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Q7. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

At the beginning of the year, we had to create a preliminary version of a school magazine. From then and now where I have created my own music magazine, there have been significant changes between the two products as I have developed new skills over time. Looking back now, I can identify some prominent differences such as the use of images. For my preliminary task, the images were quite blurry and were of bad quality. The images were further of low standard as some of the images were dull and would not of attracted any readers. This differs from the product I have created as with the use of advanced equipment such as lighting and better organization with what the model should be wearing and their body and facial expressions, I have had the outcome of very high standard and appropriate images. Especially because I had used the software of photoshop to make them look more professional whereas before, I had not edited them at all and left it with the use of only the original photos.

With my contents page, for my preliminary I had only used one page for it. Whereas for my actual product, I decided to use two pages as it proved to be more effective because I was able to include more in it including more images and content. With creating such pages, I had used a three grid to help me design the pages. This helped the layout of each page to look more clean and organized. However, in comparison to my preliminary task, the headings and subheadings were not alined and the overall page looked unorganized and unstructured due to the distorted placed aspects such as the features and their headings. Before I had also forgotten to include page numbers beside each feature; this proves that overtime, I have learned to include the appropriate conventions of typical media products onto my own.

The use of fonts was another significant factor, as looking back, the fonts I have used were not eye-catching as they were plain and too simple. After learning to use the website dafont and the program nexusfont, those factors have helped me to discover a wide range of options which had definitely helped boost the interesting look to the layout of my magazine.