theatre productions is part of resume Jessica Tobin Reporter

  Recently graduating from Weber State University with a double major in Musical Theater and Theater Education, new drama teacher Cameron Garner joins Taylorsville’s staff for the 2012-2013 school year with a giant love for the theater arts.   Garner followed in the footsteps of his high school role model, his own high school theater teacher, choosing to become a teacher. Though he previously wanted to be an actor on Broadway in New York, he said, “[I] had the talent, but did not want to sacrifice my self-respect by starting at the bottom and working my way up.”   While in high school he was the vice president of activities in his high school theater club. He performed during high school in Crazy for You, and West Side Story, among many others. His

favorite show that he has ever his acting career yet.   Garner is now rehearsing done was called the Light in for the Scarlett Pimpernell, The Piazza, because he got at the Center Pointe Theater, to play the romantic lead and which will be his 50th prowas able to sing in Italian. duction. He said the  When musical was “beautiful “It’s fun to see the it comes to why and gorgeous.” students make a this new teacher  Garner was not connection to the enjoys his job he only in musaid, “The sicals but material.” kids,” as a side or more job he was - Cameron specifiin a movie called, The cally, “It’s Garner fun to see Yankles. the stu  Garner has not only ever been in dents make a connection to the material.” He doesn’t like acting. During high school assigning homework, unless it and through-out college he is important. worked in many call centers,   Not only does Garner love and as a teaching assistant. the students but he loves Being true to his love of theater he worked at Hale Center directing plays, musicals, anything really. The musical Theater doing shows and a he has chosen for this year’s usher. Fall performance is The Mu  Although now a teacher, sic Man. Garner has not given up on

Photo by Dani Ahlstrom

Students and new teacher, Cameron Garner, get prepared to beging work on the fall musical The Music Man, starting with script reading.

  Garner said, “I wanted to do something that has been done before, because we had never been something that has been done before and felt like I wanted to.”   Garner discussed with

Choir teacher Mrs. T and Band Teacher Gary “Doc” Jensen, and they decided they had the right cast and orchestra to draw a big crowd for The Music Man. So be prepared to see The Music

Man in the coming months. “He know’s what he is doing,” said Isaac Flores, senior who wil be in the ensemble. “I am excited about the new musical. It’s going to be fun.”

Online class changes decluster counseling center New program gave students option request changes early Shelby Yeates Reporter

  When students received their schedules in August before school started, many of them find one of three things.    First, they may have been placed in classes that they did not sign up for.   Second, they did not get entered into certain classes they might need.   Or third, they have several holes in their schedule that need some fixing.   In an effort to fix the problem of having the counseling center clustered with students for the whole first two weeks of the school year, the counseling center created a way for students to go online and change their schedules.   One could go online to the school homepage and find two links pertaining to class changes. One link was to the class matrix, while the other was the class change form. The matrix is an online version of the books counselors have that hold information on every class and the instructor. This allowed students to figure out how to manipulate their schedule into a working order.   For the first time, students

See Gradebook page 1

as information from previous years.   Parents, for example, don’t just have access to attendance and grades which were limitations of the old system, they can now automatically receive information about absences, tardies, missing assignments, and word of a failing grade.   “There are things they are constantly changing and upgrading,” said Wyness.   Parents will be able to request weekly notifications for grades or attendance in addi-

photo by Madison cushing

Yellows signs are posted where TRAX and sidewalks meet to warn pedestrians of oncoming trains and danger.

Safety first with TRAX UTA advises to follow basic safety precautions around trains. Photo by Shelby Yeates

Counselor Chad Farnes works on putting a students schedule together who sent in their class changes online.

could go online and with a few clicks of the mouse, could fix their schedule.   However they were limited as to how many changes they could do. Students could only change up to two classes and it would have to be approved by their assigned counselor.   “I liked it a lot,” said Lorri Aldridge, counselor. “It was much more convenient for us because it was faster and less frustrating for students who would have had to wait. We could even do them at home.” Though there were many upsides to this new online scheduling, there are

still some problems that need to be fixed.   For example, a student might pick a class that is already full, so they would have to go again and pick a different class. Some had to do it several times before they could finally find a class that they could switch into.   Certain classes like home release, work release, T.A’s, and seminary, had to wait to be done at school. This causes problems for students who want these said classes or release periods. Consequently, it adds people back into the counseling center when

school starts. Some students even feel that this idea has no purpose.   “I didn’t like it.” said senior, Taylor Molten “I tried to change them [the classes], online and they never replied, even though I waited a week, so I had to go in and talk to my counselor anyways.”   As with any new system or idea, it takes time to get it running perfectly. It is unknown if this will become a normal thing at the beginning of each year, but if it does, maybe it will lower the number of students struggling.

tion to the availability now.   “I like the way I can attach a copy of the actual assignment to its description; that is a great option,” said Wanda Luce, German teacher.   Gradebook 2.0 allows teachers to export any report into a file of choice, According to the state office. Furthermore the Gradebook is compatible with other servers so now it can allow more simultaneous users.   Some students report having difficulty accessing the assignments. Wyness warns that some ISP providers do

not interact well with the new Gradebook. She recommends using Internet Explorer if students are having difficulties.   “My opinion on the new Gradebook? Well, I love it! Really it provides all of the functions of the old one,” said Luce.

ferent school” from Taylorsville. It also has two parking lots, one of will accommodate the over 20 buses that will be arriving and leaving each day to transport Hartvigsen’s approximately 300 students. According to Dr. Muse, “almost every student that goes to Hartvigsen has to be bussed.” As a result of the construction, the driver’s ed range will share the bus parking lot. The new Hartvigsen building is scheduled to be completed by August of next year.

See Hartvigsens page 1

classrooms for the students who range up to 21 years old. Hartvigsen will have its own custodial staff and principal, making it a “completely dif-

Michael Neumann and Victoria Riggan Reporter and Web Editor

  For over 12 years, Utah Transit Authority, UTA for short, has been operating a light-rail system that we know as TRAX. In that time, the Federal Transit Administration compiled statistics from light-rail systems from around the country. According to the National Transit Database, which is what the compilation is called, reports that from 2007 to 2010, UTA had 94 incidents on its lines. Within that was 84 injuries and 7 deaths. The Federal Railroad System reported nine fatalities.   The state of Utah is making sure that all passengers know some safety precautions when they go use public transit.   Safety precautions are the #1 thing that UTA says will help to lower the number of accidents. “There is definitely an element of personal responsibility,” UTA spokesman Gerry Carpenter said to the Deseret News. “Trains are big and can’t stop quickly or swerve.” Doing things like not having headphones in while on the platform and watching for the trains can help a lot he said.   “We do realize we have a responsibility to make our system safe,” he said. “We need to make our crossing

safe. We want to improve our standards to protect pedestrians.”   Students have also been witnessing the dangers that surround TRAX. “I think that people just assume that they can make it through before the gate things drop, and they can’t.” said Kyra Knaras, senior. “Everyone, not just teenagers, needs to be careful because its common sense. If you’ve ridden TRAX before, you know how fast they go.”   Sometimes the cause of the accident is nobody’s fault. For instance, one student has had such an experience. “I’ve had something happen to me by the TRAX,” said Robert Mcbride, junior. “Once we [my friends and I] stopped before the TRAX, and our car died on the spot and we were really close to getting hurt.”   With these incidents happening, students should be advised to take caution around TRAX and other forms of transportation to school and other school supported activities.   Simple safety tips such as staying behind the yellow line while on the platform and listening for the bell sound and the flashing lights that a train is approaching, may seem kind of like common sense, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t legitimate ways of staying safe. Other tips can be found on UTA’s website.

Quinceañera Orden Presidencial Nuevo sistema trafical


September 27, 2012 05

Tradicion latina a la edad de quince años

Un evento muy especial para la mayoria de muchas latinas Issa Penuelas y Paula Pecapedra Reportero

Traducido por Edgar Estrada Editor in Chief

  En lugares grandes y elegantes, salones de baile de todo el mundo, a los 15 años de edad las niñas latinas están entrando en su condición de mujer. Vestidos grandes son una necesidad, cuanto más grande mejor. Usar vestidos, coronas, y el resplandor de una muchacha adolescente en el centro de atención es lo que la celebración de Quinceañera se trata.   "Cumpliendo 15 fue sin duda un paso importante en mi vida, porque me dio más libertad para salir con mis amigos" Viridiana Batalla dijo, "y hacer cosas que no había podido hacer antes, como usar maquillaje y salir con muchachos."   Una Quinceañera es una antigua tradición, según Sus raíces se originan en la sociedad azteca, un mito explica cómo a la edad de quince años, las jóvenes se preparaban para el matrimonio. La tradición Quinceañera

también significa que cuando una chica cumple 15 años, entra en la madurez, y las transiciones a la edad adulta.   Hay algunos rituales culturales que siguen vigentes. La quinceañera viste zapatos bajos en la gran entrada hasta que sus padres la presentan con zapatos de tacón alto. En una almohada de satén, estos zapatos simbolizan la transición de niña a mujer.   A la chica se le da un pequeño pulsera o un collar como úna manera de recordar la ocasión monumental. La corona de la Quinceañera es también un símbolo importante en este tradicional evento. Se erige como un símbolo de poder y realeza, que representa autoridad y responsabilidad.   "Me sentí emocionado de llevar mi corona y tacones, porque me hizo sentir especial y como una princesa.", Dijo Marlene Méndez. Después de esta ceremonia, es común que la chica baile el vals con su padre, ahora como una mujer joven. "Mi padre se puso muy emocional durante el baile de padre e hija", dijo Méndez. "Me dijo que su hija ya estaba creciendo."   Para prepararse para la ceremonia, la mayor parte del

