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A Dream Come True Maryknoll Community Center

the Past Remembering Honouring the Present


MONSIGNOR CHARLES A. KEKUMANO SCHOLARSHIP DINNER Maryknoll School cordially invites you to a gala evening honouring

Galen I. Ho Maryknoll School graduate Galen Ho ’63 truly lives the spirit of his alma mater’s motto – Noblesse Oblige (“to whom much is given, much is expected”). Galen, along with his wife and fellow Maryknoll graduate Patricia Ching Ho, established the HoChing Scholarship at Maryknoll School. Since 2002, the scholarship is awarded annually to students of good academic standing and financial need who have demonstrated leadership and service to community. Galen and Patricia meet with their scholarship students every year and remain in touch with those who have graduated and are in college. Galen currently serves as the University of Hawaii at Manoa College of Engineering advisory council chair, a Maryknoll School board member, consultant to Saint Louis School, and supports numerous non-profit organizations in his current home of Boston. He is also supports many local nonprofits including Bishop Museum, Hawaii Theater, Honolulu Academy of Arts, First Tees-Hawaii and the FIRST Hawaii Regional Robotics Competition. For more than 35 years, Galen built a career in defense and aerospace engineering, achieving executive leadership positions at BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, the Loral Corporation and IBM. He’s now retired, but as sole proprietor of Galen Enterprise LLC, he serves as consultant to organizations and projects that interest him most.

S UNDAY, A PRIL 25, 2010 HILTON HAWAIIAN VILLAGE CORAL BALLROOM SILENT AUCTION BEGINS 5:OO P.M. DINNER SERVED 6:30 P.M. SPONSOR TABLES AVAILABLE FOR $10,000 (PIKAKE), $5,000 (ILIMA), $3,000 (MAILE), $2,000 (PLUMERIA). Individual seating is $150 per person. All tables seat 10 guests.

Call the Office of Development & Alumni at (808) 952-7310.


Feed My Lambs


hen Jesus asked Peter to “feed my lambs” (John 21:15), He was asking Peter to take care of His sheep in the process of growing them up. Peter was asked to change a culture. The Maryknoll School community understands the difficult work that Peter was asked to do by Jesus. Peter was asked to change a culture, to understand new opportunities for evangelization to spread and solidify the Christian faith to a new world. While Peter was given leadership of a new and growing faith, Jesus asked him to take special care of a people, infant in their understanding of an imminent faith shift. Maryknoll School, with the addition of the new Maryknoll Community Center, is also shifting to meet the needs of a youth destined for a very different world than the one of the past. Our job is very similar to Peter’s. We will need to work with Jesus to “Feed His Lambs” - to quench their thirst and create a new generation of faithfilled disciples. Those present at the September 4th blessing and opening ceremonies of the Maryknoll Community Center noticed a spiritual shift. Bishop Larry Silva spoke of a special people who saw a vision and a people who brought it to life. In his homily, the Bishop said, “Who could see an altar in a tree, and who could make it come to be?” These words from our beloved Bishop give us inspiration to continue to work as Peter did to “shift the culture” to create new opportunities for the young faithful. It was evident that this shift included certain and absolute smiles from Maryknoll alumni who realized a final answer to decades of prayer. This shift included a faculty and staff who saw a facility for academic innovation, faith sharing, care of our young athletes’ bodies, and celebration of liturgies. The most important shift was seen in the

Like Peter, we have been given a heavenly gift and must now use our human talents to find the many ways our new Community Center can create opportunities for our students. We must also continue to organize and plan carefully to create a new world for our lambs by further developing our special programs (like art, drama, dance and band) and athletic programs. We will begin looking at new traditions that live in harmony with our past to inspire our students. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” It is now our job to do just this. I invite you to be part of our new shift. Come back to Maryknoll and be part of the next great step. Mahalo!

 “We must also continue to organize and plan carefully to create a new world for our lambs...”

faces of the ‘Lambs.” For the first time under one roof, the Maryknoll student body saw a whole school brought together, sharing in the dedication of a new altar and spiritual gathering place. For the first time the “young lambs” opened their eyes to a vision of new spiritual and athletic hopes and dreams.

Spring 2010



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EDITOR’S CORNER by Stephen Florino The hardwood floor sparkles. The carpets smell new. The motorized bleachers and backboards all work flawlessly. And I bet all the weights in the fitness center haven’t even been touched yet. The Maryknoll Community Center isn’t only the newest gym in the state, but it’s easily one of the best. The entire Maryknoll ‘ohana should be proud. It took a lot of hard work by a lot of good people to make this dream a reality those who had the insane idea of this small Makiki school to build a gym; those who struggled to find the space to fit the massive structure in an already jam-packed neighborhood; those who reassured neighbors it’d be a benefit - instead of a problem - in the community; those who designed it to try and fulfill all the needs of athletes, students, alumni and the entire Maryknoll community; and those who raised money to fund the massive project. All that was an enormous amount of work. What’ll be even tougher - maintaining it. That's how you can help. The MCC is a facility that’s supposed to serve the entire Maryknoll community. It has a gym that should be used by all our student athletes. There’s a fitness center for them to become stronger. There’s an alumni suite for gatherings and functions. Help clean up after an event. Volunteer to work the ticket booth at a game. Offer to speak or teach a class in our alumni speaker series. It’s the little things that add up to make this big building truly worth it. The entire Maryknoll community should feel fortunate to have such an outstanding facility. We should feel lucky. We should feel blessed. And if you ever forget or take it for granted, just think back and remember how it felt when it wasn’t there.

Spring 2010


You must see the excitement on the faces of the many Maryknoll students who have had the opportunity to practice or take Physical Education classes in the new Maryknoll Community Center. Their faces show what we all have professed...Pride, accomplishment, success! Thank you all for making this dream a reality!  Perry Martin It’s hard to believe that it’s here. Actually, there were a lot of obstacles to overcome to make this happen, but you know when there’s a commonality of purpose, I guess anything is possible.  Mike Baker The thing that was most important to me is that Mike Baker also never wavered. He said there could be no compromises to the center; we had to make it right. And Maryknoll did make it right. We have a facility that is a showpiece and something Maryknoll can be proud of.  Dr. Thomas Kosasa As an alumni, class of 57, we waited almost 52 years. We’ve talked about it from the days we were in high school. It’s a very significant event.  Paul Chinen ’57

The Maryknoll Community Center continues the work, dedication and legacy of all the Maryknoll Sisters, Brothers, and Priests. It is finally making good on the promise that was made to thousands of Maryknoll students over the years.  Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66



I’m already seeing the results for our kids. My gosh, our pe teachers were telling me the other day that the class is now happy to exercise. Because in my day, we were doing the situps and push-ups on a very hot surface.  Betsey Hughes Gunderson ’68

To have your own special place, it just gives you a sense of pride.  Shana Campos Tong ’83

This place is really going to make a big difference.  Jared Kaufmann ’58

I’m so excited about the opening of this facility. It’s just one more step in the way that we make Maryknoll better and better every year.  Camille Domaloan Michel ’84

Coming from the old way of doing P.E. and sports and athletics, everything is right here now. It just gives us the opportunity to do a lot more things in the classroom, as well as in the weight room, and on the courts.  Blaine Gier ’88 It’s just amazing how far we’ve come as a school. My ten year reunion is coming up this year. And this is going to be an amazing thing to share with all of my classmates as we come back to this place that we’re so proud of.  Mandy Baptist Chock ’99


Alumni Grand Opening Clarence T.C. Ching Gymnasium at Maryknoll Community Center October 12, 2009


fter waiting for decades, hundreds of Maryknoll alumni officially opened their new athletic home on October 12, 2009 - the Maryknoll Community Center. Guests toured the new facility, Mailani Makainai ’98 performed, and several alumni were honored. Coach Tony Sellitto, Coach Robert “Donkey” Dunaway ’49 and Pio Sagapolutele ’87 were inducted into the new Maryknoll School Athletic Hall of Fame. See story on the next page. Laurie Hong Wong ’56 won the Spartan Spirit Award. The Spartan Spirit award is given to an alumnus who demonstrates the spirit that all alumni should want to emulate - a love for Maryknoll School and its ‘ohana, pride in what it means to be a Maryknoll graduate, and living out the values on which the Maryknoll Sisters founded this school. Laurie’s dedication to Maryknoll began when she was still in school. In her senior year, she won the Maryknoll Cup, given to the student who best demonstrates Noblesse Oblige. She served on the school board and has brought in other alumni leaders and community leaders to give their talents to Maryknoll. Laurie was one of the pioneers and leaders in the annual Msgr. Charles Kekumano benefit dinner, which has raised millions of dollars for scholarships, making it possible for many students to also achieve their dream of a Maryknoll education.

