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Volume VI Number 3


The Alumni Magazine of Maryknoll School

FALL 2003 WINTER 2004

Patricia Lee Hamamoto ’62 Hawaii’s Superintendent of Public Schools

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V O L . VI, N O . 3, F A L L 2003/W I N T E R 2004





The State of Hawaii’s School Principal – Patricia Lee Hamamoto ’62


The many talents of Madge Goto Watai ’45


Nothing is impossible for Patricia Medina Talbert ’66


Colette Yoda Garibaldi ’73 achieves success through hard work






Annual Giving Report 2002-2003



Alumni Week 2003


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Editor’s Corner


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MARYKNOLL SCHOOL PRINCIPALS BETSEY HUGHES GUNDERSON ’68, High School PAUL O’BRIEN, Grade School The Knoller is published three times a year by Maryknoll School Development & Alumni Office 1526 Alexander Street Honolulu, HI 96822-4940 Ph. (808) 952-7310 Fax (808) 952-7311 knoller@maryknollschool.org www.maryknollschool.org

Cover photo by Geralynn L. Camarillo ’86 (Hokuli‘i Images)


by Camille Domaloan Michel ‘84




(L to R) Tessa McAniff Ramsey ’84, Julie Chang ’84, Tracy Cheung Sullivan ’84, Laurie Goo Figgs ’84, Camille Domaloan Michel ’84, Kristi Lucas ’84.



o boyfriends. That was my policy in high school – possibly a preemptive strike as I doubted I could actually get one. I prefer, however, to think of it as a reflection of my social development: releasing my childhood grasp of my nuclear family to embrace, in adolescence, a circle of friends. I don’t think I fully understood yet how any one person could be more important than they. I articulated this thought in the quote that appears below my senior yearbook portrait, in the voice of my naiveté: Loves may come and go, but friends are forever. I give you, then, my friendship and love for now, for always.

77 ma

ge han 67

Of course my friends meant everything to me then. There’s so much that we experienced, accomplished, laughed about and cried over during those years we were together nearly every day. Of course they were closest to my heart, the ones I would miss the most after we went our separate ways after high school. And just as I thought, loves did come and go in the years that followed, but so have my high school friendships – not unlike planets in orbit. Our lives follow somewhat parallel paths, with varying distances between us, as we revolve around a common Youth. Last October in a rare celestial feat, the planets aligned. Laurie had called me to say Tracy would be visiting from Washington. Could we get together with Julie and Kristi at Kipapa Park? Yes, of course. Two days beforehand, a surprise voice mail from Tess: In town from Kentucky, and staying with friends in Mililani, could we get together? Left a message, left a voice mail: Please, please meet us at one o’clock if you can. And so it happened – the girls, some husbands, most kids and even one on the way, together again on a Saturday afternoon. Tracy with three charming children and doctor husband; back home on the mainland, a part-time nanny and nearly full-time dental practice. Laurie enjoying an afternoon out, minus husband Bob and their two boys – a well-deserved reward for devoting every day of her sons’ lives to being at home for them. The consummate soccer mom, she shows up with mats, folding table, paper goods, lunch.

Kristi, a Dept. of Education speech therapist turned gun-toting (at work, mind you) customs inspector with a newfound love of surfing. She takes time to wander over to the playground to join the kids, equally playful and vigilant with them. Never fear, Auntie Kristi’s here. Julie, whose lifelong faith is deep and abiding, and whose two-year-old Faith is quiet and sweet, like her mommy. Not surprisingly, Julie’s husband is the same. Tess, effortlessly carrying life within her dancer’s body – a third child with her good-natured plastic pipe salesman of a husband who has the soul of a playwright. A family of four, for now, and every one of them with startlingly pretty green eyes. Lucky baby-in-progress. And me, having long since dismissed the “no boyfriends” mantra, spilling out of the minivan with the love of my life and our three children. As always, they can cajole their daddy into playing monster with every kid in a two-mile radius. Had Cecilia and Joanna been there, it would have been close to perfect. Still, it was an afternoon that brought a kind of contentment I hadn’t realized was missing. In writing this column, I half-remembered a quote I thought might apply to this situation. I found what I was looking for in the cyber-famous “Sunscreen” column by the Chicago Tribune’s Mary Smich, and it made me smile: Understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle, because the older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young. Over the years, I have released my adolescent grasp on my circle of friends to embrace, as a wife and mother, my nuclear family. But there is always a place in my heart that knows how to re-connect, no matter how much time has passed. For friends that come and go, and come back again – and a best friend who never left – I am truly grateful. Love to you all, now and always.

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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The Why and “What Now?” of Declining Catholic School Enrollment by Michael E. Baker the story, we must know and understand the story thoroughly recent report in the September ourselves. Also, before we take our story to the public, we must take issue of the Catholic School it to our own families, not only to validate their choices, but also to Management Letter contains help make them ambassadors of our good work. When we have clarsome disturbing news: 140 Catholic ified our own strengths, when we have made them a living part of the schools nationwide closed or consoliculture of the school, and when we have made our families keenly dated last year. Moreover, a whopping aware of the excellence of our programs in and out of 719 Catholic schools the classroom, then – and only then – are we prepared have closed or consolto take our story outside the schoolyard gates. idated since 1990. I believe that it is the Second, we know from an abundance of research The report goes on that parents generally choose a Catholic school responsibility of each to suggest three reasons most commonly cited for because of its reputation of academic quality, relithese closures and realignments. The first reason Catholic school to offered is the state of the U.S. economy, which engage in educating the gious values, safety, structure and discipline. None of these elements can be compromised. I believe that the precludes many families from being able to afford to community about its decline in enrollment in many of our schools across pay Catholic school tuition. A second reason points quality, its uniqueness, the nation is directly traceable to a perceptible decline to a shift in the demographics in most urban areas in these four critical areas. It is not enough to be a once populated by residents who traditionally and its successes. Catholic school. It must be a Catholic school with an viewed Catholic schools as a quality alternative to excellent program, exceptional teachers dedicated to public education. The final rationale is the sexual Parents generally building on the strengths of the students placed in abuse scandal facing the Catholic Church in the their charge, a school with high academic and choose a Catholic United States. The argument goes that “many famipersonal expectations of its entire academic commulies are disillusioned with the Church and, therefore, school because of its with Catholic schools.” reputation of academic nity. Today’s Catholic schools must dedicate themThe report goes on to suggest that while these quality, religious values, selves to hiring talented teachers, providing them with the resources necessary to do their best work, three reasons all have validity in individual situasafety, structure and supporting them with professional development tions, they tend to fly in the face of the impressive opportunities to continue their growth, and culling discipline. None of success rate of Catholic schools. For example, the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) these elements can be those from within the ranks who do not measure up to the acceptable standards and expectations set by the reports that nearly half of the 5.1 million private compromised. school. school students attend Catholic schools and that Finally, perhaps the most significant reason for 99.2% of Catholic high school students graduate, the decline in Catholic school enrollment is the Schools today compared to 86.5% of public school students (74% decline in financial support for Catholic schools from when GEDs are not included), and that 97% of must provide their the institutional Church. Often, Catholic schools Catholic school graduates continue their education students with could not make the financial adjustments as more and beyond high school. talented teachers, more lay teachers replaced the dedicated religious I think that this kind of information suggests that up-to-date technology, instructors. Since schools are labor-intensive and at least three more reasons might be offered for the personnel accounts for nearly 70% of school budgets, and an ongoing national decline in Catholic school enrollment. The these schools found themselves unable to provide first is that Catholic schools have never told their program for adequate wages to attract qualified teachers, unable to story well. Call it marketing, call it promotion, call it their teachers provide current teaching materials, and unable to what you will, Catholic schools give genuine meanto stay current in address aging facilities. Schools today must provide ing to the tired phrase “the best kept secret in town.” their fields. their students with talented teachers, up-to-date techWhile I firmly believe that national organizations nology, and an ongoing program for their teachers to such as the NCEA and local systems like the Hawaii stay current in their fields. Catholic Schools must increase their efforts in So, yes, I think that the economy and perceptions promoting Catholic schools to the public at large, I have taken a toll on Catholic schools. But I also think that telling the also believe that it is the responsibility of each Catholic school to true story of Catholic education to the public, as well as adequately engage in educating the community about its quality, its uniqueness, financing schools through a greater commitment from parishes, reliand its successes. gious orders, the institutional Church, and families who benefit from But before we attempt to take our message outside the school, I these schools, would make an enormous difference. believe that a school should engage in a program of “internal marketing” – a serious discussion of what the school does really well and what makes it “a special place.” In other words, before we can tell





Maryknoll School Class of 2003 Boston College Brigham Young University California State University Fullerton Chaminade University Chapman University College of Marin George Washington University Gonzaga University Hawaii Pacific University Honolulu Community College Hunter College Indiana University - Bloomington Kapiolani Community College Leeward Community College Loyola Marymount University

Marymount Palos Verdes Middlebury College Oregon State University Portland State University Sacramento State University Santa Clara University Seattle University Smith College Southern Oregon University St. Mary’s College of California Trinity Western University University of Alaska - Fairbanks University of Alberta University of British Columbia University of Hawaii - Hilo

University of Hawaii - Manoa University of Nevada - Las Vegas University of New Mexico University of Portland University of Redlands University of San Francisco University of Southern California University of the Pacific University of Washington US Coast Guard Academy Valparaiso University Washington State University Weber State University



Special congratulations to the 2003 graduates who first entered Maryknoll in pre-kindergarten or kindergarten. Maryknoll School is grateful to have been a part of the lives of these students and their families over the years. Eric Bernal Andrea Cheung Kevin Chinn Aaron Cui McShane Dator Jason Domingo David Kim

Raymond Koo Elizabeth Kor Daynna LaFountaine Kelvin Lam Marc Lau Kenneth Lee

Ryan Liu Candace Martin Alysha Miyamoto Denise Nelson Nicole Nunogawa Matthew Oamilda

Nicole Sawa Melanie Tang Michelle Marie Totor Maya Uemoto Ian Yamashita Erin Yamauchi

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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Class of 2003 Graduates Honored at Maryknoll’s 69th Annual Commencement The following awards were presented at graduation ceremonies on June 6, 2003 at the Blaisdell Concert Hall.

Jason Kennedy ’03

Timothy Dolan ’03



The Maryknoll Cup is awarded to the graduate who best personifies the spirit of Maryknoll School’s motto, “Noblesse Oblige.”

The Christopher Award is presented to the senior who has demonstrated those qualities that mark one as a contemporary Christopher, a person who gives tangible evidence to Christian principles in every day activities.

Raymi Orozco ’03

Priti Gautam ’03



The Mother Mary Joseph Rogers Award honors the foundress of the Maryknoll Sisters; recognizes the senior class woman best exemplifying good will and sensitivity toward the needs of fellow students and the Maryknoll Community.

The Father John Murray Award honors a former associate of Sacred Heart Parish; recognizes the graduating senior who has, in the tradition of Father Murray, provided unselfish assistance in serving fellow students and the Maryknoll Community.

Denise Nelson ’03

Stacey Wong ’03



The Bishop James A. Walsh Award honors a co-founder of the Maryknoll Fathers; awarded to the student who displays outstanding character, leadership ability and concern for others.

The Chi Rho Award is given to the graduating senior who has displayed growth in personal integrity and Christian outreach.

Mr Ms

Cl Ms Ms Ms Ms Ms

Cl Ms Ms Ms Ms Mr

Cl Ms Mr Mr Mr Mr Ms Ms

Cl Ms Ms Ms Mr Mr Mr Mr Ms Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr


Highlights of Class Night Awards • June 5, 2003 • Hawaii Theatre SALUTATORIANS


Joanna Ignacio ’03

Jan Arbaugh ’03

Andrea Cheung ’03

Jessica Synn ’03

(University of Southern California)

(Smith College – the alma mater of Maryknoll foundress, Mother Mary Joseph Rogers)

(University of Southern California)

(University of Washington)

PRINCIPAL’S LIST 33 seniors (minimum GPA 3.7 during the first two trimesters)

HONOR ROLL 32 seniors (minimum GPA 3.25) 4



Mr Mr Mr Mr Ms Ms Ms Ms Ms Ms Mr Ms

In A Mr In Mr In H Ms


Jubilarian Festivities: Celebrating 50+ Years Since Graduation from Maryknoll



aryknoll’s jubilarian celebration is an annual event for reunion classes celebrating 50 or more years since graduation. In 2003, alumni from the classes of 1938, 1943, 1948 and 1953 participated in the festivities. Alumni were invited back to campus on June 5, 2003 to attend Baccalaureate Mass at Sacred Heart Church and a buffet luncheon, hosted by Maryknoll School President Michael Baker, on the Old Convent Lawn. The next evening, alumni enjoyed reserved seating and special recognition during the commencement exercises at the Blaisdell Concert Hall. We look forward to honoring the jubilarians from the classes of 1939, 1944, 1949 and 1954 at Maryknoll School’s commencement events in 2004.



Hamilton Chock ’53 (left) and his wife Doreen were visiting from Huntington Beach, CA and joined Hamilton’s classmates at the jubilarian festivities.


Class of 1953: (kneeling L to R) Juliette Shea Chock and June Kamioka Fuller; (standing, front L to R) Gordon Leong, Jean Uyeda Leong, Sr. Dolores Rosso, Betty Doi Gomes, Eva Chang Matsuyoshi, Sr. Rosario Daley, Barbara Pacheco Baldauf, Shirley Liu Lee; (standing, back L to R) Franklin Kiyabu, Vernon Young, Wanda Hoe Fong, Carmen Silva Kiyabu, Mary Lou Gilleres Botelho, Hamilton Chock.



(L to R) Betty Neves Keliiaa ’48 and Mary Correia Cambra ’48; Beatrice Ching Fong ’43 and Helen Chock Leong ’43

(L to R) Barbara Pacheco Baldauf, Agnes Sills Cordeiro ’37, Virgie Gonsalves ’38 and Hilda DeCambra Cordeiro ’37 join their fellow alums to sing the Maryknoll alma mater at the close of the luncheon.

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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New Faculty LEEMARIE AULANI ARMSTRONG ’93 (5th grade) holds a BA in Liberal Studies with a minor in Spanish from Seattle University, and a master of arts in teaching from Trinity College. She previously taught in an urban public school in the District of Columbia.

STEPHANIE CONCHING (high school theatre) holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Hawaii-Manoa, and is pursuing her MA in Education Theatre from New York University. She has been onstage, directed and worked backstage for many community theatre productions. She is also the education coordinator for Hawaii Opera Theatre. Stephanie is married to Mark Conching ’83.

GARY DELANOY (high school biology) is earning his MS in Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering from the University of Hawaii-Manoa. He has worked as a chemist, microbiologist, chemical microscopist and biochemist for the past 14 years. Gary and his wife Caroline have two children, MorganReed and Liam-Will.

JIM FALLON (5th grade) holds a BA in Psychology from San Diego State University, an MA in Educational Technology from Cal Poly Univeristy, Pomona, and a California Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential. He taught second, third and fifth grades in California for 18 years. He taught fourth grade for two years at St. Patrick School here in Honolulu. Jim’s hobbies include computers, reading and surfing. He and his wife own and operate a local health food store. LORI HALVORSEN (6th grade) holds a BA in Liberal Arts and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Saint Mary’s College of California. Her teaching experience in California public schools includes fifth grade math, science and language arts, and middle school special education. She has also taught at international schools in Denmark, Scotland and Brazil. She enjoys travel, tennis, snow skiing and, as a new resident of Oahu, exploring the island.



ERIC HERMOSURA (high school religion) holds an MA in Religion from the University of Hawaii-Manoa. He has traveled extensively in South America, the Mediterranean and Northern Africa, and spent the past year teaching at Assumption College in Bangkok, Thailand. He enjoys surfing and playing beach volleyball.

KANIALA KIM (high school Hawaiian history, culture and language) holds a BA in Hawaiian Language and an MA TECS from the University of Hawaii-Manoa. He is a youth pastor at Hope Chapel Koolau Loa in Kahuku. He and his wife Cheryl have three sons, a daughter, and a grandson.

KEAO LOFTUS (high school biology) recently earned an MS in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of HawaiiManoa. She has earned a green belt in taekwondo, and enjoys soccer, long-board surfing, gardening, and sewing.

TRACY MORREIRA (1st grade teacher’s assistant) holds an AA in Liberal Arts from Maui Community College, a Certificate of Competence in Early Childhood Education from Honolulu Community College, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Hawaii-Manoa, and is doing graduate work in the School Counseling Program at Chaminade University. She began working at Maryknoll in the After School Care program.


Cl M M M M M M M M M M M M M Dr

Cl M M M M M M Dr M M M M M M M


BRUCE SMITH (high school creative writing, world literature and journalism) holds a BA from Michigan State University in Communication Education-Speech, Theatre and English. He did graduate work at Western Michigan University in teaching the disadvantaged, and at Oakland University in guidance and counseling. He taught theatre arts and English for 14 years in Michigan before moving here to teach at Maryknoll.

ALISON HODGES TAITE (high school writing and literature) is a graduate of Punahou School who holds a BA in Art from the University of Hawaii-Manoa, and an MA in English from UC-Davis. She is a former newspaper columnist and art critic, and has done theatre at Manoa Valley Theatre and Diamond Head Theatre. She and husband Manning have two whippets.

M M M M M M Dr M M M M M M M M M M

Cl M M M M

ANNE WONG ’97 (7th grade English, 8th grade religion and newspaper) holds a BA in English with a minor in Japanese from the University of Washington, as well as a master of education degree in teaching from the University of Hawaii-Manoa. She enjoys reading, baking, running, arts and crafts, and swimming.


JEFF MCGIVERN (high school campus minister) is a graduate of St. Louis and the University of Hawaii-Manoa, where he earned a BA in Sociology. He teaches catechism and confirmation at St. Anthony in Kailua, and is a retreat team leader and speaker for Basic Christian Community of Hawaii (spearheaded


by the Benedictines). He and wife Heidi McGivern (a 7th grade teacher at Maryknoll) are the lead couple in Kailua for the Marriage Encounter love circle known as the Koolau Couples in Christ. He is on the board of directors of Pro Family Hawaii, and is a Knight of Columbus. Sons Micah ’14 and Matthew ’16 attend Maryknoll; daughter Malia is three years old.

DAVID YAMASAKI (middle school band) holds a BA in music and a masters degree in music composition from California State University. He taught in California for more than 10 years in the Oakland Unified School District. David has earned numerous awards going back to 1988. This past summer, he released “From Me to You,” a CD showcasing his talent as a guitarist and reflecting his love of jazz, blues, R&B, Latin and soul music.

Maryknoll School’s 28th Annual Luau 0%




aryknoll School’s 28th Annual Luau, held on November 2, 2003 at Blaisdell Exhibition Hall, was a wonderful event for Maryknoll families, alumni and friends. Thanks to our many generous donors and the hard work of dozens of volunteers, nearly $27,000 was raised for the educational programs at Maryknoll School. Special thanks to the members of the Luau Committee: Karane Ho and Teresa Brink-Wong (overall chairs); Amy Kobayashi and Aura-Ann Lee (Basket Auction); Peggy Chock and Cyndy LaPorte (Country Store); Sandra Aguilar & Gloriane Cooper Enjoying the festivities at the 28th Annual Luau: (L to R) Maryknoll School Board of Trustees Chairman Al Wong and Laurie Hong Wong ’56; Lt. Governor Duke Aiona and Vivian Aiona (current Maryknoll parents); Barbara Tom Ching; ’76 (Cake); Tony Chun ’72 and Janice Baker, and Maryknoll School President Michael Baker. Richard Suzuki (Clean-up); Michelle Koyanagi and Edwina Lee (Decorations); Darlene Mau (Entertainment); Darrel Lau and Iris Wright (Food Service); Cora Cabebe Gushikuma ’73 and Wayne Gushikuma (Games); Wayson Lee ’68 (Juice); Elena Chan (Tickets); and Tom Hee (Transportation & Signs). Mahalo also to the following “above-and-beyond” donors and volunteers: Teddy and Teddy-Jacob ’10 Asuncion; Wyatt ’10, Cori ’10 and Wade ’10 Gushikuma, Marians Catering, Brenda Miyashiro: Glenn Miyashita of Glenn’s Flowers & Plants; Sean Omine of Sodexho Services; Louis Pinho of Penske Truck Leasing; Linda Ross; Milton, Renee and Skylor ’10 Tengan; Sherry and Ian ’10 Teruya; Geri, Alissa ’08, Amanda ’10 and Steven Tseu ’78, and; Harrison and Nicah ’10 Wong, and The luau is an annual opportunity for Maryknoll alumni to gather together. Pictured here are Maryknoll School President Michael Baker, Pauline Morton Franklin Yogi. Thank you to Cheryl Ann Sanchez Vierra ’84 for Worsham ’62, Greg Labrador ’61, and Maryknoll’s Director of Development, emceeing the program. Yvonne Usita Morris ’63.

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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The State of Hawaii’s School Principal

Patricia Lee Hamamoto ’62 Always on call, always on the go by Della Au Belatti ’92


hether announcing an exciting collaborative initiative, explaining the No Child Left Behind Act, lobbying the Legislature for the Department of Education’s budget, or coordinating possible emergency plans in the face of a tsunami warning during a lunchtime interview, Superintendent Patricia Lee Hamamoto ’62 is always on call and on the go as the State of Hawaii’s “School Principal.”

THE EDUCATION OF AN EDUCATOR Much has been written about Pat and the embattled public school system that she heads, but little about her early beginnings as a teacher or her rise through the DOE. Pat’s early educational background is rooted in Catholic school education. For the young ninth grader who transferred from Sacred Hearts Academy to Maryknoll, Pat’s first impressions of Maryknoll center on the coed setting and the larger classes on the high school campus. Why Maryknoll? Pat’s father and mother, both born and raised on plantations on the islands of Hawaii and Maui respectively, and both the eldest of large families, placed a priority on work and supporting their families. Part of that support was to ensure that their children received a focused education, one infused with values similar to their own. They found this education at Maryknoll where the curriculum and ethical tenor of the school was value-laden. After graduating from Maryknoll in 1962, Pat attended California State - Long Beach where she intended to pursue a major in speech and communication. After achieving high scores on her social studies and language college entrance exams, however, and having enjoyed history classes since her high school days, Pat looked to teaching. (Today, Pat wryly admits she also was drawn to teaching because she thought it would mean free Saturdays and Sundays.) Armed with a degree in history and geography, as well as a teaching certificate for the secondary level, Pat taught in California for seven years. Pat’s return to Hawaii came in 1972. After teaching one semester at Punahou School, Pat was not immediately hired by the DOE. This led the future Number One public school administrator to a short hiatus from teaching, and to multiple jobs – first waiting tables at the Hilton Hawaiian Village restaurant and later as a convention coordinator with Tradewind Tours travel agency. Photo by Geralyn Camarillo ’86 (Hokuli‘i Images)



M M Gr M Do M M M Dr M M M M M M M Ru

T M M M M M Ste M Ka M M M M M Ra Th M M M M M Ca M M M M M M M M M Jew M M M Th M

M So M M M M M M M

next phase – or piece of the puzzle – is for the DOE to determine how to provide sustained and focused service, so that a seamless system of care is provided for the special needs of Felix students into the future. With one benchmark met and another looming ahead, Pat comments, very thoughtfully, that both she and the DOE system have learned from Felix and the issue of continued compliance. Indeed, they have learned such that the DOE is now better equipped to meet yet MOVING ON UP another challenge on the horizon – the requirements of the federal government’s No Child Left Behind Act. In 1984, with a push in the DOE to recruit more women to administrative positions, Pat entered the administrative ranks. In a span of 15 Another challenge is the exciting P-20 Initiative, announced in years, Pat served as vice principal of Maui High School and Nanakuli October 2002 as a collaboration between the early childhood educaHigh School, and principal of Pearl City Highlands Elementary and tion community, the DOE, the University of Hawaii, and members of McKinley High School. Other positions included a two-year term in the business community. This initiative (in which “P” refers to provithe DOE’s Personnel Department and a two-year term as the deputy sions for early learning and “20” refers to the years of schooling theresuperintendent. A valued and experienced leader in education, Pat was after through graduate level and beyond) brings together educators appointed to the position of superintendent in December 2001. from all levels – early education, K-12, and higher education – to deliberately focus on the transition periA DAY IN THE LIFE OF THE ods between each. The P-20 Initiative SUPERINTENDENT looks to create opportunities, possibilities, and structures around the transition Today, Pat is always on call – a far cry In reflecting on her times, helping students to align themfrom her initial beliefs that free time is selves and their education to future goals. one of the perks of a career in education. A typical workday begins at 3:30 in the greatest accomplishments, Pat does not In order to view education as more than vocational training, one driving idea is to morning. She arrives in the office by 4:30. point to one. Rather, she describes the provide students with a rounded and rich Morning calls, particularly those to the East Coast, are made at 4:45 a.m., act of achieving a number of goals and education throughout the P-20 years so that students become lifelong learners. followed by a review of mail and email. The first official meeting of the day is meeting benchmarks along the way, PARTNERS IN EDUCATION often scheduled at 6:30, with the rest of always seeking to improve the services the day filled with one- to two-hour meetWith regard to private schools in ings, presentations, school visits or celeHawaii, Pat looks at them as institutions and delivery of education. brations, and more meetings that can that offer choices and believes that stretch until 9:00 in the evening. parents need choice. She says, “Private schools provide a focus and a theme for Despite this challenging schedule, a parents and students, where parents who conversation with Pat leaves one enerwant a particular path for their children can find the schools that can gized and hopeful about the venture of teaching Hawaii’s public provide those paths.” Rather than focusing on the competition between school students. Like many teachers, Pat views education as a callpublic and private education, Pat points to the opportunities shared by ing rather than simply a job. Although no longer in the classroom, Pat the public and private sector to service all students, and the possible views her role as one very involved with children. She also describes synergy in partnerships that can result in better products and services one aspect of her job as facilitating partnerships and identifying for everyone. possibilities and opportunities for the DOE. The greatest challenge, she says, is that her work requires always thinking about tomorrow, LESSONS FOR A LIFE OF SERVICE not just about the present, and how to continue providing a quality On lessons learned from Maryknoll that apply to her current calleducation to the children of Hawaii while preparing them for the ing and job, Pat, a consummate educator, cites the maxims: “Do your future. homework” and “Study hard.” As important to Pat as the need to be PIECING TOGETHER THE PUZZLE prepared, were lessons learned at Maryknoll about integrity, honesty and loyalty. Case in point: Just after accepting the vice principal’s job In reflecting on her greatest accomplishments, Pat does not point at Nanakuli High School, Pat received a tempting offer from a highto one. Rather, she describes the act of achieving a number of goals profile school. True to her word, however, Pat honored her agreement and meeting benchmarks along the way, always seeking to improve the by taking the position at Nanakuli, and never looked back. services and delivery of education. Thankfully so, for those same qualities of integrity, honesty and For Pat, the goals she and the DOE have met so far are pieces to a loyalty shine through today in the dedicated service that Pat bigger puzzle, one which requires continued and deliberate attention. Hamamoto gives to the State of Hawaii and its children. One example of a puzzle that persists is the Felix Consent Decree, which required the State of Hawaii to establish a system of care for children with disabilities who need education and mental health ■ Della Au Belatti ’92 is a 2003 graduate from the William S. services. In the initial phase laid out by the Felix Decree, the DOE has Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaii. In November reached substantial compliance by installing a “detect and correct 2003, Della was sworn into the Hawaii State Bar Association and system” that aligns with quality standards so that schools can identify she is currently serving in a one-year clerkship for Judge Dexter D. special needs children in a timely manner and provide services. The DelRosario of the First Circuit Court of the State of Hawaii. There was, however, no doubt in her mind that she would return to education. Two years later in 1976, Pat became a teacher with the DOE at Pearl City Highlands Intermediate, followed by five years at Ilima Intermediate School. In 1982, Pat left the classroom as a teacher and returned to the classroom as a student, pursuing a master’s degree in geography from the University of Hawaii-Manoa.


Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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The many talents of Madge Goto Watai ’45

Ly Mr Mr Mr

by Camille Domaloan Michel ’84

After earning your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music, and teaching piano in Hawaii and then in Los Angeles, what led you to study law?



he shortest thing on her resume is the name at the top: Madge S. Watai. From there, everything about Madge Goto Watai ’45 is a study in multiplicity. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in music, and a juris doctor from Loyola University School of Law. She has been a pianist (teaching and performing), legal secretary, attorney, municipal and superior court judge, and, after “retiring” from the Superior Court, a hearing judge in the State Bar Court of California. She has been serving in the State Bar Court’s Review (appellate) Department since her appointment by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in 2001. Her numerous professional memberships, community activities and commendations reflect a passion to do good work for cultural groups with which she identifies: women, Asians, lawyers, judges, musicians. Her list of hobbies is both classic and contemporary: baking, cooking, crocheting, fishing, skeet shooting. Four years ago (at age 72), she took up indoor and outdoor rock climbing, and has since medaled in the Senior Olympics in that event. Her legacy as a parent is similarly accomplished. Have she and husband George been stellar role models, or have they simply passed on exceptional genes? Likely, it’s both. Son Jay is a graduate of West Point and holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. Daughter Karen Watai Lefever holds a BS from Harvard, and JD/MBA from the University of Chicago. From her home in Gardena, CA, the judge answered a series of questions about her education, career, community involvement and family – and it became clear that there is nothing complicated about how she achieved success in all those areas of her life. Madge Watai earned it by working hard, with integrity.



My husband attended Loyola Law School at night while teaching at Gardena High School during the day. Upon passing the bar, he opened his own office in Gardena and not being able to afford a secretary, I became his legal secretary. It was my husband who encouraged me and actually insisted that I give law school a try. I applied to Loyola because, at that time, it was the only school that offered a night program. We had children so I could not consider going to school during the day. We had quite a routine. While I attended classes at night, my husband sat with the children and put them to bed. Upon my return from classes at 10:30 p.m., he would go back to the office to work until the early hours of the morning. To my surprise, I found that I thoroughly enjoyed my classes. I was very fortunate that upon passing the bar, I stepped into the law firm of Watai and Watai. Furthermore, since I was older when I became an attorney, I was accepted generally by the public and not looked upon as a young new female attorney. Most of the women lawyers found it difficult to be hired by the big law firms, unless they had some unusual connection, and as a result found themselves in solo practice.

Mr Mr Mr Mr M Mr Mr Sy Mr Mr Ms Mr Mr Yv Mr Ms Ka Da Mr Fo Mr M Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr M Mr Mr Jay

What did you find rewarding about your career as an attorney? As an attorney, I found it quite rewarding when I was able to truly help my clients. It’s a great satisfaction to know that you did your best for your clients. My practice was a small town practice, a general practice. My husband’s practice was made up of business, corporate and real estate work. He was the litigator in the firm. I did the general legal work – probate, family law, workers compensation and immigration.

What appealed to you about becoming a judge? Becoming a judge was not in my aspirations. As you can imagine, this was at a time when women were an oddity in the legal profession. Women had to fight for a place in the profession. I became very active in the Women Lawyers Associate of Los Angeles to work with other women lawyers to improve the status of women in the profession. It was the women lawyers who encouraged me to apply for the judgeship and Governor Jerry Brown appointed me to the Municipal Court in 1978, as he did many other women. He appointed me to the Superior Court in 1981.

What were the challenges you faced in becoming only the second Japanese woman to be appointed to the Superior Court in California? First of all, it was an awesome responsibility to be appointed to the bench. I could not let the Governor down. Secondly, as a

G Mr Y Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr M Mr Ca Mr Mr Ma Mr Mr Mr M Mr Mr Mi Mr Mr M Mr Al


woman, I could not let the women down especially the women lawyers. Thirdly, I felt the responsibility of not disgracing the Japanese. And of course, most importantly, I could not let my family down. It was truly a challenge every day. The support I received from everyone was wonderful. After all these years, I still find that every day is a responsibility and a challenge.

Of all your community activities, which has resonated most strongly with your core values? My participation in the 1970s in the annual Women’s Day program in the City of Gardena was most satisfying for me. Our goal was to meet the needs of many women in the community. Support for widows, parenthood for single moms, wills and estate planning, property problems, rights of minors and the juvenile system, family law; employment discrimination, senior citizens rights, battered women, alcoholic spouses – these are some of the subject matters we covered. The attendance was good and the comments returned to us were great. It was a wonderful time and experience because I was associated with some of the hardest working women in the community.

What did you teach your children about the value of education as they were growing up?

the duration of the war. It was a very sad time. It was also difficult to understand why the Japanese families on the mainland were uprooted from their homes and put into interment camps. We felt that we could be next. I do feel that instead of the carefree school life we had been experiencing, we felt somber and serious, especially when we saw the soldiers driving by in the trucks. Perhaps, our lives became more thoughtful.

What memories of Maryknoll School do you carry with you? My fondest memories of Maryknoll School are the Maryknoll Sisters that taught us and were very much a part of our daily lives. They were so giving of their time and taught us by examples. My fondest memory is of Sister Rose Virginia, who took the time to mentor me, to make me realize the importance of being true to yourself, believing in yourself, the importance of hard work and the importance of giving oneself. She made me realize that perhaps I could one day attain my goals if I adhered to these principles. In her later years, I visited Sister here at the retirement convent in Monrovia, California. She still remembered the students at Maryknoll and we had many pleasant conversations about them. She surprised me that she had kept up with so many of them.

My husband and I have always understood the importance of education. I was the only one in my family to go to college, and my husband was the only one in his family to go to college. Our children understood, from the time they were little, that they would be going to college and they could make the choice of the school themselves. We did our best to instill in them that hard work was the only way to attain their goals. We are very proud of our children.

How have you managed to balance both career and family? I have been very fortunate to have a very supportive husband with whom I practiced law. We both felt that it was important for me to work with the women lawyers to improve the status of women in the profession and to contribute my time to the community. However, we never lost sight of the importance of our family. It was not only my balancing of my career and family, it was my husband and I balancing our lives so that the children did not suffer because of our careers and community activities.

Why did your parents (Harry Masao Goto and Fujie Goto) send you to Maryknoll? Although we were not Catholics, my very wise mother decided that Maryknoll would be the best school for me. She felt that the education offered at Maryknoll was superior to any other school. She was right.

I was able to visit with some of my classmates at our 50th reunion. They didn’t look any different than the last day of school, as I remembered them. They had the same warm smiles and the same humor. My recollection of every one of them is that they did their best in whatever they undertook and we were a great class collectively – we couldn’t be beat. As for the events, I would say that the Hawaiian Pageant we put on quite often for the students and for the troops were very memorable. What a wonderful program that was.

What is the most important lesson you learned during your time at Maryknoll?

What affect did World War II have on your life at school? First of all, we had to carry gas masks wherever we went, which was a constant reminder that we were at war. The Sisters did their best to carry on as usual, but we had a daily reminder of the tragedy of war especially because a classmate of ours had her father taken from their family for

Sr. Rose Virginia “took the time to mentor me, to make me realize the importance of being true to yourself, believing in yourself, the importance of hard work and the importance of giving oneself.”

“We had to carry gas masks wherever we went, which was a constant reminder that we were at war.”

The most important lesson I learned at Maryknoll is to have faith in the Lord and be true to yourself and always do your best. I do believe that the Sisters instilled in us the principles of Noblesse Oblige in every class they taught. Our appreciation of the opportunities that have been given to us, the support and belief of others in us, and the opportunity to do the same for others is the cycle of life we were taught.

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Nothing is impossible for

Patricia Medina Talbert ’66 by Fran Chow Wong ‘69 Age 16. Patricia had spent her freshman year at Sacred Hearts Academy but, upon returning to Hawaii after living in the Philippines during her sophomore and junior years, Patricia had to select a school to attend for senior year. After researching island high schools, she chose to enroll at Maryknoll. What impressed her was Maryknoll’s reputation for academic excellence. The coed high school also boasted a very competitive debate team. She decided to enter Maryknoll and made her senior year one of involvement. She not only became a member of the National Honor Society, but she was also part of the Pacific Asian Affairs Council, ran track (sprinting the quarter mile was her specialty), played volleyball, and went to the prom with classmate Brian Spitzer ’66. She found the students and teachers to be bright; the intellectually challenging school atmosphere supportive of critical thinking. Above all, she loved the spontaneous arguments of debate.

Potential architect turns advocate


“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart”


he portrait that accompanies the above quote in the 1966 yearbook pictures a young lady with a pleasant smile and bright, intelligent eyes. Patricia Medina Talbert – at present, the first Asian Pacific American (APA) woman to sit on the Superior Court bench in the State of New Jersey. Despite this historic appointment on November 30, 2000, Judge Talbert is quick to point out that she started off as a local girl growing up in Kalihi. She also recalls the influence of her parents in the formation of her character. As a youngster, Patricia watched her mother raise scholarship money for members of the Filipino community. It was a learning experience in community service and involvement. From her firefighter dad, Patricia learned right from wrong, as well as the importance of decision making.

Early chances to make important choices Age 9. A disgruntled Patricia was not comfortable studying the King James version of the Bible being taught at Kamehemeha School, which she had attended since first grade. Her dad gave her the choice of moving to St. Theresa School with her brothers, or remaining at Kamehameha. The fourth grader opted to change schools; she remained at St. Theresa for grades five to eight. Age 12. Musically talented, Patricia attended Punahou’s School of Music on scholarship. Recognizing her talent on the piano, Punahou offered to send Patricia to Julliard. There she would continue to study music, perfect her skills, then return to Punahou to teach. The 12-yearold pianist envisioned practice, practice, practice – and declined. Her dad respected her decision. 12


Patricia graduated in 1966 – with no thoughts of being a lawyer. In fact, a B.A. in Design held Patricia’s focus as an undergraduate at the University of Hawaii. When she received her diploma in 1976, she had successfully laid the foundation for future graduate studies in architecture. But as she worked on academics, she became interested in civil rights and was soon an advocate for women’s rights, particularly the economic survival issues of employment, childcare, and education. During this time she also married, raised two daughters, and surfed. After working in civil rights for ten years, Patricia finally decided to go to law school. In 1985, she received her law degree from Rutgers School of Law and began to practice in New Jersey and New York. She litigated, specializing in employment discrimination.

Mr Mr Ad Ms Mr Mr Mr Go Mr M Mr Mr Ma Mr Mr M Mr Mr Mr M Mr Bo Ms Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Ms Mr La Mr Ms Mr Mr M Mr Ev Mr Ste Mr

Issues of ethnicity on the East Coast While Patricia studied, worked, and lived on the East Coast, she detected a marked difference in the way Asian Pacific Americans viewed themselves from the locals back home. In Hawaii, people were proud of their ethnicities, and didn’t hesitate to say they were Japanese, Hawaiian, or Filipino. But on the mainland, Asian Pacific Americans were continually considered foreigners and thus, wanted to be identified simply as Asian Americans or Asian Pacific Americans. Patricia also discovered that Asian Pacific Americans were not part of the decision making process, and knew that before their voice would be heard, they would have to organize and interact with others. In 1986, Patricia co-founded the Asian Pacific American Lawyers Association/New Jersey, eventually becoming its president. In 19992000, she was the first Asian Pacific American president of the Essex County Bar, the largest and most powerful bar association in New Jersey.

Bringing diversity to the bench It is said that the face of Justice should be diverse, but prior to 2000, only one Asian male had been appointed judge in New Jersey. That was in 1991. Since there are about 500 Superior Court judges in the state, the Asian Pacific American community felt strongly that at least one more APA judge should be appointed.

M Mr Ms Do Mr Mr We Mr Mr Ms Mr Mr Viv Mr Mr LT Co Ms M Dr Mr M Mr Mr M

The name “Patricia Medina Talbert” was submitted to the governor. She was a most appropriate candidate. She had practiced law for ten years and had been a staunch supporter and advocate for the APA community and its issues throughout her career. In fact, her very name symbolized the perfect blend of APA ethnicity: Medina Talbert, from her Filipino mother and Hawaiian father. She would be one of two women among the 18 judges assigned to the criminal division, and would also handle a civil docket. The appointment of Judge Talbert in the year 2000 brought all these considerations into balance. During the past two years, the courtroom of Judge Talbert has earned a reputation for fairness. Her demand for respect and courteous behavior is well established. Lawyers who come before her must be prepared. Yet, despite her commanding position, Judge Talbert says that being on the bench is a humbling experience. The responsibility of sentencing defendants is grave and powerful; her decisions immediately affect an individual’s civil liberties. While she must be commanding on the bench, each person who enters the court is treated as a human being rather than a number.

Patricia at play In chambers, the Pegge Hopper artwork helps Judge Talbert to remember her proud roots. The occasional strains of Izzie wafting from her office are uplifting. When Patricia leaves the courthouse, she enjoys spending time with her daughters. Once or twice a year, she

flies back to Honolulu to visit her parents (who are now in their eighties), her brothers, and her friends. It’s also a chance to stock up on poi. On occasion, Patricia may drive to New York for an evening of culture or fine food at a favorite restaurant. In the winter, you might catch her downhill skiing, or on a warm, calm night, she could be navigating her small sailboat. And if you look really hard, you may just spot her riding a Harley Davidson – but not to the courthouse, of course!

“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart” Patricia Medina Talbert. Local girl. Judge. Still involved; still making decisions. ■ Fran Chow Wong ’69 teaches English, religion and public speaking for Maryknoll’s middle school division. She and her husband Jack are the parents of Anne ’97, who also teaches middle school at Maryknoll, and Aaron ’02.

Editor’s Note: While this issue of the Knoller was in production, Patricia was blessed with the birth of her first grandchild. She wrote from her youngest daughter’s home in Pittsburgh, “Is it possible that so much sweetness could have come into this world? Bella Leialoha means ‘beautiful child of love,’ a combination of Italian and Hawaiian…I am cooking up a storm to leave behind and the house is awash in pretty flowers.” Congratulations to Patricia and her extended family.

From drama club to district court judge

Colette Yoda Garibaldi ’73 achieves success through hard work by Camille Domaloan Michel ’84


glimpse into the past of Colette Yoda Garibaldi ’73 could be seen as an early predictor of future behavior. It makes sense that three years in National Honor Society at Maryknoll led to seven semesters on the dean’s list and graduation magna cum laude with a double major in political science and speech communication from the University of Southern California, followed by a year on the dean’s list at Loyola Law School. One can easily envision a member of the pep squad, pep club, and girls softball team someday becoming an active Little League and soccer mom, and parent volunteer for Ballet Hawaii. But what connects the girl who was a member of the Maryknoll Players to the woman who is now a judge in the First Judicial Circuit in Hawaii? As part of the fledgling theatre group at Maryknoll, Colette enjoyed “being in another place, being another person,” and was a three-time participant in the Shakespeare competition held at St. Louis during her high school years. In fact, Colette enjoyed acting so much that she toyed with the idea of auditioning for bit parts while in Los Angeles attending USC. But true to her self-proclaimed type A personality, Colette says, “I finally decided I can only do one thing at a time” and chose to focus on her educational goals. Acting did, however, make it easier for her to be a trial lawyer. She says, “I looked at it as a performance. Whether you liked your case or not, whether you thought your evidence was great or not, that’s the part you play: ‘This is my case. It’s a great case.’”

District Court Judge Colette Yoda Garibaldi ’73 attended Maryknoll from kindergarten through 12th grade. Her siblings are Colleen Yoda Liu ’75 (who teaches 4th grade at Maryknoll) and Stephen Yoda ’78.

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ALUMNAE PROFILES What first piqued Colette’s interest in a career in law was the news of a prison riot in Attica, NY during her senior year at Maryknoll. The event made a tremendous impression. “I thought, ‘I will go to law school; I’m going to save the world,’” she says. “And throughout USC and part of law school, I knew I wanted to be in court, although I wasn’t sure that I would succeed. But I thought, ‘Well, try it.’” Her first thought was to be a public defender, but she found there weren’t any openings when she returned to Hawaii. Colette was instead hired by the prosecutor’s office. Her experience there was eyeopening in an unexpected way. She recalls, “I went into court and made all kinds of mistakes. I was horrified, thinking, ‘Oh my God, what am I doing here?” The silver lining is that, as a new prosecutor, Colette saw that certain judges were more compassionate and understanding than others. They were tough but fair. Fairness and trying to see other people’s points of view were values that came directly from her education at Maryknoll. She says, “I thought, ‘I like that.’ And then I saw judges who I thought were too harsh, and basically unkind. I never want to be a person like that. Over time I decided, ‘I could do this job, and I could do really well.” Doing well has brought Colette up the ranks to her present position as deputy chief judge and administrative judge at Kauikeaouli Hale in downtown Honolulu. This is no surprise if you look again at Colette’s early lessons and experiences. She says that her parents, especially her father, taught her, “You have to work hard. If you give up, you’re never going to accomplish anything, so you just have to keep doing it.”

This message is reflected in the lessons Colette has imparted to her daughter Kristen, a student at Punahou, and her son John, at Chapman University. Colette taught them that education “is the key to get you anywhere. Education, drive and hard work.” To support this family lesson, Colette made involvement in her children’s school and extracurricular activities a priority as they were growing up – not an easy task for a mom who works outside the home. For Colette, a solution came in the form of a per diem judgeship that enabled her to work part-time while her children were in preschool. She could decline assignments on school holidays or to chaperone field trips. Working hard at balancing career and family is not something Colette does alone. It absolutely requires, she says, a supportive spouse who is encouraging and patient. She has found that in husband John Garibaldi, a financing expert who currently works for HSF, Ltd. Together, they have taught their children that “family is important. That we sacrifice in order for them to do as many things as they want to do, and we’re very supportive, regardless of how well they personally feel they’re doing in the activity, whether it’s athletics, academics, dance or music. That we’re always there for them.” Work and family all come together as Colette reflects on what she is most grateful for. She says she sees a lot of young people who come into her court, having made poor choices in situations she knows her own children have faced. “I’m proud of decisions my children have made,” Colette says. “They’re not perfect, but they’re healthy, they’re happy, and they’ve been able to accomplish what they wanted to accomplish. In that way, I feel like I’m blessed.”

LeeMarie Aulani Armstrong ’93




Ma Ma Mr

M At Ca Mr Ea Fir Hu F Dr Dr Ma Pa Sa

Mahalo to Colleen Yoda Liu ’75 for contributing to this article.

Alumni on Campus

eeMarie Aulani Armstrong ’93, who entered Maryknoll School in the second grade, has literally come home to teach at her alma mater. She is in her first year teaching fifth grade language arts, math, social studies, art and religion. Soon after graduating from Seattle University with a BA in Liberal Studies and a minor in Spanish, LeeMarie joined “Teach for America,” an AmeriCorps program that enlists recent college graduates to teach for two years at schools in low-income areas. Dually certified to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) from kindergarten through grade 12 and Elementary Education in grades one through six, LeeMarie was placed at C.W. Raymond Elementary, an urban public school in northwest District of Columbia. “I moved what little I had from Seattle,” said LeeMarie, “and flew out into ‘no man’s land’ – the East Coast – knowing not a single soul.” She taught ESL (English as a second language) in grades one to five, while getting her Master of Arts in Teaching at Trinity College. “The children I taught were from countries such as Iran, Togo, Sierra Leone, Vietnam, Germany, and the Central and South Americas, to name a few,” LeeMarie said. “I had children from agricultural towns as well as from warring communities.”

L Re to M to f

She taught for six years at the same school and was ready to move into other school districts in nearby Maryland and Virginia. Then her Brazilian fiancé, Patricio Gomes, “miraculously” got a job in Hawaii with the Department of Justice/Immigration. “On a whim, I got in touch with Jeannie Lee ’90 and asked if she knew of any openings at the grade school,” LeeMarie said. “She got in touch with [grade school vice principal] Carole Ota, and about three phone interviews later, I faxed in my signed contract. Blessings in abundance!” Of her homecoming to Maryknoll, LeeMarie said, “It’s a major trip, seeing my childhood teachers – even more so working alongside them. I feel so honored to be in a caring, nurturing, familiar environment. Now I need to adjust culturally. I constantly find myself muttering, ‘Only in Hawaii...’ with a content smile upon my face.” Still, she added, “I loved my time in D.C. I taught [my students] everything from Tinikling to lei making and hula. I made sure that Hawaii was not just a dot in the Pacific Ocean.” LeeMarie and Patricio plan to be married in August 2004 here in Hawaii, and to celebrate again in January 2005 in Brazil.

Ba Ha Mr Mr M Mr M Mr Mr Dr Va Mr M

Al BH Ma Mr Mr Dr Ms Mr Mr Mr Mr Th Mr Dr Mr


Annual Athletic Banquet • Japanese Cultural Center May 18, 2003 se ee 10

Athletic award recipients for the 2002-2003: (seated L to R) Blaine Gier ’88 (Coach of the Year, varsity boys volleyball), Ruby Chong ’03, Diana Samson ’03, Monica Yempuku ’03, Michelle Bower-Ono (Coach of the Year, cheerleading); (standingL to R) Stacey Wong ’03, Jonathan Cabral ’03, Jason Kennedy ’03, Mikey Faria ’03, Greg Aquino ’03.

Alumni Sponsored Athletes of the Year Jason Kennedy ’03 and Diana Samson ’03

6th Grade Student Athlete of the Year Royce Furukawa ’09

Scholar Athletes Stacey Wong ’03 and Ruby Chong ’03

7th Grade Student Athlete of the Year Rentaro Masukata ’08

Brother Venard Ruane Sportsmanship Award John Michael Faria ’03 Jonathan Cabral ’03 Coach Doug Kometani Franklin Gonzales

8th Grade Student Athlete of the Year Jonathan White ’07

Inspirational Athletes Kelvin Lam ’03 and Monica Yempuku ’03 Spartan Athlete Greg Aquino ’03

Frank DeLima (third from left) was the celebrity emcee at this year’s Athletic Banquet. He is pictured with (L to R) Athletics Director Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66, Sr. Marie Patrice Kehoe, Sr. Rosario Daley, Jonathan Cabral ’03, and Waynette and Mervin Cabral.

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SPORTS REPORT - SPRING 2003 SAILING Chris Beuret ’06, Jenna Doi ’05, Jason Gunderson ’05, Denise Kobashikawa ’05, Aileen Ledoux ’05, Erica Lee ’05, Lisa Manuzak ’05, Lauren Ritchie ’05, Martin Sterling ’05, Sara Yoshimura ’05 ILH First Team

Martin Sterling ’05 & Lisa Manuzak ’05 ILH Skipper and Crew of the Year

BOYS CANOE PADDLING Ronald Torres, Jr. ’04 ILH First Team

Pac-5 gymnast Kelvin Lam ’03.


Jessica Akamine ’05, Cheryl Lee ’05, Diana Samson ’03, Whitney Wong ’04 ILH Honorable Mention

Jessica Akamine ’05, Tammie Andres ’05, Sela Fisilau ’05, Brianna Goo ’06 Jessica Ho ’04, Lauren Lau ’04, Cheryl Lee ’05, Kaulana Salangdron ’05, Diana Samson ’03, Michelle Taketa ’04, Kristie Watanabe ’06, Whitney Wong ’04 (Coaches Bobby Samson, John Donlin, Glen Goya) State Tournament Qualifiers Tabitha Lum ’05, judo state tournament qualifier.

Maryknoll School students participate on the CSL (Catholic School League) Track & Field team in grades five through eight



Maryknoll’s Sailing Team (ILH first team): (L to R) Jason Gunderson ’05, Martin Sterling ’05, Denise Kobashikawa ’05, Erica Lee ’05, Christopher Beuret ’06, Lisa Manuzak ’05, Lauren Ritchie ’05, Jenna Doi ’05. Not pictured: Aileen Ledoux ’05 and Sara Yoshimura ’05.

BOYS GOLF Ed Han ’05 & David Yamasaki ’04 State Tournament Qualifiers

David Yamasaki ’04 ILH Boys Varsity Championship Bronze Medalist

Matt Oyadomari ’07 ILH Boys Intermediate Championship Bronze Medalist

ILH BOYS INTERMEDIATE GOLF TEAM Varsity baseball player Ryan Matsumoto ’05.

Jeremy Bac ’08, Reyn Mukawa ’07, Aaron Ishii ’07, Jonathan Montero ’07, Peter Nozaki ’08, Matt Oyadomari ’07, Jayce Teruya ’07 ILH Class A Small Schools Championship

TRACK & FIELD Gabriel Nojadera ’04 & Tyler Tajima ’04 State Tournament Qualifiers

Kim Culver ’07 ILH Intermediate Championship Silver and Bronze Medalist

Matthew Chun ’07 ILH Intermediate Championship Bronze Medalist

JUDO Tabitha Lum ’05, Paige Dupont ’05, Tara Matsuda ’05 and Keenan Tenno ’06 State Tournament Qualifiers

Keenan Tenno ’06 & Tabitha Lum ’05 Golfer Ed Han ’05 qualified for the 2003 state tournament.

Maryknoll’s Intermediate Golf Team – 2003 ILH Class A Small Schools Champions: (seated L to R) Reyn Mukawa ’07, Jeremy Bac ’08, Michelle Morinaga (Sacred Hearts Academy), Jonathan Montero ’07, Jayce Teruya ’07; (standing L to R) Coach Russell Mau, Peter Nozaki ’08, Matthew Oyadomari ’07, assistant coach Ehren Mau, Aaron Ishii ’07.

ILH and State Varsity Judo Championship Medalists

Girls varsity tennis player Melissa Chow ’04.

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A Message from Paul... Dear Fellow Alumni, Mahalo and congratulations on another highly successful year! We ended the 2002-2003 school year with the 4th Annual Alumni Week that proved to be an overwhelming success. The 12th Annual FORE! Maryknoll Golf Tournament held at the New Ewa Beach Golf Club was sold out with a wait list. This was the best ever golf tournament! The 4th Annual Alumni Social exceeded all our expectations so the function was expanded to utilize the whole Ilikai Hotel ballroom. Nearly 400 participants, many from the mainland, enjoyed this special event in conjunction with their own class reunions. We celebrated our 5th Annual Alumni Memorial Mass on November 2 at Sacred Heart Church. Thanks to Ann-Marie White Medeiros ’88 who has chaired this activity for several years and has made this a special memorable event. I’m very proud that we are beginning our fifth year of operation as the renewed Alumni Association, and give special thanks to the Alumni Council members who have so generously participated in the Association. Our vision – to “establish the Maryknoll Alumni Association as a recognized premier alumni organization in Hawaii, contributing to the success of Maryknoll School and members of the Association” – is a reality. This vision is built

on a strong, recurring and dynamic annual program, and active and enthusiastic alumni participating in the Association. Because of your support and the rapid growth of the association, our reputation as a premier association has spread among the schools in Hawaii. Our mission – to “establish an Alumni Association, with a solid program, that actively participates in, and contributes to the success of Maryknoll School and members of the Association” – is also a reality. I’m also proud that plans for 2003-2004 are already in place. Please mark your calendars for the 5th Annual Alumni Week events, which will be held in July 2004: Bowlarama Sunday, July 11 Golf Tournament Thursday, July 15 Alumni Class Dinner Saturday, July 17 The Alumni Class Dinner will be held at the Ala Moana Grand Ballroom. This is an excellent time to schedule your class reunions since the Planning Committee and Alumni Office will handle all the logistical coordination. The only requirement for class members is to attend and have fun. While we have had much success in supporting Maryknoll School and the alumni, much more can be done as we continue to grow and mature the Association. I look forward to yet another successful year. Alumni Lead the Way! Aloha, Paul Y. Chinen ’57 Alumni Association President

2003 Alumni Memorial Mass


lumni Memorial Mass was held on November 2, 2003 at Sacred Heart Church. Maryknoll alumni and loved ones of alumni who have passed joined the parishioners from the ManoaPunahou Catholic Community at the 11’clock Mass. The liturgy included the traditional lighting of candles while the names of deceased alumni were read aloud. Mahalo to Alumni Council member Ann-Marie White Medeiros ’88 and to Sheri-Lynn Goo Rand ’85 for chairing the event. Special thanks also to the alumni who participated as greeters, lectors, music and Eucharistic ministers, and candlelight bearers. Alumni Memorial Mass is held each year on All Souls Day, and is a loving and prayerful way to remember our alumni who have been born into eternal life. 18


(Front L to R) Charlotte Gomes White ’63, Monica Domaloan Ng Pack ’83, Emily Wong McCollum ’91; (back L to R) Gabriel Nojadera ’04, Sheri-Lynn Goo Rand ’85; Marianne Chock Lum ’49, Earl Ching ’68, Lucile Smith Mistysyn ’37, Yvonne Chun Izumi ’78, Jared Kaufmann ’58, Pamela Kee ’91 and son William Kee ’17, Will Layden, Mike Amore ’79, Tessie Amore, Ron Torres ’04.

ALUMNI WEEK Bowling alongside event chair Jared Kaufmann ’58 (center) were (L to R) Betty Hew, Jamie Adams ’01, Gwen Hew Kurashima ’74, Frances Lau Adams ’74, Pam Chun Toyooka ’74, Thomas Deeter and Sheila Pike.

