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Top foods In Dubai Dubai foodie provides various attractions for people across the world. The county created an image as one of the growing region. Beside sightseeing the most famous part of the county is its food.  Dubai offers you a chance to taste its best traditional food anywhere.  If you do a research about Dubai food, you will come across its unique taste. The dishes has lots of spices like Indian food.  The main ingredient  of Dubai food is rice, meat and fish. They mostly use sheep and  goat meat in the dishes.  Restaurants in Dubai serve dishes made with camel to the visitors.

If you are planning for the Dubai trip then you should definitely taste these foods. Read Dubai restaurant reviews on the internet and serve your tongue a feast.

77 Veggie Boutique – Closet to healthy eating 77 Veggie Boutique restaurant in Dubai is one of the best Vegetarian eateries that serve health conscious options. This time I was starving for some healthy and tasty vegetarian dishes. I don’t know the reason why each time my appetite clings for something maybe that’s the reason for being a restaurant reviewer.

Fuego contemporary Mexican cuisine 

Fugeo is a fabulous Mexican restaurant in Dubai that serves handcrafted menu and scrumptious signature dishes. This classic restaurant is controlled by celebrity chef Anil Kumar and chef Jose from Mexico.

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