Athletic Director Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66, Coach Robert “Donkey” Dunaway ’49

Ben Valle ’84, Coach Tony Sellitto, Kelly Grant ’84, Mike Among ’84

Haunani Apoliona ’67, Nina Rodrigues Rapozo ’54, Mihana Aluli Souza

Spartan Spirit Award Winner Laurie Hong Wong ’56, Al Wong

Coach Tony Sellitto, Pio’s brother Josh Sagapolutele, Pac-Five Coach Don Botelho

Coach Al Espinda, Coach Robert “Donkey” Dunaway ’49

Spring 2010


Three Spartan Greats Inducted into Hall of Fame by Anne Harpham ’68


hey motivated others. They set standards of excellence. Through their leadership they brought honor and distinction to Maryknoll School athletics. The three inaugural inductees into the new Maryknoll School Athletic Hall of Fame were individually successful, and each was an inspiration to those they taught and those who followed. Coach Tony Sellitto, Coach Robert “Donkey” Dunaway ’49 and Pac-Five football player and NFL player Pio Sagapolutele ’87 were named to the Hall of Fame on October 12, 2009, at the Alumni Grand Opening of the Maryknoll Community Center. The Hall of Fame was started by the Alumni Association Council to honor and perpetuate the memory of those individuals who through participation, leadership, support or interest have made exceptional contributions to Maryknoll School athletics and who have helped to bring recognition, honor, distinction, and excellence to Maryknoll School athletics whether by involvement with teams representing the school or contributions on behalf of athletics. Sellitto was dubbed “Tony the Tiger” by Hawaii sports writers because of his fiery antics on the basketball court and his personality. But, his players remember him with affection. The self-professed “brash New Jersey guy” joined Maryknoll School in 1964 as a teacher, athletic director and JV basketball coach. He had first come to Hawaii in 1961 in the U.S. Army and played in the inter-service basketball league. Just a year after Sellitto joined Maryknoll, Al Espinda stepped down as varsity basketball coach and Sellitto took over. He coached varsity basketball until 1988, bringing the school many basketball honors. In his tenure, Maryknoll basketball teams produced three single-A state basketball titles and one AA state basketball title and numerous ILH and State all-stars. To this day he is still known as “Coach” to his former players. He motivated them to achieve on the basketball court and in academics and life. He taught them to achieve more than they thought they could. His plaque reads: An exemplary teacher, coach and mentor. He inspired students and changed their lives.” Dunaway coached at Maryknoll Grade School for 40 years - from 1952 to 1992. It can easily be said no one at Maryknoll has touched the lives of so many of the alumni - he coached generations of families and many siblings.

Coach Tony Sellitto



Maryknoll won many championships during Dunaway’s years at the school in both girls and boys volleyball and basketball, including the boys volleyball championship for 1965-1966 and the girls volleyball Eastern Division II championship in 1975. But he is remembered much more for his love of sports, his love of coaching and what he imparted to his young athletes. He drilled the kids in the basics. He never yelled and he made sports fun. He was fair. He taught the basics and instilled the team concept in his players. Those who knew him as coach and a mentor learned many life lessons from him. His plaque reads: He instilled in countless generations of Maryknoll student athletes the love of sports. He inspired us to compete and do our best.” Pio Sagapolutele played more than one sport, but singlehandedly put Maryknoll on the football map. A quiet, unassuming man, he was known as much for his huge heart as he was for his football prowess. He was one of the best Hawaii high school athletes of the 1980s. He was on the Pac-Five team that won the Prep Bowl title in 1985 and helped the Spartans get to the state basketball title game in 1986. Ironically, he was recruited to Maryknoll to play volleyball. Sagapolutele went on to play college football at San Diego State and the Cleveland Browns picked him in the fourth round in the 1991 NFL draft. He played for the Browns from 1991 to 1995. In 1996, he played for the New England Patriots, earning a Super Bowl ring as a starting defensive lineman in Super Bowl XXXI. In his last pro season in 1997, he played for the New Orleans Saints. Sagapolutele was proud of his roots - he was born in American Samoa and grew up in Kuhio Park Terrace . And he gave back, helping nurture young people in football clinics and returning home as an assistant coach for Pac-Five. A brain aneurysm ended his life much too soon in June 2009. He will always be remembered for his compassion, his humbleness, and his journey from Kalihi to professional sports. His plaque reads: “He achieved what most of us only dream of...he will always be a role model and inspiration to Maryknoll students. As the inaugural Hall of Fame inductees, Tony Sellitto, Donkey Dunaway and Pio Sagapolutele will always be remembered for what they gave to Maryknoll and its students. Noblesse Oblige.

Coach Robert “Donkey” Dunaway ’49

Pio Sagapolutele ’87

Making Room for the MCC by Nicole LaPrade ’02


Photos courtesy

n the 1950’s Maryknoll’s Athletic Director Brother Venard Ruane drove teams to their games and practices in a truck instead of a bus. Sister Rosario Daley and Sister Dolores Rosso remember hearing Maryknoll boys cheer as they rode past the convent, standing in the back of the large open top truck with wooden slats as siding, on their way back to school after winning a big game. “They’d be cheering and wanting us to see them,” Sr. Dolores said. The corner of Alexander and Dole Streets has a new significance for Spartan athletes. The Maryknoll Community Center is where the convent once was. By the late 1940s when Sr. Rosario and Sr. Dolores arrived in Hawaii, the sisters lived in a small old house on Alexander Street. There wasn’t enough room for everyone. Sr. Rosario slept on a bed at the top of the stairs, and many other sisters slept in little cottages on the property. “I slept in one of the shacky houses. They were really old, old places. You could see through the floorboards,” Sr. Dolores said. Another sister slept in the pantry next to the cupboards where the dishes were kept. The convent was built in the early 1950s. The sisters knew their neighbors well and were a vibrant presence in the community. They were known for their parties. “The Jensen’s were an old couple over on the corner, and they enjoyed hearing us,” Sr. Rosario said. “When Halloween came, he called me and said be sure you leave your windows open so that we can hear your Halloween party.” Maryknoll was a neighborhood parish school, and the sisters knew all of their students’ families. Most of the students lived in the surrounding area and walked to school. After school, the sisters say the students would go home to change clothes - some into pajamas - and come back to play on the playground or play in the streets. On Wednesday afternoons, the sisters walked around the neighborhood visiting their students’ homes. One of the homes they frequented belonged to Nick Tong. When the new convent was built, he volunteered to landscape the sisters’ garden. continued on next page

Spring 2010


“His aim in life was to plant every Maryknoll convent on the island, and he did,” his daughter Nickie Tong Lum ’64 said. Tong was an agronomist and a horticulturalist and developing plants was his hobby. One of his plants was especially for the sisters. “The sisters had long rosaries they made out of beans, so dad developed a bigger bird of paradise that put out bigger seeds…that way there were flowers for the convent and then the sisters had seeds to make their rosaries,” Lum said. Some of the original plants still grow in her yard. Lum says her father always helped the Maryknoll sisters. She says his love for them and his desire to help as much as he could was not just because his four children attended Maryknoll, but because he saw that the sisters “did good works.” The sisters’ used the garden Tong planted as a place to meditate and pray. In their garden, Tong planted a Primavera tree sapling. That ‘gold tree’ grew in the sisters’ garden and then the grade school playground for nearly 55 years. “It took a long time to grow. We thought we were never going to see the blooms on it,” Sr. Dolores said. “We just kept watching it and watching it. We didn’t see the blooms for quite a long time.” The tree was planted in 1953, but didn’t bloom until the early 1980s. Lum says her father specifically chose to plant the gold tree not just for its golden flowers, but also because the wood has a golden hue with deep reddish accents. It grew very tall and straight and was hard to miss when it was in bloom. The tree would become something bigger and better. In its place, now stands the MCC, and the tree lives on inside. The entire Maryknoll school community now gathers in the MCC for Mass on campus. Local woodworker Robb Young used the wood from the tree to build an altar, pulpit, and candle holders to use at these celebrations. Sr. Dolores says when she sees the altar she is “awestruck.” “It was too big to transplant, and it was right smack in the middle of where they had to dig, so it had to go, but now it goes on in a creative way. The whole thing is beautiful!” Sr. Rosario said. Teachers and students worked hard to make the Gold Tree Altar Project a reality. The tree needed to be cut down to make way for the MCC, but it was also a valuable resource right there on campus. If it wasn’t for the project, Lum says, the tree “would have ended up in the dump. Maryknoll history would have ended up in the dump. Now, Maryknoll will forever be with the altar.” Some of the wood from the gold tree was turned into bowls by prizewinning woodworker Bob Butts. The parish uses some of the bowls, and others were sold to raise money for the altar’s construction. The largest bowl will soon be housed in the grade school library as part of a permanent school history display. The purpose of this display will be to help current Maryknoll students learn about the school’s past and to instill in students pride, loyalty, and a sense of family. The Gold Tree Altar Project has been funded entirely through gifts of time, money, and prayer, and more is needed. The committee is seeking donations so they can commission the construction of a celebrant’s chair and deacon’s chair, and two small tables for use during Mass to be made from gold tree wood. Checks may be made to Maryknoll School with “Altar Project” in the memo. If you would like to contribute photos, stories, and memorabilia to the school history display, please contact Mardi LaPrade at or 952-7183. 10


