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Marymount Maers Marymount International School London is a private Catholic Day and Boarding school for girls ages 11 to 18 (Grades 6-12), representing multiple nationalities and a wide range of religious backgrounds. Our students look beyond their own background and see the world as one classroom. We prepare our students for a world that needs their global awareness, curiosity, compassion, and willingness to use their gifts in service to others.

Purposeful Learning As an IB World School for 40 years, Marymount offers a strong academic programme based on the International Baccalaureate curricula, fostering critical thinking, resilience, and independence. IB classrooms encourage students and teachers to seek knowledge, ask questions, collaborate, communicate and discover solutions together. This holistic approach to learning delivers a well-rounded education enriched by our cultural and religious diversity. The faculty and staff are fully committed to the academic, emotional, spiritual and social development of all students by: •

Encouraging each student to understand, live and bear witness to her faith and to deepen her love of and relationship with God.

Helping students to love each other, respect each other’s beliefs, develop qualities of forgiveness and a joyful sharing of life.

Developing in each student a sense of personal integrity, inner reflection, and responsibility for her own actions.

Stimulating students to think independently, critically and without prejudice.

Instilling a lifelong love of learning and inspiring in students the qualities of scholarship, character, service and leadership.

Focusing on the cultural and international diversity within the School as a forum for understanding and cooperation.

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Marymount London: Distinctly Different  

Marymount London: Distinctly Different