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Upcoming D ates for T hose Planning to Run First, check what the qualifications are for the position you are looking at running for at: http:/ / resources/ qualifications/ Then, if you wish to run for State or County office, and want to run on a major political party ticket, then you MUST file by noon on March 16th.

Would YOU Vote for A Woman?

If you wish to run for Federal office, under a major political party you must file with your party between noon on March 16th and noon on March 30th.

For more information and links to the forms, please go to: http:/ / resources/ filing/

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A Look Inside South Carolina’s Politics

"The State House is the peoples' house. There are elected officials in your house making decisions about your life, your body and your family. They comfortably sit at YOUR table and determine YOUR future and you give them permission to do so.  If you don't pull up a chair and sit at your own table, you might as well be the menu." ~Christine Johnson

Table of Contents I ncluded in this book let ar e fact sheets compiled to pr ovide infor mation to the public on differ ent political issues facing South Car olina today.

Women’s Political Participation in South Carolina


Last in Education, Last in Electing Women to Office

The Southeastern Institute for Women in Politics is a non-profit organization that works in South Carolina to train women to become leaders and to become active and involved in the Governmental process.


Women in S.C. Politics


What’s the Deal?


Fact Sheets

Would You Vote for a Woman?  
Would You Vote for a Woman?  

A short booklet of fact sheets that show South Carolina voters a lack of women in office and explain how that is a bad thing.