Foto Courtesia De Daniela Mendoza

Danila Mendoza posa con sus amigos en la iglesia antes de ir a su quinceañera

día se dedica a la preparación de la muchacha quinceañera. "Mi mañana todo era más o menos, conseguir el pelo, las uñas y el maquillaje hecho.", Dijo Daniela Soto.   Esta ceremonia especial es tan significativo para los padres como para los estudiantes. "Esta experiencia, para mí, era reconfortante como un padre, porque he podido ver a mi niña crecer y convertirse en una mujer joven",

dijo Jorge Benini. "Espero que signifique tanto para ella como para nosotros."   Un evento tan grande como una fiesta de Quinceañera lleva tiempo, y con frecuencia causa estrés y llega a gastos muy elevados. Planificación de la fiesta de Quinceañera puede implicar meses de trabajo. "Se necesita un grupo de personas a reunirse y organizarse.", Dijo Velázquez. "La práctica y la coreografía

de baile para mi Quince fue la cosa más estresante para mí."   Después de un baile de padre hija tradicional, la niña de 15 años realiza bailes coreografiados con los chicos que ella eligió de antemano. De vez en cuando todos los chicos que participan en el baile tienen una compañera, pero depende en la Quinceañera. También es habitual que la Quinceañera elige un socio de honor para el evento.

  "Sólo una vez que cumplen 15 años y sólo tengo una hija". Belky Benini, madre, dijo. "Shopping vestido fue una de las más divertidas cosas para mí como una madre para hacer, pero los precios no eran tan divertido!", Dijo. "Sin embargo, es uno de los eventos más importantes en la vida de una joven latina, además de su boda, así que queríamos hacer algo digno de recordar."

Controversial orden presidencial Emmalee Garrett Reporter Traducido por Edgar Estrada Editor in Chief

Foto Tomada por Jilae Fobair

Señal de stop nuevo situado en el estacionamiento de los estudiantes, obliga a los estudiantes ir a la izquierda.

Nuevo sistema de traffico causa confusion By Leslie Picasso and Cody Adair Reporter

  Traducido por Edgar Estrada Editor in Chief

    El nuevo sistema de conducción que se agregó este año tiene a todos desconcertados. Los estudiantes, profesores y padres han tenido problemas con el nuevo "sistema de sentido único", implementado por la construcción Hartvigsen que se está construyendo.   "Yo lo odio, creo que me va a tomar un tiempo para acostumbrarme," dijo Jonny Matich, un profesor de Inglés, "No me gusta cómo los estudiantes entran por la misma entrada que los profesores, retrasa todo." El nuevo sistema de dirección exige que los vehículos entren la escuela del lado oeste del edificio, en Redwood Road. Las líneas en la carretera apuntan los con-

ductores hacia la parte trasera del edificio donde se puede aparcar, dejar a los estudiantes y luego continuar hasta la salida a la luz 5400S.   "No me gusta el nuevo estacionamiento por muchas razones", dijo Kimberly Pimentel, "Teniendo una calle de sentido único es difícil de entender para muchos conductores nuevos, lo cual es obviamente lo que tiene Taylorsville High School. Ya he visto a gente conduciendo en la dirección opuesta a lo que está marcado. Tengo que ir todo alrededor de la escuela para llegar al otro estacionamiento de los estudiantes. Para las personas que no llegan a la escuela temprano, se les presenta un problema, especialmente cuando se habla acerca de la asistencia y la ciudadanía. No creo que sea una solución ideal de parqueo para estudiantes de secundaria.”   Debido a la ruta que tienen

que tomar para el estacionamiento, los estudiantes tienen dificultades para encontrar una plaza de aparcamiento por un par de minutos . Esto los hace llegar a clase tarde y afecta sus calificaciones de ciudadanía en sus clases.   Los maestros y los estudiantes no son los únicos que están afectados por las direcciones de la escuela de tránsito nuevos. "Creo que es una buena idea, pero confuso porque no tapa las lineas viejas muy bien y los conductores se confunden cuando están tratando de cambiar de carril,” dijo Shawnda Estrada, madre de un estudiante aquí en Taylorsville. Las nuevas líneas van a tomar algún tiempo antes de que los conductores entiendan donde se supone que deben estar pasando. Hasta entonces, la policía de la facultad y del distrito ayudará dirigir el tráfico dentro y fuera de la escuela.

  Cientos de estudiantes Taylorsville, pasado, presente y futuro, se verán afectados por el Dream Act inspirado orden presidencial S-1291, ejecutado por el presidente Barack Obama en Junio. Este acto le dará a los estudiantes latinos muchas sin ciudadanía legal el derecho de asistir a la universidad o alistarse en las Fuerzas Armadas, y obtener el estatus residencial completo. Los funcionarios escolares ya están viendo una gran demanda de transcripciones de los estudiantes latinos.   A través del Dream Act, los graduados latinos pueden solicitar la condición de residente permanente para poder asistir a la universidad. Después de asistir a la universidad o servir en las Fuerzas Armadas por dos años, serán elegibles para solicitar el estatus residencial completo, que perdona el crimen original de entrar ilegalmente al país cuando eran niños, que hasta esta orden habría sido motivo para la deportación .   Para un estudiante inmigrante, esto va a cambiar su ruta completa.   "Antes, yo no creía que tuviera la oportunidad de ir a la universidad porque para entrar en una buena universidad, tendría que demostrar su residencia", dijo María García (nombre real retenido). "Yo iba a tratar de ir a un colegio comunitario, pero era la educación más alta que podía conseguir. Me sentí como que era injusto que debido a una ley, me sentía como si no pudiera conocer a máximo mi potencial. Ahora que esta la ley Dream Act, definitivamente voy a aplicar para ir a estudiar

Foto Courtesia de mct (Al Seib/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Estudiantes y simpatizantes del Dream Act se reunieron frente al edificio federal en el centro de Los Angeles, California, para expresar su apoyo a la decisión del presidente Obama.

a una universidad de cuatro años, y conseguir la carrera con que siempre soñé."   Para calificar a la residencia permanente condicional, uno debe: haber entrado en el país a la edad de 15 años o menos, ser capaz de demostrar 5 años de residencia, tener menos de 30 años de edad, y obtener su diploma de GED o enseñanza secundaria.   Otro inmigrante, que está en el proceso de solicitud para la residencia permanente condicional, siente que los requisitos de la orden presidencial son apropiados. "Esto demuestra que ellos [la persona que solicita el permiso] en realidad estaban tratando de crear una vida mejor". José Salvador [nombre real retenido], dijo.   "Para mí, esto me da una nueva motivación", dijo el joven Jesús García [nombre real reservado]. "Antes pensé, qué importa si tengo buenas calificaciones en la escuela secundaria, este es el final del camino para mí. Pero ahora, mis calificaciones importan. Ahora, como cualquier otro estudiante en esta escuela, si lo hago bien puedo ir a un colegio mejor y realmente hacer algo para mi futuro.”

gro que proviene de la orden Dream Act y la incertidumbre de las elecciones presidenciales.   "¿Qué pasa si se derogue este acto? ¿Van a deportar a los ya documentados, residentes ilegales? ", dijo un padre preocupado.   "Esto es algo grande, siempre y cuando no pase nada con el acto ", NIna Limones, secretaria de la escuela dijo. "Si el acto se deroga, habrá cientos de estudiantes documentados como indocumentados, que es un riesgo."   Desde que se emitió la orden, Limones dijo que ha tenido cientos de ex alumnos latinos que han regresado a obtener una copia de sus transcripciones y registros de asistencia.   "Sé que hay un riesgo, pero existía un riesgo cuando mis padres nos trajo aquí en primer lugar ", dijo García. "La razón era porque no podían ganar suficiente dinero para alimentar a nuestra familia, ahora vale la pena el riesgo por lo que algún día seré capaz de hacer mucho más que simplemente alimentar a mi familia. ¿No es eso lo que el sueño americano es todo esto?"

photo by shelby yeates

New football field cost $80,000 dollars to make.

