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interior design

Redesign of subway station

Simonis (Leopold ll)

metro date

The Virtual Garden is like a green wave that rolls inside the space. When a person is coming closer to the garden, he realizes he can not go into the garden or see what’s behind the green wall. By this time, the person is automatically drawn to the corridor alongside the garden. Along the corridor, monitors and headphones are mounted on the wall, each showing a different situation that could be happening behind the wall inside the garden. These videos are a starting point for the spectator to create his own imaginary situations.

design à la carte

‘Design à la carte’ is a restaurant with bar that is divided into a number of cells positioned

in a way that they virtually are stand-alone, independent from one another. Guests are welcomed in the bar to enjoy a drink before going to their table. Thus, they can chose beforehand in which ‘cell’ and matching atmosphere they want to eat. The cells are all immersed in a different sphere created by one or more designers. The cells, like the food and drinks, are part of the menu – you choose them like you would (and even in complement to) your dishes.

For every atmosphere the chef has a suggestion prepared. This together with carefully selected music and adapted lighting will bring such an overwhelming experience to the customers, they will remember this night for a long time to come. At the end of the evening a folder with information about the designer and the works is provided to the guests.


Design for a gallery Used materials for the concept: oak wood, aluminium, glass panels and Corten steel.

News services are changing over the years. In today’s society there is a constant flow of information and changes going on in the world, constantly observed and reported. Analyzing this huge flow and making it compact and easy for normal people to understand is part of the process. This constant evolving world doesn’ t have 9 to 5 working hours; it’s a 24/7 business. A news service that works 24/7 needs constant input to be processed, in order to ensure a constant presence. More people will work at the same place, with a bigger flow of workers as a result. The news service is therefore very flexible and made for dual use. In this hive of business, there is a great need for rest. Breaks are needed to work efficiently and productive. Taking breaks can improve the creativity and quality of work significantly, and have the effect of a positive charge. This concept can even extend to sleep. The workaholic reporter who is working with world-shattering news can focus on his story just a bit longer by resting for a wh i l e a n d r e c h a r g i n g h i s b a t t e r i e s . M o r e efficiency, less time wasted in this ‘time is money’ culture.

vrt news service

loft project

stary oskol Sportsbar - Restaurant - Nightclub

The lounge and nightclub are located at the basement of a Hotel. This implies that going into the nightclub you are going underground. The way we see taking on the project is to make this a part of the story we want to tell people who come visit the nightclub. When you are going underground, you s h o u l d h ave t h e fe e l i n g t h a t yo u a r e entering a whole other world. Going to the nightclub is an expedition, an experience you’re not likely to forget. For inspiration we look at nature. In our design you might recognize some underwater fauna and flora such as the skeleton of a whale or the shapes of a coral reef. We don’t use these shapes as found in nature; we simplify and abstract them, making the nightclub and lounge into a fluid whole of shapes. Using lots of white materials, we can create any kind of atmosphere we want through the use of colored LED lighting and video projection.

night club


caligula club

st. petersburg

escape fitness center


Part One Redesigning entrance area, circulation flow, bar & lounge area

escape fitness center

Part Two Colour study for the entrance-, circulation-, lounge- and gym area

product design

connections . As the name suggests it’s a landscape of seats. The user can combine endlessly, grow, shrink, go up and down... Moreover, landscape is stackable, so parts you don’t want to use can easily be stored without taking to much storage space. Landscape is made from a coloured plastic foam.



Landscape is a modular sitting object that offers infinite

saidleeh Standing Lamp - Saidleeh

Pending Lamp - Leoon


b채sil Pending Lamp - Ikea Hack Series made from 15 cat/dog food bowls mobile 0032486932043

Pieter Bostoen Portfolio

Pieter Bostoen Portfolio