Photos courtesy Mardi LaPrade

Making Room for the MCC continued

Dear friends, It’s truly a dream come true. Thanks to your tremendous support, the Maryknoll School Community Center is finally here. This facility fills a huge need for our Maryknoll students. Thanks to your dollars, our students will no longer have to hold P.E. classes on the asphalt; athletes now have a true home court; our student body has the ability to attend mass under one roof; and our alumni have something to be proud. Your donations fulfilled our initial $12 million capital campaign goal. The theme for that campaign was “The time is secure the future.” Your help has made that future secure. Aloha and mahalo,

Alfred M.K. Wong Maryknoll School Board member Capital Campaign Co-chair

Dear friends, After decades of waiting, years of planning, months of construction and days of final touches, the dream that is the Maryknoll School Community Center is finally a reality. As co-chair of the capital campaign, I want to thank each donor for your support. Your gift helps everyone in the Maryknoll ‘ohana from alumni, current students, faculty and staff, and our future students. During planning, former president Michael Baker emphasized that “we have to make it right.” I’m proud to say we have make it right and I know all of us who worked so hard for so many years feel so much pride that the Maryknoll Community Center is the most beautiful, state-of-the-art facility in our state. Mahalo for your support.

Dr. Thomas Kosasa Maryknoll School Board member Capital Campaign Co-chair

Spring 2010




Harold K.L. Castle Foundation Hung Wo and Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Kosasa Mary D. and Walter F. Frear Eleemosynary Trust The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation


Anonymous Atherton Family Foundation Bank of Hawaii Mr. Francis and Mrs. Juliette Shea ’53 Chock Class of 1953 - Uniform Room Earl J. Gallian Trust First Hawaiian Bank Foundation Hale Holoholona Mr. Fukuyoshi Kawazoe Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel W.C. Ma Nancy T. Nakamura ’40 Dr. Lawrence and Mrs. BoHing Chan Tseu James and Juanita Wo Foundation


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Mr. Paul Y. Chinen ’57 and Mrs. Yvonne Chinen The Andrew Corcoran family Dr. Collin ’61 and Dr. Mary Dang Mr. and Mrs. Alfred B. Fernandes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James S. Hiramatsu ’75 Honolulu Chinese Junior Chamber of Commerce Foundation Maryknoll School PTG Mr. and Mrs. Clyde S. Matsusaka Mr. John William Nobrega and Mrs. Henrietta Nobrega



Hirohita Ota ’93 and Junya Ota ’93 Larry and Patricia Rodriguez Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation Dr. Reynold S. Shirai ’47 and Mrs. Edna Kozuma Shirai ’49 David and Valerie Sorensen Mr. Jasen H. Takei The Edward E. Ford Foundation The Schuler Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C.S. Tsai In Memory of Ted Vierra and Family Susan Chong Wong ’66 and Dr. Calvin Wong


The ABC Stores Mr. and Mrs. Kuniaki Azuma Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Baptiste, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Malcom H.M. Chang Mr. and Mrs. Paul Y. Chinen ’57 Dr. Thomas A. Ching ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Chock Mr. Scott Finkboner ’62 Robert and Pattie Wong ’66 Heatherly and family Mr. and Mrs. Alan H.L. Ho Dr. and Mrs. Irwin K.M. Lee Mr. Stanford C. Lee ’75 Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lucile I. Smith ’37 Mistysyn Mr. Dean ’72 and Mrs. Mayumi Miyamoto Mr. James and Mrs. Yvonne ’63 Morris Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Monica ’83 Ng Pack Eli Panee John and Celia Uekawa Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M.K. Wong, Esq. Derrick and Carol Wong Mr. Stacey ’70* and Mrs. Lorena Wong Robert and Angie Wu


Anonymous AB & Associates Insurance Services, Inc. Alexander & Baldwin Inc. American Savings Bank Brian and Collette Arakaki Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Baker Robert K.Y. Chang ’56 Drs. Tammy Chang-Motooka and Randal Motooka Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Char ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Kenrick M.H. Chee Mr. Ronald Chinen ’60 and Mrs. Marilyn Thompson Chinen ’61, CPS Mr. Dennis T.K. Chong ’55 Marie B. Chun ’57 Class of 2005 Class of 2007 Cooke Foundation Limited Mr. Walter S. Cummins Glenn and Claire (Murakami) Dang Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Darcey Mr. Paul ’66 and Mrs. Rebecca de Ville Mr. Thom and Mrs. Marlene DeCosta ’66 In memory of Paul Domaloan ’55 Mr. Christopher S.K. Dung David K.H. and Gloria C. Dung Mr. Edwin G. Ferreira ’57 W. Douglas Ferreira Mr. David and Mrs. Stacey Foy ’82 Carolyn Fujimoto Class of 2009 James H. Gahler Mrs. Joyce S.Y. Lee Goo ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Green Betsey H. Gunderson ’68 Bob and Joan Hann Bob and Lori Harrison The Hawaiian Insurance & Guaranty Company, Ltd. In memory of Mary Beth Ho Garces ’87 Galen and Patricia Ho Michael ’57 and Patricia Chu ’57 Ho

Patricia Rapoza Robb & Peter E. Robb Mrs. Linda E. Ross Mrs. Michele K. Tagawa Saito ’77 Mr. and Mrs. William I. Samaritano Saxton Family: Barton, Stephanie (Dalit) ’78, Brian ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Schuman Mr. Anthony R. Sellitto, Jr. Ms. Phyllis N.T. Shea ’58 Mrs. Edwina Lau Siu ’57 Mrs. Laine A. Matsuo Skiendiel ’68 Marlene M. (Soares) Souki Milton and Audrey Nakagaki Tanaka Theo H. Davies Foundation Mr. Eric ’67 and Mrs. Gail ’67 Tiwanak Mr. Eugene ’59 and Mrs. Mary Tiwanak Cydney Tokuhara Class of 2017, Brooks Tokuhara Class of 2017 Mr. Gordon Tom ’57 and Mrs. Judy Perreira Tom ’57 Mrs. Shana ’83 and Mr. Rodney Tong In memory of Catalina Olarte Torres Ralph and May Ukishima Mrs. Maxine Vickery ’58 Webco Foundation Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Cori Weston Mr. Kiman and Mrs. Brenda Wong ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Darryl P. Wong Maj. Gen. Darryll ’68 and Mrs. Teresa ’69 Wong Mr. Robert Wong Mr. and Mrs. Simon Man She Wong Ms. Stella Mee Que Wong ’68 Mr. Stephen Wong ’65 and Mrs. Susan Wong ’65 Mr. Lee and Mrs. Lisa ’84 Yamamoto Kenneth and Imi Yamashita Mr. Kieran ’72 and Mrs. Tina Yap Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Yee ’63 Robert C.H. and Helen T. Yee Mr. Mario K.M. Yim ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Robin C.T. Yoshimura Mr. Chun Kwai Yuen


SPARTAN SOCIETY (up to $4,999)