Bowlarama d n o


Sunday, July 13, 2003 Bowlarama is a family affair! (L to R) Garrison Gabriel (son of Garrett ’86 and Dori Kern ’87 Gabriel), and current Maryknoll students Christianne Michel ’13 and Ryan Michel ’16 (children of Camille Domaloan Michel ’84) enjoyed bumper bowling in the “keiki-only” lanes.

m e l e g r

l e p

n l t y

s c

f r

“Team Maryknoll 1970s” repeated as champions: (front L to R) Thomas Ching ’75, Tony Chun ’72, (back L to R) Rendell Bourg ’73, Stephen Ho ’73 and Peter Chun ’73.


owlarama chair Jared Kaufmann ’58 put on another fabulous event at the Fort Shafter Lanes with lots of prizes and fun for everyone. The third time was a charm for “Team Maryknoll 1970s” who “three-peated” as champions of this annual family event. Alumni Rendell Bourg ’73, Thomas Ching ’75, Tony Chun ’72, Peter Chun ’73 and Stephen Ho ’73 took first place with 2,440 pins in three games. “The Young Alums” took second place with 2,120 pins. Team members were Jennifer Anwar ’02, Michelle Sugimura ’01, Ryan Sugimura ’06, Joey Tawarahara and Korey Wong ’01. Congratulations also to our highest scoring teenage bowler, Matthew Chun ’07, with 365 pins.

Friends ‘n’ family: (L to R) Cheng Chang, Whit Michel, Ruth Melchor, Chris Domaloan ’00, Missy Domaloan Layden ’87, Molly Layden, and Will Layden.

s s c

t o n s o r

All the President’s Bowlers: (L to R) Jenny Foytich, Lynn Domaloan, Lucile Smith Mistysyn ’37, School President Michael Baker, and Director of Development Yvonne Usita Morris ’63.

The Young Alums: (front L to R) Michelle Sugimura ’01 and Jennifer Anwar ’02, (back L to R) Korey Wong ’01, Joey Tawarahara, and Ryan Sugimura ’06.

Fall 2003/Winter 2004


72577_text 1/19/04 8:47 AM Page 40


12th Annual FORE! Maryknoll Golf Tournament July 17, 2003


his year’s golf tournament at The New Ewa Beach Golf Club raised a record $34,000 for the educational programs at Maryknoll School. Members of the Lucky 12th Place Team (in honor of the 12th annual tournament) were Rendell Bourg ’73, Peter Chun ’73, and Mike Yasui with a net score of 61.5. The “Spartan Challenge $1,000 Closest to the Pin Hole” winner was Kenneth Arakawa ’85 with a distance of three feet. Other competition holes included the longest drive (female), Van Class of ’88 alumni celebrated the 15th anniversary of their Torres; longest drive (male), Guy graduation from Maryknoll by playing in the golf tournament: (L Takemoto; most accurate drive to R) Jeff Ventura, Blaine Gier, Kavett Kaopua, Wil Cordes, Patrick Low, and John Baraquio. (female), Lucille Kern; and most accurate drive (male), Garry Hobbs. With so many all-alumni team participants, this year we inauguYvonne Usita Morris ’63, rated an Alumni Team Award for the lowest scoring all-alumni team. Jerry Pang ’56, Naomi Saito, This year’s winners were Kai Chang ’85, Lin Ann Chang ’81, and Lori Ann Saunders, Michelle Eric Chong ’85 (net score 61.5). Arakawa Ushio ’81 and Lourdes Lee Whang ’78. Many thanks to Louis H. Pinho of Penske Truck Leasing for the sponsorship of the delicious food on the course. The committee is also Save the date for our 13th grateful to Marilyn Thompson Chinen ’61 for her work on the regisAnnual FORE! Maryknoll Golf tration of our golfers. Tournament on Thursday, July 15, 2004. The committee is Special thanks to tournament chair Richard Budar ’78 and the gearing up for a fun-filled tourdedicated members of the golf committee: Lori Kern Carlos ’87, nament! Mark Conching ’83, Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66, Michael Ho ’57, Patricia Chu Ho ’57, Kerry Lam ’76, Charlene Wong Lum ’60, This golf tournament is not possible without the generosity of our many sponsors and donors. For a complete list, (L to R) Jim Morris, Suzie Brown Bass ’84, Kevin Mendes ’84. please see the Annual Giving Report, pages 60-61.

2003 Golf Committee: (seated L to R) Charlene Wong Lum ’60, Richard Budar ’78 (tournament chair), Mark Conching ’83, Lori Kern Carlos ’83; (standing L to R) Naomi Saito, Yvonne Usita Morris ’63, Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66, Lourdes Lee Whang ’78, Michelle Arakawa Ushio ’81, Lori Ann Saunders, and Kerry Lam ’76. Committee members not pictured are Michael Ho ’57, Patricia Chu Ho ’57 and Jerry Pang ’56.



Russell Dung ’78 (left) and Kelly Grant ’84.

TOP FIVE TEAMS: 1st place Wayde Ichiyama, Tracy Tanouye, Guy Takemoto – net score 53.4

2nd place Alvin Tanaka, Elton Tanaka, Brian Tsuruda – net score 59

3rd place Rick Wakabayashi, Garret Kaya, Kevin Morita – net score 59.3

4th place Stephen Wong, Glenn Asato, Clinton Akutagawa – net score 60

5th place Bruce Kishimoto, Larry Kawamoto, Michael Van Sant – net score 60.5

(L to R) Allen Chee ’84, Joseph Yee ’84, Alan Agena ’84, Kenneth Arakawa ’85, Michelle Arakawa Ushio ’81.

(L to R) Derek Sakai ’85, Darryl Sakai, Norman Abe ’85.

(L to R) Jeff Kalani ’90, Brandon Flores, Robin Sato ’90, Daniel Lau, Brysson Lau ’95 and Watson Gier.

Tournament chair Richard Budar ’78 (center) helps himself to a hot dog at the refreshment stand sponsored by Penske Truck Leasing. Many thanks to Penske manager Louis Pinho, whose daughters graduated from Maryknoll, for his generous assistance.

(L to R) Lin Ann Chang ’81, Stephanie Choo ’81, Kai Chang ’85, Andy Wu ’81, Greg Larsen ’81, Eric Chong ’85. Lin Ann, Kai and Eric were the first threesome to earn the new Alumni Team Award as the lowest scoring all-alumni team.

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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Alumni Class Dinner - July 19, 2003 T

he culminating activity of our 4th Annual Alumni Week was the Class Dinner, held on July 19 at the Renaissance Ilikai Waikiki Hotel and attended by nearly 400 alumni, current and former faculty, and guests. Highlights of the evening included the presentation of Alumni Achievement Awards to Galen Ho ’63 and Patricia Ching Ho ’63, as well as the awarding of the President’s Cup to the Class of 1988, for the highest increase in annual giving participation. During the program, Jared Kaufmann ’58 received special recognition for his 40 years of service to Maryknoll School as teacher and principal. Speaking graciously about their friend and former colleague were principal emeritus Andy Corcoran ’64 and former athletic director and varsity basketball coach, Tony Sellitto. The 4th Annual Alumni Week was a tremendous success thanks to the help of alumni chair Charlene Tyau Nakamura ’79 and all our Reunion Representatives:

Marleen Silva ’78 Helen Chock Leong ’43 Gordon Leong ’53 Monica Domaloan Ng Pack ’83 Betty Neves Keliiaa ’48 Jean Uyeda Leong ’53 Tracy Benevides Crosier ’88 Emily Marciel Baptiste ’53 Vernon Young ’53 Nastia “Maxine” Chisteckoff Vickery ’58 Ann Marie White Medeiros ’88 Mary Lou Gilleres Botelho ’53 Lina Moriyama Kikuta ’63 Nicole Mazzola ’93 Betty Doi Gomes ’53 Stella Wong ’68 Jamie Agena Drasal ’93 Carmen Silva Kiyabu ’53 Rendell Bourg ’73 Shirley Liu Lee ’53 Mark your calendars for the 5th Annual Alumni Week, which will be held July 11 to 17, 2004. All alumni are invited to join the festivities, especially reunion classes ending in 4’s and 9’s. See you there!

Former Maryknoll PE teacher Fran Bellinger ’68 (left) and current Maryknoll Athletics Director Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66.

Maryknoll Alumni Association President and Board of Trustees Vice Chairman Paul Chinen welcomed the crowd of nearly 400 with a rousing, “Aloooooooooha!”

Allene Higa Ishikawa ’58 (left) and Anthony Nebres ’58

The evening’s program closed with the singing of Maryknoll’s traditional and contemporary alma maters.



(L to R) Former athletics director and varsity basketball coach Tony Sellitto, current faculty member Jared Kaufmann ’58, and principal emeritus Andy Corcoran ’64.

Tammy Yano ’83 (center, with lei) received official alumna status from Jared Kaufmann ’58 (right). On hand to congratulate her were (from left) Tammy’s parents, Brian and Eloise Uyeda ’55 Yano, and her fiance, U.S. Attorney Ed Kubo.

2003 ALUMNI ACHIEVEMENT AWARD She attended the University of Hawaii Galen Ho ’63 and Patricia Ching Ho for two years where she was a member of the ’63 each received an Alumni Achievement Yang Chung Hui Sorority and on the honors Award at the 2003 Alumni Class Dinner. list, before receiving a B.A. in History from At Maryknoll, Galen served in the Civil the University of California, Berkeley. She Air Patrol program; as a senior, he made his did graduate work at Oregon State first trip abroad when he visited Belgium as University and SUNY Binghamton NY. part of the Air Cadet International Upon relocation to New York state, Exchange Program. Also during his senior Patricia taught in the Union-Endicott year, Galen spearheaded a schoolwide School District where she was a gifted chocolate sale to raise funds for mucheducation specialist. She initiated and needed curtains in Rogers Hall. This was implemented a school-wide enrichment the first student-led fundraiser in MHS model, offering learning opportunities to history. For this endeavor, Galen received to R) Patricia Ching Ho ’63, School President all children in the district. Patricia was the Service Award for outstanding leader- (L Michael Baker, and Galen Ho ’63. honored by the state Parent Teacher ship at the commencement ceremonies. Association as an Outstanding Educator, and by Broome County, Commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Air Force after his NY as a Woman of Achievement. graduation from Oregon State University (and his marriage to Wherever she has lived, Patricia has always believed in giving Patricia), Galen saw combat in Vietnam. He was awarded the back to the community. In addition to her professional work, Vietnam Service medal and the Air Force Meritorious Service volunteer activities have been a priority in her life. Patricia has medal for his work in electronics systems development. served on numerous boards, and recently received the Founder’s Galen is currently president of BAE Systems, Information and Award for Personal Courage from the Asian Task Force, and the Electronic Systems Integration System, headquartered in Nashua, Community Award from the New England Patriots for noteworthy NH. When at home in Beverly, MA, he supports education and volunteer service. youth programs of the New England Conservatory of Music, the Currently, Patricia is president of the American Association of Boston Symphony, the Boston Pops, and the Peabody Essex University Women (AAUW) North Shore, vice president of Delta Museum. He enjoys sailing and motorboating out of Salem Kappa Gamma education honorary, secretary of the Girls’ Harbor, downhill skiing in Utah, working on automobiles and Coalition of Greater Boston Leadership Council, docent at the attending concerts. Peabody Essex Museum, and a member of the League of Women Patricia credits her experience at Maryknoll High School for Voters and the French-speaking Richelieu Club. building scholarship, confidence and leadership skills, as well as Patricia enjoys sailing, skiing, yoga, modern dance, imparting a sense of mission. symphony concerts and languages. She and Galen have two chilAt Maryknoll, she served as student council secretary, newsdren, Tricia and Peter. paper editor and National Honor Society member before graduating as class valedictorian. Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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2003 Alumni Class Dinner Congratulations and mahalo to all the classes who celebrated reunions in 2003 by attending the Alumni Class Dinner, held on Saturday, July 19 at the Renaissance Ilikai Waikiki Hotel.

CLASS OF 1943 (L to R) Helen Chock Leong, Richard Yokoyama, Beatrice Ching Ng.

CLASS OF 1948 (Front L to R) Betty Neves Keliiaa, Mary Correia Cambra, James Sakamoto, Anita Tom, Edward Chong, Anna Jean Ayau Leong. (Back L to R) Rose Hamada Iwamoto, Loretta Halualani Morgan, Alice Takabuki Hara, Charles Wong, Betty Lou Webster, Robert Lum.



CLASS OF 1953 (1st row L to R) Mary Lou Gilleres Botelho, Darlaine Gerhard Anderson, Jules Martin, Sr. Dolores Rosso (aka Sr. Ana Doloritas), Br. Venard Ruane, Sr. Maria Rosario, Juliette Shea Chock, Walter Woodall, Grace Wakayama Kawasaki. (2nd row L to R) Virginia Reyes Pagan, Barbara Chang Jeong, Eva Chang Matsuyoshi, Shirley Lee Liu, Gordon Leong, Jean Uyeda Leong, Thelma Caraballo Nitta, Barbara Pacheco Baldauf, Carmen Silva Kiyabu, Vernon Young. (3rd row L to R) Emily Marciel Baptiste, Alfred Neves, Charlotte Soares Simmons, Catherine Waters Allen, Janice Honda Kondo, Patricia Shannon Seger, Betsy Chang Leong, Verna Perry Ferreira, Eugene Buffandeau, Helen Chock Lewis, Verna Ching Kamana, Yolanda Leong Holt, Catherine dela Cruz Phillips, Gladys Wong Tom, Franklin Kiyabu, Sylvia Low Lee, Georgianna Denis Smith, Margaret Sebastein Thomas, Wanda Hoe Fong, Betty Doi Gomes, Loretta Ho Ah Sam, June Kamioka Fuller.

The class of 1953 pulled out all the stops and celebrated their 50th reunion with a huge celebration. The boys of 1953 at Bellows for the classmates’ family picnic.

They joined in our Alumni Week festivities and also had a party of their own at the Waialae Country Club on July 18, 2003. Don’t forget the Class of 1953 gals!

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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CLASS OF 1957 (Front L to R) Marie Alina Chun, Winnie Judd Thomas, Lorraine Shirai Maeda, Jeanette Salado Martin, Sadie Mau Lew. (Back row L to R) Barbara Elias Iseri, Lionel Iseri, Judy Perreira Tom, Gordon Tom, Paul Chinen, Theodore Yee.

CLASS OF 1958 (Front L to R) Paul Wallrabenstein, Theresa Tong Wallrabentstein, Sr. Dolores Rosso (aka Sr. Ana Doloritas), Jared Kaufmann, Maxine Chisteckoff Vickery, Phyllis Shea, Paulette Ukishima Sumida. (Back L to R) Ralph Ukishima, Anthony Nebres, David Dougan, Allene Higa Ishikawa, Donald Vickery, Kenneth Kwak.

CLASS OF 1961 (Front L to R) Carol Ann Bryan Sousa, Wanda Hoopai Wong, Barbara Nobrega Akau, Frances Omo McFarland. (Back L to R) Elliott Chamizo, Timothy Wong, Collin Dang.



CLASS OF 1963 (Front L to R) Diane Mosley, Lorna Chang Lin, Mary Ann Coredeiro LaFazia, Valerie Wong Sorensen, Patricia Ching Ho, Yvonne Usita Morris, Charlotte Gomes White, Joan Pollock Keaulana, Robert McFarland, Randall Ching. (Back L to R) Andrew Yee, George Moad, Charles Wong, Doug Ferreira, Galen Ho, Robert Lung, Reginald Pang, Gloria Isabelo Spray, Joanne Russell Medeiros, Lina Moriyama Kikuta, Sheila Conant.

CLASS OF 1965 (Front row L to R) Leona Tom Wong, Michelle Tokunaga Morikami, Deborah Low Lee, Linda Nishigaya, Susan Wong. (Back L to R) Rowland Ho, David Kula, Arthur Marcos, Stephen C.L. Wong, Bruce Melching, Norman Min.

CLASS OF 1967 (Front L to R) Gail Nakagaki Tiwanak, Linda Niemitz Langley, Denise Emsley, Patricia McIntyre Muneno. (Back L to R) Eric Tiwanak, Larry Langley, Lionel Tejada

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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CLASS OF 1968 (Front L to R) Noraine Sue Ichikawa, Joanne Tom, Sherlin Lee Kowal, Debbie Ng Baptiste, Sandi Asejo Campos, Stella Wong, Carol Kwak Wong, Mary Chun McConnell, Betsey Hughes Gunderson. (Back L to R) Derrick Wong, Daniel Tom, Elaine Peterson, Pamela Yoon, Darryll Wong, Frances Ho Bellinger, Mike Leach.

CLASS OF 1973 (Front L to R) Esther Todd Abbey, Kathleen Konn Schaffer, Jared Kaufmann ’58, Barbara Lowe, Catherine Lau. (Back L to R) Teresa Chun Wasano, Ida Quinn, Joann Yee Kegley, Peter Chun, Rendell Bourg, Phyllis Odo Chee, Robert Pelletier.

CLASS OF 1974 (L to R) Gwendolyn Hew Kurashima, Frances Lau Adams, Pamela Chun Toyooka



CLASS OF 1978 (Front L to R) Geralyn Lum Holck, Fred Soong, Earleen Nobriga Marter, Margie Malia Chow, Michael Panzo, Marleen Silva. (Back L to R) Bonnie Lau, Kathy Wong Shimabukuro, Neil Shimabukuro, Deanna Dudoit, Mark Bell, Kathy Costa, Pamela Gomez Murnane,Janice Lum Wong, Roxane Ishikawa Goo, Carl Osaki.

CLASS OF 1993 (Front L to R) Aaron Lau, Noah Pangelina, Laine Kohama, Jay Dote, Edward Gose, Dean Ueda, Richard Ubasa. (Back L-R) Meredith Bajar, Lee Marie Armstrong, Lee Higa-Hoffman, Jamie Agena Drasal, Lendy Villanueva Rebibis, Larissa Suyemoto Murata, Ledua Rusakomatilakeba Sagawinit, Alea Scheid, Kelly Corcoran Gomez

CLASS OF 1988 Celebrating their reunion with a gathering on July 18 at Hard Rock CafĂŠ were: (Front L to R) Cheryl Lim Ronan, Nikki Inouye Kaneshiro, Christi Marumoto Morishige, John Baraquio, Rochelle Suzuki Mahoe, Michelle Choo, Kristen Schultz, Kristen Wong Thompson, Tracy Benevides Cosier, Ann Marie White Medeiros; (back L to R) Suzanne Sunada, Leslie Wong Landreth, Jeff Ventura, Kenny Flores, Tim Mattos, David Horner, Greg Hong.

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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The Class of 1983 reaches out and reconnects by Monica Domaloan Ng Pack ’83


n the summer before our 20th reunion, 13 members of the Class of 1983 pledged to plan the party of the century. Getting us all to agree was going to be a monumental task, for sure! We were former cheerleaders, athletes, and student government leaders, a current teacher, a former teacher, amateur party planners, and wine enthusiasts, who had actually never partied together in high school! As the months passed and our function began to take form, however, so did we as individuals begin to mold and transform into a committee with a single purpose: reach out and reconnect. So, while we diligently planned the events down to the smallest detail, we simultaneously tried to make contact with every one of our classmates and personally invite them to join our oncein-a-lifetime experience. (Front) Rainier Villa. (L to R) Duane Miyashiro, Myrna Fong Tanaka, Lori Tseu Rodriguez, Dion Chan and son Dalton, Many of our classmates heeded our Edgar Dalit, Mike Siracusa, Jun Kobayashi, Stephanie Kam Nishimura. call. Some who lived far eagerly traveled the road back home to Maryknoll. Some who lived near made the difficult journey back to their childhood. And the committee members, who had taken the time over the year to rediscover each other while working (L to R) Sean Henderson, Lee Tsukazaki, Liana side by side, were Domondon Mulleitner, Kip Hewahewa, and The Class of 1983 gathers for a “Grill-in-the-Garden Party” at the Ng Pack residence. sweetly surprised as we (front) Carol Leong-Kido. observed how easily our friends traveled back and forth between time, reminiscing and reconnecting. On Friday afternoon in my backyard, we watched our children play – their antics were good icebreakers. But by evening, they no longer were the center of attention and we were able to relax in our lawn chairs and with each other. As people drifted in from various parts of the island – some just getting off from work – the excitement and surprises continued through the night. And some goodbyes had to be made, as not all of us would continue to celebrate through the next day. Saturday morning’s roster of three registered hikers quickly expanded to an energetic group of almost 30. The Kanealole Trail in Makiki was the perfect way to reintroduce us to Maryknoll’s neighborhood. Surrounded by nature’s backdrop, we enjoyed a little exercise, some fresh air, and the spirited leadership of Desert Storm veteran Tino Sellitto ’83. The final evening’s festivities began with the committee regrouping by decorating our class tables in the Ilikai ballroom with special bottles of wine, plastic kazoos, and maroon and gold pompoms. Wine bottles with gift tags printed with our theme, “Like Fine Wine, We’ve Improved with Age” were sent to faculty Kanealole Trail hikers tables assembled to honor former principal Jared Kaufmann ’58. Three of our



(L to R) Laurie Pang Acohido, Sharon Hiu Ong, Kerry McCarthy Cleary and Karen Lum Apuya.

All That Was Old Is New Again by Michael C. DeMattos ’83

own classmates, Darrin Chun ’83, Mike DeMattos ’83 and Mark Conching ’83, braved the stage to personally honor Mr. Kaufmann with a plaque commemorating his dedication to the sport of bowling and the lifelong lessons with which he coached. And Mr. Kaufmann, taking his turn, surprised Tammy Yano ’83 with her high school diploma, officially signifying her graduation from Maryknoll with the Class of 1983. The party continued with an invitation to our former faculty members to join us in the Ilikai Hotel’s Harbor Suite. A generous potluck pupu table, memory books filled with interesting answers to life’s questions and anecdotes about each other were passed around, as well as pictures and yearbooks. Familiar dance music filled the room as we all began to enjoy the last of our moments together. And finally, as a memento of the reunion experience, we all took home CDs with our favorite high school dance music and ballads of our era, and chanted “Viva Las Vegas!” – a potential 25th reunion destination. Our website, created and dedicatedly managed by Darrin Chun, serves as a constant means for us to communicate with each other as we discover more pictures from the past, contribute pictures of our growing families, and add photos of reunion highlights. To our classmates who were not able to come home – we were thinking of each and every one of you. Hopefully by our 25th, you will have made contact with us, or we will have found you. A reunion is an awesome, inspiring, and rejuvenating experience. We hope to see you all again next time! Take good care of yourselves and please keep in touch at www.mhs1983.com. ■ Monica Domaloan Ng Pack ’83, whose reunion coordinating responsibilities consumed her life for well over a year, has returned full attention to her much more manageable day job: raising four children – Penelope (9), Ethan (6), Aaron (5) and Emma (2). She is married to advertising executive Nick Ng Pack.

Mark Conching, Mary Brosnan O’Hannigan, Marylin Lee

Marcel Proust said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in finding new landscapes but in having new eyes.” After twenty years and two reunions I have finally come to understand the wisdom of his words. When notice went out that the class of 1983 would be celebrating their 20th reunion I was filled with excitement. To be honest, I found the ten-year reunion failed to live up to my expectations. I knew then, as I know now that this had little to do with those around me and everything to do with me. I was still busy trying to become someone. I was busy making a life. But the twenty-year reunion was going to be different, because I was different. All those years of trying to be someone else, someone better, something more had given way. When I looked in the mirror I liked whom I saw. More importantly I knew who he was. He was me. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my insecurities, but I find them strangely comforting. I remember walking into the home of Monica Ng Pack ’83 and seeing all the faces from years gone by. It was a bit surreal. I knew them all, but each face seemed somehow different. Maybe, like me, they were no longer trying to become someone else. Maybe they had discovered who they had always been. The party was a joy. I wandered the crowd, adult beverage in hand, and spent quality time with as many people as I could. It sounds strange I know, but it felt like I met each person anew despite spending the entirety of my childhood with most of them. When the weekend came to a close I felt emotionally fulfilled. The reunion had exceeded my expectations and I had re-formed relationships that I had thought were lost forever and made new friendships that had never been before. ■ Michael C. DeMattos ’83 is a family therapist, educator, trainer, storyteller and angler. He lives in Kaneohe with his wife, daughter and dog.

Joe Sullivan, Monica Domaloan Ng Pack, Marylin Lee, Micheline Soong, Darrin Chun

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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2003 Alumni Gatherings in the Pacific Northwest Regional gatherings are a great way for alumni living away from Hawaii to re-connect and network with other Maryknoll grads. If you’re a mainland alum interested in helping coordinate an alumni

BAMBOO GROVE HAWAIIAN GRILL Portland, Oregon August 8, 2003 (Seated L to R) Bryant Anderson ’85, Todd Fisk ’84, Patrick Ono ’85, Kenny Kong ’90, (standing L to R) Camille Domaloan Michel ’84, Myrna Pasion Boyce ’56, Ed Young ’57, Kathleen Peltier Larson ’88, Brian Borsch ’94.

SALTY’S ON ALKI BEACH Seattle, Washington August 9, 2003 (L to R) Whit Michel, Camille Domaloan Michel ’84, Tricia Netz, David Netz ’88, Nikki Ono and Steven Ono ’86.



gathering in your area, please call the Office of Alumni & Development at (808) 952-7310 or email developmentalumni@maryknollschool.org.

Class of 1958 gathers for its 45th reunion by Nastia “Maxine” Chisteckoff Vickery ’58


ell, it’s recap time and what a wonderful and fun reunion it was.

Thursday night (September 4, 2003) we had 28 people attend our dinner cruise and the Society of Seven nightclub show. A great time was had by everyone. Friday night we had about 50 people attending a night at the Vickerys – good food, good friends and good fun made for a very special night. Our special guests were Sr. Ana (Dolores Rosso), Br. Venard (Ruane), and Michael Baker, president of Maryknoll School. Saturday – what a luau put on by the Mundon clan; 47 people attended. Ono food, beautiful Hawaiian music, decorations and “aloha nui” everywhere. Sunday was a “kick back” day for relaxing, talking, laughing and just enjoying each other; about 32 people attended. Those attending the reunion activities from the Class of 1958: Jeanne Amlin Duggan, Francis and Lillian Bailey Mundon, Maxine Chisteckoff Vickery, Wendell and Jacqueline DePonte

Kaanoi, Dee Dee Burnett Hansen, Ellen Caires Rogers, Nelwyn Chang Choy, Leonard Chinn, Rosemarie “Momi” Chock Raymond, Homer Combs, Edwina Cordeiro Lee, David Dougan, Mary Finnegan Ehring, Jared Kaufmann, Kathy Kosco Farrell, Tony Nebres, Sylvia Pao Kruse, Napua Prados Demers, Phyllis Shea, Paul and Theresa Tong Wallrabenstein, Paulette Ukishima Sumida, Ralph Ukishima, Nelson Umiamaka, Rosario Buz Viernes, Carol Young, and Sylvia Young. Thank you to the Classes of 1957 and 1959 who joined us. You were a welcome addition to our get-together. A very special mahalo to the Mundon ohana and my husband Don, without whom there would be no reunion. Thank you, Terry, so much for the beautiful leis you spent so much time making. They were so beautiful and so filled with aloha. Thank you, Sylvia Kruse, for my very special Christmas lei and the help you gave to Terry for the other leis. All in all, a typical fun-filled reunion with love and aloha that is the result when the Class of ’58 gets together.

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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Class of

Agnes Braz Motley ’46, who has been living in California for more than 50 years, emailed the following update on her life since graduating from Maryknoll: “I graduated from Maryknoll in 1946, taught the fourth grade for a year or two, (then) left when I married in 1951.

October 27, 1951: Agnes Braz Motley ’46 and husband David on their wedding day at Sacred Heart Church.

“I married a Californian – a good and loving husband and father. We were married almost 50 years. He died when his plane crashed out in Baker, in the desert in California on April 28, 2001. Our 50th anniversary would have been on October 27th, 2001. “He loved to fly and as soon as he retired from Rockwell, where he was a chief scientist, he set out to buy an experimental plane. The first was a used one then sold to purchase the second, a kit which came from Hillsboro, OR. With the help of an assistant builder, the plane – finally finished – provided us with a marvelous experience of flying from Chino, CA to Albany, NY to visit our youngest daughter who lived there at the time with her husband and son. It took us three days as we waited out storms, a total of 13-1/2 hours of flight. It was a tremendous experience seeing the true beauty of our vast country as our altitude was much lower than commercial planes. Our plane was a two-seater (he was pilot and I was navigator, side-by-side, very cozy traveling at 180mph) and was called an RV6-A. Our plane’s license was N51DA – ‘51’ for the year we were married, ‘D’ for David and ‘A’ for Aggie.