06 September 27, 2012


Quinceñera Little people

Quinceñeras celebrate culture and family Issa Penuelas and Paula Pecapedra Reporters

    Poofy dresses are a must; the bigger the better. Wearing gowns, tiaras, and the glow of a teen girl in the spotlight, Quinceanera celebrates the 15 year old Latino girls coming of age.    “Turning 15 was definitely an important step in my life, because I was given more freedom to go out with my friends,” Viridiana Batalla said, “and do things I hadn’t been able to do before, like wear makeup and date.”   The roots of the Quinceanera originate from the ancient Aztec society; one myth explains how around the age of fifteen, young girls were being prepared for marriage.    The Quinceanera tradition also signifies, her entry into maturity, and transitions into adulthood. “Quinceanera says that a family is united,” said junior, Yadira Villatoro.”They all come together from different places to celebrate and exciting day for a girl.”   There are some cultural rituals that still hold true. The Quinceanera wears flats for the grand entrance, until her parents present her with high heeled shoes. On a satin pillow, these shoes symbolize the transition into womanhood. The parents then put the heels on the girl and remove the flats.   The girl is given a small bracelet or necklace that holds special meaning to the tradition, as unique way to remem-

ber the monumental occasion. The Quinceanera crown is also an important symbol in this traditional event. It stands as a symbol of power and royalty, representing authority and responsibility.   “I felt excited to wear my crown and heels, because it made me feel special and like a princes,.” Marlene Mendez said. After this ceremony, it is common for the girl to waltz with her father, now as a young woman. “My dad got really emotional during the father-daughter dance,” Mendez said. “He told me his little girl was growing up.” To prepare for the ceremony, most of the day is spent on grooming the Quinceanera. “My whole morning was pretty much, getting my hair, nails and makeup done.” Daniela Soto said.   This special ceremony is as meaningful to the parents as it is to the students. “This experience, for me, was heart warming as a father, because I was able to see my little girl grow up and become a young women,” said father Jorge Benini. “I hope it meant as much to her as it did for us.” An event as huge as a Quinceanera party takes time, and often causes stress with expenses often being very high. Planning the Quinceanera party can involve months of hard work.   “It takes a group of people to get together and organize.” Velazquez said. “Practicing and choreographing for my Quince dance was by far the most stressful thing for me yet.”

PHOTO Courtesy of Daniela Soto

As a tradition of the celebration, “chambelanes” personally escort the Quinceañera throughout the dance and day.

  After a traditional father daughter dance, the 15 year old girl has choreographed dances with boys that she chose beforehand. “I think the hardest part will be figuring out what to do for the dance.” Natalie Rivas, 13 said. Occasionally every boy participating in the dance has his own partner, however it is up to the Quinceanera. It is also customary for the Quinceanera to chose an honorary partner for the event.   Once the spotlight is off the celebrated Quinceanera, anyone is allowed to dance and

enjoy the multicultural music. “I enjoyed dancing in it with all the cool ethnic music and learning the dance.” said Natasha DeBenedictis.   “You only turn 15 once and I only have one daughter,.” mother Belky Beninini , said. “Dress shopping was one of the funnest things for me as a mother to do, but the prices weren’t so fun!” She said.     “Yet, it’s one of the biggest events in a young latin girl’s life, besides her wedding, so we wanted to make it worth remembering.” “If I had to choose my

absolute favorite part about my party, it would have to be the father-daughter dance,” said Yasmin Velazquez. “It was something that meant so much to me personally and is a memory I’ll cherish forever.”   With no limit on the number of guests in attendance, the party is still clearly centered on the family of the Quinceanera. “My party was an event in my life that I felt brought me closer to my parents, and united us as a family,” Marlene Mendez said.

Many girls who were Quinceaneras themselves in the past are already planning for the day they will assume the role of mother to the Quinceanera daughter.   “When I’m older I want my daughter to have her special day as well. I want her to feel loved and like a princess on her quinceanera,” said Villatoro. “I want her to know that her family is always going to be there for her no matter what. I would want her to know that she’s a princess always.”

Little people, big dreams

Less than four feet tall, two students make their own place in a school of students twice their height By Jay-Jay Tuileta and Hannah Dailami Reporter and Editor in Chief

  Walking down the crowded hallway poses a hazard as bumping, jostling students push their way to destinations unknown assaulting anyone in their path with a swinging elbow, a glancing blow from a backpack or even a corner induced full on collision. Now imagine this scene from the vantage point of three foot seven inch tall junior, Segia Leota's vantage point, somewhere around the belly button height of your average high school student.   Leota comes from a family of ten, all of average height. Being listed as a rare occurence, according to right, Dwarfism affects less than 200,000 people in America.   Much like Leota, sophomore Amber Caine (3’11”) stands in as one of the tallest little people with Achondroplasia Dwarfism . This is just one of the 250 different types of Dwarfism and is the most common. Caine said that as far as they can trace back, her family comes from a line of average height.   So how does this happen? Achondroplasia is inherited as an autosomal dominant. Most cases (75-90%) of achondroplasia, however, are the result of sudden mutations of a chromosome. For this reason, most achondroplastic dwarfs are born to average height

parents, according to tjhsst. edu.   Students like Caine and Leota, are just that, regular students. They attend high school and are interested in teenage activities and hobbies.   “I like to take pictures and write, but I don’t like playing any sports because its just not my thing,” said Leota. “I love watching other people play though.”   Caine serves on the Teen Activities Committee for the Little People of America (LPOA), Utah Chapter. Caine’s mom is the Vice President for LPOA and is part of Caine support system. “We were at Bath and Body works one time and a bunch of little kids kept following me around and laughing,” said Caine. “My mom and my sister are very protective of me and shielded me from the kids, but they were going under their arms to stare at me.” Leota said that she leans on the support from her family and friends as well. “My family is the best gift that I could have been given, I’m grateful to have them,” she said.   Like many regular teenagers, Caine and Leota have their bad days too.For Caine, high school lockers seem taller than she expected. “I struggle with reaching things, and my locker is too tall,” she said. “It’s also strenuous to walk from the seminary building to L- Hall and make it on time

for class.” “The hardest part about my height is reaching stuff and walking,” Leota said, but some challenges are not just physical. “I am afraid to socialize with other people at this school, because they might not want to be with someone like me.” It’s not all about the disadvantages, some things become easier when you’re shorter. “I have a shorter distance to fall,” said Caine. “I can pick up things much easier.”   While both girls agree that teachers and students for the most part treat them well, they cannot wait to graduate and start their futures. People may look down to Leota and Caine, but they look forward to the future and the things they hope to achieve. After graduating , Leota plans to attend Brigham Young University. “I really want to major in photography and writing. When I finish college my next goal in life is to go on an LDS mission.”   Caine has big dreams of going to Juilliard and eventually become a High School drama teacher or theatre director. Caine is well on her way to achieving her goal as she stars in the school’s up and coming play, The Music Man. She was cast in the role as Gracie Shinn.   Caine explains the theatre world for little people and how they usually get casted as elves or mythical creatures. Her response? “That’s not go-

ing to be me,” said Caine. “ I don’t want to be that stereotype.”   Through the teasing and often times hurtful comments that these girls get, they keep a happy and encouraging attitude.   “I feel normal attending a public school and the student body and teachers treat me well,” said Leota. “ However, there were kids that use to pick on me when I was younger because of my height, but I didn’t care about what other people were saying about me, because I want to be a better person than that kind of judgement.”   “I don’t look at my height as a difference”, said Caine. “I look at it as a way of life. I’m normal, just shorter.” If Caine could change one thing, it would be that, “I want people to forget I’m different. I’m just short. I just want to be me, not the little person girl.”   However, Caine keeps it light and uses her sense of humor to make life more fun. “High school is scary because I’m to everyone’s butt. In jr. high, I was at most kids’ ribs or hips. I hope everyday as I am walking down the hallway, ‘please don’t fart, please don’t fart.’”   While both girls agree that teachers and students for the most part treat them well, Caine cannot wait to graduate and start their futures. People may look down to Leota and Caine, but they look forward


Sophomore, Amber Caine, manuevers to open her locker on her tip toes and with a craned neck.

to the future and the things they hope to achieve. After graduating , Leota plans to attend Brigham Young University. “I really want to major in photography and writing. When I finish college my next goal in life is to go on an LDS mission.”   Caine has big dreams of going to Juilliard to eventually become a drama teacher or director at Hales Center Theater. “ Caine is well on her way to achieving her goal as she stars in the school’s up and coming play, The Music Man. She was cast in as a lead named Gracie Shinn.   Leota said,“As I walk down the halls of Taylorsville High

School I say to myself everyday, ‘This is who I am, and I am not ashamed of it.’”   Leota said that she leans on the support from her family and friends as she plans for the future. “My family is the best gift that I could have been given, I’m grateful to have them,” she said.   So how does this happen? According to, “Most are caused by a spontaneous genetic change (mutation) in the egg or sperm cells prior to conception. Others are caused by genetic changes inherited from one or both parents.”   My size limits the parts that I get casted.”

