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Understanding the Importance of the Liver in Our Body Cancer, as we all know, is the among the world's dangerous health threat. It is becoming one of the leading causes of death in almost any country that you will go. Causes of cancer are still unknown and are yet to be discovered by different scientists and researchers up to this date. However, there are predisposing and precipitating factors that will bring about this type of disease. Age, sex, family history, lifestyle are just among the few factors that may attribute to the development of the disease. Everywhere we go, if we are not careful enough in taking care of our health, we might acquire the disease. There are so many types of cancer that we really need to know. But since it is too plenty, we will just have to focus on one specific type of cancer and that is liver cancer. The liver is just one of the very important organs in our body. It might be just small but this organ's function is so great that once it gets damaged, will cause very serious illnesses. One important function of this organ is the production of bile. Bile is the end product after chemicals in the blood have been regulated by the liver. The bile is responsible for carrying away wastes and the breakdown of fats in the small intestine during the process of digestion. Another important function is that it creates or produces proteins for our blood. These special proteins will help carry and distribute fats to the body. When we take in medications, the drug will pass though this organ and it is being cleared including other poisonous substances. Imagine how this little organ is beaten up with the different drugs that we take in once we get sick. The liver also helps the immune system by removing any forms of bacteria in our bloodstream. So, now we know how important it is to have liver in our body.

Talking back about liver cancer, not all patients having this disease have lived for longer years. In some cases, this type of cancer originated from other types of cancer in the other organs of the body and this is what we call metastasis. Tumors that originated in organs such as the kidney, the spleen and the pancreas will have a big possibility of spreading the tumor to the liver. Liver cancer symptoms of the disease usually show once the disease have progressed and one symptom that an individual will notice is jaundice or the having yellow discoloration of the skin or in the eyes. Liver cancer treatment varies. There are many possible treatments and that includes undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy if the cancer cells have already spread all throughout the body. Surgery may be another option as well. And lastly, the patient may also choose to have liver transplant as part of his treatment plan. It is important that we take proper care of our body. Avoiding stress and drinking alcoholic beverages will help prevent the occurrence of this type of disease. If you want to live long, you have got to be a liver lover. There are different types of cancer that we need to know. Among the most common type of cancer that is prevalent all over the world is liver cancer. Liver cancer should be taken up seriously. It might be just a little organ but it has so many functions that keep our body healthy. Learn more about liver cancer through visiting Article Source:

Understanding the Importance of the Liver in Our  
Understanding the Importance of the Liver in Our  

Everywhere we go, if we are not careful enough in taking care of our health, we might acquire the disease. There are so many types of cancer...