“Aggie” and David Motley in 1998 with their RV6-A plane (license number N51DA) in Tehatchape, CA.



“I have kept in touch with Sr. Viriginia Therese, though she is unable to write now. Such a wonderful teacher, friend and correspondent through so many years. “I am grateful for Maryknoll and those special years spent there, and grateful that I still have classmates (May Chang Ou and Doris Yano Merrifield) who have kept in touch during these many years. All blessings to be sure. “I belatedly achieved a B.A. in Art from California State University Fullerton, graduating in1979. Worked for the Orange Florist for 10 years retiring in 1998. “I am a member of the Ainahau O Kaleponi Hawaiian Civic Club Choral group and also sing in the La Purisima Church Choir. I also serve as lector, cantor and Eucharistic minister at our parish, so am kept busy (when not gardening, my favorite past time). “My four children live in California. Two boys and two girls. Two are single and two are married, and two grandchildren (6 and 9). Again, I am very blessed. “I had not planned on writing an epistle, however, I guess it makes up for all the years of silence. Many blessings to all.”

Class of


Antonella “Tiny” Chock Bennett lives in Pasadena, CA and says that she keeps in touch with Sr. Pat Noble (Sr. Miriam Augustine, senior homeroom teacher) and St. Eugenie Therese (second grade and sixth grade teacher), both of whom live in Monrovia at the Maryknoll house…Joyce Morikawa Arakaki and fellow alum Betty Ching Lowe ’46 spend time each October, the month of the rosary, teaching Maryknoll students how to make their own rosaries. The tradition started in the classroom of Fran Chow Wong ’69, and now includes the entire seventh grade. Rosaries made by the students are blessed in a special liturgy. Fran says, “It is a wonderful occasion when students can pray with rosaries made by their very own hands.”


Georgiana Denis Smith writes, “Just returned from my 50th reunion – what a wonderful weekend with dear friends – many from the 1st grade at Maryknoll. Also enjoyed seeing Sr. Rosario and Sr. Dolores! The whole experience far exceeded my expectations. Hope our class will get together again soon! Our visit to the grade school and high school brought back many memories. Also, Sacred Heart Church – I remember it being bigger but I realize I was smaller!”

Class of

Class of


Harold Botelho and his class were the first to graduate from the Punahou Street campus. After graduation, Harold spent three years in the U.S. Army and than became a member of the Honolulu Police Department, retiring in 1993. In retirement he worked in security at the Honolulu Airport, the Aloha Tower Marketplace, the Ala Moana Hotel, and the Federal Building on Punchbowl and Ala Moana Blvd. In his “true retirement” Harold works out at the Spa three times a week, bikes on Sundays, and plays softball in the Makule League on Wednesdays. In September 2002, Harold represented Hawaii in a Seniors World Series Tournament in Salem, OR and another tournament immediately following in Las Vegas, NV.

Joyce Morikawa Arakaki ’55 teaches Maryknoll seventh graders to make their own rosaries.

Class of


Myrna Pasion Boyce lives in Portland and sends this message to her classmates and fellow Maryknoll alumni, “Come visit me in beautiful Portland and let’s talk story. We need to be together and talk about old times! I graduated in 1956 but as long as you are a Maryknoll alumni, we can bond!”…Joan Kwock Sung is currently teaching a curriculum class at Dominican University to elementary pre-service teachers. She and husband Charles live in San Rafael, CA.

Class of


World traveler Ed Young’s recent jaunts have included cruising down the Yangtze River, visiting the Three Gorges Dam; doing business in Shanghai and touring Beijing; doing the tourist thing in Bangkok; and playing pachinko in Tokyo. He has completed a book on growing up in Hawaii, which has caught the attention of a movie executive, and has been asked to photograph 50 Ming Dynasty museum pieces in prepa-

ration for collaboration on another book. On his next visit to Hawaii, he will complete a documentary project, and he’s setting up more photo safaris to East Africa. He says he’s also eager to complete several other projects on the back burner that involve businesses in Hawaii and his home state of Oregon.

Class of


ing in DC. Her home is in Northern Virginia and is only 11 miles from Capitol Hill and only a few miles from the Pentagon…Susan Porter Robinson lives in College Park, MD and is the proud mother of three beautiful children who comprise her own little United Nations. Daughter Malia (27) is ThaiHawaiian, Melanie (24) is Korean, Scotch, and Irish, and her “baby” Nathan (18) is Korean. In 1998, Susan’s husband James lost his valiant battle with cancer. As the vice president of the American Council on Education, Susan travels widely. She hopes to make it home to celebrate her 40th class reunion.

Class of

Stanford Pa ’59 joined the Class of 1958’s reunion festivities in September 2003.

Class of


Jeanne Cassell Anding of Poway, CA enjoys traveling to great countries and U.S. cities and spending time with her grandchildren. She is still on the executive board of the United Cerebral Palsy…Dr. Garvin Arrell is enjoying retirement in Mesa, AZ after 38 years in law enforcement with the Honolulu Police Department and chief of police for Surprise, AZ.

Class of


In San Jose, CA, Judith Ann Vierra Aguiar and her husband Duane have taken early retirement. They enjoy their five grandchildren – three of who live in beautiful Anchorage, AK. They make two trips a year to spend time with their grandchildren there. Judith says, “It’s wonderful to be retired but so difficult keeping track of dates and days of the week.” She attended her 35th class reunion in Vegas last November and says aloha to all from San Jose!

Class of


Guy De Primo is a math teacher at City College of San Francisco who last year received a CMC3 (California Mathematics Council Community Colleges) Teacher of the Year Award. The colleagues who nominated Guy for the award wrote, in part, “We nominate him above all because he is an excellent instructor who has shown a true dedication toward improving mathematics education, not only for our students at CCSF, but also for the state of California as a whole.”

Class of


Class of


Marla Takahama Stark is a systems analyst for the State of Hawaii.

Class of


Dana Anne Yee was presented with two awards from the American Society of Landscape Architects in July 2003. The first was an honor award in the private residences and gardens category, for the preschool play area at Maryknoll School. The second was a merit award in the general design category for Punahou Square Park (on the corner of Punahou and Wilder).

Col. Brian J. Spitzer moved to the Washington, D.C. area to be a senior foreign area specialist for the missile defense academy. Brian met Sr. Dolores Rosso’s brother while there and after 36 years met with classmate Patricia Medina Talbert who is a superior court judge in New Jersey.

Class of


A note from Theresa Young Wee: “Thank you for coordinating such a wonderful Alumni Class Dinner at the Ilikai on July 19, 2003. It was so nice to see friends and

(L to R) Dana Anne Yee ’79, Maryknoll School President Michael Baker, and Dana’s mom, Jean Lum Yee ’50 at the American Society of Landscape Architects awards dinner at Chai’s Bistro in July 2003.

Class of


Louella “Ipo” Ahakuelo Lung corresponds via email from Virginia. She worked on Capitol Hill for many years and is willing to arrange tours of Washington DC in the event that we put together an alumni gather-

teachers from the past. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! The recognition of Mr. Jared Kaufmann ’58 was very well done and I was extremely honored to thank him in person for all he has done for me. He was not only my teacher, but also my tennis coach for four years during high school. I learned so much about myself, as well as life in general, from him. I really reconnected with Maryknoll and now realize what a great impact it has had on my life. I encourage fellow classmates and all alumni to ‘reconnect’ by participating in an alumni activity. Mahalo!” Theresa and her husband Stephen are doctors who practice in Waipio Gentry.

Theresa Young Wee ’72 (right) reunited with her former teacher and tennis coach, Jared Kaufmann ’58, at last summer’s Alumni Class Dinner.


Lori Tseu Rodriguez and her family spent the month of June in Panama with family. They spoke Spanish, ate Panamanian food, lived the culture – they loved it! The trip has taught them to appreciate the “luxuries” of life: hot showers with lots of water pressure and carpeted floors to lay on. She says the Lord blessed them with a safe trip and allowed them to associate with the humblest, kindest, most down-to-earth, and sincere Panamanians. Lori says, “I’m back Fall 2003/Winter 2004


Hawaii with a BA in history. She has been working as a special education teacher at Kapolei Middle School since 2000. This past June, she received her teaching certificate and will begin her fourth year at Kapolei Middle as a tenured teacher. For the second year in a row, Jennifer will be working as a twelve month “Rainbow” teacher in the Learning Center at her school teaching corrective reading and special education math.

Class of

Malia Whaley McLeod ’91 with husband Jon and daughter Peyton.

Class of


Malia Whaley McLeod and husband Jon had a baby girl, Peyton Kailani McLeod born on September 3rd. Peyton was 6 lbs 8 oz. Malia and her family will be moving home in February with the Navy; she says she can’t wait! Malia’s sister, Lisa Whaley Fonseca ’88 and family will visit little Peyton for Thanksgiving in Coronado, CA.

Class of


Gary Dela Cruz is in his first year of residency in New York as a doctor. He enjoys the fast-paced, bright lights, big city lifestyle of NYC!

Class of


Brian Borsch has been married for three years now to his lovely wife Rachel. They live in Portland, OR where Brian works as an insurance agent for Nationwide Insurance. He and his wife started a parttime home-based business; you can visit their website at www.gainpeaceofmind.com. He says, “See you at the ten year reunion!”…Stephanie Lum was promoted to morning anchor at KHNL Hawaii News 8. She also continues her news reporting duties, and writes and produces special reports on a regular basis. You can catch her on “News 8 Today” from 5:30 to 7 a.m. every weekday morning…In 1999, Jennifer Miyamoto graduated from the University of


In September, Duane Ozaki was featured in “A Snapshot of Hawaii” article in the Honolulu Advertiser for his lifelong love of cars as a mechanic. He earned his automotive degree from Honolulu Community College and has been a master technician for the past six years. Duane works at Roy’s Kalihi Automotive Center and Towing, his father’s business that he hopes to someday take over.

Class of


Elisa Furtado-Fischer and husband CJ were married in August 2002. She graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a BA in U.S. History in December 2002 and gave birth to their second child Austin Joseph Keaopanepookuaola in March 2003. He was a big baby, 9 lbs., 6 ounces, and at six months old is still big at 20 lbs., 29 inches long. They also have a three-year-old daughter, Brooklyn Teani Keaonanialilinoe. Elisa emails, “It’s been an exciting year, and the best is yet to come. I currently stay home with my two little ones but come January, my husband CJ will start work at Pearl Harbor Shipyard and I will start work at the State Capitol (where fellow classmate Keoki Leong currently works as an office manager). Other than that, the last few years we have been traveling to the mainland (San Diego, Los Angeles, and of course Las Vegas) and Maui.”…Jess Kroll graduated last spring from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a degree in English with an emphasis on creative writing. While there, he became involved with a group called The LitWits, with whom he helped create a completely student-run publication called Bench Press. He was head editor for the first four issues, and appeared in all but one of the first five. The sixth issue was formally recognized by the university with complete funding. In May, Jess was given a Myrle Clark award with distinction by the writing department for a short story he wrote earlier in the year. He’s also become active in the local poetry community, helping to put on

readings and occasionally performing some of his own work. He’s working as a parttime editor at Mutual Publishing and taking graduate classes at UH. He also plans to apply to the Japanese Exchange Teaching program and various graduate creative writing programs at schools in San Francisco, New York and Boston, which he feels are places conducive to art.

Class of


Glenn Dela Cruz emailed us to update us on his life and the lives of his siblings who are also Maryknoll alums! Glenn graduated from the University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business. He led a team of USC business students in winning the Scholastic Achievement Award for a marketing competition called the Honda Element College Program. They won $5,000 for putting together the best ad campaign for the Honda Element, winning against 29 other schools. During Glenn’s tenure at USC, he was very involved as a campus tour guide, the Director of Advertising and Promotions for USC Student Senate, and a teaching assistant for the business computer course. Most of his memories came from Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, where Glenn served as vice president and senior social chairman. Outside of

Janel Hatton-Santiago ’98 and fiancé Benjamin Hunter

USC he’s been working for the Los Angeles Dodgers in their premium seating department – luxury suites. Glenn is also at an agency called Rubin Postaer & Associates working on the Honda and Acura accounts. Glenn writes, “I’ll still be living in Los Angeles – Santa Monica to be exact – but I’ll never forget where I started: Maryknoll!”…Janel Hatton-Santiago graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a BS in mechanical engineering, a certificate in leadership studies and a certificate in cooperative education studies. Janel works as a mechanical designer, designing systems for commercial, Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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CLASS NOTES to work, housework, planning and rushing the kids around…I love my life!”…Christine Texeria Thomas and Ben Thomas live in Kaneohe and have three beautiful children: Whitney (12), Carly (10), and Zachery (8). Don’t forget the pets: a golden retriever named Max, three parakeets, three lovebirds, two cockatiels, and one cardinal. (Editor’s Note: Any chance there’s also a partridge in a pear tree?)

Brennan. Carol says that her daughter has become “the total love of my life! (Don’t tell my husband Terry!)” Carol works as a program specialist for a money management program for the elderly; her boss is fellow alumna Stella Wong ’68. Carol’s husband Terry works in the fitness industry and, according to Suzie, did a fabulous job cooking burgers at the picnic. Suzie adds, “We had a great time visiting and getting to know each other’s children.”

Class of

family website at www.jimlisa.com, and adds, “The sepia-tone photos (of Jake on the website) were taken by Maile McLaughlin, a fellow Class of ’88 alum. Maile and I are still best friends, thanks to

1985 MHS!” Jake Thompson, son of Lisa Bianchi Thompson ’88 at five months.

Class of


Gladys Dela Cruz Feick and her husband Ben live in Northern California. Their daughter Skylar Haley is doing very well and celebrated her first birthday in Hawaii! Stephanie Kam Nishimura ’83 joined daughter Ashlee, a kindergartener at Maryknoll, for the traditional blessing of the pets on October 3, 2003. They brought their dog Gizmo to the pre-K and kindergarten students’ prayer service, at which pets and stuffed animals were blessed by Fr. Marc Alexander, pastor of the Manoa-Punahou Catholic Community.

Class of


Suzie Brown Bass, and Joseph and Christie Harada Yee spent a day in November at Ala Moana Beach Park celebrating the second birthday of Harmoni Brennan, daughter of Carol Kimura

Suzie Brown Bass ’84, Carol Kimura Brennan ’84 and Christie Harada Yee ’84 at Ala Moana Beach Park. In the background (left) is Carol’s husband Terry.



Class of Bryant Anderson ’85 with wife Sarah and son Dylan at the Oregon Alumni Gathering in August 2003. Bryant is the owner of Anna Banana’s Coffee House in Portland.

Class of


Kathleen Peltier Larson and her husband celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary. At the Alumni Gathering in Portland last August, Kathleen was pregnant with their first child, due in October…Lisa Armenio Reis has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for almost seven years now, five of which has been with Merck & Co. For the past five years, Lisa and a friend have run a small fitness business called TaeRobix, which is a cardio fitness workout that combines taekwondo and boxing. In February 2003, Lisa and another friend opened a contemporary pottery studio in Aina Haina called “Fire & Glaze.” Lisa and husband Paul were married on April 4, 2003…Lisa Bianchi Thompson and husband Jim welcomed their first child, Jake Thompson, on June 16, 2003. Classmates can reach Lisa by email at lisa.net@verizon.net. Lisa also invites visitors to the


Lisa Langer Amador earned her master’s degree in the field of social work, and has enjoyed her occupation for the last six years. Together with husband Leo (who attended Maryknoll in freshman year), they are raising their beautiful threeyear-old son, Nicholas…Carey Takayesu Yen and husband Ivan were married on July 18, 2003 at Kualoa Ranch, Paliku Gardens. They finally tied the knot after nine years. There were many Maryknoll alums at their wedding: Kevin Kuwaye ’90, Jeff Kalani ’90, Audrey Aono ’90, Richard Townsend ’90, Stacie Teramae ’88, Robin Sato Flores ’90, Sharie Ikeda ’90, Kris Lum Tabar ’90, and Lisa Armenio Reis ’88. It was an unforgettable evening!

Send your Class Notes to: Knoller Maryknoll School 1526 Alexander Street Honolulu, HI 96822 You can email Class Notes to:

knoller@marknollschool.org We welcome photos, especially high resolution digital images. Send your news and photos today!



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CLASS NOTES industrial, residential, and educational facilities and lives in Rockford, IL. She and fiancé Benjamin Hunter met while in college and are engaged to be married on May 22, 2004.

Class of


Tiffanie Luke, a student at Kapiolani Community College’s Culinary Institute of the Pacific, participated in “Hookipa 2003,” held this past September at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. This fundraising event features the creations of up-and-coming chefs like Tiffanie; the culinary arts students do all the work, including the prepping and cooking at 12 stations. Tiffanie was featured on the cover of the September 21 “Dining Out” section of the Honolulu Advertiser as part of the publicity for the event.

Class of

2003 and helped lead the Big Green to three straight victories in the Bucknell invitational. Kainoa recorded a career-high 15 kills against Bucknell en-route to her being named MVP of the tournament. She had 39 kills and 47 digs in the three games…Robyn Kurasaki is in her fourth year at St. John’s University in Jamaica, NY. A member of the women’s volleyball team, Robyn has become the first player in Red Storm history to record three consecutive 1,000 assists, dishing out 1,353 assists during her junior year. She is currently in second place on the all-time list

Nick Kim ’01 (Embry-Riddle)

Graduate Award. He is currently attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ, as an Aerospace Studies Major and will graduate and receive his commission in April 2005.


Kainoa Fialkowski enjoyed a breakout volleyball season as a junior at Dartmouth. She appeared in 81 games for the Big Green and led the team with 277 digs. She set the school record for digs in a game when she recorded 39 against Princeton and her 3.42 average digs per game ranks 10th all-time at Dartmouth. Kainoa also had 171 kills, 12 aces and 10 blocks. She has recorded 10 or more kills in a match seven times, including a career-high 13 against Holy Cross. Kainoa was named a National Strength and Conditioning All-American. Now in her senior year at Dartmouth, Kainoa was named Ivy Player of the Week for September 16,

Class of

Darin Fajota attends Loyola Marymount University and is a member of the LMU Men’s Soccer team. Go, Lions!

Class of




Robyn Kurasaki ’00 (St. John’s University)

for career assists with 3,494, 938 shy of the all-time mark. Robyn appeared in all 122 games for the Red Storm, averaging 11.09 assists, 2.57 digs and .38 kills per game. During her senior year, Robyn and her team defeated Big East rival Syracuse in a thrilling 3-2 win. Robyn is also a winner in the classroom; she was named to the Verizon Academic All-District I second team and earned Big East Academic All-Star honors for the third consecutive year…April Ota is completing her AA degree in business at Kapiolani Community College, while attempting to complete an entrepreneurship program. April is also working full-time as an office manager at Homeowners Design Center in Kalihi… Kari-Ann Koki is a nursing student at Hawaii Pacific University.

Class of

Kainoa Fialkowski ’00 (Dartmouth)



Amanda Bediones is in her third year at Northeastern University in Boston. She plans to study abroad in 2004…Nick Kim completed Air Force ROTC Field Training in August 2003 at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX and received the Distinguished

Last June, Tim Dolan ’03 (left) met up with fellow alum Soumangue Basse ’98 on Tim’s first day at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT.

FACULTY NOTES From semi-retired to semi-pro: Tony Sellitto, former athletic director and coach at Maryknoll, retired as head basketball coach at Hawaii Pacific University in 2002. Now he’s agreed to coach the Hawaii Chiefs, a semi-professional basketball team that will play games here and on the mainland. His intent, however, is to get things started and then turn the team over to Francis Fletcher ’82, who was one of Coach’s star players in the ’80s, and an assistant coach on the HPU staff in the ’90s.

Maryknoll School 2002-2003 Annual Giving Report

Investing in Our Students and Our Future

Fall 2003/Winter 2004


72577_text 1/19/04 8:47 AM Page 42

Dear Friends, I’m writing this message on Thanksgiving morning, a most appropriate time to thank all of you for your generosity to Maryknoll School. On this day set aside to remind ourselves how fortunate we are and to give thanks for this good fortune, it is also a perfect time to remember how dependent we are on the love and care of one another. It is also appropriate that we set time aside to say our thanks because our busy lives often prevent us as individuals from this type of reflection and action. Schools like Maryknoll, however, are constantly reminded of how fortunate we are to have people like you who share your time, your talents, and your resources with us. I am certain that we do not thank our volunteers enough, people who give their time, energy and creativity to us, in such things as working with the PTG, serving on our Board, coaching our athletes, helping us get mailings to you on time. Your generosity to our AIM program allows us to offer many opportunities to our students and faculty that would otherwise result in greater increases in tuition costs. One hundred percent of the dollars that we receive through the AIM Program are used to enrich classroom programs, provide professional opportunities for our faculty and staff, and assist families in making Maryknoll a reality for their children. So, today is a wonderful day for me to offer my thanks to you for making Maryknoll School one of the priorities in your life, for helping to keep this marvelous school strong, and for caring so deeply about the children entrusted to us. Aloha, Michael E. Baker President, Maryknoll School



Dear Maryknoll Donor, On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the entire Maryknoll School community, I would like to extend my deepest thanks for your support of the school. Because of your generosity, we reached – and exceeded – our goal for the 2002-2003 Annual Investment in Maryknoll (AIM). This is truly a noteworthy accomplishment. AIM is an ongoing process because your gift supports the everyday, essential activities of the school. Your gift goes to work immediately, helping to maintain and improve the learning environment for all our students on both campuses. Giving to AIM ensures that we can bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating each student at Maryknoll. We hope that you will continue to support the school each year. Thank you again for being a part of the work we do at Maryknoll School to educate Hawaii’s children. May your new year be filled with blessings and peace. Sincerely,

Alfred M.K. Wong Chairman, Maryknoll School Board of Trustees 4,

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




6:24 PM

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WAYS OF GIVING TO MARYKNOLL SCHOOL To contribute to Maryknoll School, or to create a new scholarship or gift, please call the Development Office at (808) 952-7310. Father James Jackson Endowed Scholarship In 1986, Father James Jackson, former associate pastor of Sacred Heart Church and School Chaplain, established a scholarship in memory of his mother, Clara Rose de Lima Calouri. This scholarship provides assistance to students demonstrating a willingness to contribute to the continued excellence of the Maryknoll family.

AIM FOR EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION The foundation for giving at Maryknoll is the ongoing yearly appeal. It raises funds to bridge the gap between tuition and the real cost of educating students at Maryknoll School. Annual giving is not just about making a contribution. It’s about investing in the future of the institution and, above all, in each young person who is entrusted to our care.

LEGACY LEVELS OF GIVING Maryknoll values the ongoing commitment of its donors. We have established Legacy Levels of Giving to recognize cumulative levels of giving to Maryknoll, including all contributions to funds and appeals. • • • •


$200,000 and above $100,000 - $199,999 $50,000 - $99,999 $25,000 - $49,999

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN The Capital Campaign is a drive to raise funds for building improvements, additions, and endowments. Large gift pledges are usually scheduled with payments over a period of years. Gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, and other negotiable securities are the most common types of contributions. Continued support of AIM and the Capital Campaign is vital to the financial well-being and future growth of Maryknoll School.

ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS A number of generous individuals have established endowed named scholarships. Restrictive gifts may be made directly to these funds. Earl Joseph & Ann York Gallian Memorial Scholarship Fund In 1993, Dr. Franklin Young ’60 established this scholarship at the request of Mr. and Mrs. Gallian, who became fond of our school through their lifelong friendship with Dr. Young. This scholarship is awarded every year to female high school students who demonstrate the potential to contribute significantly to Maryknoll’s extracurricular programs. Ho-Ching Scholarship Established in 2002 by Class of 1963 alumni Galen Ho and Patricia Ching Ho, this scholarship is awarded to students of good academic standing and financial need who have demonstrated leadership and service to the community. 42


Monsignor Charles A. Kekumano Scholarship Created in 1998 to honor the Monsignor who epitomized our Maryknoll School motto, Noblesse Oblige, “To whom much is given, much is expected,” this scholarship is funded by the proceeds from the Monsignor Charles Kekumano Scholarship Dinner. The Kekumano Scholarship is awarded annually to a returning Maryknoll junior or senior who demonstrates financial need, is Roman Catholic, has a solid academic record, and exemplifies a spirit that takes the teachings of the Catholic faith and puts them into action by serving others, showing a keen interest in both the school and the greater community, and working toward the promotion of justice. The Maryknoll Fathers’ Scholarship In 1998, a challenge gift of $100,000 was given to Maryknoll when the Maryknoll Fathers returned Sacred Heart Parish and the school to the care of the Diocese of Honolulu. This gift will help fund scholarships for Maryknoll students. Sacred Heart Parish Scholarship Established in 1998, this scholarship provides 50% tuition assistance to a newly-admitted middle school or high school student who is a member of Sacred Heart Parish. This student must be a practicing Roman Catholic who demonstrates financial need, carries a minimum grade point average of 3.50, and is actively involved in community service or church-related activities. Rudolph A. and Ralph W. Sylva Scholarship Established in 2001 from the estate of Rudolph Sylva ’35, this scholarship is awarded annually to students with proven scholastic promise, with preference given to those of Hawaiian or partHawaiian ancestry. Vance O. Smith Endowed Scholarship In the 1980s, the Bishop Trust Company, Limited, as Trustee of the Vance O. Smith Trust, established this scholarship for Maryknoll School. Mr. Smith had a special interest in social studies and history and willed his remaining trust assets to organizations established and operated exclusively for educational purposes. This scholarship is awarded to deserving students who display academic promise and financial need. Robert “Foxy” Thomas Scholarship Established in 1992, this scholarship is given in honor of Robert “Foxy” Thomas. Mr. Thomas was an avid sports enthusiast who admired the competitiveness of Maryknoll’s athletes, particularly in basketball, which led him to leave the bulk of his estate to fund this scholarship. The Robert “Foxy” Thomas Scholarship is awarded to students based on their demonstrated special qualities of leadership, scholarship, potential for contribution to the school’s co-curricular programs, and financial need.



Every year, Maryknoll receives funding from various individuals and organizations for scholarship awards.

In addition to the above gifts, Maryknoll School also encourages other forms of giving as described below:

Ching Scholarship Created in 1996 by the Hung Wo and Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation, this scholarship is awarded to Maryknoll students who are citizens of the United States.

Planned Giving Planned Giving provides an opportunity for donors to support Maryknoll through deferred giving. Examples of such programs include bequests, life income plans, gifts subject to a retained life estate, gifts of life insurance, and charitable lead trusts. In addition, you can name Maryknoll in your will to help ensure the vitality of Maryknoll School for future generations of students. Planned giving may be discussed with Maryknoll’s Development Office or the donor’s own financial adviser to determine personal application.

DeFontes Scholarship Established by Mrs. Georgia E. Blake Rice ’55, the DeFontes Scholarship is awarded to qualifying Maryknoll students. Father William Desmond Scholarship This scholarship was established in 1986 by families belonging to Sacred Heart Parish in honor of Father William Demond, presiding pastor of Sacred Heart Church from 1981 to 1985. Father Francis Diffley Scholarship Established in 1998, this scholarship honors Father Francis Diffley, the last Maryknoll priest to serve as pastor of Sacred Heart Church and president of Maryknoll School. Maryknoll School Parent/Teacher Guild Scholarship Every year, our Parent/Teacher Guild generously donates portions of the proceeds from their successful fundraiser to support scholarships for students with financial need.

SPECIAL GIFTS Restricted financial gifts for special programs, specific purchases, or other needs within Maryknoll School not included in the budget for a given fiscal year come under this category. Special gifts benefit the school while addressing the particular interests of donors.

Memorial and Named Gifts These gifts honor a family member, friend, or loved one and can be made to the school with the assistance of our Development Office. Gifts in Kind Any item that does not have a professional appraisal is considered a gift in kind. Donations of computers, office equipment, furniture, and other items of value to Maryknoll are greatly appreciated. Acceptance of such items is subject to qualifications in our Gift Acceptance Policy, and usage and space constraints. Gifts of Service Parents, friends, and businesses who offer their services to the school without remuneration are greatly valued by the Maryknoll family. Aloha Auto Auction Generous gifts of used automobiles provide additional money to our operating fund. The Development Office can answer questions about this program and make arrangements regarding donation. Mike McKenna’s “Spirit of Giving” for Education Program For every new car, truck, or van sold to parents or friends of Maryknoll, Mike McKenna will donate $100 to the school. Qualifying vehicles may be purchased at one of three locations: Mike McKenna’s Windward Ford, Mike McKenna’s Windward Volkswagen/Mazda, and McKenna Motor Cars in Kailua-Kona. Schoolpop.com Fundraising Program Shop online at schoolpop.com, where hundreds of brand name stores offer products such as clothing, books, music, and toys. For every purchase you make, Maryknoll receives a rebate that goes to AIM. Register at www.schoolpop.com and let your online shopping benefit Maryknoll School.