Teen smoking Twilight Concert Series Teen Couponing


September 27, 2012 07

Despite health warnings, teen smoking still addictive Rebecca Kile Reporter

  The addiction, the itch under the skin, the necessity to satisfy the addict that quietly steps out of class to join the group by the edge of the school, across the road, or to the shops to silence the messages sent to the brain, the craving of a cigarette.   The battle to not light that first cigarette grows larger as the teen smoking rate is 19.5% in the nation and 5.9% just in Utah, despite the warnings of the anti-tobacco company that spends two million dollars every year and the labeling on the cigarette box and even the lessons in health classes.   “I knew about the risks of smoking before I started, my parents smoked and so it was the reason why I started, and now I smoke about a half a pack a day or more and depending on where I am at I won’t leave” said John a senior.   “I did know it caused health problems but usually just like every other person it was all peer pressure to smoke just to be cool with them” said Tommy a senior.   The list of diseases and bodily function complications that are a result of smoking are quite long and widespread being listed on the packaging for cigarettes, in ads for antitobacco and given in school lessons.   This list includes lung cancer, bladder cancer, coronary heart disease, infertility in women, and stillbirths as well, but this short list does not include all of the complications that result from smok-

ing habits or from second hand smoke.   Men who smoke are 22 times more likely to die from lung cancer than a non-smoker and women are 12 times more likely to die from lung cancer as well, according to   “If there is a little kid or an elderly person or someone that doesn’t smoke, I refuse the smoke around them due to respect and second hand smoke” said John “I don’t worry about if other people are around me when I smoke, I feel like if they don’t like then I was in this area first so please move” said Tommy.   The average cost of a pack of cigarettes in Utah is approximately $4.81 and the average tax in Utah on a pack of 20 cigarettes is $1.70. If a student is smoking approximately half a pack per day, in eight days that student will pay $26.04, in one year they will pay $1,187.47 and in 20 years at that same tax and same rate that person will spend $23,748.48.   When ads on television, the packaging for the cigarettes and even health classes are constantly confronting teenagers and are depicting the dangers involved with smoking some find it difficult to understand motive or influence for students to light that first cigarette.   “I was influenced by my friends and my family. The reason why is because all of my friends did it to relieve stress and when I tried it I realized I enjoyed it. I knew about the risks but they just didn’t really worry me at the time but now the anti-tobacco ads scare me, to be honest

Photo Illustration by Andrew Robles

and I don’t want to end up like those people” said Suzy a senior.   The truth® anti-tobacco campaign was first launched nationally in 2000. The campaign focuses on smoking addiction, death and disease attributed to smoking, ingredients in cigarettes, and the social consequences of smoking.   Rather than saying “don’t smoke,” this campaign uses images to show the consequences related to smoking

and tobacco use. This is the same for Utah’s The TRUTH anti-tobacco campaign.   In 2011, 89% of adult smokers reported that they had seen or heard anti-tobacco ads weekly or daily, 93% of youth reported seeing or hearing anti-tobacco ads at least once a month and 65% of smokers thought that at least one of the ads was persuasive at achieving intended behavioral outcomes.   These results came from the Evaluation of Utah’s

The TRUTH Anti-tobacco Marketing Campaign, and the results appear to be helpful.   “When my craving gets really bad, I feel horrible, I get grumpy.” said John. “When the craving gets really bad it puts me in a bad mood” said Katie a senior.   It’s not clear how many

students at school struggle with a nicotine addiction or the addictions impact on other students in the school however it within the day student smokers can be found quietly leaving to the fringes of school property to repress the craving in their body for another cigarette.

Statistics about teenage smoking

Number of teens smoking going down but stats are still high

According to : - Nearly 3,600 teens start smoking every single day. - Most teenage smokers had their first encounter with tobacco between the ages of 11 and 14.

Twilight concert series breaks records Teens question embarrassment over couponing Whitney Olson Reporter

Photo by Hannah Dailami

Band of Horses peforms at the Twilight Concert Series to an audience of nearly 27,000 people on July 26, 2012. Hannah Dailami Editor-In-Chief

  The 2012 Twilight Concert Series has come to a conclusion after a summer of great musical talent and variety. Rapper, Common, and R&B singer Aloe Blacc took the stage at Pioneer Park on Thursday, August 30 for the biggest turnout of the summer.   Aside from a few difficulties leading to a late start, Aloe Blacc put on a great show for thousands of fans. By the end of Commons set, ‘thousand’ of fans had turned into over 27,000, most of which had come from the Utah football game to celebrate a big victory for the Utes. With the concert series becoming more and more well known, such a large turnout isn’t too surprising.   With such big bands and good production for only $5.00, It’s no wonder their popularity is increasing with

each show.   Also performing on July 26th was Lower Dens with Band of Horses. With no surprise, thousands turned out in sunglasses and shorts to beat the mid-summer heat. After the sun began to fall and the weather turned colder the crowd swayed to songs like “The Funeral” and “Is There A Ghost.” As Band of Horses is traveling the country, tickets cost close to $25. The Twilight attendees only paid $5.   The music wasn’t the only thing this event had to offer. Various booths were set up around the park to sell goods to those with some extra cash. Independently companies sold jewelry, photography, band t-shirts and art pieces.   They were set up across the park with just enough room for some fresh summer air. As the music played, people could take a break and go see some booths while still hearing their favorite band.

  Of course, when attendees got hungry, you could head to the food stands and pick up something to eat as well. Hawaiian, Thai and American food could be found within reaching distance of each other, but the service was friendly enough to make one forget about the raging crowd. These was just two of the many great shows that The Twilight Concert Series put on. They traditionally bring in bands and artists of different varieties. Such as the indie rock band Bright Eyes, and hip hop singer/rapper Lupe Fiasco in 2011. The Twilight Concert Series had something to offer all types of music lovers.   With the summer ending, and the warm weather drifting away, one could not forget a concert that not only sounded amazing in one of the greatest outdoor venues, but only cost a mere $5, who could ask for a better experience than that?

  When approaching the cash register, there is a slight cringe at the sight of your mom pulling out several different coupons for saving money. What kind of looks are exchanged? What if anyone will recognize you, or if the coupon won’t work? Is it really a big deal?   Couponing has become a big deal for shoppers. According to ilovecouponmonth. com, customers received 4.6 billion dollars of coupon savings in 2011.   As prices skyrocket, everything is becoming more expensive. Teenagers are finding themselves in hard times trying to save money. But is the embarrassment too much when contemplating the use of coupons?   “Sometimes using coupons is embarrassing, like if moms

cheaper. It’s smart, not emuse a ton of coupons at a barrassing. Why would you time,” junior Katie Clarke be embarrassed for spending said. “Also when your couless money?” pons don’t work and it takes   So how easy is couponing? forever at the register.” You be the judge. There are Like Katie some people are many resources to choose embarrassed because their from such as emails, Facemoms use coupons consisbook, and smart phones. In tently. “Moms are twice as the olden days customers likely to search for coupons would online as other “Why would you be have to clip catagocouries of embarrassed for pons, women,” spending less money?” but now accorddays ing to - Mattie Evensen it is so ilovehigh tech there isn’t much time to   On the other side, coupon be embarrassed. The technoluse can be very beneficial. ogy could make teens more said, “Coupons can attracted to couponing. save your family hundreds of   Couponing can be embardollars a month and it doesn’t rassing, but if you really want take much time to do.”. When that bottle of Mountain Dew asked if coupon use is embar- stay clear of that lady with the rassing, Mattie Evensen, big coupon book. junior, said, “No because it’s


L Y A rs

e b m u N e h t By $21 ,00 libr 0 in u ary npa id fin es


,3 3 y r a r b li e th in Fiction books y r a r b li e th in s k o o b n Non-Fictio

s r e k c o l 0 2,01

162 Faculty Parking Spaces

Number of faculty: 85

509 S



345 y-6211

Warrior Wilbur was built in 1996

229 Steps inside the building

nt Par

king S




$80,000 new Football Field

y Textbooks- 23,380


Through dusty stairwells and crowded hallways, there is a purpose. Each beam, brick and laminated tile makes the house of the Warriors. This is where music is created, dreams are achieved on the field, and lockers are in a constant moving motion. This is where books are read and lost, parking spots are stolen and where students find who they are and who they want to be. This is Taylorsville High.

STAFF ED. Protect Free Speech College Prep. needed before senior year

10 September 24, 2012


Pledge Law Dream Act Pro and Con

Obama pushes Dream Act forward before election Pro Con

President has obligation to act o behalf of the country Samantha Burfiend Reporter 

  With 11 million illegal immigrants, half whom are from Mexico; President Obama has the right to mend, fix or completely resolve any of the problems he sees fit. He has the obligation to do so as the Prisident of a nation whose Congress is deadlocked in party politics to the detriment of all legislation that needs to be passed for the welfare of our country.   The Executive Order of the Dream Act was a forward movement toward the deserved potential futures of thousands of young children born or brought to America before the age of sixteen. This order will allow young adults to improve their situations and grow into great, dependable citizens of this country who can help not only themselves, but America as a whole grow.   Under the current system that ignores the innocence and blighted future education option for these children are not allowed financial aid or any student loans from the government. Many are just hardworking teens and young adults under the age of thirty with out any access to a college education and a better life in a land of freedom.   For the high school the order has no real outward type effect, it changes basically nothing about the way the school is being administered or the was the classes have and will be taught.   Public schools have no right to ask a child it’s citizenship in the United States according to Principal Garrett Muse. A child enrolls for their best education, which we will provide without questioning or reporting.   As far as the undocumented children of Taylorsville and many other high schools across the country the impact is immense. Graduation and

desire to achieve higher grades are huge motivation now that college is an actual opion for these students, which could even transform a classroom experience. With this comes an opposition.   “Well, as you know, he [Barack Obama] was president for the last three and a half years, did nothing on immigration. Two years, he had a Democrats’ House and Senate, did nothing of permanent or long-term basis.” stated Mitt Romney on CBS’s Face the Nation.     Republicans across the country criticize the timing of Obama’s move to help undocumented immigrants as a political move designed to garner votes in the months just prior to the presidential election.   Although Obama may have not been able to really activate any serious supports for this act, he did stand by the Dream Act, and figuring out a way to resolve immigration before Republicans won the House majority in November 2010. The Senate failing to produce 60 votes. Not until recently was the president capable of using his independent executive authority, the most kinglike move the democratic U.S. system will allow.   “To mend our nation’s immigration law policy, to make it more fair, more efficient and more just, specifically for certain young people sometimes called “Dreamers”.” stated Obama, also emphasized that these individuals, “are Americans in their heart, in their minds, in every single way but one: on paper.”

