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Maryland/DC CRS NEWSLETTER MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR It has been a pleasure serving you as the Chair for MD/DC CRS for 2016. I have learned and grown so much by serving those in our CRS community and beyond. It brings me joy to see how our community is growing - you are seeing the value of CRS. CRS is lifelong education. CRS is enduring relationships. CRS is a local and international community. I am so appreciative to my leadership team. They have been a joy to work with through the year. I am lucky to be surrounded by professionals and leaders who want to make our local CRS community a positive and growing organization. The team’s ideas, expertise and contribution make me very proud in what we have accomplished and what they are providing to our membership. Selfless service! Thank you! As you can see, CRS means a lot to me. If CRS means a lot to you, I encourage you to check us out and get involved. I think you will deepen your relationships with other CRS from around the state which in turn will create new opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about the state leadership team, please contact Jatana Vanek, MD/DC CRS Chair for 2017 or anyone on the leadership team. We welcome you and your unique skills and gifts. The end of the year and the holidays are upon us. I wish you a wonderful holiday season and fantastic end of year! On behalf of the MD/DC CRS Team, Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! Jen Ward MD/DC CRS 2016 Chair PAGE 1



Tina Del Casale, Sr. Loan Officer Embrace Home Loans Office: 800.333.3004 x3801

Pillar To Post 800.294.5591

Thank you to our Maryland/DC CRS Chapter Sponsors! We appreciate your support. If you are looking to be a 2016 Sponsor, please contact Abigial Restivo at Page 2



Amy M. Pletz Home Land Septic Consulting 443.995.5385

Terry Crawford Old Republic Home Protection

Office: 800.282.7131 x1227

Drew Richards: Montgomery County, DC & Fairfax County, VA Joseph Pence: Howard, Baltimore, Carroll counties and Baltimore City 703.926.5804

Mary Calder, EVP Operations True Title, Inc. 6339 Ten Oaks Road, St. 150 Clarksville, MD 21029 Office: 410-531-0385 x 223 Cell: 443-864-6199

Sam Perry 7247 National Drive Hanover, MD 21076 Phone: 410-799-9942

David Fitzell, Senior Vice President Howard Bank 1954 Greenspring Drive, Suite 165, Timonium, MD 21093 Office: 443-991-7066 Cell: 443-829-7595



We welcome our newest CRS designees and Maryland/DC CRS members! Ellen S Berger, Patricia S. Ecke, Theresa A Gardiner Cathy A. Kelleher, Linda J. Lizzio, Grace P. Masten Christine R. Minutoli, Hildegarde M Pollard Joni Martin Williamson & John Young

We are excited that they have joined our community and look forward to them earning their designation! Rebecca King, Sondra Mulheron, Brian R. MacGregor Cathy A. Kelleher, Monique Ligthart, Shari Gaister Kim Lally, Christopher Baker, Jessica L. Olevsky Sonya P. Estevez, Constantina Paxenos Matinee Lawhasawadi, Karen Paulwell, Erik Dowell Aida Gamerman, Yolanda M Muckle, Ingrid Dallaire Melissa E Spittel, LaNita De' Vore, LaSonja Boone Marjorie S Halem, Herschell L Harris, Kristina Johnson Christie Bishop, Olga Chesser, Patricia Karta Dennis LaGreta, Danielle M Mannix, Genie Schwind Kristen Waksberg, Melanie Wood, Jeffrey Beres Clinton Bickford, Annie Buxbaum, Kimberly A Collins Saundra Coston, Bud Cumberland, Kevin Decker Laurie Duncan, Brenda Friesen, Lori Fritschle Robert L Hammond, Paula  Hantman, Lisa Hinkle Suzanne C Jones, Sandie Mattes, Wayne Phillips Leslie I Smith, Marcy Thiele, Edward Wehnert, Joseph Wilson