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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ALUMNI GIVING TOP TEN CLASSES BY PERCENTAGE OF PARTICIPATION Class of 1937 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100.00% Class of 1942. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38.46% Class of 1943. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36.36% Class of 1958. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36.06% Class of 1948. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34.28%

Class of 1945. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31.03% Class of 1957. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.03% Class of 1963. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27.63% Class of 1940. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26.92% Class of 1988. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26.04%

TOP TEN CLASSES BY DOLLARS CONTRIBUTED Class of 1963 Class of 1938 Class of 1939 Class of 1975 Class of 1957

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,455 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,100 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,150 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,625

Class of 1988 Class of 1937 Class of 1958 Class of 1967 Class of 1964

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,940 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,930 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,610 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,465 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,295

TOP TEN CLASSES BY NUMBER OF CONTRIBUTORS Class of 1988 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Class of 1958 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Class of 1976 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Class of 1957 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Class of 1967 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

Class of 1968 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Class of 1983 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Class of 1973 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Class of 1975 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Class of 1987 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

For alumni who give to AIM, listed by graduating class, please see page 53.

2003 PRESIDENT’S CUP Ann Marie White Medeiros ’88 accepted the President’s Cup on behalf of the Class of 1988 at the Alumni Class Dinner on July 19, 2003. Maryknoll School President Michael Baker presents this annual award to the alumni class with the greatest increase in percentage of classmates who make a gift to AIM (Annual Investment in Maryknoll). The Class of ’88 more than doubled their participation percentage to take top honors this year.



Make a Match to Double Your Donation Many companies dedicated to charitable giving participate in a matching gift program. Yours could be one of them. To make the most of your gift to Maryknoll, ask your human resources department if your company has a matching gift program. If it does, fill out the form and return it to Maryknoll’s Development & Alumni Office, according to your employer’s guidelines.

Listed below are just a few of the many companies nationwide who participate in a matching gift program. Maryknoll School is grateful for the generosity of the companies who supported our 2002-2003 annual giving fund through matching gifts, indicated by an asterisk (*).






































KELLOGG CO. * Maryknoll School is grateful for the generosity of the companies who supported our 2002-2003 annual giving fund through matching gifts. Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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Annual Summary for the Fiscal Year September 1, 2002, Through August 31, 2003 The donors listed in this report made gifts in support of the annual fund between September 1, 2002 and August 31, 2003. Gifts made after August 31 will be credited to the 2003-2004 Annual Investment in Maryknoll (AIM) and will be recognized in next year’s report. We have made every effort to be accurate in

ANNUAL SUMMARY Annual Investment in Maryknoll – AIM Unrestricted Gifts $ 231,547 Gifts to Scholarship 58,077 Fundraising Events




Gifts in Kind



$ 519,096

recognizing those who have done so much for Maryknoll. Please accept our sincere apologies for any errors or omissions. Feel free to contact the Development and Alumni Office at (808) 952-7310 so that we may correct our records.

THE ANNUAL INVESTMENT IN MARYKNOLL – AIM Alumni $ 74,509 Parents 44,722 Grandparents 16,970 Corporations and Foundations 38,135 Friends and Others 26,756 Board Members 18,000 Administrators, Faculty, and Staff 12,455 Gifts to the AIM $ 213,547 FUNDRAISING EVENTS PTG Fundraiser 6th Annual Kekumano Dinner 27th Annual Luau 12th Annual Golf Tournament Total Fundraising Events


64,200 69,000 28,636 34,000 $ 195,836


Board Members 8% Grandparents Friends/ 7% Others 12% Administrators/ Faculty/Staff 5% Parents 19%

Corporations/ Foundations 17%

Alumni 32%



LEGACY GIVING Recognizing cumulative levels of giving to Maryknoll, including all contributions to funds and appeals.

NOBLESSE OBLIGE ($200,000 AND ABOVE) Marielouise Abel Terminating Trust Maryknoll School PTG Mr. Foxy Thomas

MARYKNOLL MISSIONERS ($100,000 - $199,999) Atherton Family Foundation Catholic Diocese Mrs. Elizabeth Lau Ching Earl Gallian Estate First Hawaiian Foundation Hung Wo & Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Kosasa Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel W.C. Ma Maryknoll Fathers Hawaii Pacific Century Financial Corporation Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation

ANNUAL GIFTS BENEFACTOR’S CIRCLE ($5,000 AND ABOVE) G.N. Wilcox Trust Ms. Virginia Gonsalves ’38 Hung Wo & Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation Mary D. and Walter F. Frear Eleemosynary Trust Maryknoll School PTG McInerny Foundation Mr. Sam Scherf

Mrs. Shirley M. Campos Paul Chinen ’57 Mr. Andrew W. Corcoran ’64 Mrs. Claire Murakami Dang ’59 and Mr. Glenn Dang Mr. Frank G. Duarte Mr. Alfred Fernandes and Mrs. MaryAnn Fernandes Mr. James Hiramatsu ’75 and Mrs. Aileen Hiramatsu Mr. Michael Ho ’57 and Mrs. Patricia Ho 57 Mr. Gregory A.W.M. Hong ’88 Jane C. Wong Private Foundation Mrs. Jacqueline Kathe Mr. and Mrs. William J. Klauberg, Sr.

your gift = first-rate faculty Lance Suzuki 2003 Economics Teacher of the Year Heidi McGivern 2002 Middle School Educator of the Year

SPARTAN SPIRIT ($50,000 - $99,999) Bank of Hawaii Hawaii Community Foundation Mrs. Virginia Gonsalves ’38 Mr. James Hiramatsu ’75 and Mrs. Aileen Hiramatsu Mr. Galen Ho ’63 and Mrs. Patricia Ching Ho ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Fukuyoshi Kawazoe Mr. James G. Lee, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C.S. Tsai Vance O. Smith Trust Mrs. Lauire Hong ’56 and Mr. Alfred M.K. Wong

MARYKNOLL OHANA ($25,000 - $49,999) Alexander & Baldwin Inc. BHP Hawaii Malcom H.M. Chang DDS Inc Mr. Randy W.G. Ching Mrs. Juliette Y. Shea Chock ’53 Dr. Collin Dang ’61 and Dr. Mary Dang Ms. Virginia Gonsalves ’38 Mrs. Sylvia S. Ho and Mr. Alan H. Ho Mrs. Lucile I. Smith Mistysyn ’37 Mr. Dean M. Miyamoto CPA ‘72 Mrs. Karen T. Nakagaki Nakamura ’62 Theo H. Davies Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Darryl P. Wong Dr. and Mrs. Livingston M.F. Wong ’48 Mrs. Susan Chong Wong ’66

Mr. and Mrs. David K.C. Wong Dr. Livingston ’48 and Mrs. Linda Wong Mrs. Susan Chong Wong ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Yamashita

PRINCIPAL’S CLUB ($500 - $999) Mitch Blaisdell ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Blanco Mrs. Juliette Y. Shea Chock ’53 Class of 1953 Dr. Deborah M. Dang ’74 Mr. Peter K.W. Dang ’64 Dennis Uniform Company Father Francis A. Diffley, MM Mark and Mona Fukuhara Mr. James H. Gahler Mr. Lester S. Gibo ’72 Ms. Betsey H. Gunderson ’68 Mrs. Audrey Hidano and Mr. Steven Hidano Mr. and Mrs. James S. Hoban, Jr. Mrs. Carolyn M.S. Dang Hong ’67 Mrs. Jeanne A. Kikawa Mr. and Mrs. Hovey B. Lambert Mr. Andrew S.O. Lee ’42 Mr. and Mrs. Kent M. Leong Mrs. Tokiko Okano Dr. and Mrs. Edwin J.H. Yee Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel J. Relator Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Sawa Ms. Phyllis N.T. Shea ’58 Mr. Charles K. Shigeta ’54 Mr. and Mrs. Roland T. Shimabukuro Mr. William E. Spencer, Jr. ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Sunada Dr. Benjamin C.K. Tom ’45 Mrs. Brenda Dung Wong ’77 and Mr. Kiman Wong Mrs. Sandra M. Yamane and Mr. Gerald H. Yamane Ms. T. Phyllis Zerbe

SPARTAN CLUB ($100 - $499)

BOARD CIRCLE ($2,500 - $4,999) Timothy and Sandra Collins Mrs. Miriam Desha Dowson ’39 Mrs. Elizabeth A. Helfrich ’39 Mr. Galen Ho ’63 and Mrs. Patricia Ching Ho ’63 Dr. Irwin Lee and Mrs. Irene Lee Mrs. Lucile I. Smith Mistysyn ’37

PRESIDENT’S CLUB ($1,000 - $2,499) Guy and Lanette Akasaki Albert Chong Associates Inc. June H. Arakawa Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Baker

Dr. Thomas and Mi Kosasa Mrs. Mardi K. La Prade and Mr. Arne C. La Prade Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lactaoen Souvanhny Law Patricia Young Lee ’61 Mr. Stanford C. Lee ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Clyde S. Matsusaka Mrs. Ouida Usita Morris ’63 and Mr. James Morris Mr. Nick and Mrs. Monica Domaloan ’83 Ng Pack Mrs. Betty Blake Rice ’55 Dr. and Mrs. Coswin K. Saito Mrs. Janis Ing Strauss ’65 Eric ’67 & Gail (Nakagaki) Tiwanak ’67 Cori C. Weston Mr. Alfred Wong and Mrs. Laurie ’56 Wong Mr. and Mrs. Darryl P. Wong


Mr. Clarence L. Ahakuelo, Jr. ’53 Mr. Clifford M. Akana ’42 Mr. Kazuyuki Akashi ’45 Barbara V. Nobrega Akau ’61 Mrs. Pauline L. Bruhn Akimo ’51 Ms. Yuklin Aluli ’66 Mr. Michael Amore ’79 and Mrs. Teresita Amore Mr. and Mrs. James T. Aquino Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Arakaki Tandi Arakaki ’04 and Joshua Arakaki ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Arakaki Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Arakawa Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arita Peter H. Arita Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Asato Mr. and Mrs. Man Kwong Au

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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Mr. and Mrs. Richard Y.C. Au Mrs. Sharon J. Gomes Azevedo ’59


Mr. and Mrs. James Bac Wanistha Bahar Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Baysa Becker Communications, Inc. Della Au Belatti ’92 Janel Garner Bernard ’77 Peter and Valerie Besenbruch Mr. and Mrs. Alan K. Bluemke Mr. and Mrs. Suthap S. Boonyatera Mr. Harold V. Botelho ’54 Mr. Herbert Botelho ’51 and Mrs. Mary Lou Botelho ’53 William Bow & Family Mrs. Paula Rochelle Lindo Boyce ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Brady Ms. Haidee C. Bristol-Horne ’80 Mrs. Gayle Brodie and Mr. Shane Brodie Mr. Robert F. Brogle ’92 Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Brogle Mrs. Felice N.J. Wong Broglio ’65 Judith T. Miyamoto Brown ’52 Mrs. Kathleen H. Haggood Buckey ’38



Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Cajski Mrs. Sandra M. Campos ’68 Kimberly Carahasen ’87 Mrs. Lori Kern Carlos ’87 and Mr. Stephen Carlos Mrs. Suzeth C. Carreon and Mr. Wilfredo M. Carreon Mrs. Pearl S. Young Castillo ’46 Dr. and Mrs. Ariel A. Catalan Mr. Elliott W. Chamizo ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Steve W.K. Chan Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M.H. Chang Mr. Donald Chang ’52 and Mrs. Frances Chang ’51 Mr. Evanson H.W. Chang Dr. Jo Ann A. Chang ’83 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S.M. Chang Mr. Milton T.Y. Chang ’54 Mr. Robert K.Y. Chang ’56 Stanley and Cynthia Chang Mr. Dennis W. Chee ’52 Mr. Lorrin W.K. Chee ’46 Anna Chenault ’45 Mr. Matthew I. Chikasuye ’97 George C. Chin Albert M. Chinen ’61 Ms. Christine G.L. Ching Hamilton M.S. Chock Keith and Peggy Chock Mr. and Mrs. Richard H.S. Chock Mr. Stephen C. Chock ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Chang Bong Choi Mr. and Mrs. Albert S.C. Chong Ms. Melissa S.J. Chong ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Michael S.K. Chong Patrick K. Chong ’76 Randall Y.L. Chong ’84 Charles and Jo-Ann Chow Mr. Henry Y.H. Chow


Mrs. Florence L. Choy Dr. and Mrs. Stephen S.F. Choy Mr. and Mrs. Sanford K.D. Chu Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Chun Fat, Sr. Mrs. Frances Lee Chun ’58 Gordon Chun ’42 Mrs. Jeanette M.L. Lum Chun ’56 Ms. Laura Y. Chun Mary L. Chun ’69 Mr. Vernon P. Chun ’59 Joe Clare ’62 Class of 1963 Taryn A. Clatanoff (Carr) ’97 Mr. Clinton J. Clausen Marilyn Coffman ’66 Dr. and Mrs. David L. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo G. Condes Leila V. Condon ’45 Mr. Francis Condry ’68 Mrs. Agnes Sills Cordeiro ’37 Marie Cote ’83 Mr. Robert J. Coursey, Jr. ’64 Mrs. Martha A. Crawford Alan Crosswhite Christopher R. Crum ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Reginald D. Cui


Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Dacanay Cathlen Hee Daenz Capt.T.J. Davies, Jr. Mrs. Marlene R. Dias De Costa ’66 Mr. Guy M. De Primo ’65 Mr. Michael X. Dean ’65 Mrs. Napua E. Prados Demers ’58 Mr. Joseph M. DePrimo ’69 Mrs. Haunani F.M. Burns Dickson ’60 Ms. Agnes L. Domdoma ’55 Katey Domdoma ’14 and Family Mrs. Elizabeth N. Donahue Russ Donnelly ’64 Mr. David Dougan ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Downes Benjamin A. Chico Drose ’52 Mr. Michael J. Dudley ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S.J. Dung Dr. and Mrs. David K.H. Dung Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Dung Mr. Russell D. Dung ’70


Mr. and Mrs. Masaharu Edamura Mr. and Mrs. David Eldredge Colleen and Derrick Elfalan Mrs. Patricia L. Gilsey Eng ’57 Mrs. Mook-Lan Mui Fan ’41 Ms. Antonina V. Farm ’65 Mr. George Feng and Ms. Donna Tang W. Douglas Ferreira ’54 Mrs. Verna P. Perry Ferreira ’53 Mr. Scott Finkboner ’62 Mrs. Jane R. Bryant Forsythe ’67 Ms. Margaret A. Fox Mr. Tsutomu Fujimoto Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Fujimoto Mrs. Edith Fujishige Mr. and Mrs. Hagime Fujita

Mrs. Lei E. Koike Fujiwara ’83 Gary and Pauline Fukumura Mr. Thomas C. Furtado Mr. and Mrs. Randall H. Furukawa


Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gabriel Mrs. Amelia Mattos Garcia ’40 and Mr. William Garcia ’36 Judge Colette Y. Yoda Garibaldi ’73 Mr. and Mrs. A.J. John Gaudet Mrs. Cheryl R. Kunimune Gesik ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Gibo Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Gilbert Mrs. Angie N. Golis-Yamamoto Col. Francis G.A. Gomes, Jr. ’54 Mrs, Edwina L. Leong Goo ‘40 Mrs. Joyce S.Y. Lee Goo ’56 Mrs. Sherelee Lam Goo ’77 and Mr. Garret Goo Clarence L. Gouveia ’51 Ms. Janet Dougherty Grady ’67 Mrs. Leanna J. Green and Mr. Patrick E. Green Lisa Anne Wong Gruebner ’82


Mr. and Mrs. Randall E. Ha Mr. Thomas Haioka ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hall Lorraine Chamizo Hamilton ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hann Mrs. Alice S. Takabuki Hara ’48 Mr. and Mrs. Bryan T. Hara Ms. Anne P. Harpham ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Y. Hasegawa Mr. Wade M. Hasegawa James and Corie Hasselman Mrs. Patricia K.M. Heatherly ’66 Mrs. Robin M.W. Choy Hebert ’75 Mrs. Mary Chang Hee ’47 and Mr. Jensen Hee Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K.H. Hee Philip and Maybelle Helfrich Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hermosura Mr. Robert Hidano and Mrs. Aileen Kaneshiro Caitlin Higa and Family Mr. Jay Higa and Mrs. Jan Yonemori Joanne Hiramatsu Brenda and Eric Hiromoto Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hisashima Mrs. Helen K. Ho Ms. Valerie Anne Ho ’60 Elizabeth Russell Hochberger ’78 Kathleen Klabo Hogle ’87 Mr. Gerald K.T. Hong Mrs. Wendy Wong Howell ’73 and Mr. John Howell Mr. and Mrs. Kuo-Wei Huang Richard E. Hughes Sr. Mrs. Florence S. Ikei Mr. Richard I. Imai ’67 Mr. Raymond Imbo, Jr. ’64 Mr. and Mrs. Leslie S.C. Ing Mr. Russell Ing ’67 Mrs. Mary C. Inglis

Mrs. Allene M.C. Higa Ishikawa ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Kyle K. Iwamoto


Dr. Norine Lau Jalbert ’66 Wade H. Jones ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Jones Mrs. Beatrice H. Iwamoto Jost ’49 Mrs. Teresita R. Hilario Jubinsky ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Tyrus I. Kagawa Mr. Edwin S. Kalai ’43 Mr. Jeffrey Keahi Kalani ’90 Mr. Raymond S.L. Kam Mr. and Mrs. Kunito Kamimura June E. Kamioka-Fuller ’53 Mrs. Lilian Ohira Kane ’54 Mr. Miles Kaneshiro and Mrs. Claire Sierra Kaneshiro Mrs. Eugenie Kaili Kaopua ’59 Mr. Jarrett W. Karasaki ’55 Dr. Owen Y. Kawakami Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Kawasaki Mr. and Mrs. Leslie S. Kaya Mrs. Denys S. Furutani Kazama ’83 Mrs. Marilyn S. Keau Violet K. Kekina ’40 Dr. Cynthia Jean Ichiriu Keller ’72 Mrs. Lucille Loretta Kern Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B.K. Kidder Ms. Annalea M. Kim ’82 Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Kim Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Kirst Mr. Herbert H. Kiyabu ’56 Capt & Mrs. W.J. Klauberg Mrs. Amy E. Kobayashi Mrs. Mildred F. Burlem Koch ’42 Mr. Laine Harumasa Kohama ’93 Mr. Paul Koike ’77 and Mrs. Corey Koike Susan Koki Mrs. Laurie H. Komeiji Dr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Koo Mr. and Mrs. Masajiro Koochi Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Kramer Mrs. Elyse P. Kukonu ’71 Patricia and Marisa ’96 and David A.’04 Kula Mrs. Marjorie Wong Kum ’51 and Mr. Stan Kum Mr. and Mrs. Wane M. Kunihisa Mr. and Mrs. Yue Fung Kwan Mr. M. Thaddeus Kwiatkowski ’56 Mr. Edison C.Y. Kwock ’59 Mr. Waley C.M. Kwock ’64


Mrs. Ludmilla La Prade Mrs. Mary Ann Cordeiro LaFazia ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T.K. Lam John and Beverly Lambert Mrs. Linda Jo Niemitz Langley ’67 Michael and Cyndy LaPorte Mr. Aaron P. Lau ’93 Anna N.W. Choy Lau ’44 Mr. and Mrs. Henry W.N. Lau Hing Chau Lau Jonathan K.H. Lau, D.D.S. ’91

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C.M. Lau Mrs. Mary S.Q. Mau Lecavelier ’61 Adrian Ledoux Ms. Diane O.L. Lee ’61 Mrs. Donna Lynn Chow Lee ’81 Mrs. Edwina Cordeiro Lee ’58 Mr. Ernest K.C. Lee ’48 Gordon F.Y. Lee Mr. Edward E. Lee and Mrs. Joelle L. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F.M. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Ah Sung Leong Margaret and Alvin Leong Mrs. Cecilia A. Taum Leong ’37 Mr. Gordon Leong ’53 and Mrs. Jean Leong Mrs. Helen C. Chock Leong ’43 Mrs. Carol Joyce Leong-Kido ’83 Mrs. Irene Chang Letoto ’50 and Mr. Leonard Letoto Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Levy Bob and Libby Lew Ms. Catherine Li ’40 Mr. Eric H.F. Li ’94 Mr. Lloyd Lim Mrs. Lorna P. Chang Lin ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Lincoln Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Lindsay Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin K.T. Liu Mr. and Mrs. David Y.F. Liu Ms. Angela Kar Kei Lo ’87 Mrs. Mary U. Apao Loebl ’57 Laurene M. Loo ’76 Mr. Patrick Kalani Loo, Jr. ’90 Ms. Shevaun Anne Mei Lan Low ’86 Mrs. Linda L. Luciano Mrs. Adele Odo Lum ’72 and Mr. Alfred Lum Mrs. Charlene C.L. Wong Lum ’60 Evelyn Chang Lum ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Robert C.Y. Lum Stephanie C.L. Lum ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred W.C. Lum

Wendell K. Miyazu Timmy and Rose Molina Roger and Natalie Morey Mrs. Thelma Nobuko Sano Mori ’42 Mary Helen Tom Morrow ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Mota Mr. and Mrs. Archie T. Murakami Jeanne K.O. Murata Mrs. Michele M. Chun Murphy ’82 Dr. James Musgrave and Dr. Lynn Yanagihara


Mr. and Mrs. Carl O. Nagami

Mr. and Mrs. Paul O’Brien Mrs. Lorri C. Cordeiro O’Connell ‘79 Dr. and Mrs. Francis T. Oda Raymond M. Ohara ’56 Mr. Ronald Ohira ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Okada Mrs. Victoria W.L. Okamura ’89 Mrs. Brenda Odo Okazaki ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Okita Mr. and Mrs. Tokio Okudara Mr. and Mrs. James N. Okuhara Dr. Timothy Olderr and Mrs. Kristi Maynard Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Omura Dr. Sharon Hiu Ong ’83 and Mr. Simon Ong

your gift = a wider view of the world

French Exchange 2002


Mr. Donald C. Machado ’46 Ms. Robin R. Dang Mailolo ’80 Dorothy Y.L. Goo Man ’52 Mr. David Marin ’76 Mr. and Mrs. Naoto Mashiba Wendy Bartolome Mason ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Matsumoto Mr. and Mrs. Yoshimi Matsunaga Ms. Christine Dee-Ann Mattos ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Darrell W. Mattos ’63 Mr. Elliott C. Mattos ’54 Vivian C. Mau Mrs. Marie McGarry Mrs. Patricia A.C. McIntyre ’67 LTC Manny Medeiros ’57 Col. and Mrs. Richard E. Meiers Ms. Camille Domaloan Michel ’84 and Mr. Whit Michel Dr. Trisha B. Miki ’87 Mr. Kim L. Mitchell and Mrs. Lynn E. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K. Miura Mr. Brian Miyashiro and Mrs. Brenda Ballesteros-Miyashiro

Mr. and Mrs. Dan O. Nagami Mrs. Adora H. Aoki Nakamura ’44 Mr. and Mrs. Alan T. Nakamura Gail Nakamura Mrs. Karen T. Nakamura ’62 Mr. Kazue Nakamura Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Nakamura Mr. and Mrs. Russell T. Nakasone Mrs. Paula Nakata ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Julian Ng Mr. Hieu T. Nguyen ’82 Mr. and Mrs. Danford S. Nikaido Richard and Elaine Nikaido Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Y. Nishida Dr. Harry T. Nomura ’47


Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Oamilda

Mr. and Mrs. Danford H. Oshima Mr. and Mrs. Isamu M. Oshiro Mr. and Mrs. Lester K. Oshiro Mr. and Mrs. Roy Oshiro Mr. Robert Y. Oshita ’68 Ms. Carole S. Ota Henry T. Oyama, M.D. ’49


Mrs. Christine C. Pagano Gwen Cabral Panee ’62 Dr. Derek Pang and Mrs. Bobbie Pang Edwin Pang Mr. Jerry K.C. Pang ’56 Kenzie J. Pang ’69 Mr. Albert J. Pattison Paula’s Sports Cards Etc Mrs. Sandra L. Freitas Peltzer ’64 Mrs. Barbara Leong Perreira ’48 and

Mr. Jonathan Perreira Bernadette Perry ’46 Mr. George P. Peterson ’36 Diane Pike-Bourne


Mr. Joseph P. Raffa ’83 Mr. James P. Rapoza ’45 Mrs. Katherine K. Rapozo ’54 Mr. and Mrs. Jerome E. Rauckhorst Mr. and Mrs. Harvey K. Recarte Mrs. Roberta M. Aiona Richards ’60 Mrs. Patricia H. Rapoza Robb ’59 Mrs. Alice P.S. Roberts Ms. Mary Maloney Roberts ’70 Susan Porter Robinson ’64 Mrs. Maria Consuelo Rogers Mrs. Lucy Baraquio Rossi ’86


Eric and Chi Son Saito Mrs. Michele K. Tagawa Saito ’77 Mrs. Tomiko Saito G. Sakanashi Ms. Shirley Ann K. Salomon ’55 Philip San Juan Schoolpop, Inc. Mr. Anthony R. Sellitto, Jr. Mrs. Charlotte M. Chow Sexton ’42 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Shaffer Mr. Neil Shimabukuro ’78 and Dr. Kathleen Wong Shimabukuro ’78 Florence T. Shimizu ’50 Mrs. Patricia F. Shinsato Mr. Roy L. Shults ’66 Mr. Glenn J. Silva Mr. Marty S. Silva ’81 Laine Matsuo Skiendiel ’68 Mrs. Joann Skudlarick and Dr. James Skudlarick Mrs. Georgiana D. Denis Smith ’53 Dr. Paul T.M. So, PhD ’84 Joy Soares ’89 Mrs. Marlene M. Soares Souki ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Oran D. Spotts, Jr. Janeen Olds and Richard Stack Mrs. Frances Y.C. Goo Steen ’47 Mark Stege ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Y. Suehiro Mr. Maurice Edward Sullivan ’84 Mrs. Paulette T. Ukishima Sumida ’58 Joan Kwock Sung Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Suyderhoud Mr. Seiichi Suzuki Bob & Shelly Sypowicz


Mr. Carman Tablada ’60 Mrs. Leona A. Tadaki Kam Mrs. Christina M. Takafuji ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Hideyuki Takahashi Mr. and Mrs. Keith T. Takahashi Mr. Stanley M. Takamine ’47 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Takano Gregory and Valarie Takata ’76

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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Mr. Wallace K. Takata ’49 Ikuo Takenaka Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Tamanaha Mr. and Mrs. Alben Tanaka Mr. and Mrs. Gary Alan S. Tanaka Herman and Cynthia Tanaka Mr. George Taniguchi ’46 and Mrs. Michiyo Taniguchi Mrs. Marilynn M. Taniyama Mr. and Mrs. Chester K. Tatsumura Mr. and Mrs. Marvin S. Teruya Margaret Sebastian Thomas ’53 Daniel P. Thompson David and Susan Todani Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Todani Anita Tom ’48 Mr. Daniel M.C. Tom ’68 Mrs. Shana Campos Tong ’83 and Mr. Rodney Tong Mr. and Mrs. Ethan T. Toyama Mrs. Tomoko Yamamoto Tsuyemura ’45 and Mr. Robert Tsuyemura Mrs. Nancy Tasaka Tyau ’57


Mr. Charles Uchima Mitsuru and Mitsuki Uda Mrs. Melinda S. Lohr Underkofler Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Ursulum Mrs. Michelle Ushio ’81 Mr. Russell Uyeno and Ms. Rose Anne Petro Lori Beth Wong Van Cantfort ’86 Mrs. Nastia M. Vickery ’58 Mr. Clyde H. Vierra ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Riza L. Villa


