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Marymount International School Year 2012 - 2013

Course Registration Quick Reference Guide General Course Information Dear Rising Grade 6 Students, Welcome to the registration process for the 2012-2013 school year. Moving from the elementary school to the secondary school will be an exciting transition period for you. You will be given more individual freedom, but expected to use it wisely. Please be prepared to try your best and bring a positive attitude with you! In the coming weeks you will be selecting your courses for grade 6. In grades 6 - 8 your courses at pretty much set with the only option being Modern Language and Music. Please take time to read through the courses you will be taking next year. Please note, this is only a Quick Reference guide. If you should require additional information or would like to browse all the courses offered and look at the resources used, please go to

Students in Grades 6-8 follow a program of required courses in English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Arts (Art and Computers), Music, Drama, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Science, Social Studies, and Health. Students who elect to enroll in the Italian State approved Media Program will have adjustments made to their curricular requirements in order to schedule all of the courses.

Grade 6 Program English 6 Mathematics 6 Science 6 Modern Language: Italian. Spanish or French Social Studies 6 Religious Studies Music 6

Computer, iLab

for the complete Secondary School Course Description Booklet. If you have any additional questions please feel free to direct them to your teacher or me.


I look forward to your arrival in the secondary school! Best regards, Mr. Kennedy Secondary Principal

Art Drama Physical Education/Health

Grade 6 Italian Media Program* English 6 Mathematics 6 Science 6 Modern Language: Spanish or French Italian Prima Media Studies* Religious Studies Music 6 Computer, Advisory Art Drama Physical Education/Health

*Prima Media: Literature, Grammar, History, Geography, and Mathematics MARYMOUNT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL COURSE REGISTRATION

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Grade 6 Course Descriptions ART 6

Art 6 is an introductory course and provides experiences designed to help students develop a greater understanding of the principles of art as related to drawing skills, applied design methods (painting, mixed media, sculpture) and ceramics.


This course is designed to consolidate and further computer skills, which were introduced in Elementary School, with students extending their computing skills in word processing and spreadsheets. Each student will produce his or her own website, which will represent the subjects they are studying.


This is a one year, practical course into the introduction of theatre and performance. The focus of the course is geared towards teamwork, communication skills, public speaking and confidence building. Students will finish the course with an understanding of what theatre and performance means, why it is part of our society and how it can help them in everyday life. They will learn how to focus their skills to create their own performances, read scripts, design sets and empathize with other characters. The nature of the course itself creates a risk free environment for the students to experiment and try new things.


The sixth grade English Language Arts course provides concrete preparation in reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and literary analysis. Literary studies include prose, poetry, drama and autobiography, and a diversity of writing activities. This course caters to the individual differences of students by reinforcing key linguistic concepts, and by providing students with extra practice in composition skills, vocabulary, and the mechanics of grammar usage. Required readings, research projects, and oral presentations will permit students to enhance their verbal and written communication. As reading is integral to this course, students will be assigned books for the summer and academic year, and are expected to successfully complete periodic written documentation on the tests. Students are also provided with the opportunity to enhance their oral skills MARYMOUNT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL COURSE REGISTRATION

by participating to a greater degree in oral presentations, technology integrated activities and class discussion.


The Middle School ESL program is geared to assist students whose first language is not English to become competent to participate in content subject areas. Students are immersed in mainstream classes and follow the regular curriculum with the assistance of the ESL teacher. The ESL teacher is present in the classroom and both co-teaches and pulls out ESL students for small group instruction. Students will be able to: 1) Demonstrate English competency through spoken and written communication. 2) Demonstrate English competency in content subject areas. 3) Demonstrate English competency in socially and culturally appropriate ways.

MODERN LANGUAGES Students in grade 6 have the choice of Italian, French, or Spanish.

French 6, Spanish 6, Italian 6

This introductory course acquaints the student with basic vocabulary, grammar and aspects of civilization through the use of a textbook, workbook and audio material. Upon completion the student will be able to fulfill basic communication needs including personal information and daily routine using the four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing).


