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Green Energy: The Next Stage As you already know, going green has become very popular. This is for a number of reasons, including the fact that it helps the environment and saves money. Whether you have already begun to go green, or have just started, there are surely things in this article that you can learn. Continue reading this article for ways to reduce your energy usage while saving you money.

Do you use decorative lighting outdoors for your walkways or gardens? If so, there are versions now available that run on solar energy. They only need a minimal amount of sunlight to operate all night long. These can save you a great deal of money over time and are a great alternative to wasting electrical energy. Because they use the sun to operate they are completely green other than the process of manufacturing them.

Make sure that all of your appliances are low energy users. Older appliances may run well, but they use a great deal more energy to operate than models than have been made recently. Thanks to energy star you can choose appliances that use the least amount of energy to operate. If you can not afford to purchase all new appliances you should begin with the oldest models and work your way to the younger models. If you do this you will be on your way to saving money on energy costs and helping to lower your carbon footprint on the environment.

Using less water is something a lot of people forget about when trying to go green. Water is a resource that is at risk, due to how quickly the population is growing and how much we waste. One way to conserve water is to take quick showers. A quick shower will reduce your water usage by hundreds of gallons, and will also save you money on your water heating bills. You should stay away from baths all-together, as they use the most water. Another tip is to stay away from watering your lawn. Normal rain amounts should be able to keep your lawn healthy, and if they are not, there is even more reason to not waste water. If you really like to water your lawn you should create a rain collection system from your spouts to provide water for your lawn. Finally, if you work hard to not leave your water running, whether you are brushing your teeth, or doing dishes, you will save a lot of water from being wasted.

If you really want to go green you should consider installing a solar water heater. This is especially effective in warmer climates, but works almost anywhere. The initial cost is somewhat high, but they pay for themselves in a few years on the energy savings. Be sure, however, that it is properly installed to ensure maximum efficiency.

Now that you have read this article you know that there are many different things that you can do to go green. Put the tips in this article to use to save you money and help the environment. Click here for more information

Green Energy_ The Next Stage  
Green Energy_ The Next Stage  

afford to purchase all new appliances you should begin with the oldest models and work your way to