John H. Walbridge, Jr. ’65 Kai Ming Wang and Rui Han Mrs. Virginia L. Lum Wat ’52 Madge S. Goto Watai ’45 Mr. and Mrs. Isami Watanabe Mrs. Lynne Taniguchi Watanabe ’69 and Mr. Kosei Watanabe Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred K. Watanabe Mr. Wallace Weatherwax ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Weinstein Mrs. Stephanie M. Duarte Whalen Mrs. Charlotte Ann Gomes White ’63 Mrs. Joan F. White Kari A. Wilhelm ’76 Lori L. Wilhelm ’80 Mr. David F. Won ’74 Viann Theodore Won ’57 Mr. Bryant W.C. Wong ’74 Colene S. Wong Cora A. Ho Wong ’72 Elaine and Jamie Wong Mrs. Frances Chow Wong ’69 and Mr. Jack Wong Gerald T.K. Wong Mr. and Mrs. Harrison D.K. Wong Mr. Leonard Wong and Mrs. Debra Lew-Wong Ms. Stella Mee Que Wong ’68 Mr. Steven Y.S. Wong ’86



Mary Y. Wong Mr. and Mrs. Wilson K.S. Wong Lisa Wong-Yamamoto ’84 Mr. Duane Wright ’82 and Mrs. Marla Wright Mrs. Donna M. Won Wu ’75 Dr. Susan L. Wynne-Piters ’71


Mr. and Mrs. Atsushi Yamada Jean Nakamura Yamamoto ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Victor M. Yamamoto Mr. and Mrs. Francis Y. Yamashiro Ms. Gail Yamashita Grif and Olivia Yanagi Mrs. Eloise M. Uyeda Yano ’55 Ms. Patricia Yap ’65 and Mr. George Perazzo Mr. Wesley Yasuda and Mrs. Melita Hernaez-Yasuda Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Yasui Mrs. Jean Yuen Yates ’61 and Dr. Julian Yates III Mr. Eugene A.O. Yee ’55 Mrs. Phyllis Quon Yee ’48 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K.B. Yee Mario K.M. Yim ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Dick Yoda Mrs. Barbara Alencastre Yoneda ’72 and Mr. Elton Yoneda Dr. and Mrs. Gary S. Yonemoto Mr. Moo Yeol Yoon and Mrs. Kyong Mi Suh Pamela J. Yoon ’68 Mr. Edmund Y.W. Young ’57 Mr. Eric Y.W. Young ’76 Dr. Robert Young ’59 and Ms. Virginia Lum Mr. Ronald S.K. Young ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W.W. Yun



Mrs. Margarita Q. Adair and Mr. Richard C. Adair Mrs. Frances Lau Adams ’74 and Mr. James Adams Ms. Jamie M.M.Y.N. Adams ’01 Catherine Affatica Agor ’64 Mrs. Judith Ann Vierra Aguiar ’62 Mrs. Patricia Jean Andrews Ahn ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Bently A. Akamine Beverly A. Akiona Mr. and Mrs. Gene C. Albano Mr. and Mrs. John S. Allison Mrs. Patricia A. Leach Almeida ’73 Lisa and Leo Amador ’90 Yvonne Lau Ambrose ’61 Mr. Arthur N. Anderson ’60 Mrs. Darlaine C. Anderson ’53 Jeanne Cassell Anding ’60 Ms. Nathene Lynn C. Antonio ’98 Mr. Roy Kiyoshi Aratani ’45

Dr. Garvin V. Arrell ’60 Mr. Pedric T. Arrisgado ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Yoshiji Asami Mr. Hiram K.T. Au ’67 Mrs. Patricia Loo Au ’47 Ms. Mildred Awana ’52 Mr. Bobby Azevedo ’63 and Mrs. Helen Azevedo


Mr. Miles T. Kamimura and Mrs. Charlene E. Bal-Kamimura Mr. and Mrs. Florencio R. Ballesteros Mr. John P. Baraquio ’88 Dr. and Mrs. V. Theodore Barnett Mrs. Rosalina J. Juan Baysa ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Cyril E. Beattie Ms. Amber Malia Belcher ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Belcher Ms. Frances Ho Bellinger ’68 Mrs. Antonella K. Chock Bennett ’55 Mr. Joseph G. Blackburn II ’70 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Blewitt, Jr. Mrs. Setsuko Bluemke Mrs. Marla A. Naito Boley ’82 Mr. Sunya P. Boonyatera ’00 Ms. Juliann E. Borges Mr. Rendell K. Bourg ’73 Mrs. Kristen Lum Bradley ’76 and Mr. Todd Bradley Mrs. Gloria M. Glorioso Breininger ’73 Mrs. Alice M. Brislin Ms. Karla F. Brundage Mr. Stanley G. Bukes ’70


Marcianna L. Cablinga ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Mervin L. Cabral, Jr. Dianne & Wayne Cabral Mr. and Mrs. John G. Cabreros, Jr. Ms. Mary Kukana Cajski ’01 Mrs. Mary Magdalene Cambra ’48 Mr. Joseph Henry Campos II ’88 Lianne Carahasen ’94 Mrs. Maria R. Razalan Carle ’55 John and Sarah Casken Ms. Dara M. Cavaco ’98 Mr. Dion S.O. Chan ’83 Mrs. Harriet Joy Kwock Chan ’44 Mr. and Mrs. June K.W. Chan Ms. Lynn D. Chan ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W.K. Chang Mr. Howard Chang and Mrs. Sheree Liu Mr. Jeffrey L.K. Chang ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Chang, Sr. Mr. Kai M. Chang ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan S.Y. Che Esther Lee Chee ’47 Phyllis & Kelly Chee ’73 Mrs. Loretta K.C. Leong Chee ’54 Mr. Robert Ellis Chee, Jr. ’90 Mr. William K. M. Chee Warren G.K. Chiang ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Y. Chikasuye Carol Lum Chin ’81 Mrs. Carol Jean Young Ching ’61 and Mr. Stephen Ching

Ms. Colleen J. Ching Mr. Earl Ching ’68 and Mrs. Christina Ann Ching Mrs. Elaine Y. Young Ching ’50 Mr. Gary W.S. Ching ’68 Mr. George K.H. Ching ’48 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Y.K. Ching Randall Ching ’63and Sylvia Ching ’66 Mrs. Chrisanthi Ching-Tanaka ’76 Mr. Leonard K.Y. Chinn ’58 Mr. Edward J. Chong, Jr. ’48 Mr. and Mrs. John M.C. Chong Mr. Michael K.P. Chong ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.M. Chong Mr. and Mrs. Rodney K.F. Chong Ms. Michelle H. Choo ’88 Mr. Frederick Chow ’58 and Mrs. Julia Bee-Chow Darryl C. K. Choy ’44 Mr. Michael J. Chu ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W.P. Chu Aileen Chun Mr. and Mrs. Albert K.C. Chun Mr. Anthony Chun ’72 and Mrs. Linda Chun Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Chun ’83 Mrs. Jeanette M.G. Chun ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Y.F. Chun Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M.O. Chun Sr. Mrs. Marie B. Alina Chun ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Y.C. Chun Mr. Peter A. Chun ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander K.W. Chung Mr. Kapono Ciotti Mrs. Jessica Clancy E. Clemente Mr. Chris Coats Mrs. Melissa N. Wong Coelho ’82 Brian K. Coleman ’02 Michelle K. Coleman ’99 Thomas P.M. Coleman ’96 Vicki Villarama Collins ’64 Dr. Sheila Conant ’63 Gloriane and William Cooper ’76 Hilda Cordeiro ’37 Mrs. Tracy Ann Ariel Cosier ’88 Crystal R.M. Costa ’99 Mrs. Lori A. Costa Mrs. Karen L.H. Watt Cowan ’80 Mr. Chris Cramer Mr. Robert S. Crighton and Mrs. Theresa L. Crighton Mrs. Mary Jo Culvyhouse ’66 Waldene Curtice ’63


Sr. Maria Rosario Daley Mrs. Carrie T. Dang Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Dang Ms. Jacquelyn A. Darcey ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Michel J. Delsol Mr. Conrad Deparini and Mrs. Barbara Uemura-Deparini Mr. Patrick Kekoa Akio Deparini ’93 Mrs. Roseyn J. Devlin Ms. Maria Di Pisa ’80 Ms. Emily Mary DiPetrillo ’91 Jan M.Y. Doi Mrs. Anne K. Rich Dolan

Lynn Gabriel Domaloan Mrs. Jeanne C. Amlin Duggan ’58 Mrs. Louise A. Dolan DuMontier ’40 Mr. Tom Dwight


Mr. James R. Eakman Mrs. Ruth R.M. Egami Mrs. Mary Finnegan Ehring ’58 Mr. Duane Eldredge and Mrs. Sue Eldredge Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Ellefsen Mr. Jun Enomoto Sylvia Enos ’60 Mrs. Dulinda Gomes Ernesto ’37 Mr. Noah J.T. Esperas ’00 Ms. Tanny Puanani Esperas ’99 Mrs. Betsy June Fabro-Borg ’82 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Fajota Yvonne Faria Mr. David L. Felix ’75 Ms. Catherine A. Ferreira ’73 Kamakana Fitchett ’05 Damon Kealii Flood ’92 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Fong Foodland Super Market, Ltd. Mr. Robert Fortuna and Ms. Magdalene Odquier Mrs. Geraldine Fouts Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Fu Mrs. Lillian Yoshimoto Fujihara ’47 Mrs. Nancy F. Oshita Fujii ’46 Mrs. Laura Lynn Fujimoto 1987 and Mr. Jeffrey Fujimoto Mr. and Mrs. Ted S. Fujimoto Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. Fukuhara Jay K. Fung


Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Hamada Mrs. Ann H. Hannan Mrs. Dolores Burnett Hansen ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Harada Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie S. Harada Mrs. Joan E. Thorne Harper Mr. and Mrs. John P. Harrison Mrs. Sara A. Harrison and Mr. John R. Harrison Fumiko Hashimoto Janel Hatton-Santiago ’98 Mrs. Miriam E. McCormack Hattori ’50 Mr. Tim K. Heatherly ’96 Ms. TinaAnn Mahealani Heatherly ’99

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Y.T. Ho Dr. Marcia F.G. Ho-Gatto ’82 Geralyn Lum Holck ’78 Dana Goo Holiona ’86 and John K. Holiona Mrs. Jana Doyle Hollenbeck ’61 and Mr. William Ho Mr. Christopher H. Hong ’79 Mrs. Rosalie Moilee Hong Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie S.C. Hu Mr. Ryan S.C. Hu ’01 Mrs. Patricia Chun Hudson ’77 Mrs. Sandra Y.M. Chee Hunt ’81 Mrs. Noraine Sue Ichikawa ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Asami Ichimura Ms. Sharie Nalani Ikeda ’90

your gift = 113 teams 31 sports 3 leagues


Mr. Theodoro Ganade 1963 and Mrs. Yvonne Baricuatro Mr. Leonardo Gaoiran Mrs. Phyllis F. Boner Gardner ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Gelson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Gero Mr. Blaine Gier ’88 and Mrs. Misty Daos Gier ’93 Mr. and Mrs. David H. Gilson Carole H. Goldstein Mrs. Betty D. Gomes ’53 Mr. Franklin R. Gonzales Mathew S.M. Goo ’81 Mr. Mitchell B. Goo ’97 Mrs. Roxane S. Ishikawa Goo ’78 Mrs. June Gorgonio ’75 and Mr. Lawrence Gorgonio Mr. and Mrs. Van N. Goto Mr. and Mrs. Les Y. Goya Mi Jin Gregory ’00 Mrs. Kimberly Kealani Gullickson ’90 Mrs. Cora Cabebe Gushikuma ’73 and Mr. Wayne Gushikuma Mr. and Mrs. Masaichi Gushikuma Al and Bev Guzman

Lucille Hee ’51 Mrs. Shellie Kodama Hee ’74 and Mr. Alan Hee Mr. Daniel Y.T. Hew ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Hsuo Higa Mr. and Mrs. Derrick C.M. Higa Ms. Janice Higa ’72 Mrs. Lee Y. Higa-Hoffman ’93 Mrs. Kathleen V. Higgins Mrs. Lucille J. Hill Mrs. Thelma M. Takamori Hirata ’47 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hirata Mr. and Mrs. James N. Hiromoto Ms. Elizabeth W.P. Hisashima ’98 Mr. John T.K. Hisashima ’00 Mr. Brandon Y.G. Ho ’89 Mr. Edmund Ho ’72 and Mrs. Barbara Ho Mr. and Mrs. Franklin W.L. Ho Lawrence K.C. Ho Ms. Melanie Ho ’71

Mrs. Shari Imanaka and Mr. Dean Imanaka Mr. and Mrs. Darrell H.W. Ing Mr. Theodore K. Ing ’60 Linda Ipsen Roger and Florence Ishii Mr. and Mrs. Oscar M. Isidro Mrs. Edith T. Iwami Mrs. Catherine C. Iwami and Mr. Ronald T. Iwami Mrs. Rose Hamada Iwamoto ’48 Yvonne Chun Izumi ’70


Barbara Chang Jeong ’53 Paul Gwang-Seup Jin Andretta Kaahaaina Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Y. Kai Ms. Gina Lee Mendes Kaiu ’83

Mrs. Lavina Leong Kam ’57 Curtis Kamisugi Mr. Troy Kamiya Dr. Steven S. Kanemoto Mrs. Betty C. Yoneda Kaneshige ’55 Mr. Kavett Kaopua ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Katayama Mr. Jared Kaufmann, Sr. ’58 Mr. Michael Francis Kaufmann ’99 Mrs. Darcie W.L. Au Kawamura ’90 Mr. and Mrs. David N. Kawamura Mrs. Katherine A. Kawano Mrs. Georgia S. Kay Mrs. Faith Cardoza Kealoha ’54 and Mr. Paul J. Kealoha ’54 Mrs. Linda W. Wong Kealoha ’66 Mrs. Joan Ellen Pollack Keaulana ’63 Sister Marie Patrice Kehoe Mrs. Elizabeth Manzano Keyes ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Thao Khamsing Mrs. Marianne A. Kilgore ’63 Ms. Addie Christine Park Kim ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Kinoshita Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kinzie III Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kirst Mrs. Virginia Hulten Klein ’64 and Mr. Edward Klein Jon and Patricia Barnette Klingler ’70 Mr. Jason F. Knight ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Kobashikawa Mr. Bradley Koki ’71 and Mrs. Theresa Koki Mr. Lance Koki and Mrs. Iris Kozai-Koki Mrs. Beatrice K.H. Kam Kong ’54 Mrs. Virginia Koo Becky Kotake Mrs. Nadine Puanani Koyanagi Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kozuma Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Kozuma Mrs. Maylene E. Kreutzer ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Kubo Miles and Heidi Kubo Steve Kula ’67 Mrs. Marjorie Wong Kum ’51 and Mr. Stan Kum Mrs. Lori Ann H. Kunimura Mrs. Cynthia C.L. Ah Yo Kupau Teri Ann Kuroiwa Mr. and Mrs. Gordon T. Kurokawa Mrs. Harriet Kusumoto Mr. Kevin Yoshiyaki Kuwaye ’90 Mr. Clarence Kwock ’67 Mr. John C.M. Kwong ’02 Mrs. Serena Jong Kwong ’51 and Mr. Paul Kwong


Ms. Nicole M.K. La Prade ’02 Mrs. Paulette Souza Laanui and Mr. Arnold Laanui, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C.K. Lam Mr. and Mrs. Nin Wah Lam Stephanie Lape ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. LaPorte Ms. Georgette N. Matsuzawa Lau Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T.H. Lau Mr. and Mrs. David A. Laubhan Mrs. Melissa A. Domaloan Layden ’87 Mrs. Audrey Kong Lee ’64

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C.J. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Dickson C.H. Lee Mr. Dustin T. Lee ’01 Gilbert and Beatrice Lee Ms. Jeannie W.J. Lee ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold K.Y. Lee Mrs. Lorraine Young Lee ’59 Mr. and Mrs. Lorrin T.B. Lee Lucille Lee ’37 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Pak Chuen Lee Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Tommy M.W. Lee Mr. Wayson Lee ’68 and Mrs. Edwina Lee Ms. Wendy Michele Lee ’88 Francine L. Lee-Kadota ’77 Mrs. Allison Marie Lee-Takamine ’87 Mrs. Nancy K. Len ’58 Mrs. Nancy S.L. Leng Ms. Denise Mee Yee Hisako Leong ’87 Mrs. Dorothy May Loo Leong ’54 Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert J. Leong Mrs. Gladys S. Soon Leong ’42 Jennifer W.Y. Leong ’93 Hank LePage Mrs. Lai King Leung Mrs. Sadie Mau Lew ’57 Helene L. (Chock) Lewis ’53 Raymond Li Vernal K. Lilly Mr. Joseph Keoni Littlejohn ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Garrett & Colleen Liu ’75 Mrs. Bobbie Loo Mrs. Jackie L. Loo Mrs. Teryn Hee Loo ’81 and Mr. Jody Loo Mrs. Lily T.L. Lu Mrs. Frankie A. Lucas Ms. Kristi Lucas ’84 Mr. James H. Lui ’95 Ms. Nadine W.C. Luke ’79 Mrs. Charlotte A. Lum Mr. and Mrs. David J. Lum Mr. Fredric D.W. Lum ’44 Mrs. Laura L. Lum Mr. Libert K.H. Lum Mr. Robert M.Y. Lum ’48 Mr. Wesley C. Lum ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred C.H. Lum Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Lyons


Mrs. LeAnne N. Mistysyn MacAllister ’97 Mrs. Lorraine R. Shirai Maeda ’57 Mrs. Patricia Lum Maffit ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Narciso E. Magsanoc, Jr. Mrs. Rochelle A. Suzuki Mahoe ’88 Mrs. Evelyn Y.L. Chong Makio ’54 Mr. Milton Y. Makishi Gabbi Makuakane ’68 Mrs. Mercedes Wong Manalili ’58 and Mr. Donald Manalili Mrs. Sarah F. Gertz Marion ’37 Mrs. Diane M. Markle Mrs. Catherine M. Pinho Martin ’52 Mrs. Charlene Lee Martin and Mr. Douglas Martin ’57 Mrs. Gladys T. Watanabe Martin ’47 Jeanette Salado Martin ’57



Mrs. Betty Y. Mastropaolo ’61 Mrs. Marion H. Masuda Mrs. Suzanne S. Matsuda ’66 Mr. and Mrs. George N. Matsuzawa Bernice K. N. Mau Ms. Darlene P. Mau Ms. Julie C. Mau ’85 Laurence W.C. Mau ’80 Mrs. Claudia W. Tom McCloskey ’62 Emily Wong McCollum ’91 Mr. William McFeeley and Mrs. Deborah McFeeley Mrs. Heidi McGivern and Mr. Jeffrey McGivern Mrs. Eloise Anne Zerbe McIntosh ’40 Mrs. Suzanne P. McLaughlin Mrs. Malia Whaley McLeod ’91 Mrs. Ann-Marie White Medeiros ’88 Mrs. Cynthia N. Medeiros Ms. Kimberly J. Medrano ’02 Mr. Kenneth Mendes ’67 Mr. Kevin T. Mendes ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Danilo U. Miguel Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mijo Mr. Jon H. Miki Ms. Cary Jane Miller ’64 Margaret Miller Mr. and Mrs. Randal K. Mimaki Mrs. Florence Dai Min and Mr. Norman Min Mr. Brian K. Mistysyn ’95 Mr. David K. Mistysyn ’01 Mrs. Linda S. Mistysyn Mrs. Lori Mitrulevich Ms. Jennifer I. Miyamoto ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Miyamoto Mrs. Rie Mizumura and Mr. Dean Mizumura Mr. and Mrs. Koya Mogi Ms. Tracy Lynn Monsarrat ’75 Genevieve T. Montano ’95 Mrs. Michelle M. Klein Morgan ’92 Mrs. Michele Tokunaga Morikami ’65 Jo-Ann Morisato Mr. James Morris ’85 and Mrs. Doreen Leong ’84 Morris Mrs. Patricia A. Moskal Diane F. Mosley ’63 Mrs. Agnes Marie Braz Motley ’46 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mukai Mr. and Mrs. Riki N. Mukawa Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Murakami Danelle A. Murakami ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Ross R. Murakami Mrs. Carol S. Maehara Muramoto ’57 Mrs. Larissa Lei Suyemoto Murata ’93 Mrs. Pamela L. Gomez Murnane ’78


Dorothy H. Nada Mr. and Mrs. Derek S. Nagamine Mr. and Mrs. Vincent C. Nagtalon Kimberly Nakagami ’97 Ms. Gaylynn Nakamatsu Ms. Stephanie M.H. Nakamura ’02 Mrs. Tomiye Nakano Tammy K. Naone Ms. Keri Lyn D. Navarro ’96 Mr. David Wakefield Netz ’88

Mr. Alfred Neves ’53 and Mrs. Sylvia Neves Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S.K. Ng Mr. Dennis Nguyen ’96 Mr. Derek Nirei ’81 and Mrs. Jerrilyn Nirei Mrs. Lynn M. Ho Nishida ’81 Mrs. Antoinette Nishida-Chock Linda Nishigaya ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Ivan S. Nishiki Mrs. Vivian Enos Nobrega ’37 Mrs. Haruno Nogami Mrs. Caroline R.U. Norwood ’82 Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Nozaki Mr. and Mrs. James and Arlene Nunogawa


Mr. and Mrs. William D. O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. George S. Odo Mrs. Wilma M. Akamine Ogimi ’68 Mr. Adrian Chang ’75 and Mrs. Christine Ohtani-Chang ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund K. Oka Mrs. Linda Robello Okafuji ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Eric K. Okimoto Clayton and Lois Oku Nadine J. Jeremiah Olinger ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Y. Omura Mr. Michael Ono and Mrs. Michelle Bower-Ono Mr. Steven Masaru Ono ’86 Ms. Melisa K.M.O. Orozco ’02 Mr. and Mrs. James T. Oshima Mr. and Mrs. Hideo Oshiro Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Oshiro Wayne Oshiro April C.A. Ota ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Roy T. Otsuka


Tina Padin ’87 Mr. Alfred C.C. Pang Mr. Arthur K.M. Pang Mr. Byron Pang and Mrs. Janice Martin-Pang Mrs. Daisy Yee Pang ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Gary S.P. Pang Mrs. Muriel Wat Lum Pang Patricia Lum Pang ’82 Terralyn Pang ’73 Mrs. Barbara J. Fernandes Papo ’59 Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Parsons Mr. Edwin Parubrub and Mrs. Dorie Parubrub-Kahaulelio Mrs. Patricia L. Pascual Mrs. Toyoko N. Pasoquen Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. Perry Mrs. Ann Marie Keala Jones Peters ’87 Mr. Kim I. Pinensky ’74 Cpt. Peter M. Pollock ’88, USAF Mr. and Mrs. Khamtoun C. Porter Sharleen M. Proctor Ms. Ida Quinn ’73


Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert V. Rabago Frank Ramos, Jr. ’65 Kurt and Mavis Ramos Dr. Leigh Maria K.G. Ramos ’93 Mrs. Lynne B. Budar Ramsey ’73 Mrs. Angela Youngae Reed ’93 Mrs. Diane M. De Coito Rego ’58 Ms. Jolyne R. Rego ’66 Mrs. Lisa Maria Armenio Reis ’88 Chad S. Resari ’55 Lillian Lau Rice ’44 Mrs. Barbara M. Soon Richards ’54 Shannon Riley ’02 Summer R. Robello ’98 Mrs. Eva Lynn Robinson Kathleen T. Robinson ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Roy R. Rodrigues Lori Tseu Rodriguez ’83 Ms. Trina E. Rogers ’01 Sister Dolores A. Rosso, MM Mrs. Colette Cordeiro Ruiz ’60 Paula Viveiros Russell ’63


Mr. and Mrs. Darren T. Saiki Mrs. Naomi Saito and Mr. Robert Love Paul and Sybil Saito Mr. Paul Takeji Sakuma ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Sakuma Ms. Nancy Sandoval Mrs. Ruth T. Watanabe Sano ’46 Darrell and Judy Santos Mr. Jon Robert Santos ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Sasaki Ken Sato ’54 Mrs. Margaret E. Goto Sato ’45 Ms. Robin C. Sato ’90 Rosemary Schiff Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Schraff Ms. Kristen K. Schultz ’88 Mr. and Mrs. John D. Scott Mark W. Scott ’70 Mr. David Gordon Sellers ’85 Mr. Anthony R. Sellitto III ’83 Mrs. Jane C. Cabreros Seriguchi Mr. Michael J. Sheedy ’88 Dr. and Mrs. Toshiyuki Shibata Iris Shimabukuro ’75 Mrs. Clara H. Segawa Shimoda ’48 Mr. and Mrs. Jon T. Shimomura Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Shiraishi Mr. and Mrs. James Shiroma Bridget K. Silva Mr. Thomas E. Silva ’66 Mrs. Julia Adviento Siobal ’59 Carla A. Chock Siu ’74 Mr. Denis J. Siu ’59 Mrs. Winona Hollinger Slate ’40 Mrs. Carol-Ann Rosa Smith ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Yuen Sang So Mr. Todd Soma ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Y.K. Soong Mr. Albert Souza Mr. Francis W. Souza, Jr. ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Souza Mrs. Gloria Jean Isabelo Spray ’63 Mr. Jean-Denis St. Onge

Ms. Susan M. Stacy ’61 Ms. Susan Stahl ’73 Gretchen Stahl-MacLeod ’67 Mr. Michael Stasack ’80 Donna T. Sanchez Stevens ’80 Mr. Richard F. Strawn II ’64 Mr. and Mrs. James O. Striker Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Suehiro Dr. Sonia L. Sugg ’79 Mrs. Ann K.H. Sung Mr. Damon Sung and Mrs. Ann Sung-Lam Mr. Johan E. Suyderhoud ’01 Mr. Matthew J.P. Suyderhoud ’01 Mr. Lance Suzuki Mr. and Mrs. Reynold T. Suzuki Russell M. Sypowicz ’01


Mr. Dan D. Taba Ms. Kristine L. Lum Tabar ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Y. Tadaki Ms. Shelley Kim Tadaki ’91 Mrs. Mildred T. Choy Tagariello ’40 Steven and Cheryl Tagawa Mr. and Mrs. Mark Y. Tajiri Katherine N. Kiyabu Takagi Mr. and Mrs. Haruyoshi Takata Ms. Debbie Takenaka Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Takenaka, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Craig T. Takiguchi Mrs. Lena Ann Kam Tamashiro ’86 Raymond T. Tamashiro Thomas S. Tamashiro Ms. Kiera M. Tanaka ’02 Ms. Myrna N. Fong Tanaka ’83 Mr. Clarence K. Tatekawa ’42 Mr. and Mrs. Dee H. Tenn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Tenno Carol A. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Thomas ’83 Mrs. Mele Thomas-Walawender ’94 Mrs. Kristen Ann Wong Thompson ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Toledo, Jr. Ms. Kathleen L. Tom ’ 89 Mr. Terrence K. Torco ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Torres Mrs. Joli Ann Leong Toth ’82 Mrs. Doris Toyama Jewel Mun Toyama ’73 Mr. Charles Trueman-Madriaga ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Fred K. Tseu Mrs. Jianping Liu Tseu The Tseu Family Mrs. Juliana K. Turner ’42


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Uemura Sonny and Tessie Ulep Mrs. Mary Ann Yim Underwood ’67 Mrs. Ramona Ching Ung ’73 and Mr. Lawrence Ung Mr. Fernando R. Urgelles Mr. and Mrs. Yoshiichi Ushio Mr. Troy T. Uyehara ’01 Mrs. Mercedes L. Valdez

Mr. Benjamin Valle ’84 and Mrs. Katy Valle Marian (Scanlan) Van Kirk ’41 Mrs. Ineko Nishihara Vanden Heuvel Mrs. Mary Jane Arce Vannatta Mrs. Benedith G. Tabiolo-Ventura and Mr. Leonard H. Ventura Mrs. Lisa Mendes Ventura ’87 and Mr. James Ventura, Jr. ’86 Mrs. Kathy Y.S.C. Ching Viniegas ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Vinson


Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Wake Mrs. Alita Wall Hsuan Wang Ms. Jennifer E. Wang ’93 Julie Anne Wassel ’88 Mr. Hazlett T. Weatherwax ’67 Dr. Theresa Y. Young Wee ’72 Mr. Bernard A. Wendekier, Jr.

Mr. James K.W. Wong ’65 Ms. Jennifer Young Wong ’90 Mrs. Kendra Nalani Olayan Wong ’88 Mr. Kingsley W.G. Wong ’63 Mr. Kyle Anthony Wong ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Orrin C.M. Wong Mr. and Mrs. Paul K.H. Wong Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wong, Jr. Mr. Thomas P. Wong Sr. ’56 Mr. Wei Keung Wong and Mrs. Fanny Ku Mr. William K.C. Wong Mr. and Mrs. Yiu-Wing Wong Ms. Kathleen Michelle Worden ’88 Mr. Dwayne A. Worley and Mrs. Sheila Marie S. Worley Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wright

Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy B.C. Yuen H. Thomas Zerbe III ’81


Please note: Alumni giving figures exclude contributions to the Kekumano Scholarship Dinner.

