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U S I N G YO U R S I L H O U E TT E Sketch pattern ideas on your croquis, starting with actual pattern measurements and estimating where style's lines fall on your frame. For example, take length ofjacket from pattern envelope and subtract your back-waist length, then estimate where balance hits below your waist, and draw on croquis. Adjust length and shape until you arrive at a flattering design.


Model 1 : First try­ Burda 3769

sleeves and shorts; lengthened bodice at CF; added collar

First try: Vogue 1 1 65

and jacket; raised waistline. and pocket; shortened lapels

flattering skirt option with same jacket

Same jacket with soft. longer skirt

Model 2: First try­ Burda 3799

Adjusted: Shortened skirt and jacket. raised waistline

Flattering silhouette: Fluid. close-to-body shape; shoulder pads; soft. longer skirt (Patterns for Every Body 101 (top); Vogue 9175(skirt))

Less flattering skirt length


1 996


Threads magazine 65 july 1996  
Threads magazine 65 july 1996