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3 Enduring Kitchen Design Ideas

Home design trends can be fun and eye catching but will they last the test of time? Here are some of the top popular kitchen designs that will last for years to come...

• Neutral Color Schemes: These days, if you can imagine it- someone else can make your creative kitchen a reality. Some people experiment with neon kitchens or bold wallpaper- but choosing a muted color scheme for your kitchen will be sleek and stylish for years to come. Popular kitchen cabinet designs in glistening white or polished grays endure while other trends come and go.

• Cabinets High & Low: Popular kitchen cabinet designs make use of both low and high spaces. There are many choices when it comes to kitchen equipment; however there aren’t many options for where to store your supplies. Popular kitchen cabinet designs from NewForm Kitchen allow your to pick from a range of modern and traditional cabinets with lots of storage space.

• Smart Kitchens: Hi-tech kitchen technology evolves more and more every year. When redesigning your kitchen, it’s important to consider how best to incorporate innovative technology. From hidden charging stations to tablet stands, make sure to integrate smart devices.

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3 Enduring Kitchen Design Ideas