Anonymous (16) Ms. Crystal J. Acohido Mr. and Mrs. Mitsuo Adachi Mrs. Mildred C. Ai-Chang ’52 Lt. Gov. and Mrs. James R. Aiona, Jr. Mrs. Audrey Shea Akana ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Guy M. Akasaki Ms. Ramona E. Akau Pauline L. Bruhn Akimo ’51 Mr. and Mrs. Takashi Akimoto Mr. Douglas A. Akin Mr. and Mrs. Gene C. Albano Mrs. Beverly Ann C. Aldrich ’56 Nathlaie Yoko F. Alfelor Ms. Dorothy Allinson Mr. Michael Anthony Among ’84 Mr. Michael D. ’79 and Mrs. Teresita Amore Jerome and Gladys Andrade Mrs. Jeanette Salvador Angell ’58* Mr. James Anjo Dr. and Mrs. Muhammad Anwar Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Aoki Ms. Gretchen M. Aona Joyce Morikawa Arakaki ’55 Mr. Norman S. Arakaki Mr. and Mrs. Edward Arakawa Mr. John T. Arakawa Mrs. June H. Arakawa Dr. Kenneth Hiroshi Arakawa ’85 Mr. Matthew Ikaika Ariola ’02 Dr. Zachary Kahakauwila Ariola ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Sonny M. Arita Jordan Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Eleuterio C. Arnobit, Jr. Atiburcio Ohana Aaron, June, Kayla, Katilyn, and Kyle Au Bertha Chang Au Mr. and Mrs. Dexter T.Y. Au Mr. Kenneth Au ’59

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Mr. and Mrs. James S. Hoban, Jr. Elaine C. Hoffman Henry and Margo Howlett Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Inatsuka, Noah, Faith, Hope Allene M.C. Ishikawa Mrs. Linda Nakagawa Johnston Mr. Jeffrey Keahi Kalani ’90 Liberta Karratti-Aiwohi Mr. Jared Kaufmann, Sr. ’58 Darcie W.L.A. Kawamura ’90 and Jon A. Kawamura Mrs. Faye I.M. Spencer Kim ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Kimi Dr. Eugene Kitts Mr. Peter A. Koziol Stan and Marjorie Wong ’51 Kum Mary Ann La Fazia Mr. Kerry ’76 and Mrs. Bernadette ’76 Lam Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Linda ’67 Langley Mr. Merton and Mrs. Claire ’50 Lau Lau Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S.O. Lee ’42 Dr. Worldster and Dr. Patricia ’61 Lee Catherine Li ’40 Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Charlene ’60 Lum Dr. Cora A Manayan Emily M.W. McCollum Mr. and Mrs. William C. McCorriston Mr. Bill D. Mills Moriyama Family Ms. Patricia A.C. Muneno ’67 Adora H. Aoki Nakamura ’44 Mr. and Mrs. Duane R. Nakamura Gail Nakamura and Carleton Williams Mrs. Leocadia Kaopuiki Naone ’60 Grant and Lauren Nikaido In Memory of Monsignor Raymond H. Nishigaya ’55 Paul and Celeste O’Brien Okada Trucking Co. Aaron, Sherri, Reyn & Ross Okinaga Mr. Jerry K.C. Pang ’56

Spring 2010


Richard Y.C. Au Robert K.S. Au Mr. and Mrs. Gary W.K. Au Young Laurie Yim Austin ’79 Mr. and Mrs. Danny L. Auyoung Mildred Awana Mr. Gene Axelrod Joey and Jona Ayres Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Bagayas Mrs. Jacquelyn K. Kirihara Bailey ’84 Mrs. Diane O’Grady Bakdash ’63 Carl W. Baker Vim and Janine Balantac Mr. John P. Baraquio ’88 Mr. and Mrs. William B. Barayuga Sally Engstrom Barr Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Bart Jr. Mrs. Susan Marie Brown Bass ’84 Beatrice M.H. Young Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Susan R. Rowe Becker ’55 Dolores Grohmann Beddow Della & Michael Belatti Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Bella Carl and Margaret Berger Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Bjorken Dr. Richard K. Blaisdell Harold “Buddy” Botelho ’54 William F. Bow Myrna Pasion Boyce ’56 Mrs. Paula Rochelle Lindo Boyce ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Broderick Felice N.J. Broglio (Wong) and Ed Broglio Mrs. Corazon Buenconsejo ’63 Mr. Stanley G. Bukes ’70 Mr. and Mrs. H. William Burgess Gina, Richard and Sloane Burns Tom Burns Mr. Francis Buto and Ms. Denise Katano-Buto Ms. Lynette L. Cabbat Ms. Anne L. Cabral Mr. and Mrs. Mervin L. Cabral, Jr. Karen Yap Cahill ’66 and Patrick W. Cahill

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Lynette Yap Cahill Mr. and Mrs. Claude L.J. Calabrese Ms. Geralyn L. Camarillo ’86 Ronnie Allen M. Campman Mr. and Mrs. Carlos D. Campos Sandi, Cicely and Cariane Campos Mrs. Shauna K. Candia ’75 Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Lori ’87 Carlos Ms. Suzanne Sunada Carlos ’88 Carole Kai Charities, Inc. Mrs. Kelly Inouye Carson ’84 Suzanne Casart ’65 William and Margaret Castro Mr. Christopher A. Casupang Dr. and Mrs. Ariel A. Catalan Elliott W. Chamizo ’61 Mrs. Carolee Ching Chan ’57 Mr. Dion S.O. Chan ’83 and Mrs. Debora Chan Lynn Chan Mr. Adrian Y.H. Chang ’75 Mr. Donald S.M. Chang ’52 Alan, Flora, Michelle Chang Ms. Roberta W.S. Chang ’49 Stanley and Cynthia Chang Mr. Byron Moon and Ms. Wendy Chang Mr. and Mrs. Ho Ying Chan-Old Esther L. Chee ’47 Kelvin and Phyllis Chee ’73 Joe Cheng Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Chin Mr. and Mrs. George C. Chin Mr and Mrs. Mark Chin Albert Chinen Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Chinen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M.H. Ching Sonny and Barbara Ching Mr. Bernard T.C. Ching Dr. Brent B.Y. Ching, DDS, MSD Mr. Casey K. Ching ’98 Mr. Douglas M.C. Ching ’54 Mr. Earl M.T. Ching ’68 Mrs. Elizabeth K.Y. Ching

Mr. and Mrs. Gary M.T. Ching George Ching Dr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Ching Mr. Reid A. Ching ’96 Sylvia and Randall Ching Mrs. Paulette Leong Chinn ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Chris L.K. Chiu Dr. Clifford K.W. Chock Mr. and Mrs. Gary Chock Mrs. Mandy Rose L. Baptist Chock ’99 Stephen Chock Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Chong Curtis, Debra, Conrad (2011) and Kacey (2018) Chong Deena Chong Edward J. Chong, Jr. Michael Chong Randall Chong Parents of Zachary and Logan Choo Barbara Wong Chow ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Charles L.H. Chow Mr. Frederick K.C. Chow ’58 and Mrs. Julia Bee-Chow Liana Choy Canossa and Stephen Choy Mr. Timothy Y.C. Choy Dr. George J. Chu and Ms. Diane W. Wong Huy Duc Chuc Anthony Chun ’72 and Mrs. Linda F.S. Chun Mr. and Mrs. Daven K. Chun Mr. Henry S.H. Chun ’79 Ronald and Jeanette (Lum) Chun ’56 Jon-David Chun ’85 Mr. Kau’i Chun ’67 Mrs. Marilyn K.H. Heau Chun ’49 Ms. Stephanie A.H. Chun ’82 Mr. Vernon P. Chun ’59 Mr. and Mrs. Bing Fay Chung Henry W.C. Chung Mr. Leslie G. Chung ’64 Mr. C. Cornwell Ciacci ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Lane Ciacci

Ms. Gina M. Fasi Mr. Peter R. Faulkner Ms. Tanya M. Fernandes ’94 Mrs. Nicole Yoshiko Ferrara ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Rolf W. Fey Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Feyerisen Mr. and Mrs. Sitenitaini M. Fifita Mr. Todd James Fisk ’84 Mr. Benjamin Fong ’52 and Mrs. Wanda Hoe Fong ’53 Elaine Chun Fong ’54 Wesley F. and Linda A. Fong Mr. Robert Fortuna and Ms. Magdalene Odquier Toshiko Fortuna Frank K.S. Mow Trust Mr. Alexander R. Fraser Stephen A. Freitas, Jr. ’80 and Kristina Mix-Freitas Dr. and Mrs. Derrick C. Fu Mrs. Lillian Yoshimoto Fujihara ’47 Nancy F. Oshita Fujii ’46 Dr. and Mrs. Ira M. Fujisaki Myles and Cheryl Fujiwara Ms. Nicole K. Fukeda ’97 Dr. Franklin Fukuda and Dr. Dawn Minaai Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Fukumura Mrs. Janice H. Suenaga Fukunaga ’56 Joy Funakoshi on behalf of Kara (2010) & Jayna (2012) Mr. Kenneth T. Funakoshi ’56 Mr. Eric K. Funasaki Mrs. Joanne T. Funasaki Mr. and Mrs. Jay K. Fung Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Furuta Mr. Troy Furutani ’86 and Dr. Jamie Wicklund Furutani ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Gino Gabrio Mr. and Mrs. James S. Gamiao Mr. Joseph L. Gamiao ’64 Ms. Lindsey D. Gamiao Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K. Gamiao Ms. Renee S. Gamiao Theodoro Ganade and Yvonne Cavaco


