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Blood Pressure Chart Awareness What complicates a disease or an illness is tolerance. Often times we tend to ignore what our body is complaining of because of too much work, hectic schedules and worst because of plain laziness and because we only give emphasis on the present state of our health and we are more reluctant with the possible complications. Sometimes we are governed by our own pride to consciously forget about the necessary steps to take good care of our health since we find it boring and less adventurous; however whether illness is present or not, you should allow your doctor check your physical conditions or health daily, since prevention is much better than cure. Monitored health is the best method for you to stay away from any harmful type of diseases. High blood pressure has been the most popular kind of life-threatening disease nowadays because it leads to heart attack, stroke and other pressure-related illnesses and it hits you when you less expected it to happen. One way to prevent this chronic illness is by using a simple blood pressure chart; since this kind of chart does not change with age, it is applicable on adults of any age. A blood pressure chart indicates the quotient of the systolic reading which is the highest pressure when your heart pushes the blood around your body over the diastolic reading which is the lowest pressure of your blood when your heart relaxes. This means that the systolic and diastolic pressures should be both in normal rate. You will then know if your blood pressure is low, normal or ideal, pre-high or totally high. The low blood pressure ranges from 90/60 which is the borderline, 60/40 is considered to be too low, and 50/33 is labeled to be the dangerous level. For the ideal blood pressure it should start at 110/75 which is treated as low normal pressure, 120/80 however is the ideal level, 130/85 can still be considered to be normal with a degree of being high. While a reading of 130/90 is already alarming since it indicates a pre-high blood pressure which is almost near to the high blood reading of 190/100.

The simplest yet most effective way for you to stay healthy and free from any illness is to evaluate the condition of your health. You should reduce foods with too much cholesterol from your diet. Instead of eating foods with high cholesterol, replace it with green leafy vegetables that are good for the heart. Nevertheless bad habits such as smoking and drinking should be eliminated from your lifestyle. It would be much better if you will spend your spare time doing some exercises, such as running and jogging, than smoke and drink. You should strive to live a life free from any complications. Proper medications should be taken accordingly and courteously. You should also take time to monitor your pressure for any changes and be flexible enough to apply these changes towards your way of life. Checking a little about your <a target="_new" href="">health</a> won't take much of your time. <a target="_new" href="">Sneak in</a> for more tips on how you can maintain your blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Chart Awareness  

Monitored health is the best method for you to stay away from any harmful type of diseases. High blood pressure has been the most popular ki...

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