Obama overstepped his authority in overriding Congress

  On July 4, 1776 America’s Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 men. Men who had lived the majority of their lives under the dominion of Great Britain, and consequently were strongly against the abuse of power.   Fast forward 236 years later, and the President of the United States is using the power given him to set into motion laws that failed to pass through Congress, the most directly elected representatives of the people. If all those years ago the American people wouldn’t tolerate a King, they certainly won’t now, especially seeing as they appointed Obama to listen to the voice of the people and Congress to make the laws, not the other way around.   The Dream Act was first introduced to Congress in August of 2001. It was designed to give illegal immigrants (who came over before the age of 16) citizenship, upon completion of high school and two years of either college or military service.   However, it was after the law was voted down that President Obama made an “executive order” in June of this year that basically covered everything the Dream Act entailed. Republican rivals say he did so not in an attempt to solve issues of immigration, but rather to secure the hispanic voting bloc.   A year ago, Obama, after months of being badgered to accelerate the ratification of the Dream Act, stated that it was legally impossible for him to do so. Yet somehow, a Friday in June made all the difference, and there he was announcing the new policy on national television. So what changed? Elections. November is almost here, and by taking this action, he gains many votes from the Latino

community. However, as with all bold actions, one will gain supporters as well as enemies, and many people have already stated that by doing what he did, he’s lost their vote.   Supporters of the act had already been taking a lot of heat lately from all over the country. Many believe the law would be unfair to American students, and an improper use of money the government doesn’t have. While putting the money towards education is certainly a step in the right direction, offering financial aid (for college) to people who are illegally living in this country, discounts the privilege of being an American-born student. Worse yet, it lessens the hard work some immigrants have gone through to become legal citizens.   The biggest concern of passing the Dream Act, however, is the huge potential for it to encourage even more people to cross illegally. Currently, there is a law against that, but if the Dream Act were to be passed, illegals would feel more secure in breaking that law, knowing that their children actually have an easy shot at legal residency, (that is if they can escape deportation until their kids complete school).   All in all, in order for this to occur, and occur in a fair manner that is agreeable to most everyone, real legislation needs to be passed through Congress.   Issues of immigration need to be solved in a way that balances equality and education, with the country’s best minds at work, rather than one man named president acting as a king. The laws and guidelines that were first set down when this country was created may be modified and altered, but the core belief will never change: power is privilege, and abusing that privilege is against all this country stands for.

and over again is an almost useless attempt. Instead, Utah’s Capitol Hill should be producing activities that bring firsthand experience and real live patriots to the students’ classrooms or send history teachers and their classes on meaningful field trips where students see and feel history

first-hand. But this could be a difficult endeavor seeing as Utah’s legislative allotment to public education is the worst per pupil in the nation, and that funding, as much as they want it to, certainly won’t be found in the words students have repeated since they were five.

Leiani Brown Reporter

Photo by Aspen Clawson

Presidential Order Dream Act What’s Required

Must be under 16 when they first move to U.S. Must live in U.S. for 5 years, Graduated from high school Military service or Secondary school for two years, Complete and pass a background check

New Pledge Law for Schools   Leiani Brown Reporter

  Chairs scrape the floor. Feet shuffling, throats clearing, twenty-two little hands find a place at their heart, and with startling precision, recite the Pledge of Allegiance. At any given elementary school here in Utah at the start of a day, this is the scene certain to be taking place. Now, however, it is expected to occur every single morning at junior highs and high schools as well.   On February 29, Senate Bill 223 impelling elementary schools to perform said exercise daily and once a week for secondary schools, was modified to enforce the daily routine in all public schools in Utah, no matter the grade.   The law also states that it is to be said “each day in each public school classroom in the state.” Instead of the traditional over-the-intercom, or TV TV broadcast, the Pledge of Allegiance is to be said separately in each and every first period. How do teach-

  Is it national unity or naers feel about this? Honestly, most don’t even remember. tional brainwashing? Standing Without the unified recitation daily, seven in the morning, of the whole student body at the command of a teacher who stands at the head like a prompted by a TV announcement, it’s being said less than military leader, while students it was before the change. mutter under their breath   So is this adjustment really without patriotism or confor the betviction; that is ter? Senanational unity? “Without tor Aaron   “I have great Osmond pride in my the unified of Senate nation,” said District history teacher, recitation of the Rebecca Elkins, 10 who pushed for “but saying the whole student pledge did not it certainly believes give me that body, it’s being pride.” Patrioso, and Janet Tran, tism is imporsaid less than it tant, but there sophoare a variety of more, also was before the more effective agrees. “I can ways to achieve said patriotism understand without the aid why the of a pledge. Utah Legislature would pass a Bill for that because it raises   Dr. Garrett Muse, principal, believes reciting it once national unity,” said Tran, a week with the National “It’s respectful to the people who serve and have served Anthem and the entire student our country.” body as one, preserved the

Photo by Aspen Clawson

specialness of the ceremony, whereas saying it as a routine recitation seems to dull the importance. But as Muse put it, “It is the law, and we follow the law.”   However, if the purpose of the law is to increase student patriotism, repeating the same words like zombies over


Freedom of Speech Q&A

Q&A “Should Brigham City be able to decide where people have free speech?”   “No. People have a right to protest so as long as they weren’t on private property. They have a right to be there.” junior, Dominique Favela

  “No, because that’s like saying I walk into Wal-Mart and start saying K-Mart is better and get restricted from every Wal-Mart due to my perspective on things. “ senior, Andrew Robles

“I think they shouldn’t have been able to shut them down because they have freedom of speech, as long as they weren’t harming anyone.” junior, Amalia Caamano

  “No. I think it’s totally fine that they were handing out those flyers because Freedom of Speech says it’s legal.” senior, Greg Kogianes

  “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but they should respect the choice of others. If there was no violence and it was contained, then no, they shouldn’t have.” senior, Morgen Rolph

  “Really religion to me is a freedom in itself. Freedom of speech is another form of freedom and they can say what they want to say. As long as they aren’t forcing it upon them they have the right to say what they want.” junior, Cade Ortega

September 27, 2012 11

Staff Editorial:

free speech must be protected; even when it is offensive

  Freedom of Speech is possibly the strongest right one may possess as a citizen of the United States. When the founders of this nation wrote the Constitution, before they could get enough support to get it ratified, they had to promise those earliest Americans a Bill of Rights of all citizens, and among the protections that individual rights’ advocates were most adamant about was the right to freedom of speech.   Many don’t understand the power of one’s word, whether it is written or verbalized or is expressed through actions that are not even words at all such as burning the American flag. The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights was the very first addition made to the Constitution of the United States without which it would never have been ratified by colonists who had learned under the abuse of King George to value such a basic right, protects the right to freedom of expression. This consists of freedom of speech, press, the right to form an assembly, petitioning the government for a redress of grievances, and freedom of religion. The U.S. Constitution protects, or should protect, the right to speech, Photo by: Kera Williams\ Standard Examiner even if no one wants to hear what is being said, but that is According to Brigham city law, protesters are only allowed to have free speech in designated areas. The ACLU is challenging this in court. not always the case.   Bob Pilch exercised his rights to speech at the open troversy. Chik- Fil- A’s COO did state that the FCC could fensive. house of the new LDS Dan Cathy made public statechange its policy to give   The Founding Fathers who Brigham City Temple. As a ments against gay marriage. lucidity on the situation for wrote the Constitution and civilian with an opinion, Pilch Chik-Fil-A has a history of further cases. The Supreme Bill of Rights, knew what it was to lose the right to public decided to pass out pamphlets providing financial support to- Court denied an opportunity ly assemble, to be free to crit for Main Street Church prowards organizations in support to rule on whether or not the cize your government, to be claiming his opposing point of traditional marriage. Many broadcast of obscenity and allowed to worship in whatof view to that of the LDS gay rights advocates called vulgar language should today ever way they chose. Rights religion. for a boycott of Chik-Fil-A be accepted as freedom of should be protected and not   The passing of anti-Morrestaurants. speech. be chained by the whims of mon pamphlets led to the   On his radio talk show,   “In recent years, we've temporary government contro conflict over his freedom of Mike Huckabee called on seen the Supreme Court — even when there will be man speech. Brigham City law supporters to have a customer liberals and conservatives who do not agree or approve allows the distribution of such appreciation day for Chik-Fil- alike — vote to protect the of the exercise of those rights materials only within certain A. People were lined up for right to burn the American when the speech targets a rel zones, labeled “Free Speech blocks supporting Chik-Fil-A flag as a form of protest, to gious group or public stateZones”. and Cathy’s rights to free protect anti-gay hate speech   The city justifies this speech. by religious protesters outside ments. The danger of allowin government to suppress those restriction of speech by citing   In a recent case, the FCC military funerals, and to othrights is simply too great to the necessity of facilitating the wanted to impose a fine on erwise extend constitutional risk. movement of public traffic on Fox television station for protection to speech that is   As a society run by the heavily congested sidewalks. broadcasting indecency wildly unpopular and that exAfter the ACLU protest, (partial nudity) and vulgar ists on the farthest extremes of people for the people and of the people, citizens, and that Brigham City allowed full language. Fox claimed that in civilized conversation.” said includes students, have the access to all streets surroundtoday’s society, these broadFrank LoMonte, Executive power to protect these rights. ing the LDS temple. Pilch casts should not be considered Director of the Student Press The perspective does not mat and any other protestors could offensive. After several lower Law Center, an organization ter, everyone has a voice and hand out their pamphlets. court hearings, the Supreme devoted to the protection of it should be heard. Despite this concession, the Court agreed to review this students’ First Amendment As the philosopher Voltaire ACLU is still suing Brigham case. rights. once said, “I may not agree City to remove the law limit  The Supreme Court ruled   The staff of the Warrior ing where free speech can be that the FCC did not give “fair Ledger believes that everyone with what you have to say, bu I'll defend to the death your expressed to “Free Speech notice” before attacking Fox has the right to express their right to say it.” Zones”. on the e charges, therefore opinion, whatever it may be,   The Warrior Ledger Staff   Free speech in religion is no fines would be imposed. whether or not we agree with voted 24-0 in support. not the only context for conHowever, the Supreme Court their words or find them of-