Ellen Garcia Phyllis Boner Gardner Mr. and Mrs. A.J. John Gaudet Mrs. Cheryl R. Kunimune Gesik ’75 Mr. Milton S. Gibo ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Gibo Mr. Blaine B.K. Gier ’88 Kimberly Gleason Mrs. Teresa Lynn Gochenouer ’84 Mrs. Carole H. Goldstein Mrs. Angie N. Golis-Yamamoto Ms. Virginia Gonsalves ’38 Mrs. Vivian W.M. Goo Dr. Cyril K. Goshima ’69 Clarence L. Gouveia ’51 Ms. Nora Goya Mr. Kelly K. Grant ’84 Mr. Matthew Cornelius Green ’99 Mr. Richard P. Green ’97 Ben and Edith Gudry Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Guevara Mr. Wayne Gushikuma and Mrs. Cora C. Cabebe ’73 Gushikuma Mieko Gushikuma Hack Family The Hackman Family Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hamada Mrs. Lorraine Chamizo Hamilton ’60 Mrs. Ann H. Hannan Mrs. Dolores Burnett Hansen ’58 Kenna and Konnor Harada Ryan and Susan Harada Dr. and Mrs. Theodore I. Harada Mr. and Mrs. John R. Harrison Donald T. Hashimoto Mrs. Fumiko Hashimoto Ms. Kari Ann Y. Hata ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Hattori Mr. Allen Heau Mr. Frank Hedani Mrs. Ellen A. Hee Lucille Hee

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Class of 1937 Class of 1960 Class of 1966 Class of 2002 Class of 2004 Class of 2006 Melissa N. (Wong) Coelho Mr. Donald M. Cook Sr. ’56* Mrs. Agnes Keliikaluaomailani Sills Cordeiro ’7 Mrs. Hilda De Cambra Cordeiro ’37 Mr. George A. Correia ’55 Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Lori Costa Mrs. Carolyn Borns Cowell ’60 Tony and Antonette Crego Fabiana Baquering Crozier Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jai Cunningham Mrs. Waldene E. Ichijo Curtice ’63 Mrs. Naty Dadiz Henry T. Daido Trust Ms. Cyrilla Y. Dang Mr. and Mrs. Edward O. Dang Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dang Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Dang Dr. William W.L. Dang Cpt Thomas J. Davies, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Davis Mark Dayao, Michael Dayao Guy De Primo Mr. Michael X. Dean ’65 Ms. Haunani F.M. Burns Dickson ’60 Mr. Christopher Paul Domaloan ’00 Ms. Christina K.M. Doo ’95 Ms. Alice Yee Douthat Mr. Michael J. Dudley ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S.J. Dung Mrs. Lannie K.L. Dung Mr. Scott H. Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Durkin Patricia L. Eng ’57 Frances Fay Enos Mrs. Dulinda Gomes Ernesto ’37 Mr. Andrew K.K. Everett ’95

Spring 2010


Mrs. Mary Joan Chang Hee ’47 Mr. Michael C.M. Hee ’61 Mrs. Joan Herring Fisher ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hidano Mr. and Mrs. Carlton I. Higa Mr. Kevin I. Higa ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Hinck Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Hirata Mr. and Mrs. Bertram N. Hiu Mrs. Elizabeth C. Ho Franklin and Mary Ann Ho Mrs. Gladys Morris Ho ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence K.C. Ho Mr. Patrick C. Ho ’55 Mr. Richard Kwok Ning Ho Dr. Stephen R. Ho ’73 Ms. Valerie Anne Ho ’60 Ms. Staci D. Hogan ’76 Mr. and Mrs. Yoshitsugi Hokama Mrs. Geralyn Lum Holck ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R.K. Hong Mrs. Rosalie Moilee Hong Mrs. Shirlyn L. Hookano ’79 Ms. Carol R. Horie Mr. David Mark Horner ’88 Mrs. Wendy Wong Howell ’73 Mrs. Mary A. Aki Huihui ’57 Mr. Raymond Imbo, Jr. ’64 Mrs. Vicenta Imperial Mr. Leslie Sin Chong Ing Douglas Inouye Mr. and Mrs. John Isabelo Lionel and Barbara (Elias) Iseri Mr. and Mrs. Bradley M. Ishii Roger and Florence Ishii Mrs. Carolyn Y.M. Ishiwata ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Lance A. Ito Mrs. Catherine C. and Mr. Ronald T. Iwami Dr. and Mrs. David M. Iwasaki Yvonne Chun Izumi ’70 Ms. Elaine C. Jay Mr. and Mrs. Allan E. Jensen

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Jhamanda’s Watumull Fund Dr. Vernon K.S. and Yun Soong Jim Mr. and Mrs. Rex D. Johnson Beatrice Iwamoto Jost Mr. and Mrs. Duane Jue Mr. and Mrs. Theodore G.M. Jung Mrs. Barbara Jones Kaaihili ’55 Mr. Wendell Kaanoi ’58* and Mrs. Jacqueline DePonte Kaanoi ’58 Andrew and Lea Kagawa Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kagawa Edward and Margaret Kageyama David and Stephanie Kahawaii Kaio ‘Ohana Ms. Carole N. Kajihiro Mona Chock Kalaukoa ’50 and Joseph Kalaukoa ’50 Mrs. Heidi Lau Kong Kalepa ’83 and Mr. Frank Kalepa Glen and Stella Kam Mrs. Jenny A.Y. Wong Kam ’47 The Katherine S. Kam Family Trust Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kam In memory of Elsie Young Kam ’46 Betty C. Yoneda Kaneshige ’55 Bryan and Lesley Kaneshiro Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Kaneshiro Mr. Alvin A. Kanno ’57 Mrs. Eugenie Kaili Kaopua ’59 Jarrett W. and Joan E. Karasaki Mrs. Leonis Karratti ’49 Mrs. Akiko Claire Oshiro Kato ’58 Mitsuru and Judy Kato Ms. Annie C. Kau Mrs. Jane Clare Kaufmann ’67 Ms. Clare Kawada Mrs. Leigh Ching Kawakami ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Keith K. Kawamoto Thomas and Irene Kawamura Mrs. Katherine A. Alquisa Kawano Mrs. Lynette Dang Kawaoka ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Chieko Kawasaki Dr. and Mrs. Toshihiko Kawasugi

Linda Wong ’66 and Abe Kealoha Violet K. Kekina Mrs. Norine Torres Kekuaokalani ’96 Mrs. Betty Mae Neves Keliiaa Dr. Paul Kennedy and Dr. Priscilla Alfaro Lucille and Curtis Kern Mrs. Elizabeth Manzano Keyes ’56 Jeffrey K. Khau Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B.K. Kidder Mr. Alfred H.S. Kim ’47 Mr. and Mrs. Brandon E. Kim Mr. and Mrs. Craig D. Kim Ms. Karen Kim Mr. Michael D. Kim Ms. Nancy S. Kim Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kim Robert and Mildred Kinoshita Mr. and Mrs. Kazusumi Kitagawa Herbert Kiyabu ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Kiyabu Mrs. Merle Wong Klug ’55 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Knorek Ms. Jan A. Kobayashi-Ogasawara Mrs. Mildred F. Burlem Koch ’42 Mrs. Be-Jay T. Upchurch Kodama ’81 Mr. Greg K. Kodama ’98 Ms. Reyna R. Kodama ’00 Dr. and Mrs. Gary I. Kondo Ms. Cherilyn N. Konn ’97 Tracy Alana Konn Dr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Koo Alan Koochi Aiko Koochi Arnold and Vanessa Kop Rebecca Kotake Ms. Margaret S. Koyama Mr. and Mrs. Carlton R. Kramer Mrs. Cecilia Amor Bitanga Kramer ’74 Ms. Jane S. Kramer Mrs. Raenette G. Jeremiah Kreis ’59* Kerry Rogan Kuhlow Mr. David H. Kula ’65