INSTALLATION Council of Residential Specialists—MD/DC Leadership Past Presidents 1980 Rick Brown 1981, 1982 Maggie Ayd 1983, 1988 Thomas Moore 1984 Rick Barber 1985, 1986, 1987 Frank Lippy 1989 Caroline Benson 1990 Charlotte Miscavich 1991, 1992 Cindy Moses 1993 Marleen Caloia 1994, 1995 Frank Powell 1996 Frederick Thoms 1997 Dorothea Thoms 1998 Jeffrey Underwood 1999 Steve Jacobson 2000 Shirley Matlock

2001 Doug Poole 2002 Alison Mooney 2003 Vivian Feen 2004 Bev Rasmussen 2005 Ashton Gonella 2006 Bill Neary 2007 Ken Montville 2008 Skip Marques 2009 Sara Lou Cardwell 2010 John Allen 2011 Linda Kangrga 2012 Sharron Dorsey 2013, 2014 Gretchen Conley 2015 Jan Brito 2016 Jen Ward

MD DC CRS’s of the Year 1993 Charlotte Miscovich 1994 Marlene Caloia 1995 Dottie Thoms 1996 Ruth Tipton 1997 Frank Powell 1999 Shirley Matlock 2000 Ashton Gonella 2001 Vivian Feen 2002 Debbie DeMaris 2004 Allison Mooney 2005 Dottie Thoms

2006 Ashton Gonella 2007 Beverly Rasmussen 2008 Ken Montville 2009 Jo-Ann Henry 2010 Jo Anne Poole 2011 John Allen 2012 Sharron Dorsey 2013 Jan Brito 2014 Gretchen Conley 2015 Jen Ward

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING & INSTALLATION OF 2017 MD/DC LEADERSHIP TEAM Seasons 52 10300 Little Patuxent Parkway, Columbia MD 21044 Thursday, December 1, 2016, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. About CRS

CRS is a growing community of more than 30,000 members representing the top residential real estate agents across the U.S. and overseas. CRS is dedicated to training and empowering ethical, efficient and successful real estate professionals. For over 40 years, CRS has been the leading education, membership and networking organization for residential real estate agents.



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The Council of Residential Specialists is the largest not-for-profit affiliate of the National Association of REALTORSÂŽ. With nearly 30,000 members, CRS represents the most successful REALTORSÂŽ in the U.S. We provide best-in-class continuing education, networking, practitioner-developed tools, and mentoring.

CRS Member Testimonials

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10:48:46 AM


Interested in earning the CRS Designation? Choose Your Path! How many years have you been a licensed real estate agent?

10+ years

Under 10 years

How many transactions have you completed?

150 transactions total (OR an average of $1 million per year with at least 40 transactions)

75 transactions within any 5 years (OR $25 million within any five years)

25 transactions total (OR 8 million with a minimum of 10 transactions within any 2 years)















(From CRS Live classroom or eLearning courses)

(From CRS Live classroom or eLearning courses)

(From CRS Live classroom or eLearning courses)



(From additional CRS Live classroom or eLearning courses, CRS Webinars, Events, or Legends Videos)

(From additional CRS Live classroom or eLearning courses, CRS Webinars, Events, or Legends Videos)



(Can be a combination of elective requirements and additional CRS education)

(Can be a combination of elective requirements and additional CRS education)

(A total of 64 credits.)

(A total of 80 credits.)

Make this the year you receive your CRS Designation! Contact our Customer Service department to review your record. Our representatives will help you determine which path to designation you should follow and will calculate how many credits you’ve already earned!

CRS Designation for Managers Individuals applying under the Managers Program must complete the Managers Affidavit of Required Transactions. The Affidavit states that you have directly overseen a minimum of 400 closed residential transactions* OR have directly overseen $80 million in closed residential transactions. You also have the option of using four (4) years of real estate management experience.



