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C AMPUS L I F E “We want to enable students to make the connections between what they learn at every grade level and the real world,” says Tong. “Each year builds upon the previous year so that students continuously deepen their skills and knowledge in science, math, language arts, foreign language and social studies. Most importantly, we want to give students opportunities to explore their interests and discover their passions at every age. If we can instill in them the joy of learning and lifelong habits of the mind, heart and community, they will have the strong foundation and thrive in the future.” How to Prepare Students for the Unknown The name Mx (pronounced “em-ex”) represents the essence of the Mx Scholar Programs. The M stands for Maryknoll. The x stands for the idea of “solving for x,” meaning the unknown and variable challenges of the future. How do students learn to “solve for x,” and not just in algebra? The formula is in a new model of education that blends classroom and real world, and traditional classes and individual virtual learning. Maryknoll is the first school in Hawaii to implement this model of blended learning, which is already in place in many successful magnet schools and prestigious academies on the mainland. Mx blended learning is represented in this “academic honeycomb” that shows the six types of learning resources that are offered to students (see figure at top right):

Advanced Curriculum


Project-Based Learning

College Excellence



Advanced Curriculum offering individualized learning guided by instructors with professional career experience in the four Mx industries.

College Excellence through visiting professors, college and career counseling and guidance so that students are prepared to stand out to outstanding universities.

Project-Based Learning through hands- on projects and case studies that bring concepts to life.

Leadership opportunities and leadership development, including exemplifying the school’s motto, Noblesse Oblige, which means, “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

Internships in high school to gain experience and develop professional maturity. Mentors who are industry professionals sharing real-world insights and career paths.

In September 2016, the Hawaiian Airlines Foundation awarded Maryknoll School a $50,000 grant to enhance the Mx Scholar Programs and technology in the classroom. With the grant, Maryknoll was able to acquire 13 zSpace virtualreality units, which allow students to interact and learn in a full 3D environment. In addition, Hawaiian Airlines will be partnering with Maryknoll in recruiting employee mentors for all of our Mx Scholar Programs and other future learning initiatives and opportunities. Mahalo to Hawaiian Airlines for your support!


Sc h o l a r


STEM & Aerospace The Mx Scholar Program for STEM & Aerospace offers a focus on the sciences, computer technology, robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), engineering, aerospace and aeronautics. Students take three AP engineering courses along with a robust digital electronics course, participate in Maryknoll’s Civil Air Patrol squadron and have the option of earning their FAA private pilot’s license in high school. 42

The Knoller

Maryknoll School’s Mx Scholar Programs offer four areas for high school students (grades 9-12) to pursue their interests in industries that are driving the careers of tomorrow.

Medical Innovation The Mx Scholar Program for Medical Innovation offers labs and case studies that simulate real-world scenarios such as the forensics of a crime scene, organ and tissue monitoring and dissection, and disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Students complete a capstone project addressing a topic of their choosing in public health, biomedical engineering, clinical medicine or physiology.

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Knoller Fall 2016  

Knoller Fall 2016