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Owl City releases its new album The Midsummer Station

12 September 27, 2012


Arrows/Empire! Empire! Star Wars 3D Batman or Spiderman

VS. Infographic by DAvid kehr

Spiderman Falls to Batman   Samantha Burfiend Reporter

  In a summer filled with block buster thrills, two stood out to the crowd of nerds, geeks and wanna-be dweebz. A child’s fantasy was upheld by his friendly neighborhood Spiderman in the Amazing Spiderman; while Batman was giving his all to the city of Gotham in The Dark Night Rises. The fight between Mar-

vel and DC has been ongoing since the dawn of time. This summer being a battle between which super hero stole your heart.   In the weekend box office poll Amazing Spiderman made $65 million, while its counterpart made a $161.8 million. Almost doubling its competitor. Opening day was even a bigger turnout for Batman with an outstanding $75.8 million, compared to Spidey’s $35 million. It seems

that the box office assures that Batman is the true super hero.   “I did not want to see Spiderman, Although I did see Batman opening night!” said Senior, Shannon Napples. Taylorsville seems to agree, with students leaning toward Batman.   Although, Spiderman did get some raves on his talents. Junior, Harlee Winters said, "Spiderman, because he can shoot webs and climb walls.”   What critics do say is

that the quick reboot ways Spiderman down, but the it was refreshing and Andrew Garfield combined with his counterpart Emma Stone made a grade duo. Though critics seem to rave a little harder for the Batman’s new series saying it gave a sense of realism, visual thrill, and intelligence.   Business Teacher, Erin Paulson thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises was, “It was so dark, I loved Robin as Joese-

ph Gordon-Levitt, although I didn't think this movie it was as good as the other one."   It seems both fans, and critics conquered that the Dark Knight Rises wasn’t quite in the same league as The Dark Knight. For Spiderman, it seemed fans and critics tend to agree that this reboot was a larger hit versus it’s trilogy before hand. The quick reboot didn’t turn to disappoint of it’s senior, but made a name of it’s own with

it’s new characters.   Although it seems the Amazing Spiderman did quite the job stepping apart from the early trilogy and making an impact for itself, it didn’t quite meet the cinema frenzy quite like The Dark Knight Rises did. With fans, critics and box office dollars it seems Spiderman made a good hit, but The Dark Knight trilogy is in a league of it’s own.

A New Spin on Star Wars 1977 Classic Transformed into Remastered 3-D   Jessica Tobin Reporter

Photo Courtesty of

Arrows and Empire! Empire! come together to create powerful music Sergio Martinez Reporter

  A cadaver of a dog, stares lifelessly into the horizon of the unknown. The album cover caught my attention instantaneously. Right off the bat, it indicated to me that Split would be an emotional album. Because there’s nothing funny about a cute, dead dog. Nothing.   The indie rock bands Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) and Arrows released their 3-track split on September 11. It seemed very ironic to me that such emotional content was released on such an emotional date. Even more so because of the fact that the lyrics focused on describing situations in the past in a gloomy and slightly nostalgic tone, as if mimicking the nation in the remembrance

of those lost to the tragic happenings of nine-eleven.   This EP oozes with the angst of a thousand young adults as the lyrics portray the reminiscence of past loves and former lives. The songs all contain a sorrowful air, clearly showing how much the authors want to return to the past but at the same time displaying small sparks of defiance and optimism as they carry on with their lives. For example, in the first track All Passwords are Brisbane, after a passionate tribute to a past relationship, Arrows vocalist Anthony Morgan solidly declares, “I’ve got other plans” during a sustained bass tone that erupts into distortionfilled spectacle of sanguinity that made me want to put my fist in the air and declare war upon the anguish that the initial contents of the song made

me feel. Absolutely stellar intensity.   Although, this optimism didn’t last long because as soon as the first track ended I was thrust into Empire! Empire! (IWALE) singer Keith Latinen’s disheartened grievances of when he was growing up. He tells two stories in the next two tracks that appear to be situations that could easily be shrugged off but apparently embody much more emotional discomfort that only the author could understand. The lyrics have the potential to touch the hearts of many because everyone has small events in their life that embody a whole lot more than meets the eye. For this reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw Empire! Empire! (IWALE) and Arrows getting much more recognition in the future.

  This album is the epitome of how this relatively new wave of indie rock/pop is beginning to wet the feet of the mainstream music scene with rising indie artists like Fun., Of Monsters and Men, Foster the People and others. Their messages that emphasize the importance of youth and advocate for the young adults of the nation are what these artists seem to be riding into the spotlight onto the stage of today’s popular music.   If you’re in search of new music to sit back and think to, wallow in your puddles of misery to, or find some inspiration to; I recommend you get a hold of Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) and Arrow’s new split EP. I guarantee you’ll find an understanding voice within this short album.

  Star Wars fans are hyped up for the re-release of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith in 3-D. Starting in February 2012, Lucas announced that he and Fox would be re-releasing the Star Photo Courtesy of www.starwars. Wars films in chronological com/ order in terms of story.   Although fans are disapnals will be a huge success pointed that it is episodes one among the masses. through three being released   Star Wars first released on in 3-D first instead of the May 25, 1977. Thirty five original three episodes. Even years later, the Star Wars if they are disappointed they franchise is still producing still think incomprehen“it will be sible amounts interesting of revenue. “It will be to have Although the them in amount of interesting to chronologimoney that cal order Star Wars has have them in since it brought in wasn’t chronological through mer[Lucas’] chandise sales original as well as order...” plan.” says other sources Taylorsville of income has senior Brady Davies. dwindled in recent years, the   Episode II: Attack of the release of the 3-D versions of Clones will be released on the classic movies is expected September 20, 2013 with Epi- to produce millions of dollars sode III: Revenge of the Sith in revenue. following a mere twenty days   As the new releases of Star later on October 11, 2013. Wars hit box offices everyWith the release of Episode where, the most successful I: Phantom Menace making film series ever produced will $102 million at the global box continue its dominance in office it is easy to guess that total profit. these popular American origi-

Owl City’s New Album


September 27, 2012 13

Owl City sells out to mainstream monotony Talent lost to commerciality of polular music By Sergio Martinez Author

  Yet another talented artist tainted by and lost to the generic sounds and influences of the mainstream. Owl City’s new album, The Midsummer Station, is proof that even artists of the most humble beginnings can be defiled by the redundant glitz and glamour of popular music.   The album was released last month on August 17th; dazzling teenage girls everywhere with its cheesy lyrics, overused major chord progressions, pounding basslines and endless looping.   Adam Young, the mastermind behind it all, began his career from his mother’s basement. Suffering from insomnia, Young began creating passionate emo-pop tracks using nothing but a few keyboards and a computer as an alternative to sleep. After being discovered on Myspace by Universal Republic he was given the opportunity to sign with them and release Ocean Eyes (2009), the album which contained hit single, Fireflies. Ocean Eyes deserved the reaction it got.   Unlike Young’s recent album, it diversified from the mainstream electronic pop that was present at the time. It differentiated from

the majority in rhythm, mood and sound. These divergences are what gave Owl City his spot at the top. The Midsummer Station does the exact opposite, converging with the popular music of today and becoming just another clone in the crowd of the overcorporatized, mainstream zombies.   Although, this may just be what Young wanted. “Over the past several years I’d become fascinated with trying to capture magic in a jar through simple, concise pop songs,”     Young said. “I saw it as a great challenge to try to come up with catchy, unique, and memorable songs because it was a new method of songwriting I’d never approached before. I believe artists should never look back or repeat themselves and this was a new frontier for me.”     The Midsummer Station is certainly different from his past work but is “magic” what he really wants to capture in his jar, or is it just more money? The album sounds to me like “magic in a jar” directly translates to “cash in my pocket” in Young’s terms. I guess his focus has unfortunately shifted from good music to good mula.   The album is loaded with the oh so familiar “thump” of the electronic party bass and contains such gimcrack lyrics that would make the average teenage girl want directly quote them within her lovestruck subtweets.   Apart from Silhouette, the ballad that offers a shift of mood in the album, the album

Photo by

doesn’t live up to Young’s claims of it being darker while drawing more influence from his own dreams, nightmares, and self-reflection. Unless he likes to pump his fist while reflecting on his nightmares, Young didn’t hit his intended target in relation to the atmosphere he wanted to set.   Nevertheless, he has already had success with

this album as Good Time, a collaboration with hit artist Carly Rae Jepsen, has already made the top of the charts. Owl City has already begun touring along with his new release and will be performing in Salt Lake on October 1st if you want a taste of his newly-reformed, nightmare party action.