Class of 1936

Class of 1937


Dane and Joanna Yamasaki Mr. and Mr. Allan Yamauchi Mrs. Kimberly Yamauchi

your gift = creative expression


Mr. George P. Peterson Mr. William M. Garcia


Mrs. Agnes Sills Cordeiro Mrs. Hilda De Cambra Cordeiro Mrs. Dulinda Gomes Ernesto Ms. Lucille Y.H. Lee Mrs. Cecilia A. Taum Leong Mrs. Sarah F. Gertz Marion Mrs. Lucile I. Smith Mistysyn Mrs. Vivian Enos Nobrega Mrs. Annie L. Lum Wong

Class of 1938


Mrs. Kathleen H. Haggood Buckey Ms. Virginia Gonsalves

Class of 1939


Mrs. Miriam Desha Dowson Mrs. Elizabeth A. Helfrich

Class of 1940


Mrs. Louise A. Dolan DuMontier Mrs. Amelia M. Mattos Garcia Mrs. Edwina L. Leong Goo Ms. Violet Kamai Kekina Ms. Catherine Li Mrs. Eloise Anne Zerbe McIntosh Mr. Jonathan V. Perreira Mrs. Winona Hollinger Slate Mrs. Mildred T. Choy Tagariello Mrs. Saeko T. Whang Mrs. Kimberly L.K. Wheeler ’88 Sarah and Joseph White Mrs. Patricia M. Wigglesworth ’57 The Wijnveldt Family Mrs. Grace M.S. Williams Mrs. Greta F. Zerbe Williams ’78 Mrs. Arline E. Paine Willis ’67 Mr. Michael A. Winchatz Ms. Pilita A. Winchatz ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wixom Mr. Aaron L.D. Wong ’02 Anne L.T. Wong ’97 Mrs. Annie Lum Wong ’37 and Mr. Walter Wong Alex Wong ’03 Mrs. Betty Loo Wong ’42 Mr. Charles C. Wong ’63 Captain Chester W. Wong Donna Lee Wong ’71 Mrs. Elizabeth Balmores Wong ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert K.H. Wong Mr. and Mrs. James C.A. Wong

Garret H. Yanagi ’46 Mrs. Christie Harada Yee ’84 and Mr. Joseph Yee II ’84 Dr. Christopher Yee and Dr. Linda Wong-Yee Lo Lan Mui Yee ’43 Mr. Randal Yee and Mrs. Janice Nomura-Yee Dr. Shanglan Sophia Yeh ’43 Carey T. Yen ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Wai Shing Yeung Mrs. Laurie Ann Yim ’79 Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Yonashiro Randall T. Yoshida Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Yoshimura Ms. Carol M. Young ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Gary K.W. Young Ms. Lea U. Young ’02 Mrs. Lenore Fong Young ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H.K. Young Dr. Richard S.K. Young ’65 Sandra L. Lum Young ’66 Ms. Leona K.H. Yuen ’77

Class of 1941


Mrs. Mook-Lan Mui Fan Mrs. Marian K. Scanlan Van Kirk

Class of 1942


Mr. Clifford M. Akana Mr. Gordon Y.D. Chun Mrs. Mildred F. Burlem Koch Mr. Andrew S.O. Lee Mrs. Gladys S. Soon Leong Mrs. Thelma Nobuko Sano Mori Mrs. Charlotte M. Chow Sexton Mr. Clarence K. Tatekawa Mrs. Juliana K. Turner Mrs. Betty Loo Wong

Class of 1943


Mr. Edwin S. Kalai Mrs. Helen C. Chock Leong Mr. Walter Y. Uohara Mrs. R. Lo-Lan Mui Yee Dr. Shanglan Sophia Yeh

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




Class of 1944

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Mrs. Harriet Joy Kwock Chan Mrs. Anna N.W. Choy Lau Mr. Fredric D.W. Lum Mrs. Adora H. Aoki Nakamura Mrs. Lillian Lau Rice

Class of 1945


Mr. Kazuyuki Akashi Mr. Roy Kiyoshi Aratani Mrs. Anna Marie Chenault Mrs. Leila Villada Condon Mr. James P. Rapoza Mrs. Margaret E. Goto Sato Dr. Benjamin C.K. Tom Mrs. Tomoko Tsuyemura Honorable Madge S. Goto Watai

Class of 1946


Mrs. Pearl S. Young Castillo Mr. Lorrin W.K. Chee Mrs. Nancy F. Oshita Fujii Mr. Donald C. Machado Mrs. Agnes Marie Braz Motley Ms. Bernadette E. Perry Mrs. Ruth T. Watanabe Sano Mr. George T. Taniguchi Dr. Garret H. Yanagi

Class of 1951


Mrs. Pauline L. Bruhn Akimo Mr. Herbert K. Botelho Mrs. Frances Spencer Chang Mr. Clarence L. Gouveia Mrs. Lucille Wong Hee Mrs. Marjorie A. Wong Kum Mrs. Serena K. Jong Kwong

Class of 1952

Class of 1956


Ms. Mildred Awana Mrs. Judith T. Miyamoto Brown Mr. Donald S.M. Chang Mr. Dennis W. Chee Mr. Benjamin A. Chico Drose Mrs. Dorothy L. Goo Man Mrs. Catherine M. Pinho Martin Mrs. Mary Helen Tom Morrow Mrs. Daisy Yee Pang Mrs. Virginia L. Lum Wat Mrs. Jean K. Nakamura Yamamoto

Class of 1953


Mrs. Patricia Loo Au Mrs. Esther L. Lee Chee Mrs. Lillian Yoshimoto Fujihara Mrs. Mary Joan Chang Hee Mrs. Thelma M. Takamori Hirata Mrs. Gladys T. Watanabe Martin Dr. Harry T. Nomura Mrs. Frances Y.C. Goo Steen Mr. Stanley M. Takamine

Mr. Clarence L. Ahakuelo, Jr. Mrs. Darlaine C. Anderson Mrs. Mary Lou Gilleres Botelho Mr. Hamilton M.S. Chock, Sr. Mrs. Julliette Y. Shea Chock Mrs. Verna P. Perry Ferreira Mrs. Betty Doi Gomes Mrs. Barbara Chang Jeong Mrs. June E. Kamioka-Fuller Mrs. Shirley Liu Lee Mr. Gordon F.Y. Leong Mrs. Jean Uyeda Leong Mrs. Helene L. Chock Lewis Mr. Alfred F. Neves, Jr. Mrs. Georgiana D. Denis Smith Mrs. Margaret Sebastian Thomas

Class of 1948

Class of 1954

Class of 1947



Mrs. Mary Magdalene Cambra Mr. George K.H. Ching Mr. Edward J. Chong, Jr. Mrs. Alice S. Takabuki Hara Mrs. Rose Hamada Iwamoto Mr. Ernest K.C. Lee Mr. Robert M.Y. Lum Mrs. Barbara Jean Leong Perreira Mrs. Clara H. Segawa Shimoda Mrs. Anita Tom Dr. Livingston M.F. Wong Mrs. Phyllis Quon Yee

Class of 1949


Mrs. Jeanette M.G. Chun Mrs. Beatrice H. Iwamoto Jost Mrs. Evelyn Chang Lum Dr. Henry T. Oyama Mr. Wallace K. Takata

Class of 1950


Mrs. Rosalina J. Juan Baysa Mrs. Elaine Y. Young Ching Mrs. Miriam E. McCormack Hattori Mrs. Irene W.Y. Chang Letoto Mrs. Florence T. Shimizu Mrs. Lenore Fong Young




Mr. Harold V. Botelho Mr. Milton T.Y. Chang Mrs. Loretta K.C. Leong Chee Col. Francis G.A. Gomes, Jr. Mrs. Lilian Ohira Kane Mrs. Faith G. Cardoza Kealoha Mrs. Beatrice K.H. Kam Kong Mrs. Dorothy May Loo Leong Mrs. Evelyn Y.L. Chong Makio Mr. Elliott C. Mattos Mrs. Sylvia Costa Neves Mrs. Katherine K. Rodrigues Rapozo Mrs. Barbara M. Soon Richards Mr. Kenneth K. Sato Mr. Charles K. Shigeta

Class of 1955

Mr. Eugene A.O. Yee


Mrs. Antonella K. Chock Bennett Mrs. Maria R. Razalan Carle Ms. Agnes L. Domdoma Mrs. Phyllis F. Boner Gardner Mrs. Teresita R. Hilario Jubinsky Mrs. Betty C. Yoneda Kaneshige Mr. Jarrett W. Karasaki Mr. Chad S. Resari Mrs. Betty Blake Rice Ms. Shirley Ann K. Salomon Mrs. Eloise M. Uyeda Yano


Mr. Robert K.Y. Chang Mrs. Jeanette M.L. Lum Chun Mrs. Joyce S.Y. Lee Goo Mrs. Elizabeth Manzano Keyes Mr. Herbert H. Kiyabu Mr. M. Thaddeus Kwiatkowski Mr. Raymond M. Ohara Mr. Jerry K.C. Pang Mrs. Marlene M. Soares Souki Mrs. Joan Kwock Sung Mrs. Laurie Hong Wong Mr. Thomas P. Wong, Sr.

Class of 1957


Mr. Paul Y. Chinen Mrs. Marie B. Alina Chun Mrs. Patricia L. Gilsey Eng Mr. Michael A. Ho Mrs. Patricia Chu Ho Mrs. Lavina Leong Kam Mrs. Sadie Mau Lew Mrs. Mary U. Apao Loebl Mrs. Lorraine R. Shirai Maeda Mrs. Jeanette Salado Martin LTC Manny Medeiros Mrs. Carol S. Maehara Muramoto Mr. Ronald Ohira Nadine J. Jeremiah Olinger Mrs. Nancy Tasaka Tyau Mrs. Patricia M. Wigglesworth Mrs. Viann Theodore Won Mr. Ronald S.K. Young Mr. Edmund Y.W. Young

Class of 1958


Mr. Leonard K.Y. Chinn Mr. Frederick K.C. Chow Mrs. Frances Lee Chun Mrs. Napua E. Prados Demers Mr. David Dougan Mrs. Jeanne C. Amlin Duggan Mrs. Mary Finnegan Ehring Mr. Thomas Haioka Mrs. Dolores Burnett Hansen Mrs. Allene M.C. Higa Ishikawa Mr. Jared Kaufmann, Sr. Mrs. Edwina Cordeiro Lee Mrs. Nancy K. Len Mrs. Mercedes P. Wong Manalili Mrs. Diane M. De Coito Rego Ms. Phyllis N.T. Shea Mrs. Carol-Ann Rosa Smith Mr. William E. Spencer, Jr. Mrs. Paulette T. Ukishima Sumida Mrs. Nastia M. Vickery Mr. Clyde H. Vierra Ms. Carol M. Young

Class of 1959


Mrs. Sharon J. Gomes Azevedo Mrs. Claire S. Murakami Dang Mrs. Eugenie Kaili Kaopua Mr. Edison C.Y. Kwock Mrs. Lorraine Young Lee Mrs. Barbara J. Fernandes Papo Mrs. Patricia H. Rapoza Robb

Mrs. Julia Adviento Siobal Mr. Denis J. Siu Dr. Robert Young

Class of 1960


Mrs. Jeanne Cassell Anding Dr. Garvin V. Arrell Mrs. Haunani F.M. Burns Dickson Ms. Sylvia R. Enos Mrs. Lorraine Chamizo Hamilton Ms. Valerie Anne Ho Mr. Theodore K. Ing Mrs. Charlene C.L. Wong Lum Mrs. Roberta M. Aiona Richards Mrs. Colette Cordeiro Ruiz Mr. Carman Tablada Mr. Wallace Weatherwax Mrs. Elizabeth Balmores Wong

Class of 1961


Mrs. Barbara V. Nobrega Akau Mrs. Yvonne L. Lau Ambrose Mr. Elliott W. Chamizo Mr. Albert M. Chinen Mrs. Carol Jean Ching Mrs. Jana Doyle Hollenbeck Mr. Wade H. Jones Mrs. Mary S.Q. Mau Lecavelier Ms. Diane O.L. Lee Dr. Patricia Y. Lee Mrs. Betty Y. Mastropaolo Ms. Susan M. Stacy Mrs. Jean Yuen Yates

Class of 1962


Mrs. Judith Ann Vierra Aguiar Mr. Calvin C.W. Choy Mr. Joseph F. Clare, Jr. Mr. Scott Finkboner Mrs. Claudia W. Tom McCloskey Mrs. Karen T. Nakamura Mrs. Gwen Cabral Panee Mr. Francis W. Souza, Jr.

Class of 1963


Mr. Bobby Azevedo Mrs. Paula Rochelle Lindo Boyce Mr. Randall Y.C. Ching Dr. Sheila Conant Mrs. Waldene E. Ichijo Curtice Mr. Doug Ferreira Mr. Theodoro Ganade Mr. Galen Ho Mrs. Patricia Ching Ho Mrs. Joan Ellen Pollack Keaulana Mrs. Marianne A. Kilgore Mrs. Mary Ann Cordeiro LaFazia Mrs. Lorna P. Chang Lin Mr. Darrell W. Mattos Mrs. Ouida Yvonne Usita Morris Ms. Diane F. Mosley Mrs. Paula Viveiros Russell Mrs. Gloria Jean Isabelo Spray Mrs. Charlotte Ann Gomes White Mr. Charles C. Wong Mr. Kingsley W.G. Wong

Class of 1964


Mrs. Catherine A. Affatica Agor

Ms. Victoria C. Villarama Collins Mr. Andrew W. Corcoran Mr. Robert J. Coursey, Jr. Mr. Peter K.W. Dang Mr. Russell W. Donnelly Mr. Raymond Imbo, Jr. Mrs. Virginia M. Hulten Klein Mr. Waley C.M. Kwock Mrs. Audrey Kong Lee Ms. Cary Jane Miller Mrs. Sandra L. Freitas Peltzer Ms. Susan P. Porter Robinson Mr. Richard F. Strawn II

Class of 1965


Mrs. Felice N.J. Wong Broglio Mr. Guy M. De Primo Mr. Michael X. Dean Ms. Antonina V. Farm Mrs. Patricia Lum Maffit Mr. Norman W. Min Mrs. Michele Tokunaga Morikami Ms. Linda E. Nishigaya, PhD Mr. Frank Ramos, Jr. Mrs. Janis Ing Strauss Mr. John Walbridge Mr. James K.W. Wong Ms. Patricia Yap Dr. Richard S.K. Young

Class of 1966

Mr. Francis Condry Mrs. Cathy H. Hee Daenz Ms. Betsey Hughes Gunderson Ms. Anne P. Harpham Mrs. Noraine Sue Ichikawa Mr. Wayson C.W. Lee Ms. Gabrielle L. Makuakane Mrs. Wilma M. Akamine Ogimi Mr. Robert Y. Oshita Mrs. Laine A. Matsuo Skiendiel Mr. Daniel M.C. Tom Ms. Stella Mee Que Wong Ms. Pamela J. Yoon

Class of 1972

Class of 1969

Mrs. Patricia A. Leach Almeida Mr. Rendell K. Bourg Mrs. Gloria M. Glorioso Breininger Mr. Kelvin S.D. Chee Mr. Peter A. Chun Ms. Catherine A. Ferreira Mrs. Colette Y. Yoda Garibaldi Mrs. Cora C. Cabebe Gushikuma


Mr. Anthony P. Chun Mr. Lester S. Gibo Ms. Janice Higa Mr. Edmund F. Ho Dr. Cynthia Jean Ichiriu Keller Mrs. Adele H. Odo Lum Ms. Virginia Lum Dr. Theresa Y. Young Wee Ms. Cora A. Ho Wong Mrs. Barbara A. Alencastre Yoneda

Class of 1973 7.14%

Ms. Mary L. Chun Mr. Christopher R. Crum Mr. Joseph M. DePrimo Mr. Kenzie J. Pang Mrs. Lynne Y. Taniguchi Watanabe Mrs. Frances Joy Chow Wong


your gift = a generation of youth learning to give back

Class of 1968


Ms. Frances Ho Bellinger Mrs. Sandra M. Asejo Campos Mr. Earl M.T. Ching Mr. Gary W.S. Ching


Mrs. Kristen L. Lum Bradley Mrs. Chrisanthi Ching-Tanaka Mr. Patrick K. Chong Mrs. Gloriane M.L. Loo Cooper Mrs. Bernie Loo Lam Mr. Kerry D. Lam Mrs. Laurene M. Mau Loo Mr. David Marin Mrs. Valarie L. Lum Takata Ms. Kari A. Wilhelm Mr. Eric Y.W. Young

Class of 1977

Class of 1978



Mrs. Roxane S. Ishikawa Goo Mr. Garret K. Goo Mrs. Elizabeth Russell Hochberger Mrs. Geralyn Lum Holck Mrs. Pamela L. Gomez Murnane Mrs. Stephanie C.D. Dalit Saxton Dr. Kathleen Wong Shimabukuro Mr. Neil M. Shimabukuro Mr. Steven F. Tseu Mrs. Greta F. Zerbe Williams


Mr. Hiram K.T. Au Mrs. Jane R. Bryant Forsythe Ms. Janet Dougherty Grady Mrs. Carolyn M.S. Dang Hong Mr. Richard I. Imai Mr. Russell Ing Dr. Stephen A. Kula Mr. Clarence Kwock Mrs. Linda Jo Niemitz Langley Mrs. Patricia A.C. Muneno McIntyre Mr. Kenneth Mendes Mrs. Gretchen Stahl-MacLeod Mr. Eric K. Tiwanak Mrs. Gail Nakagaki Tiwanak Mrs. Mary Ann Yim Underwood Mr. Hazlett T. Weatherwax Mrs. Arline E. Paine Willis

Class of 1976

Mrs. Janel Garner Bernard Mrs. Sherelee Lam Goo Mrs. Patricia Chun Hudson Mr. Paul Y. Koike Mrs. Francine L. Lee-Kadota Mrs. Michele K. Tagawa Saito Mrs. Brenda D. Dung Wong Ms. Leona K.H. Yuen


Ms. Yuklin Aluli Mrs. Sylvia Ching Ms. Marilyn C. Alencastre Coffman Mrs. Mary Jo Leineweber Culvyhouse Mrs. Marlene R. Dias De Costa Mrs. Patricia K.M. Wong Heatherly Dr. Norine Lau Jalbert Mrs. Linda W. Wong Kealoha Mrs. Suzanne S. Furuya Matsuda Ms. Jolyne R. Rego Mr. Roy L. Shults Mr. Thomas E. Silva Mrs. Susan Chong Wong Mrs. Sandra L. Lum Young

Class of 1967

Mr. Adrian Chang Mr. David L. Felix Mrs. Cheryl R. Kunimune Gesik Mrs. June D.M. Mattos Gorgonio Mrs. Robin M.W. Choy Hebert Mr. James S. Hiramatsu Mr. Stanford C. Lee Mrs. Colleen R. Yoda Liu Ms. Tracy Lynn Monsarrat Mrs. Christine L. Ohtani-Chang Mrs. Brenda M. Odo Okazaki Mrs. Kathleen T. Teramoto Robinson Ms. Iris R. Shimabukuro Mrs. Donna M. Won Wu

Class of 1970


Mr. Joseph G. Blackburn II Mr. Stanley G. Bukes Mr. Stephen C. Chock Mr. Michael J. Dudley Mr. Russell D. Dung Mr. Daniel Y.T. Hew Mrs. Yvonne Chun Izumi Mrs. Patricia A. Barnette Klingler Ms. Mary Maloney Roberts Mr. Mark W. Scott

Class of 1971


Ms. Melanie Ho Bradley T. Koki Mrs. Elyse P. Kukonu Mr. Alfred Y.F. Lum Mrs. Denise K.S. Pang-Yee Mrs. Donna Lee Y. Fong Wong Dr. Susan L. Wynne-Piters

Mrs. Wendy Wong Howell Mr. Dean T. Lee Mrs. Linda Robello Okafuji Ms. Terralyn C.N. Pang Ms. Ida Quinn Mrs. Lynne B. Budar Ramsey Ms. Susan Stahl Mrs. Jewel Mun Toyama Mrs. Ramona A.T. Ching Ung

Class of 1974

Class of 1979

Class of 1980 10.76%

Mrs. Frances Lau Adams Dr. Deborah M. Dang Mrs. Shellie Kodama Hee Mr. Kim I. Pinensky Mrs. Carla A. Chock Siu Mr. David F. Won Mr. Bryant W.C. Wong

Class of 1975 Mr. Mitsunori K. Blaisdell


Mr. Michael D. Amore Mr. Christopher H. Hong Ms. Nadine W.C. Luke Dr. Sonia L. Sugg Mrs. Laurie Ann Yim



Ms. Haidee C. Bristol-Horne Mrs. Karen L.H. Watt Cowan Ms. Maria Di Pisa Ms. Robin R. Dang Mailolo Mr. Laurence W. Mau Mr. Michael Stasack Mrs. Donna T. Sanchez Stevens Dr. Lori L. Wilhelm

Class of 1981


Mrs. Carol Lum Chin

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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Ms. Shevaun Anne Mei Lan Low Mr. Steven Masaru Ono Mrs. Lucy Baraquio Rossi Mr. Duane Takamine Mrs. Lena Ann Kam Tamashiro Mr. James F. Ventura, Jr. Mrs. Lori Beth Wong Van Cantfort Mr. Steven Y.S. Wong

Mr. Mathew S.M. Goo Mrs. Sandra Y.M. Chee Hunt Mrs. Donna Lynn Chow Lee Mrs. Teryn A. Hee Loo Mrs. Paula Nakata Mr. Derek M. Nirei Mrs. Lynn M. Ho Nishida Mr. Marty S. Silva Mrs. Michelle N. Ushio Mr. H. Thomas Zerbe III

Class of 1982

Class of 1987 11.53%

Mrs. Marla A. Naito Boley Mrs. Melissa N. Wong Coelho Mrs. Betsy June Fabro-Borg Mrs. Lisa Anne Wong Gruebner Dr. Marcia F.G. Ho-Gatto Ms. Annalea M. Kim Mrs. Michele M. Chun Murphy Mr. Hieu T. Nguyen Mrs. Caroline R.Unciano Norwood Mrs. Patricia Lum Pang Mrs. Joli Ann Leong Toth Mr. Duane N. Wright

Class of 1983

Class of 1984

Class of 1985


Mr. Kai M. Chang Ms. Christine Dee-Ann Mattos Ms. Julie C. Mau Mr. James Relyea Morris II Mr. Jon Robert Santos Mr. David Gordon Sellers Mrs. Marleen Silva Wright



Class of 1991


Mr. Warren G.K. Chiang Ms. Emily Mary DiPetrillo Ms. Addie Christine Park Kim Dr. Jonathan K.H. Lau Mrs. Emily Marie Wong McCollum Mrs. Malia Whaley McLeod Ms. Shelley Kim Tadaki

Class of 1992


Mrs. Della W.L. Au Belatti Mr. Robert F. Brogle Mr. Damon Kealii Flood Mrs. Michelle M. Klein Morgan


Ms. Marcianna Leinaala Cablinga Mr. Patrick Kekoa Akio Deparini Mrs. Misty Daos Gier Mrs. Lee Y. Higa-Hoffman Mr. Laine Harumasa Kohama Mr. Aaron P. Lau Ms. Jennifer W.Y. Leong Mrs. Larissa Lei Suyemoto Murata Dr. Leigh Maria K.G. Ramos Mrs. Angela Youngae O’Malley Reed Mr. Todd Soma Ms. Jennifer E. Wang

an exceptional environment...

Class of 1994


Ms. Lianne C. Carahasen Mr. Jeffrey L.K. Chang Mr. Eric H.F. Li Ms. Stephanie C.L. Lum Mrs. Wendy A. Bartolome Mason Ms. Jennifer I. Miyamoto Mrs. Mele Thomas-Walawender

Class of 1995

Ms. Chris-Noel M. Lee Ms. Denise Mee Yee Hisako Leong Mr. Joseph Keoni Littlejohn Ms. Angela Kar Kei Lo Dr. Trisha B. Miki Mrs. Tina T.M. Reindollar Padin Mrs. Ann Marie Keala Jones Peters Mrs. Lisa Lynn Mendes Ventura Mr. Mario K.M. Yim

Class of 1988


Ms. Robin C. Sato Ms. Kristine L. Lum Tabar Mr. Terrence K. Torco Mrs. Carey Takayesu Yen

Class of 1993


Mr. Randall Y.L. Chong Ms. Kristi Lucas Mr. Kevin T. Mendes Ms. Camille T. Domaloan Michel Mrs. Doreen Leong Morris Dr. Paul T.M. So, PhD Mr. Maurice Edward Sullivan Mr. Benjamin D. Valle III Mrs. Lisa Wong-Yamamoto Mrs. Christie M. Harada Yee Mr. Joseph Yee II

Ms. Melissa S.J. Chong Mrs. Dana Lynn Goo Holiona

your gift =


Mr. Dion S.O. Chan Dr. Jo Ann A. Chang Mr. Darrin A. Chun Mrs. Marie K. Tsushima Cote Mrs. Lei E. Koike Fujiwara Ms. Gina Lee Mendes Kaiu Mrs. Denys S. Furutani Kazama Mrs. Carol Joyce Leong-Kido Mrs. Monica L. Domaloan Ng Pack Dr. Sharon H. Hiu Ong Mr. Joseph P. Raffa Mrs. Lori A. Tseu Rodriguez Mr. Anthony R. Sellitto III Ms. Myrna N. Fong Tanaka Mr. Ben Thomas Mrs. Christine M. Texeira Thomas Mrs. Shana M.C. Campos Tong

Class of 1986


Mrs. Patricia Jean Andrews Ahn Ms. Kimberly Carahasen Mrs. Lori Ann Kern Carlos Mrs. Laura Lynn Miyashiro Fujimoto Mrs. Kathleen Mary Klabo Hogle Mrs. Melissa A. Domaloan Layden Mrs. Allison Marie Lee-Takamine

Mr. Jimmy Scott K. Lactaoen Ms. Wendy Michele Lee Mrs. Rochelle A. Suzuki Mahoe Mrs. Ann-Marie White Medeiros Mr. David Wakefield Netz Cpt. Peter M. Pollock, USAF Mrs. Lisa Maria Armenio Reis Ms. Kristen K. Schultz Mr. Michael J. Sheedy Mrs. Christina M. Hamada Takafuji Mrs. Kristen Ann Wong Thompson Mrs. Kathy Y.S.C. Ching Viniegas Ms. Julie Anne Wassel Mrs. Kimberly L.K. Morris Wheeler Mrs. Kendra Nalani Olayan Wong Ms. Kathleen Michelle Worden


Mr. Pedric T. Arrisgado Mr. John P. Baraquio Mr. Joseph Henry Campos II Ms. Michelle H. Choo Mrs. Tracy Ann Ariel Benevides Cosier Mr. Blaine B.K. Gier Mr. Gregory A.W.M. Hong Mr. Kavett Kaopua Mrs. Leilani Ramos Kaopua

Class of 1989


Mr. Brandon Y.G. Ho Mrs. Victoria W.L. Wong Okamura Ms. Joy Lynn Soares Ms. Kathleen L. Tom Mr. Kyle Anthony Wong

Class of 1990


Mrs. Lisa Anela Langer Amador Mr. Robert Ellis Chee, Jr. Mr. Darryl Chiu Kin Choy Mrs. Kimberly Kealani Lincoln Gullickson Ms. Sharie Nalani Ikeda Mr. Jeffrey Keahi Kalani Mrs. Darcie W.L. Au Kawamura Mr. Kevin Yoshiyaki Kuwaye Ms. Jeannie W.J. Lee Mr. Patrick Kalani Loo, Jr.