Eddie and Stephanie Lee Helen N. Lee Mrs. Edwina Cordeiro Lee ’58 Ernest Lee ’48 Drs. Jeffrey and Meta Lee Lenora Lee Mrs. Thelma Lee Mr. and Mrs. Tommy M.W. Lee Mrs. Ronald Y.C. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Won H. Lee Aaron and Hiroko Lehl Ms. Frances Lam Leilani ’56 Dorothy M. Leong Mr. and Mrs. Eric Leong Gilbert and Sylvia Leong Micah and Danielle Leong Mr. Keoki A.K. Leong ’97 Ms. Sally J.Y. Leong Dr. and Mrs. Cyril Leung Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Levy Mr. Llewellyn and Mrs. Sadie ’57 Lew Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S.J. Liang Lin and Ella Wong Foundation Mrs. Lorna P. Chang Lin ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Raymund L. Liongson Mr. Garrett Liu and Mrs. Colleen Liu ’75 Lynn Liu Rowena Chong Liu ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne W.G. Liu Ms. Paula Liu-Smith ’67 Mrs. Bobbie Loo Mrs. Jackie L. Loo Mrs. Lillian Loo Dr. and Mrs. Rodney S.W. Loo DDS Dr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Loo Christine D. Mattos Loomis ’85 Mr. Michael Lorusso Drs. Henry and Elise Louie Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J.K. Louis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Low Shevaun Low Cynthia Beck Luebbers ’61

James Lui Brian and Michelle Luke Dr. Edmund Chew Keong Lum Fredric D.W. Lum ’44 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C.G. Lum Marianne M.L. Chock Lum Mrs. Mary Leong Lum Mr. Michael Lum ’64 and Mrs. Carol Ann Lum ’64 Mr. and Mrs. Norman C.M. Lum Mr. and Mrs. Robert C.Y. Lum Mr. and Mrs. Rodney K.W. Lum Mr. Stanton Lum ’63 and Mrs. Nicolette Tong Lum ’64 Mr. Wesley C. Lum ’95 Muriel W. Lum-Pang Mrs. Kenlyn T. Lum-Yee Varanya Luxton “Pom” and R. Bruce Luxton Ms. Barbara Lynn Ms. Joni M. Maeda ’95 Mrs. Lorraine R. Shirai Maeda ’57 Dr. Rochelle A. Suzuki Mahoe ’88 Agnes M.S. Makalii Mr. and Mrs. Akira Makinodan Mr. Milton Y. Makishi Mercedes Wong Manalili Monica Mann Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Marciel Col. (Ret) William E. Marshall ’67 Candace N. Martin ’03 Mrs. Gladys T. Watanabe Martin ’47 John, Jr. and Jeanette S. Martin Robert, Theresa and Ali (’08) Crighton Ms. Marsha J. Marumoto Maryknoll Sisters Harold and Tazuko Masaki Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Mashima Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Masini Mr. and Mrs. Erwin V. Mateo John and Jennifer Matias Ms. Cara A. Matsuki Ms. Kasey A. Matsumoto ’99 Mr. Richard Hideaki Matsunaga

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Mr. and Mrs. Randall S. Kum Mr. and Mrs. Wane M. Kunihisa Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kunimitsu Ms. Marlene T. Kurihara Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kuriyama Mr. and Steve T. Kuriyama Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Kurzenski Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Kusaka Scott and Joanne Kuwada Edison and Amy Kwock Mrs. Brenda Tom Kwock-Lum ’64 Lynn Kwok Serena Kwong Thomas and Siri Ky Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Laanui Mr. and Mrs. David K. Labatad Mrs. Cynthia Lai Mr. John J. Lai Mr. Jon D. Lam ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C.K. Lam Mr. and Mrs. Nin Wah Lam Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. LaPorte Mariliz (Lizzie) LaPorte Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. LaPorte Mrs. Bernadette Y. Lau Brent Lau ’97 Daniel B.T. Lau Mr. and Mrs. David A. Lau Mrs. Deanna W.L. Wong Lau ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Edward F.C. Lau Mr. and Mrs. Gordon D. Lau Mr. and Mrs. Henry H.C. Lau Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J.K.L. Lau Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lau Mr. Wesley K.C. Lau ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Le Mr. Michael P. Leach ’68 Mrs. Audrey Kong Lee ’64 Diane O.L. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Dickson C.H. Lee Mr. and Donald Lee Andrew and Donna Lee ’81

Spring 2010



Mr. Darrell W. Mattos ’63 and Mrs. Marjorie C. Mattos Mr. and Mrs. Elliott C. Mattos ’54 Mr. Ehren Harry Y.H. Mau ’99 Evelyn Mau Ms. Jenna L. Mau ’02 Mrs. Peggy Sen Mau ’71 Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Mau Mr. and Mrs. Russell H.F. Mau Mr. Steve Y.C. Mau ’97 Claudia Tom McCloskey Drs. Hamilton and Marilyn McCubbin Ms. Marjorie C. McFarlane Mr. Edward R. McLeod Ms. Mary Jane McMillan Manny and Darlena Medeiros Mr. and Mrs. Byron Mello Mr. Edward S. Mello Mrs. Karen P. Mendes ’82 Mr. Kevin T. Mendes ’84 Mr. and Mrs. William Meredith Mrs. Melodee C. Barkus Metzger ’60 Camille Domaloan Michel ’84 and Whit Michel Ms. Elinor Michel Ms. Cary Jane Miller ’64 Jenna Mimaki Class of 2014 Norman W. Min ’65 Dr. Kenneth S. Minato Ms. Helene Mirikitani Mitchell Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Mito Mrs. Tomoko Miyamoto Mr. Brian Miyashiro and Mrs. Brenda Ballesteros-Miyashiro Ms. Florence S. Miyashiro ’51 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Miyashiro Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Miyashiro Mrs. Winona Hu Miyashiro ’62 Keach and Emi Mizuno Mr. Anthony James Mizuno ’89 George and Stephanie Moad Talor & Trevor Monahan Mr. and Mrs. Mario Monico

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Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Moniz Mrs. Michele Tokunaga Morikami ’65 Nieces and Nephews of Father Thomas Masao Miyashiro Mrs. Jo-Ann and Mr. Neal R. Morisato Guy and Brenda Moriwaki (Ryker Moriwaki Class of 2018) Mr. James Morris II ’85 and Mrs. Doreen Leong Morris ’84 Ms. Diane F. Mosley ’63 Mrs. Yat Fun Mow Cecilia Mukai Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Mukaigawa Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Arlene Mun Mr. and Mrs. Archie T. Murakami Connor & Cameryn Murakami Dr. James Musgrave and Dr. Lynn Yanagihara Rev. Alan Nagai Carl and Helen Nagami Ms. Jill T. Nagamine Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Nakagawa Mr. and Mrs. Tadaka Nakahata Mr. Harry M. Nakaji Jared and Candace Nakamoto Mrs. Carolyn O.K. Nakamura ’88 Craig H. Nakamura and Elise C. Matsumoto Mrs. Karen T. Nakagaki Nakamura ’62 Stephanie Nakamura Mr. and Mrs. Nakasone Mr. and Mrs. Keichi Nakasone Mr. and Mrs. Russell T. Nakasone Mr. & Mrs. Gary and Susan Naone Al and Emily Narciso Ms. Christina Karen Naughton ’88 Ms. Marisa Navalta Joey Neilson Dr. Harold Y. Nekonishi Alysa M.G. Nemoto, Elyda M.G. Nemoto, Yoshihiro Nemoto and Mona M. Goto Julia M. Hao Neumann Mr. Alfred Neves, Jr. ’53 and Mrs. Sylvia Costa Neves ’54 Mr. George E. Newton

