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Charity in Islam – In the Service of People

• Muslim charities in UK are into many different development and reforming activities. Their activities and initiatives revolve around the poor and the needy muslim communities all around the world with focus on the most under trodden regions and remote places where even basic necessities are like a luxury. In various parts of the world there are many muslims and muslim countries which have a large number of its people living in adverse conditions much below the poverty line.

• Forupliftment and development of such muslim communities there are many Islamic Charities or NGO’s working day and night. These NGO’s are either government funded NGO’s or non government NGO’s. Their work includes health of the poorest, provision of safe drinking water to them, homes for the orphan children, work opportunities for the young, schools and more.

• These charities are into providing safe drinking water to the needy people, mostly remote locations where there is scarcity of water. Their projects include construction of bore wells, overhead water storage tanks, tube wells, hand pumps and more. They also work towards creating sources of income for the down trodden people. This includes helping them out with various small scale businesses like cattle rearing, weaving, basket making, stitching, masonary work etc.

Charity in islam – in the service of people