Mr. James H. Lui Mr. Wesley C. Lum Mr. Brian K. Mistysyn Ms. Genevieve T. Montano Mr. Michael J. Moskal Ms. Danelle A. Murakami

Class of 1996


Mr. Thomas P.M. Coleman Mr. Tim K. Heatherly Mr. Jason F. Knight Ms. Keri Lyn D. Navarro Mr. Dennis Nguyen Mr. Mark H.N. Stege

Class of 1997


Mr. Matthew I. Chikasuye Mrs. Taryn A. Carr Clatanoff Ms. Jacquelyn A. Darcey Mr. Mitchell B. Goo Ms. Stephanie M. Lape Mrs. LeAnne N. Mistysyn MacAllister Ms. Lori M. Moskal Ms. Kimberly L. Nakagami

Mr. Kaulana E. Tiwanak Ms. Anne L.T. Wong

In Memory of Mrs. Judith M. Kaufmann Birt ’59 Mrs. Lucile I. Smith Mistysyn ’37

Class of 1998


Ms. Nathene Lynn C. Antonio Ms. Dara M. Cavaco Ms. Janel Hatton-Santiago Ms. Elizabeth W.P. Hisashima Ms. Summer R. Robello

Class of 1999


Ms. Michelle K. Coleman Ms. Crystal R.M. Costa Ms. Tanny Puanani Esperas Ms. TinaAnn Mahealani Heatherly Mr. Michael Francis Kaufmann

Class of 2000

In Memory of Mrs. Karen A. Chinen Mrs. Patricia L. Gilsey Eng ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Levy Mrs. Lorraine R. Shirai Maeda ’57 Mrs. Lucile I. Smith Mistysyn ’37 In Memory of Mr. Mark K. Chun ’73 Mrs. Gloria M. Glorioso Breininger ’73 Mrs. Cora Cabebe Gushikuma ’73 and Mr. Wayne Gushikuma Terralyn Pang Ms. Ida Quinn ’73 Mrs. Ramona A.T. Ching Ung ’73

Mr. John P. Baraquio ’88 Mr. Joseph Henry Campos II ’88 Ms. Michelle H. Choo ’88 Mrs. Tracy Ann Ariel Cosier ’88 Mr. Kavett Kaopua ’88 Mrs. Rochelle A. Suzuki Mahoe ’88 Ms. Kristen K. Schultz ’88 Mr. Michael J. Sheedy ’88 Mrs. Kristen Ann Wong Thompson ’88 Mrs. Kathy Y.S.C. Ching Viniegas ’88 Mrs. Kimberly L.K. Wheeler ’88 Ms. Kathleen Michelle Worden ’88


In Memory of Mr. Walter Y. Uohara ’43 Mrs. Mitsuko Uohara

Mr. and Mrs. Darryl P. Wong Mr. and Mrs. Jim J.L. Wong

In Memory of Mr. Mun Charn Wong Mrs. Rosalie Moilee Hong


Ms. Amber Malia Belcher Mr. Sunya P. Boonyatera Mr. Noah J.T. Esperas Mr. John T.K. Hisashima Mr. Daryl K. Nakamoto Ms. April C.A. Ota Ms. Pilita A. Winchatz

Class of 2001

In Honor of Mr. Marvin V. Silva ’77 Mr. Sam Scherf In Honor of Mr. Alfred M.K. Wong, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Dickson C.H. Lee




Ms. Jamie M.M.Y.N. Adams Ms. Mary Kukana Cajski Ms. Lynn D. Chan Mr. Michael J. Chu Mr. Ryan S.C. Hu Mr. Dustin T. Lee Mr. David K. Mistysyn Ms. Trina E. Rogers Mr. Paul Takeji Sakuma Mr. Johan E. Suyderhoud Mr. Matthew J.P. Suyderhoud Mr. Russell M. Sypowicz Mr. Charles Trueman-Madriaga Mr. Troy T. Uyehara

Class of 2002

for learning and growing

Class of 2003 Mrs. Cora Cabebe Gushikuma ’73 and Mr. Wayne Gushikuma Mr. Peter Kim Mr. and Mrs. Gary Nakamatsu Mr. Daryl K. Nakamoto ’00 Mr. Kevin Nip Mr. Elbert K. Tsuchimoto Mrs. Brenda D. Dung Wong ’77


Mr. Michael K.P. Chong Mr. Brian K. Coleman Mr. Darin M. Fajota Mr. John C.M. Kwong Ms. Nicole M.K. La Prade Ms. Kimberly J. Medrano Ms. Stephanie M.H. Nakamura Ms. Melisa K.M.O. Orozco Ms. Shannon Riley Ms. Kiera M. Tanaka Mr. Aaron L.D. Wong Ms. Lea U. Young

GIFTS IN MEMORY In Memory of Sr. Charlotte C. Anderson, MM ’44 Mr. Arthur N. Anderson In Memory of Mr. Eddie Araujo Mr. Stan Kum and Mrs. Marjorie Kum ’51 In Memory of Lisa Au ’80, Philip Helfrich ’80, Carolyn Won ’79 Ms. Robin R. Dang Mailolo ’80

In Memory of Mrs. Rose Maka K. Crabbe Mr. Stan Kum and Mrs. Marjorie Kum ’51

In Memory of Dr. Robert T. Wong Mrs. Rosalie Moilee Hong

In Memory of Mr. Paul Domaloan ’55 Mrs. Melissa A. Domaloan Layden ’87 Ms. Camille T. Domaloan Michel ’84

In Memory of Mrs. Pearla M. Relator Yuen ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel J. Relator

In Memory of Mr. Edward Doyle Mrs. Jana Doyle Hollenbeck ’61 and Mr. William Hollenbeck

In Memory of Ms. Gertrude M. Zerbe ’35 Ms. T. Phyllis Zerbe

In Memory of Mrs. Roselyn Fujimoto Timothy and Sandra Collins In Memory of Mrs. Katherine S. Kanzaki Kam ’48 Mr. Raymond S.L. Kam In Memory of Mr. Lawrence E. Orson Mrs. Kathleen V. Higgins In Memory of Mrs. Angela Kaleionalani Recarte ’88

GIFTS IN HONOR In Honor of Mr. Jared Kaufmann ’58 Mrs. Andretta K. Kaahaaina

In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel W.C. Ma Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Wake

Lt. Robert Chinen Mr. Ron Goodknecht Mr. Robert Levy Officer Rodney Noguchi Mr. Gary Omori Mr. Ian Santee Mrs. Audrey Sunada Officer Dwayne Takayama Mr. Todd Yamamoto

SPECIAL EVENTS A special mahalo to all those who contributed to the success of Maryknoll’s fundraising events.

27TH ANNUAL LUAU Held at Blaisdell Center Exhibition Hall on Sunday, November 3, 2002

2002 Luau Committee Edwina Lee Cyndy LaPorte

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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Avis Mukawa Beverly Lambert Tessie Ulep Alvin Leong Amy Kobayashi Diane Lau Waynette Cabral Darlene Mau Shari Lee Darrel Lau Wayson Lee ’68 Naomi Saito Mary Oyadomari Mona Fukuhara Tom Hee Wayne and Cora Cabebe ’73 Gushikuma Milton and Renee Tengan Franklin and Mary Ann Ho Sherry Teruya

Diamond Head Winery – Val Texeira Kay Foy Stephen and Kathy Fu Virginia Gonsalves ’38 Gail Grief Wayne and Cora Cabebe ’73 Gushikuma Hawaiian Paakai, Inc. – Steven Lee Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66 Hee Hing Restaurant – David Koc Carlton and Joy Higa Dorothy Higa Joanne and Janalyn ’04 Hiramatsu Kristine Huntsman Herb and Edna Hussey Kathy Iona

Lynn Mitchell Charlene Miura Riki and Avis Mukawa Julian and Susan Ng D. Okawa Karen Oshiro Mr. and Mrs. Clement M. Padeken Bobbie Pang Annette Preza-Haynes Robert’s Gift Baskets and Flowers – Roberta Takamoto Rush Moore Craven Sutton Morry and Beh Naomi Saito Sanrio, Inc. – Sheila Apruebo Scoozee’s – Carlos Monteiro

your gift = a strong foundation from the first day...

Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Hawaii Del Monte Fresh Produce (HI), Inc. Mrs. Roxane Ishikawa Goo ’78 Mr. Arnold Ing – Nursery Associates Marians Catering Dwight and Theresa Otani – D. Otani Produce, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pang Louis Pinho, Penske Leasing Company LP Sodexho Marriott Services


Steering Committee Barbara Tom Ching Peggy Chock Mark Conching ’83 Patrick Downes Eileen Lota Charlene Wong Lum ’60 Yvonne Usita Morris ’63 Nina Rodrigues Rapozo ’54 Laurie Hong Wong ’56 The late Gladys Brandt, honorary chair

Ilima Sponsors ($5,000)

Maile Sponsors ($3,00) Aloha Airlines Dr. & Mrs. Jorge G. Camara Abigail K. Kawananakao Foundation

Plumeria Sponsors ($1,000) *indicates sponsorship of two tables

Basket Auction & Country Store Donors


Held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Coral Ballroom on April 13, 2003

Dr. Thomas & Mi Kosasa Ms. Kapiolani Marignoli Hilton Hawaiian Village

Luau Donors

A Salon, Inc. Roger and Corinna Akimoto American Savings Bank Jean Ark Bank of Hawaii Bayer Corporation – Derrick J.K. Ito Beauty by Fumiko – Fumiko Takayama Jill Blaisdell Dr. and Mrs. Peter Boolukos Kathleen Bow Holly Brock Shirley Campos Lori Kern Carlos ’87 Charles and JoAnn Chow Mayumi Chung Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Hawaii Compadres – John Langen The Complete Kitchen – Mike Okamura Hilda De Cambra Cordeiro ’37 Theresa Crighton and Dalmas Martin DACS Beads – Alethia Donathan Dave & Buster’s of Honolulu – Kendra Murray/Susie Schoales Roseyn J. Devlin


Julie Joy Curtis and Lucille Kern Dr. Millicent Khaw Joy Kinzie Fred and Diane Kobashikawa Michelle Koyanagi Marjorie Wong Kum ’51 Beverly Lambert Mike and Cyndy LaPorte Diane Lau Dennis and Venie Lee Edwina Lee Patricia Lee Long’s Drug Store, Wahiawa – Dennis Akimoto Jackie Loo Camille Domaloan Michel ’84 Dennis and Paula Mijo Lucile Smith Mistysyn ’37

Southern Wine and Spirits of Hawaii – Cecil Hunt Benedith Tabiolo-Ventura Mr. and Mrs. Lance Tengan and family Lori Tenn Sherry Teruya Rodney and Shana Campos ’83 Tong Steven ’78 and Geri Tseu Michelle Arakawa Ushio ’81 Lynne Taniguchi Watanabe ’69 Darryl P. and Teresa (Brink) Wong Deb Wong Harrison and Norine Wong Helen Wong Kimberly Yamauchi Dr. and Mrs. Edwin J.H. Yee Linda Yee

The American Coating Company* American Savings Bank Bank of Hawaii Drs. Enrico & Theresa Camara Central Pacific Bank Mr. Paul Chinen ’57 Mr. Han H. & Mrs. Barbara T. Ching Coca-Cola Bottling Company Drs. Collin R. & Mary Dang Diagnostic Laboratory Services Dr. John H. Drouilhet Dr. & Mrs. David K.H. Dung First Hawaiian Bank Mr. Alan & Mrs. Sylvia Ho Hoban Family – Jim & Beth Mr. Donald C.W. & Mrs. Iris Kim Bert T. Kobayashi, Jr. Dr. Gary Kondo – Hawaii Family Dental KTA Super Stores Mr. & Mrs. Arne LaPrade Dr. & Mrs. Irwin K.M. Lee* Mr. Stanford C. Lee ’75 – Next Design, LLC Dr. & Mrs. Gabriel W.C. Ma The Manoa-Punahou Catholic Community* Maryknoll Grade School Student Council Maryknoll High School Maryknoll Parent Teacher Guild* Milici Valenti Ng Pack Inc.

Mitsunaga & Associates, Inc. – Steven D. Wong Dean Miyamoto CPA, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Peter P.J. Ng Ohata Chun Yuen LLP Jerry & Lily Prentiss Larry & Patricia Rodriguez Phyllis Shea ’58 St. Francis Healthcare Foundation of Hawaii Sony Hawaii Company Mr. Al & Mrs. Laurie Hong ’56 Wong* Mr. & Mrs. Darryl P. Wong Dr. & Mrs. Livingston M.W. Wong ’48 Mrs. Susan Chong Wong ’66 Roland & Violet Yap

Friends Dr. Elizabeth Abinsay Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Baker Mrs. Rosalina J. Juan Baysa ’50 Dr. Glorifin L. Belmonte Dr. Michael D. Bennett Dr. Richard K. Blaisdell Mr. & Mrs. William D. Cadavona Mrs. Lori Kern Carlos ’87 Mr. Roland C. Casamina Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Cayetano Mr. Evanson H.W. Chang Dr. Jo Ann A. Chang ’83 Dr. & Mrs. Joseph S.M. Chang Mrs. Florence L. Choy Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M.O. Chun, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Chun Mrs. Agnes Sills Cordeiro ’37 Dr. & Mrs. Antonio B. Cordero Dr. Ruby De Alday Mrs. Elizabeth N. Donahue Mr. Mell Felipe Mrs. Geraldine Fouts Mr. James H. Gahler Mrs. Carole H. Goldstein Mrs. Leanna J. Green & Mr. Patrick Green Ms. Betsey Hughes Gunderson ’68 Mr. & Mrs. Gerard C. Haeringer Mrs. Carolyn M.S. Dang Hong ’67 Mrs. Rosalie Moilee Hong Mr. & Mrs. Rafael P. Ignacio Dr. Amelia R. Jacang Mr. Jared Kaufmann, Sr. ’58 Mrs. Linda Jo Niemitz Langley ’67 Dr. Jeffrey M. Lau Mr. & Mrs. Edwin K.W. Lee Mr. & Mrs. Alex Leong Dr. Nicanor Liquido & Mrs. Susan Heftel-Liquido Mrs. Charlene C.L. Wong Lum ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Y.D. Lung Dr. Cora Manayan Mrs. Betty Mastrantonio Mrs. Patricia Muneno McIntyre ’67 Wayne & Colleen Minami Mrs. Lucile I. Smith Mistysyn ’37

Mrs. Yvonne Usita ’63 & Mr. Jim Morris Mrs. Karen T. Nakagaki Nakamura ’62 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nickel Mr. & Mrs. Paul O’Brien Ms. Judy K. Oliveira Dr. Ruth Ono & Mr. Alfred Ono Mr. Lester K. Oshiro Ms. Carole Ota Dr. & Mrs. Glenn M. Pang Dr. F. Don Parsa Mrs. Patricia L. Pascual Mrs. Nina Rodrigues Rapozo ’54 Mrs. Alice P.S. Roberts Mrs. Maria Consuelo Rogers Ms. Naomi Saito

Donors Mr. & Mrs. Danilo Ablan Mrs. June H. Arakawa Mrs. Jean M. Ariyoshi Mrs. Beverly S. Ashford Drs. Efren & Fe Baria Mrs. Della Au Belatti ’94 Bicol Club of Hawaii – Mr. Francisco Cruzata Mr. R. Charles Bocken Dr. & Mrs. Milton Boniuk Dr. & Mrs. R.G. Bristol Dr. Adelina Cabreros-Baker Stephen & Lori Kern ’87 Carlos Dr. Joyce H. Cassen

to the last

Dr. & Mrs. Alberto C. San Juan Mr. & Mrs. Napoleon G. Santos Mrs. Polly Seto Richardson Mr. Scott Siegfried Mrs. Apoliona S. Stice Mrs. Ann K.H. Sung Mrs. Gail Nakagaki Tiwanak ’67 Mrs. Mary A. Tom Mrs. Mary D. Tom Mr. Elbert K. Tsuchimoto Mrs. Benedith G. Tabiolo-Ventura Mrs. Ethel A. Ward Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Watanabe Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Milton Wheeler Mrs. Charlotte Ann Gomes White ’63 Mr. & Mrs. David K.C. Wong Mrs. Sandra M. Yamane Mr. Eugene A.O. Yee ’55

Mr. Robert E. Chee, Jr. ’90 Mrs. Myrna P. Chun-Hoon Mrs. Hilda Cordeiro ’37 Dr. Timothy B. Crane Everett & Linda Cuskaden Dr. Paul A. DeMare Monsignor D.J. Dever Mr. & Mrs. Paul deVille ’66 FMS Hawaii, Inc. Family Dental Clinic Inc. – Dr. Maria P. Adora Ms. Antonina Farm ’65 Most Rev. Joseph A. Ferrario Dr. David Fitz-Patrick Mr. William M. ’36 & Mrs. Amelia Mattos ’40 Garcia Ms. Virginia Gonsalves ’38 Mrs. Joyce S.Y. Lee Goo ’56

Mrs. Ann H. Hannan Ms. Anne Harpham ’68 Dr. James C. Hart Mr. & Mrs. Walter M. Heen Mrs. Lucille J. Hill Mr. William Holloway – Jostens Hawaii Mr. & Mrs. Stanley W. Hong Mr. M. Ignacio Mrs. Florence S. Ikei Mr. & Mrs. Francis Imada INCAT Alumni Assn. of Hawaii – Mr. Larry R. Ramirez Ms. Louise Ing & Mr. Michael Sitch Mr. & Mrs. Nobuhiro Iseri Mrs. Annabelle Pa Kam ’52 Eric & Chickadee Katter Drs. Chuck & Jenny Kelley Mrs. Virginia M. Hulten Klein ’64 Mr. & Mrs. Masajiro Koochi Mr. & Mrs. Yue Fung Kwan Dr. Lansdale & Mrs. Deborah Lau Mr. & Mrs. Edwin K.W. Lee Dr. Timothy Lee Drs. Worldster & Patricia ’61 Lee Eileen & Jimmy Lota Mr. & Mrs. David J. Lum Maryknoll School Filipino Club Linda “Fritz” McKenzie, Esq. Mr. Ron McNichols – Jostens Hawaii Mitsu-Ken Okazu & Catering Mrs. Brenda B. Miyashiro Mr. Clifford C.F. Moran Ms. Charlene H. Nakagawa Mr. Charles M. Nakoa Oahu Relocation Services – Fil-Am Courier Dr. & Mrs. Francis T. Oda Mr. & Mrs. George S. Odo Dr. Ruth M. Ono Ms. Rose Anne Petro Ms. Diane J. Plotts Ms. Naomi Saito Mrs. Tomiko Saito San Nicolas Goodwill Foundation Inc. – Boni Manuel Dr. Reynold S. ’47 & Mrs. Edna Kozuma ’49 Shirai Mrs. Winona Hollinger Slate ’40 Marge & Manny Sylvester Mr. Dan D. Taba Dr. K.S. Tom University of the Philippines Alumni Assn. – Raymond Liongson Mr. David J. Viscomi Mrs. Fran Chow ’69 & Mr. Jack Wong Mr. Gerald T.K. Wong Mr. & Mrs. Lucien P. Wong Mrs. Gail Yamashita Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth K. Yamashita Vivian W. Young Atty. & Mrs. Eduardo O. Zabanal & Family

Fall 2003/Winter 2004




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Acknowledgements Becker Communications Jicky Ferrer ’75 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Kosasa Milici Valenti NgPack/Firefly Jenni Katinszky Sanders Piano Company 1500 South King Street - Honolulu

Silent Auction Donors Mr. Dick & Mrs. Margot Adair Aloha Airlines Mr. Michael Amore ’79 Ariel A. Catalan, DDS Arna Photography Big Island Candies BMW of Honolulu Bob Chinn’s Crabhouse Restaurant Mr. Burnell & Mrs. Alycer Boehning ’61 Ms. Teresa Brink-Wong Dr. Malcom & Mrs. Lisa Chang Ms. Michelle Goo Chang ’82 Mrs. Susan Cheng Mrs. Juliette Shea Chock ’53 Mrs. Peggy Chock Coffee Partners of Hawaii/Starbucks CompUSA The Contemporary Museum Daughters of Hawaii David Lee Galleries Denny Wong Designs Elite Catering Elite Limousine Service, Inc. Entertainment Publications Family of Casey Johnson ’12 First Hawaiian Bank Floral Network Mrs. Susan Foo Fumiko Takayama Gary I. Kondo, DDS ~ Hawaii Family Dental Centers Ms. Angie Golis-Yamamoto Halekulani Hard Rock Café Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park Hilton Hawaiian Village Hilton New York Hilton San Diego Resort Hilton San Francisco Hilton Times Square Hilton Waikoloa Village Dr. Cy Hirota ’89 Mr. Alan Ho & Mrs. Sylvia Ho Hokuli’i Images Honolulu Symphony Honolulu Theatre for Youth HTH Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Rafael P. Ignacio Image City In Memory of Francis Chock Indich Collection Island Guitars Island Maid Inc. Jackson Volvo John Dominis Restaurant



JPS Dressers JW Marriott Ihilani Resort & Spa Kaheka Rehab Clinic Kathy – Full Service Salon Kazi Foods Corp. of Hawaii Kenny Kicklighter Kim Taylor Reece Gallery Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kobashikawa Bradley Koki ’71 Kontemporary Kreations Kyo-ya Restaurant Mr. Michael & Mrs. Cyndy LaPorte Melissa Domaloan Layden ’87 Lenscrafters Mr. & Mrs. Michael Look ’75 Mrs. Eileen Lota L’Uraku Maika’i Snacks & Baskets Marians Island Wide Catering Market City Shopping Center Marsha Nadalin Salon Maryknoll School Mr. Norman Mau ’56 Maui Divers Jewelry Design Center Mauna Kea Resort (Hapuna Golf Course) Mermaids Hawaii Merv Griffin’s Beverly Hilton Hotel Miramar Hotel Mitsu-Ken Monarch Seafoods Inc. Jim & Yvonne Usita ’63 Morris Avis Mukawa Oceanic Time Warner Cable Outrigger International Travel The Paperie at Kahala Mall Price Busters Ray Wong – Showers of Flowers Regalo Bakery Roberts Hawaii Inc. Mrs. Consuelo Rogers Roy Sakuma Productions, Inc. Royal Hawaiian Hotel Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center Sam Choy’s Breakfast, Lunch & Crab Shangri-La Tea Company Sheraton Maui Sheraton Waikiki Sony Hawaii Company Sun Chong Company Taj Clubhouse Tori Richard Ltd./Mr. Mort Feldman Treetops Restaurant at Paradise Park Tri-Star Restaurant Group, LLC The Tsunami Broiler Turtle Bay Resort Vicky Short Designs Victoria Ward Centers Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel Waikoloa Beach Marriott Mr. Steven D. Wong Xerox Hawaii Corporation Ms. Dana Anne Yee ’79

Silent Auction Committee


Peggy Chock, Chair Sylvia Ho Irene Lee Linda Ross

American Coating Co. Jim Hiramatsu ’75 Bank of Hawaii Malcom H.M. Chang, DDS Inc. Thomas A. Ching, DDS Inc. ’75 Coca Cola Bottling Co. of Hawaii Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii, Inc. – Guy Akasaki First Hawaiian Bank & First Hawaiian Leasing Stephen R. Ho, DDS Inc. Jackson Volvo Kerry’76 & Bernie Loo ’76 Lam Gabriel W. C. Ma, MD Inc. Dean Miyamoto, CPA Monarch Insurance Services, Inc. Next Design - Stanford C. Lee ’75 Pacific Transfer, LLC - Alvin Tanaka S & M Sakamoto, Inc. Gerard Sakamoto Lori Ann C. Saunders Sodexho Campus Services Sony Hawaii Takushi Wong Lee & Yee Alfred Wong TheoDavies EuroMotors Joseph C. S. Tsai, MD Inc. Waste Management of Hawaii Inc. The Robert & Betty Wo Foundation Ernie M. S. Yim, MD Inc.

Event Volunteers Margot Adair Maite Cassiday Theresa Crighton Hilda De Cambra Cordeiro ’37 Christopher Domaloan ’00 James Gahler Carole Goldstein Virgie Gonsalves ’38 Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66 Nery Heenan Barbara Ho Karen Ho Ginny Koo Becky Kotake Cyndy LaPorte Kelly Lizardi ’05 Milton Makishi Betty Mastrantonio Lydia McCoy Lucile Smith Mistysyn ’37 Lynn Mitchell Avis Mukawa Gail Nakamura Judy Oliveira Lester Oshiro Dorie Parubrub Pat Pascual Viola Pavao Quinn ’40 Kaysha Ribao ’06 Marty Steele Benedith Ventura Kimberly Yamauchi Nicole Yamamoto Sandy Yamane Dana Yi ’05 Angelica Zabanal ’05 Rose Zabanal

12th ANNUAL FORE! MARYKNOLL GOLF TOURNAMENT Held at The New Ewa Beach Golf Club on July 17, 2003.

Steering Committee Richard Budar ’78 - Chairman Lori Kern Carlos ’87 Mark Conching ’83 Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66 Michael Ho ’57 Patricia Chu Ho ’57 Kerry Lam ’76 Charlene Wong Lum ’60 Yvonne Usita Morris ’63 Jerry Pang ’56 Naomi Saito Michelle Arakawa Ushio ’81 Lourdes Lee Whang ’78

“Greenie” Sponsors Dr. Kenneth Arakawa ’85 – Hole 6 Hilo Hatties – Hole 13 Viagra/Pfizer – Hole 16 Special thanks to Louis H. Pinho of Penske Truck Leasing for the sponsoring course refreshments.

Donors Aloha Airlines Aloha Petroleum, Ltd. American Express - Marvin Silva ‘77 American Savings Bank - Dan Oshima Asia Manoa Ceatech USA, Inc. ConAgra Grocery Products Co. Paula Mijo Edwards Enterprises - Randy Aina Eggs Hawaii, Inc. - Roland Shimabukuro ET Graphic Design The Experience at Koele & Challenge at Manele Bay - Brendan Moynahan Frito Lay of Hawaii GEICO Insurance - Linda Langley ‘67 Gouveia Sausage Factory Dale Gouveia ’81 Halekulani Hotel Hansen Sales Hawaii Prince Hotel Hawaiian Airlines Debbie Nakanelua Richards ’76

Hilo Hatties - Pomare, Ltd. Paul deVille ‘66 Hungry Lion Restaurant Island Air - Richard Hee Jade Properties - Darrell W. Mattos ’63 Jameson’s by the Sea Restaurant Rex & Gigi Dang ’73 Johnson JW Marriott Ihilani Resort & Spa John Limper Kamms Jewelry - Sydney Kamm Koolau Golf Club - Keola Griep Kerry ’76 & Bernie Loo ’76 Lam Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Lam David Lee Howard Lee

Legends Sports Pub - John Harrison Love’s Bakery MacNaughton Group Duncan MacNaughton Marians Island Wide Catering Jim Harada Matson Navigation Co. Maunalani Resort Meadow Gold Dairies Glenn Muranaka Murphy’s Bar & Grill Casey Nakama New Ewa Beach Golf Club Ikuyo Nitta Niketown Honolulu Keala Jones Peters ‘87

Oahu One Credit Union - Bart Saxton D. Otani Produce - Dwight Otani Pacific Transfer, LLC - Alvin Tanaka Palama Meat Company Carlton Oshiro Paradise Beverages - Michael Shibuya Patti’s Chinese Kitchen Patty’s Floral Design Patricia Lum Pang ’82 Paul Brown Salon - Ward Centre Progressive Insurance Roberts Hawaii Tours Samurai Shave Ice Servco Foundation - Mark Fukunaga Sheraton Waikiki - Randall Ha

Because of your generosity, Maryknoll School has no equal. Thank you for your support.

Shiatsu Therapist of Hawaii Paul Maehara Sodexho Campus Services Kerwin Higashi Southern Wine & Spirits Kevin Burkett Star Markets - John Fujieki Stratacom - Kerry Lam ’76 Dr. Paul Tanaka Title Guarantee - David Pietsch Tri Star Restaurant - Ron Panzo T-Mobile WEBCO Young Brothers

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Maryknoll School 1526 Alexander Street Honolulu, HI 96822

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage

PAID Honolulu, HI Permit No. 603

the Past Remembering onouring the Present H


THE 7TH ANNUAL MONSIGNOR CHARLES A. KEKUMANO SCHOLARSHIP DINNER Maryknoll School cordially invites you to a gala evening honouring

George R. Ariyoshi HILTON


SILENT AUCTION BEGINS 5:OO P.M. DINNER SERVED 6:30 P.M. ENTERTAIMENT BY NINA KEALIIWAHAMANA RAPOZO ’54 SPONSOR TABLES AVAILABLE FOR $5,000 (ILIMA), $3,000 (MAILE) OR $1,000 (PLUMERIA). Individual seating is $100 per person. All tables seat 10 guests.

Reserve your seats by March 5, 2004. Call the Office of Development & Alumni at (808) 952-7310.

George Ryoichi Ariyoshi’s stellar political career could provide more than ample laurels for one lifetime, but the former governor’s service to his community extends far and beyond his 32 years of elected office. He has also been a remarkable leader in business, law, culture, commerce and trade. Ariyoshi’s years of steadfast service to the people of Hawaii have earned him the respect of many. Maryknoll School is proud to honor George Ariyoshi with the 2004 Noblesse Oblige Award for Service.

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