Tips for Maintaining Fireplaces

A wood-burning fireplace is an appealing feature of many homes. Here are some reminders and tips for keeping safe and getting full enjoyment from your fireplace this season: Annual Inspections – Have your fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned by a professional to ensure that it’s obstruction free and clear of creosote – a black, oily substance that can build up on the inside walls of the chimney. Because creosote is highly combustible, a thick accumulation creates a serious hazard that can put your home at risk of a major fire. Feeding Your Fire – Use dry, well-seasoned hardwoods in your fireplace. Avoid using pine and other oily woods, as these will not burn cleanly. If you choose to use manufactured fire “logs”, do not burn them with real wood to avoid the possibility of serious flare-ups. Plan Ahead – Keep the area around the hearth clear of debris, decorations, and flammable materials. Use a metal mesh screen that covers the opening, whether you have glass fireplace doors or not. Leave glass doors open while a fire is burning to ensure good ventilation and airflow.



When to Clean – During periods of heavy use, clean out the firebox regularly once the embers are cold. Leave about an inch of ash because it acts as insulation, allowing the new fuel to heat faster and retain heat longer. Never use a vacuum to clean up fresh ashes, as embers can smolder for as long as several days after the fire is out, creating a real fire hazard. Upkeep – Check that vents are unobstructed and able to do their job. If you have a fireplace fan, keep it clean. In non-wood burning fireplaces, clean and adjust glowing embers and logs for best appearance. Cap Your Chimney – Have a cap installed at the top of the chimney to deter animals from entering, help prevent water damage and keep debris from blocking the opening. A spark arrestor will prevent live embers from escaping the chimney and landing on your roof or on other buildings. Use Common Sense – Never leave a fire unattended. Make sure the fire is completely out before leaving the house or going to bed, and always keep children and pets away from the fireplace. Be Community Aware – Many local ordinances prohibit the burning of wood, manufactured logs, or pellets on days or nights when the amount of particulate matter in the air reaches a predetermined level. Be sure to check with your local air quality district or fire department before lighting your next fire.



You are invited to join the Maryland/DC CRS for our Leadership Team Meeting (formerly known as the board meeting). “All members are welcome to attend and observe our meeting to see your leadership team in action."

Tuesday, January 15, 2017 12:30 - 1 PM Bring Your Lunch 1 PM - 3 PM Leadership Team Meeting Location: Re/Max Advantage Realty 6021 University Blvd, Ellicott City, MD Please RSVP ( so we can look for you at our meeting." (NOTE: We like to go green and have everyone print their own or not print the agenda).

Maryland|DC CRS

You’ll see fun photos of current and past events, upcoming event information and great industry related news.



State Online Community CLICK HERE to view the State CRS Online Tutorial Video

"Log in and enjoy the benefits of the CRS the online community at http:// This is your online home for registering for classes, engaging with other CRS members and searching the state calendar for events. As with change, you may encounter some challenges with accessing the new site so we are here to help you and get you up and running with our new CRS community website.  You can also contact CRS ~ 800.462.8841. Get information and register for our next event at the Maryland/DC CRS Community 
 We accept PayPal online for class & event registrations.



For Good of the Order To all MD/DC CRS members MDDC CRS is looking for volunteers to fulfill some positions on our Leadership Team and Committees. They say no man is an island and that sure holds true for our state organization. Those of us who have already volunteered realize we can’t do it all alone. The positions we need to fill are Communication, CRS With a Heart, and Technology. Our 2016 team leads for those positions are either moving to other positions or have decided to step down, however, all would be willing to assist and guide anyone who volunteers to take on their responsibilities. If you’re able to contribute some of your valuable time, even a small amount, please consider the following and contact Jatana at or call 443-812-8271. CRS With a Heart Team Leader: Takes on the responsibility for our charitable contributions. In 2016 we supported Homes For Our Troops. The Leader of this committee may choose to continue with that charity or choose another.



January 5-6, 2017 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Check in at 8:00 AM Presented by MD/DC CRS Course location: GCAAR

Don’t miss the popular and dynamic CRS instructor Jackie Leavenworth!