Expected to raise $500,000

Adam Young’s insomnia led to the beginning of a music project in his parent’s basement. Owl City’s first full-length album debuted at No. 27 on Billboard 200 HIs music through Myspace caught the attention of Universal Republic presidents Avery and Monte Lipman.

Photo By Andrew robles

Karli Eyre, senior, goes in for a lob in a game against Viewmont.

14 September 27, 2012


Desert racing speeds up across the state.

Student Thane Tyler finds passion in desert racing Tyler finds a thrill every time he rides in the high speed sport across the Utah desert. to compete in trial competitions. They set a big boulder   In the Wendover desert, and two smaller boulders out silence is tangible with close on each side and the rider has to 80 riders waiting for the to get over all three without signal. A small banner is held setting his foot down,” said high overhead to tell the ridTyler. “So we grew up riding ers that the time is coming. and then our neighbors introThane Tyler, senior, rubs off duced us to desert racing.” his bike and begins to count   Tyler’s mother, Billye Ann in his head, a type of destress- supports her sons. “I am neror he has come to use before vous, but excited. I thought every race. He knows this Thane would be a bull rider feeling coming over him, it’s or someone who was in the the “natural high” he loves rodeo or something like that. about desert racing. So this is comparable to that,   “It’s a deep rumble that as a mom worrying about her comes over you because the child.” people that are watching are   Billye Ann Tyler knows the way out from the start,” said dangers of desert racing, and Billye Ann in riding Tyler, mother. a motor“It’s like the   “The begincycle. ning is the “When concept of worst part, it you have is so nerve wait getting back on to wracking. In while they motocross on the the horse once are there is a gate trail for a restricting you long time, you’ve fallen from going,” you get said Thane nervous. off.” Tyler. “In desert I like to racing, there is watch with -Thane Tyler nothing. Just binoculars a banner held to see by two guys.” them coming in from far Once the banner is dropped, a away.” thunder arises suddenly from   Thane Tyler said the most all the bikes that were at rest, common reason for accidents and the long race begins. in learning how to ride is the   The love and devotion to urban motocross term called Desert racing began with whiskey throttle. “When you Tyler’s father, who started get into trouble, most ridthe family tradition of riding ers will tense up and hold motorcycles. “My dad used Hannah Dailami Editor in Chief

photo courtesy of Billye Ann Tyler

Thane Tyler, senior, participates in an off-road race across the Wendover desert against other racers from around the state.

the throttle open. The bike becomes out of control and that’s how most younger kids get into accidents.”   Tyler can only know from a similar instance in which he was in trouble. “I was riding around in my neighbors driveway. Like learning how to ride a bike, after going straight you have to learn to turn. I wasn’t at that stage yet. I tensed up and went straight into a bush,” said Thane Tyler. “It’s like the concept of getting back on the horse

once you’ve fallen off.”   Thane Tyler said that’s the reason he is still racing. “It’s so nerve wracking. Think of jumping off a high dive platform, the adrenaline rush you get. Well racing is worse than that and it all begins with the start.” Tyler knows the importance of a nearly perfect start. The racers are lined up across the desert sand and as the race starts are funneled in half or even a third of their length.   “This is essential and mandatory, because if you

don’t have a good start you are prohibited from doing good,” said Tyler. “The dust is incredible and you can only go as far as you can see. This is when you have to start picking off people.”   Tyler’s passion for passing people can only be described in this way. “You know that thing could could miss sleeping for, that thing that you could miss breakfast for? Well that is racing and passing people to me. It’s my passion.”

Desert Racing

An off road speed race through the deserts of Utah. Racers compete in age groups ranging from under 18 -40 across Utah. Differs from Motocross in the beginning- motocross has a bar where as desert racing just has a banner. Speeds range from 30-50 miles per hour.

Tennis preps for regionals Coach Wells and his past Toney out with injury


September 27, 2012


Tennis prepares for regionals Girls tennis finishes region play with a 6-4 record. By Cami Mathews Reporter

  Reversing their record from the past season, the girls tennis team finished with a 6-4 record for region play. With a team full of seniors, the girls made a goal of trying to advance everyone to state and to compete with those they may have to face.   “We come into each match knowing if we play our best we could win,” said Rebecca Elkins, head coach. “We would like to not only get the entire varsity team in the state tournament, but we would also like to compete with other teams once we get there.”   The team, being full of seniors, had the experience needed to help make this year more successful than the past. The second year players looked to improve from the past year and to push themselves to a new level.   “For a lot of us last year was our first year playing so we all struggled learning how to play the game,” said Mikki Hayward, senior. “Whereas this year we were more experienced and able to focus more on our individual needs and improvements.”   The team finished region with a 6-4 record and is looking to advance to state with

Photo by Jilea Fobair

New Head Football coach,Rod Wells, cheers on the football team in a game against Murray on August 31st.

New coach inspired by those in his past Rod Wells opens up about his rough childhood lawns, transporting hay, and any other odd jobs that would help him earn the money.   After the first year he knew   With a drill sergeant style that football was his newly of coaching football, and a founded love and that it was gentle approach to teaching what he wanted to be a part his students, Rod Wells takes of for the rest of his life. Rod his students and athletes and found football as a place challenges them to raise the where he could prove to the bar. He may push his athworld that he was ready for letes to the breaking point anything. “Had it not been and assist his students with for sports I would have faded their work, but Wells has a into nothing or thought I was past that does not seem to so worthless that there was no fit the profile of what people point in living,” said Wells. see today. They see a short “Sports, football especially, bald man with a prominent saved my life.” sunglass tan line. But there is   Since then a past to Wells Wells has that would made a name “Had it not shock all who for himself in know him. football been for sports the   Looking at community. Wells many accredits I would have He spectators part of his succan observe cess to a coach faded into that he is an that truly made aggressive, a difference in nothing or athletic, intimhis life- Coach idating man from the thought I was Mac who looks as University if he could of Utah. Mac so worthless put up a fight recruited Wells with a grizzly from high there was bear. Contrary school and to his appearmade a large no point in ance now, he impact on his did not always life. When his living.”-Rod look this way. mother was in   “When I the hospital, Wells was a little his coaches kid I was a before Mac short and showed little fat,” said Wells. “I was the interest in the matter. But kid everybody picked on.” when his father died, Mac Having to endure the torment was there for Wells, allowed of eight year old peers took a him time to adjust and reastoll on Rod. He needed a way sured him that he had people to escape; a way to prove to who were there for him. everyone that he meant some-   “I had coaches who thing in the world. Football couldn’t care less about me or became the answer that he the fact that my mother was was praying for. in the hospital. They thought   Even though he played that since the school was football in little league, high paying for my education that school, and college, it was a that was enough,” said Wells. rough start to even be able to “And yet when my father sign-up for his first year. His passed away Coach Mac was father, an English teacher, on my doorstep making sure I hated sports. His siblings, all was okay.” seven of them, never played a   Wells strives to perfect his sport in any age group. Rod’s coaching to match that of the father did not want his son man who showed he truly to become a ‘dumb jock’ and cared. “Coach Mac treated his refused to provide the money players as more than playneeded for his eight year old ers,” said Wells. “He treated son to sign up for football. them like human beings and   Wells knew that football I want to do the same. I want was going to be the change my players to know that they in his life that he desperately mean more to me; that I truly needed. He started mowing care about them.” By Cami Mathews Reporter

photo by jilea fobair

Senior Kim Gabbitas volleys the ball while facing off against West in the final game of region play last Thursday.

as many of their players as they can. Those who advance to state will have to prepare for competition from reigning champs Alta and Lone Peak along with the region

rival Viewmont. Before state the team will have to prove how far they have come and place high in regionals. Tough competition will arise in Viewmont and West.

  “Our chances this year at regionals are fantastic,” said Sidnee Huff, senior. “We can go and put up a fight and win. We are excited to accomplish that as a team.”