This course develops ability in calculating and problem solving to prepare students for Pre-Algebra and applications of these skills in day-to-day experiences. Basic Algebra concepts are introduced and integrated into several of the units. A range of topics from Geometry, Statistics and Arithmetic are covered to give students the foundations required for subsequent courses. A variety of methods for solving word problems are used throughout the year, encouraging students to be lateral thinkers.

MUSIC 6 Students in grade 6 have the choice of either taking band or choir.

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Grade 6 Course Descriptions BAND 6

Grades 6 This is a year-long course in which students are introduced to string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments, and can try them out, then having the opportunity to opt for private lessons. Basic ensemble skills are taught. They also study music from many different genres and music theory while developing their music reading skills.

CHOIR 6 This is a year-long course in which students continue to learn to control their voices, to produce a sound efficiently across a wide range and work on part- singing. They also study music from many different genres and music theory while continuing to develop their music reading skills.


The 6th grade physical education course aims to foster wellness, knowledge, social skills, fair play and fun. The activity-based, sequential program will introduce students to team sports, health related fitness components (focusing on aerobic activity, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility), healthy choices, and lifetime activities. Through these units, students will learn and develop the fundamental skills of different sports, as well as essential principles to live a healthy, active life. Students will work to master these skills individually and in groups, where sportsmanship and cooperative play are stressed.


The Scriptures & Faith Celebrations: The Old Testament is the basis for this course and the basis of our faith as Christians. God will be seen as the Creator who cares for us, His people. Jesus will be seen as the fulfillment of the Hebrew Scriptures and the One who proclaims of the Kingdom of God. The concepts, ideas and practices of other faiths in our school community will also be referenced.

states of matter and method used to separate mixtures. In physics, electricity, magnets, forces and energy are introduced.


This is the first of a three-year Middle School Social Studies program. The six general strands of social studies (economics, civics, history, geography, culture and science and technology) are introduced with a focus on physical and human geography. Case and map studies are emphasized.

iLAB The course is designed to introduce the students to Apple multimedia software. Students are engaged in hands-on experiences using iPhoto, iMovie, and Garage Band to create photo montages, videos, short films, podcasts and vodcasts. iWeb, a program for creating web pages, as well as iLife and iWork are used and applied.

SCHOOL VISION STATEMENT At Marymount, we strive to develop students who are capable, honest, and respectful, and, who are prepared both academically and spiritually to be lifelong learners and


Students learn to use the scientific method by designing and performing simple experiments and learning to use tools for measurement. The topics to be covered touch three areas of science. In biology, the students will study cells, tissues, and organs as well as reproduction. Chemistry topics focus on reversible and irreversible changes, acids, MARYMOUNT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL COURSE REGISTRATION

YEAR 2012-2013



Grade 6 Course Registration Form Year 2012 - 2013

To access the Grade 6 Registration Course booklet go to:

Name of Student: _________________________________ Are you fluent in English? ______ Yes ______ No Are you currently an ESL student? Dear Parents, Rising Grade 6 Students and Grade 5 Teachers, It is time to register 5th grade students for their 6th grade courses. All 6th grade students take a required course of studies as outlined in the course handbook and on the back side of this document. Students must choose between the International route or the Prima Media route- which is appropriate for students who wish to prepare for the Italian state exam, the Licenza di 3* Media. In order to assist us in the preliminary process, please complete the form below and return it to your Grade 5 Teacher when requested. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly. Thank you, Mr. Pete Kennedy Secondary School Principal

______ Yes ______ No (Please note that ESL is assigned to meet students needs) Are you enrolling in the Prima Media course of study? ______Yes ______No Elective choices in Music and Modern Language Music Course (choose a first choice (1) and second choice(2)) ______Band ______Choir All grade 6 students must select a Modern language. Prima Media students must choose from only Spanish or French for their Modern language. Please check the language you would like to study. Modern Language (check one) _____ French _____ Spanish _____ Italian* *(Italian 2nd language is for Non Prima Media students only) Parent Signature_______________________ Advisor Initial_________Date____________ Please note that this is a pre-registration only and matriculation to the next grade is dependent upon successful completion of the current grade and completion of the Re-enrolment Form for 2012-2013.


YEAR 2012-2013

registration gr.6  
registration gr.6  

Marymount International School Registration Grade 6