15201 Diamondback Drive, Suite 100 Rockville, Maryland 20850

REGISTER at $199 members | $225 non-members Questions? Contact Grace Masten at 443.614.3901

Top sales associates enjoy a competitive advantage because they understand what motivates and influences their customers. To win over prospective buyers, you should identify their interests and offer them strategies that make their purchases quick and efficient. This course will teach you how to work with today's new buyer through counseling, salesmanship and negotiation—skills that enable you to earn customers for life. Upon the successful completion of this course, you will be able to: Implement specific prospecting systems to attract buyers Communicate effectively with buyer prospects Prepare, plan and conduct an effective buyer interview Develop successful selling strategies and techniques for the different categories of buyers, including the local and out-of-town buyer (to include showing) Ask closing questions and respond to objections Demonstrate effective negotiating techniques Build a continuing/ongoing base of referral business by using effective customer service techniques

Individuals who take this course will earn 16 CRS Education course credits toward the CRS Designation.

ABOUT CRS The Council of Residential Specialists is the largest not-for-profit affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS®. We are a professional network of over 30,000 residential real estate professionals, and we provide the industry’s best education, resources and networking opportunities. CRS also awards the Certified Residential Specialist® (CRS) Designation to top-producing REALTORS® who have met specific requirements related to experience, transactions and education. Complimentary breakfast and lunch provided on both days of class

REGISTER for EFFECTIVE BUYER SALES STRATEGIES today at For more information on other CRS courses or obtaining the CRS Designation, the premier designation for residential real estate professionals, visit



To date, we have collected over 285 pairs of shoes for the 2016 fall donation. We accept gently worn, pairs of shoes from just one pair to many pairs! The recipients of the shoes are so grateful. 



There’s an APP for that?




CRS EVENTS for 2016/2017 Thursday, December 1 | 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM 2017 Leadership Team Installation Location: Seasons 52 Resturant | The Mall in Columbia | 10300 Little Patuxent Parkway #3150 | Columbia 21004 Cost: $40 Member Rate | $47 Guest Rate Guest Speaker | Chuck Kasky, Esq. | CEO Maryland Association of REALTORS Thursday, January 5 & Friday, January 6, 2017 | 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM CRS 202 - Effective Buyer Sales Strategies w/Jackie Leavenworth Location: GCAAR | 15201 Diamond Back Drive | Suite 100 | Rockville 20850 Cost: $199 Member Rate | $225 Guest Rate Complimentary breakfast & lunch provided on both days of class

Click her to Register for Upcoming Events



We LOVE Your Referrals Columbia & Ellicott City

Montgomery Co. & Washington D.C.

Towson & Hunt Valley

Sykesville & Westminster

jen ward cummings & co. realtors

1615 York Road, #101 Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093

[c] 410-627-5961 [o] 410-823-0033

Columbia & Ellicott City

Western MD & West VA

ADVERTISING: NEWSLETTER 2016 We are accepting advertisers for 2016. Get additional exposure in our newsletter plus you can get terrific CRS referrals! It’s EASY! Fill out the Newsletter Referral Advertising Form and email your business card.



Maryland/DC CRS Upcoming Leadership Meetings 2017 Leadership Meetings to be held from 1-3 PM Tuesday, January 15 RE/MAX Advantage Realty | 6021 University Blvd. | Ellicott, City Note: NEW office location

2017 Leadership Team We’d love to see your face! Chair Jen Ward 410-627-5961

Communications Leader: Erica Solomon at

Education Leader: Sharron Dorsey at

Programs Leader: Vivian Feen at

Technology Leader: Sarah Toppins

Immediate Past President Jan Brito 301-646-5774

CRS with A Heart Leader: Jatana L Vanek at

Eastershore Local Networking Group: Grace Masten at

Sponsorship Leader: Abigail Restivo at


MD|DC CRS December 2016 Newsletter  
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