Linebacker captain injured Senior linebacker captain Toney finds himself injured after Olympus game losing scholarships, and how hard it will be for him not being able to play.”   “It’s really hard, because   Crushed, destroyed, not it’s like a dream just crushsure where to go after this; the ing you. And it closed a lot of feelings of Toney Largaespossible windows for scholarpada after the first quarter of ships.” said Toney when the Taylorsville vs. Olympus. asked how the injury effected The captain of the Warrior him. He didn’t give up hope football team had sprained his in his team. He came back to AC Joint and possibly torn every practice, and kept the his Rotator Cuff just from a same captain mentality as besimple tackle that he had perfore, cheering on his boys and formed on multiple occasions. pushing just as hard as ever.     This unbearable night for   “He’s still a good captain Toney and the team, turned for dang sure,” said senior into a real Taige Taylor. nightmare Not only when he got was Toney “It’s really hard, news from personally the docbecause it’s like damaged by tor that he this injury. a dream just would pos  “It hurts us sibly be out crushing you. on defense, for the whole is And it closed a whoever season. This his back up, senior line lot of possible they just need backer was to step it up.” distraught windows for said Taylor. with fear. “As far as scholarships.” Where the football would his -Toney team sees it, future go, Toney was Largaespada where would and is a huge college go? advantage  Head to the team. Without Toney Coach, Mr. Wells said, “When the season seemed meek. we lost him, I was devastated Specially with Region right by not only losing him as a around the corner.” player, but it being his senior   Although Toney was not year and the possibility of By Sam Burfiend Reporter

photo by jilea fobair

Toney Largaespada, senior, cheers on his team during the Delta game where he was able to play despite injury.

able to play full throttle for the Homecoming game, he was capable of making a marvelous comeback being told he would be able to finish the season by helping the team tackle Kearns at region. “He’s still a good captain, and we still want him because he’s a great line backer” quoted Sam Faalavelave.   Toney hopes to help end the season with a bang, and the team feels that thanks to this win at Homecoming, that they will be able to make an impact for the reason of this season. “Very happy, not only is he

a good player, but a good leader for defense and the team,” said Rod Wells, head coach, when asked how he felt about having Toney back for the end of the season.

AC Joint Injuries

Involves the tearing of ligaments in the shoulder. Resonsible in connecting the shoulder blade to the clavicle. Typically happens after a direct blow to the shoulder. Typically heals in 2-3 weeks.

16 September 27, 2012


Roy Nash takes nationals Girls soccer tied for second in region 2

Nash faces injury, recovery, then takes national win After eight months of recuperation, Roy Nash wins national competition By Edgar Estrada Editor-in-Chief

  Winning the largest national wrestling championship in the country in two different classes this summer came as a bit of a surprise for junior Roy Nash, who had only been training for just four months following his eight month long recuperation from knee surgery.   The dual wins give Nash four national event wins, two in 2010 in Orem, Utah and the third and fourth from wins in two different wrestling styles this June in Fargo, North Dakota, competing against the top wrestlers from across the country.   “Roy is a great athlete because he has both the physical and mental skills for this sport,” said Nash’s coach Brandon Ruiz from Ruiz Combat Grappling. “He is very coachable. I can share my experience with him and he takes that out on the mat and just executes.”   Nash began wrestling in 7th grade. His dad had played football in high school and college, but his mom was the one who had some experience with wrestling, having been the scorekeeper for her high school team. Cousins participation in the sport had caught his interest, but initially wrestling did not take first priority.   “I originally started playing basketball. I did four sports, volleyball along with others,” said Nash. “But, as I started wrestling I found out that I was getting better at it and had an opportunity to go places in this sport.”   After his second year of wrestling, Nash took first place in Nationals for Freestyle and Greco in Orem, Utah in the 13-14 year old class.   “It was very exciting and shocking. We didn’t expect him to that well his first year at Nationals,” said his mother, Terriann Nash.   Freestyle and Greco are two of the three styles in

Photo courtesy of terriann nash

Roy Nash wrestles competitor in nationals in Fargo, North Dakota. Nash finished with dual wins in two different wrestling styles just four months after coming back from an eight month recovery for his knee.

which can be competed in, the other being Folk.   Folk is the competition that school teams are involved in; Freestyle and Greco are Olympic styles of wrestling. The differences between the styles are the rules implemented, for example Greco style does not allow the use of legs for different attacks or defenses.   Nash enjoys all of the forms, but said, “I like Greco a little bit better, I’ve been traditionally better at it and I’ll have more success at it.”   Nash plans to wrestle for the high school team this year in addition to preparing for the Spring, hoping to qualify for the world team.   Last Spring while preparing for the same competitions, starting with the regional competition, is where Nash sustained the injury that most thought would prevent him from from wrestling very competitively at the 2012 national. His surprise two event wins proved that skepticism wrong.   While in training camp for the Fargo, ND national competition in 2011, Nash tore out his ACL and meniscus and sustained a partial tear to

his MCL. He needed surgery, and even that one he beand was out for eight months grudges, “I wish that had been - unable to wrestle at all. Just a perfect score at Nationals,” four months before nationals he said. the following year in 2012,   The Fargo nationals was Nash was able to get back the largest national competiinto training again. tion in the USA, with 2000   “For Roy to go from really plus wrestlers at the tournainjured to back on the mat in ment. Following that, is the just three FILA Qualimonths or fier, a smaller “When I win, so before the tournament nationals that is used like at nationals, for official and then to win that just selection of I know that I really says the world something team. In about his did not rely on addition to talent as an competition athlete,” said anyone else.” on the world Ruiz. team, other  Nash -Roy Nash options are credits his college and ability to focompeting cus mentally on a college and keep his head in the game wrestling team or entering to training from his coach. training for the Olympics.   “My coach and I worked   Ruiz also has high aspiraa lot on my mental game tions for the future of the before nationals in Fargo,” first national winner he has said Nash. “We focused a lot coached, one of just two on defense. If they can’t score Taylorsville students to earn they can’t beat me.” a national win, the second beGiving up no points in the ing Ruiz’s brother Justin.   13 matches of the regional   “He has a pretty great tournament, Nash gave up future,” said Ruiz. “Usually just one point in the Greco guys that do what he has done national tournament in Fargo, go on to compete very well

at every level. There are college scholarships, Olympics competitions, really whatever he wants to do.”   “Wrestling is a lot more intense that many sports because you are not playing on a team. If I lose it is all my fault. But when I win, like at nationals, I know that I did not rely on anyone else. It was all my hard work that led to the win. I have training partners and coached to help me prepare, but when I’m on the mat, coach can be yelling at me, but it’s all my performance that will win or lose in the end.”   Nash’s competitive attitude and dreams for the future are grounded in winning today. In the future, he mentally wrestles with options from college to world competition and even possible Olympics training.   Whatever he chooses, Roy insists that the non-negotiable is a two-year mission that he will serve for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a year after he graduates.   “I will definitely be going on a mission when I hit nineteen. Some colleges don’t want to see that happen be-

cause it is hard to stay in the right kind of shape to wrestle when I come back. But this is important to me and I will be serving a mission regardless.”   Nash’s academic performance is nearly as impressive as his wrestling record, boasting a 3.9 GPA with just two A- in 9th grade to mar his perfect record. “We’re very proud of him with his wrestling and also being able to do very well in school,” said Teriann Nash.     “We hope he can go on to college with scholarships, and maybe someday be in the Olympics.”


Three main types of wrestling are Folk, Greco, and Freestyle. Folk is the form of wrestling that schools compete in. Greco style wrestling does not allow the use of legs. Wrestlers win in freestyle by throwing and pinning their opponent. Both Greco and Freestyle are used in the Olympics.

Girls soccer looks to win last three region games before state tournament Tied with West for second place in region 2, the girls must face Hunter, Granger, and West before they can go to state By Cami Mathews Reporter

    With an overall record of 7-6, the girls soccer team was forced to compete with injuries and tough competitors in pre-season and region play. The girls now hope to win their final three region games, confirming a spot in the state tournament.   “Our team has always set the goal of state and nothing less,” said Christy Lusty, senior. “But I do not think we saw our full potential until the away game at West. We are a winning team, we just have to play to that mindset.”   To get where the team is now, they had to get past road blocks including losing senior Brianna Johnson to an injury.

  “Injuries are always unfortunate when it comes to losing essential players,” said Danielle Perez, senior cocaptain. “Recently, Brianna Johnson, our center defender suffered from an ACL injury which unfortunately takes her out of play for six months.”   To get through the setbacks the team needed leaders to help guide the girls together and have unity on and off the field.   “Taylor Turpin and Danielle Perez have both done a great job in being our captains,” said West Bludworth, head coach. “We also have a lot of seniors who show leadership in different ways from most of them.”   Leadership has been a necessity in all games, espe-

cially the ones against region rivals. Tough games have included the over time victory against the Hunter Wolverines and losses against one of the best teams in the state, the Viewmont Vikings.   “One of our most tough competitors has been Viewmont, who is a very skilled and talented team,” said Perez. “We gave them a run for their money the second time we played them that ended in a heart breaking defeat 2-1.”   The team is now focused on the final three games and then the state tournament.   “I think our chances in state are pretty good if we play our game and work together as a team,” said Abi Black, senior. “I think we can go far.”

Photo by dani ahlstrom

Danielle Perez, senior, heads toward the goal against region rival Hunter in an over time game. Final score: 3-2 for Taylorsville.

September 2012 Warrior Ledger  

September high school newspaper for Taylorsville High School

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