Mr. Gordon Ng and Ms. Marjorie Mau Ms. Janet Mei Chi Ng ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Peter P.J. Ng Mr. and Mrs. Tony Ng Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Nicolas Jr. Mr. Leroy E. Nicolas III Mr. Nelson T. Nikaido Lynette Nakamura Niles ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H.W. Nip Jerrilyn Nirei Ms. Antoinette Nishida Dr. Linda E. Nishigaya ’65 Annie Nishiki Gen Nishimura Patrick and Stephanie (Kam) Nishimura ’83 Mrs. Vivian E. Enos Nobrega ’37 Mrs. Roxanne C. Nobriga ’76 Lorraine Sawai Noda Dr. Harry T. Nomura ’47 Mitchell and Gail Nowicki Michael and Catherine Nozaki Valery O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. William M. Oda Dr. and Mrs. Noburu Ogami Mr. and Mrs. Akira Ogata Mr. Amori R. Ogata Mary Y. Ogata Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Ogawa Wilma Akamine Ogimi Mr. Mark T. Ogino Mr. and Mrs. Masahiro Ogura Mr. Raymond M. Ohara ’56 Steven, Karen, Cade ’17 Ohata Mr. Ronald Ohira ’57 Phyllis Okamura Mr. and Mrs. David K. Okaneku (Cortney Okaneku ’16) Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Okinaga Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Okita Mr. and Mrs. Clayton H. Oku Nadine J. Jeremiah Olinger ’57 Sharon R. Coursey Oman ’63 Mrs. June J. Aoki Omiya ’49

Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel J. Relator Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Remiticado Diane N. Riley (Erin Chow, 2011) Betty J. Robello Steljes ’66 Mrs. Darlene Bonnell Robinson ’63 Mr. Michael Joseph Robinson ’86 Mrs. Lori A. Tseu Rodriguez ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff A. Roesener Mrs. Ellen C. Caires Rogers ’58 Ms. Annemarie E. Roll ’89 Tana Hogan Rosehill ’74 Mr. Thomas Rossi Ms. Joannie Kalaukoa Rossiter ’72 Mrs. Colette Cordeiro Ruiz ’60 Neiland Sadarananda and Sally Malia Chang The Saito’s (Scott, Mara, Sean, Chad & Nikki) Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Saito Mrs. Ruth Y. Yamamoto Saito ’46 Derek Sakai Judge and Mrs. Karl K. Sakamoto In honor of Dr. and Mrs. James M. Sakurai The San Juan Family Mr. Ian Tien Tzu Santee ’91 Carol O. Santiago Brandon Sarceda Margaret E. Sato Mr. and Mrs. Nobuo Sato Mr. and Mrs. Rod J. Saunders Ms. Carolyn T. Sawai ’84 Mr. Michael N. Scarfone Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Tessie Ann I. Schmisseur ’81 Mr. Geovanni Ricardo Sellitto ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Mannfred B. Sen Mr. and Mrs. Hugo S.H. Seto Charlotte M. Chow Sexton ’42 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Shea Mrs. Cassandra M. Veatch Shieh ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Natsuo Shigezawa Iris Shimabukuro Mr. and Mrs. John K. Shimabukuro Dr. Lance K. Shirai ’78 and Mrs. Julie Shirai Mr. and Mrs. James Shiroma Mr. and Ms. Gregory K. Shiu


Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Shoda Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Shoji Mrs. Carlyn Nunes Shriver ’68 Lucy and Patrick Sibayton Ms. Charlotte M.H. Soares Simmons ’53* Julia Adviento Siobal Rev. Paul H. Smith Mrs. Angeline Botelho Soares ’56 Mr. Stephen D. Soares ’85 Mr. Paul W. Soenksen Mrs. Renee Diane Chinen Soerink ’85 Dr. Betty Shui Mui Soo Vicki (Arii) Soo Hoo Micheline Soong Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Darlene ’84 Sousa ’84 Mrs. Monica Teves Souza ’60 Mr. William E. Spencer, Jr. ’58 Mrs. Gloria N. Bonilla Speth ’56 Mrs. Gloria Jean Isabelo Spray ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Stengle Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Stiles Jeff Strauser Mrs. Janis Ing Strauss ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Suenaga Mr. Ryan M. Suenaga Sonia Sugg Mr. Masao Sugihara James H. Sugita Mr. Maurice Edward Sullivan ’84 Mrs. Paulette T. Ukishima Sumida ’58 Ms. Sheri Ann M. Sumida ’87 David and Jodi Sumikawa Andrew and Jessefine Sumulong Samuel Sun Joan Kwock Sung Mr. and Mrs. John L. Suyemoto Mr. and Mrs. Dean H. Suzuki Ms. Rhonda L.S. Suzuki ’84 Zachary and Andrew Tagawa Mrs. Christina M. Takafuji ’88 Dr. and Mrs. Masao Takai Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Takaki Mr. and Mrs. Paul Takamiya

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Darren, Darcy and Taylor Omoto Dr. Clifford Omura ’73 and Mrs. Beverly Ohtani Omura ’73 Organized Capital Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. O’Shaughnessy Mr. and Mrs. John Oshiro Lester and Deanna Oshiro Lynn and Lincoln Oshiro Mr. and Mrs. Yoshinobu Oshiro Akira and May Otani Mr. and Mrs. Dwight S. Otani Ms. Jessie M.A.H. Otani ’02 Ms. Gladys M. Oyama The Pack Family; Angela, Mark, Anna & Johann Mrs. Gwen Cabral Panee ’62 Mr. Arthur Kwock Mun Pang Mr. and Mrs. Brian Y.K. Pang Mr. Creighton K.T. Pang ’89 Mrs. Deborah Ann Young Pang ’70 and Mr. Jeffrey Pang Dr. and Mrs. Derek Pang Mr. Reginald C.C. Pang ’63 Dr. Ronald J. Pang ’68 Ms. Holly A. Park ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand A. Pascual Ms. Bernadette E. Perry ’46 Ron and Iris Pestonjee Mr. Colin and Mrs. Keala ’87 Peters Mr. and Mrs. David X. Pham Ms. Peggy P. Shiu Picano ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Pickard Virginia T. Poon Dr. and Mrs. Edgar A. Porter Mr. Bradley R. Pulice and Mrs. Loren Manayan-Pulice ’83 Mrs. Joan Pulice Mrs. Viola K. Pavao Quinn ’49 Mrs. Darlene M.W. Pang Raffanello Mrs. Teressa M. McAniff Ramsey ’84 Mr. James P. Rapoza ’45 Nina Rapozo Mr. Enrique Raquel Ms. Glazina Goode Reed

Spring 2010



Todd Y. Takayama Mrs. Andrea S.G. Takemoto ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Myron H. Takemoto Mr. and Mrs. Edgar C. Talavera Mrs. Patricia Medina Talbert ’66 Dr. and Mrs. Raymond C.B. Tam Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Tamashiro Ms. Mitsuko Suzanne Tamura Lauren Kaneshiro Eilyne ’72 and Winslow ’72 Tanabe Mrs. Aileen Y. Matsumoto Tanaka ’49 Ms. Betty Y. Tanaka Mr. and Mrs. Gary Alan S. Tanaka Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Tarnay Mr. and Mrs. David T. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lee Taylor Mr. John D. Tejada ’63 Mr. Lionel G. Tejada ’67 Territorial Savings Bank The Westye Group Mrs. Kristen Ann Wong Thompson ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Tjan David and Susan Todani Edward and Chieko Tokuda Mrs. Nonie Toledo ’75 Anita Tom ’48 Beverly S.K. Tom Mr. Daniel M.C. Tom ’68 Mr. James Y.S. Tom Mr. Randall ’63 and Mrs. Sharon Tom ’63 Mrs. Roberta Ching Tom ’66 Dr. Shirley Tom Mrs. Claire M. Nishimoto Tong Terrence K. Torco Mr. and Mrs. Ernest K. Tottori Dr. and Mrs. Mitsuo Tottori In honor of Wil and Ben Tottori Mr. and Mrs. Harry Y. Toyama Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Toyomura Dr. Mickey Tseng and Dr. Takako Ishimaru-Tseng Micah Tsukamoto Class of 2019 Cindy Lee Tsun Mr. and Mrs. Alan T. Tsuruda Mrs. Tomoko Tsuyemura ’45 Ms. Jean Y. Tsuzaki Mrs. Nancy Tasaka Tyau ’57 Wilfred T. Uekawa Darin K. Uetake Mr. Irwin H.K. Ukishima ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Ukishima Mrs. Mary Ann Yim Underwood ’67 Mrs. Blanche Upchurch Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Michelle ’81 Ushio



Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Uyeshiro Mr. Benjamin D. Valle III ’84 Mrs. Mary Jane Arce Vannatta Neil and Jane Vasconcellos Jeffrey Ventura Leonard and Benedith Ventura Mr. and Mrs. Eusebio B. Verona Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Victorino Clyde H. Vierra Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Vierra Bobby and Jacqueline Vinluan Mr. Melvin P. Vios ’56 Catherine von Wiegandt Mr. John H. Walbridge, Jr. ’65* Madge Goto Watai ’45 Mrs. Denise Leong Watanabe ’87 Dr. Gerald H. Watanabe ’79 Kristie Watanabe ’06 Mrs. Lynne Y. Taniguchi Watanabe ’69 Kelly and Tracy Watanabe Mr. Craig D. Watson ’99 Wallace Weatherwax Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Wee, Esq. Mr. William L. Weinhardt Dr. Rob B. Welch Mrs. Charlotte P. Wengler ’55 Mrs. Lourdes L.S. Lee Whang ’78 Mrs. Kimberly L.K. Wheeler ’88 Mrs. Marcy Renee Iseke Wilhelm ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Allen K. Williams Mrs. Grace M.S. Williams Arline Paine Willis ’67 Joan Winchell and Bruce Family Mr. David Wo Mrs. Betty Loo Wong ’42 Beverly C. Wong Catherine (Salado) Wong ’55 Mr. Clifford Y.B. Wong ’46 Mrs. Colene S. Wong Mr. and Mrs. David K.C. Wong Mr. Derek M.S. Wong ’87 Mr. D’Wayne Wong ’75 and Dr. Lucy Fong Wong ’76 Mr. Gregory E. Wong ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Wong Mr. James K.W. Wong ’65 Mr. James W.Y. Wong Ms. Jamie K. Wong ’99 Judith E. Wong ’55 Kyle Wong Mrs. Leona Tom Wong ’65 Dr. Livingston M.F. Wong ’48 Mr. and Mrs. Orrin C.M. Wong

Dr. and Mrs. Peter G.C. Wong Dr. Robyn Wong Warren and Napualani Wong Wendell M. Wong Wong’s Drapery Shoppe, Limited Mr. and Mrs. T. David Woo Jr. Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society Mrs. Pauline P. Morton Worsham ’62 Deacon Vince and Faye Wozniak in memory of Bonifacio Marinias Mrs. Laura L.F. Xiao Mr. and Mrs. George T. Yamada Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Yamada Dr. and Mrs. Albert T. Yamamoto Adrienne M. Yamamoto Class of 2008 In memory of Keith T.P. Yamamoto Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Yamane Austin Yamasaki Class of 2017 Dr. Garret H. Yanagi ’46 Eloise M. Uyeda Yano ’55 Mrs. Helen E. Uchida Yano ’49 Ms. Patricia Yap ’65 and Mr. George Perazzo Mr. and Mrs. Roland J. Yap Mrs. Alice F. Fong Yee ’52 Mr. Carl J. Yee Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J.H. Yee Lo-Lan Mui Yee Phyllis Quon Yee Mr. Randal Yee and Mrs. Janice Nomura-Yee Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Yempuku Ms. Eve L.Y. Yeung ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Nathan M.G. Yim Mr. Samuel Yim Mr. and Mrs. M. Dick Yoda Mr. and Mrs. Lewis K. Yogi Ms. Pamela J. Yoon ’68 Mr. Robert M. Yoseda ’47 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Yoshida Mrs. Jean T. Fujikawa Yoshihara ’56 Ms. Lori-Ann K. Yoshii Deacon Walter and Frances Yoshimitsu Mr. and Mrs. John Noburo Yoshimoto Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Yoshinaga Mr. and Mrs. Clarence S. Yoshino Ms. Barbara Yoshioka Jody Tamashiro Yoshishige ’86 Ms. Carol M. Young ’58 Franklin S.H. Young, M.D. Mr. Gerald Young ’75 and Mrs. Lisa Young Dr. Richard S.K. Young ’65 Ronald S.K. Young ’57 Mrs. Sylvia S.E. Young ’58 Velma P. Young (Lujan)

Young Alumni Social Bar 35 June 18, 2009

Carlin Yamashita ’01, Mike Janowsky, Nicole Thommes ’99, Michelle Chan ’04, Alex Mussetti, Lynn Chan ’01, Damien Enright ’99, Dayne Nakamoto ’99

(L to R)

(L to R)

Brian Higa ’97, Korynne Blair, Kristopher Kern ’98

(L to R) Emily Wong McCollum ’91, Greg Wong ’94, Cory Mitsui, Melodee Young ’94, Kendall Matsuyoshi ’90

(L to R)

Eve Yeung ’94, Sharon Aguinaldo, Greg Wong ’94, Kevin Higa ’99

Eve Yeung ’94, Lloree Gamiao

(L to R) Wes Wong ’01, Sara Robertson, Eve Yeung ’94, Carlin Yamashita ’01, Melodee Young ’94, Greg Wong ’94

Spring 2010



Athletic Banquet Japanese Cultural Center May 17, 2009

(Seated L to R) Juliana Besenbruch ’09, Kristine Uyeno, Al Wong, Stephanie Lum ’94, Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66, Brandon Oshiro ’09 (Standing L to R) Travis Baguio, Richard Wollenbecker, Jake Suyemoto, Janelle Chang ’09, Nathan Choy ’09, Elissa Ji ’09, Eric Weinhardt


Peter Besenbruch, Female Athelete of the Year Juliana Besenbruch ’09, Dr. Valerie Besenbruch

(L to R)

(L to R) Travis Baguio, Jake Suyemoto, Maya Rodriguez-Chang, Kauila Chock, Shana Campos Tong ’83, Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66

Stephanie Lum ’94, Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66, Kristine Uyeno



Perry Martin, Carlton Oshiro, Male Athlete of the Year Brandon Oshiro ’09, Karen Oshiro, Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66



Alex Chu ’09

Jessica Guillermo

ILH Varsity Golf Championship 9th Bronze Medalist ILH First Team All-Star

Ashlyn Kawasaki

ILH Honorable Mention

Kori Nishitomi ILH Honorable Mention

Ariel Silva ’09

ILH First Team All Star

ILH Second Team Pitcher


Shay Shibata ’09 ILH Honorable Mention

Anthony Kwon ILH First Place Gold Medalist (145 lb) State Tournament 3rd Place Medalist

Cassidy Oshiro ILH Second Place Silver Medalist (108 lb) State Tournament 3rd Place Medalist (108 lb)

Hillary Uekawa ’09 ILH First Team Utility

VOLLEYBALL, BOYS Michael Gomez ILH Second Team All-Star

Brandon Oshiro ILH Second Place Silver Medalist (132 lb) State Tournament 3rd Place Medalist (132 lb)

Davis Holt ILH Second Team All-Star

Kahanu Ponimoi

Sean Tachibana ILH First Place Gold Medalist (114 lb) State Tournament 3rd Place Medalist (114 lb)

ILH Second Team All-Star

Jordan Victorino ’09 ILH Honorable Mention

TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS Baseball State Division II Varsity Champions Head Coach/Coordinator Kevin Uyehara Assistant Coaches Brent Fujiwara Travis Eguchi Derrick Higa Christopher Loo Kristen Nakasone Nelson Hara Joshua Arakaki ’09 Nate Choy ’09 Matt Guzman ’09 Jeff Hagino Matt Hara Kyle Hirata Brandon Hinck Tylor Honda Konner Ng

David Nishiki Gavin Oyadamori Trevor Saiki Craig Shoji Tyler Todd Aaron Tom Spencer Young Landan Yoshida

Manager: Jarren Chun Bat Boy: Ryan Nakamura Spring 2010


SPORTS REPORT SCHOLAR ATHLETE AWARD Juliana Besenbruch ’09 Simen Sam ’09

ACADEMIC TEAM AWARD Girls Varsity Volleyball Head Coach/Coordinator Coach Lee Lamb Assistant Coach Carrie Okuhara

Christina Chun Elissa Ji ’09 Kendal Kagawa Michele LaPorte Krista Lizardi Nicole Mau Malia McGuinness Danielle Miyamoto Tiffany Sakamoto Ashley Shiroma ’09 Capri Tirrell




Miho Arai ’09 Alex Chu ’09 Shuilina Wu ’09

Janelle Chang ’09 Nathan Choy ’09

Brandon Oshiro ’09

INSPIRATIONAL ATHLETE AWARD Elissa Ji ’09 Eric Weinhardt ’09

GRADE SCHOOL STUDENT ATHLETES OF THE YEAR 8th Grade Kauila Chock 7th Grade Jake Suyemoto 6th Grade Travis Baguio 5th Grade Maya Rodriguez-Chang





Maryknoll Spartans 2009 Division II State Champions First Round Makua Lani 11-3

Quarterfinals #3 Waipahu 6-5

Semi-finals #2 St. Anthony 12-10

Championship #1 Kaua‘i (defending champion) 3-2

Maryknoll denies Kaua‘i in DII Arakaki’s RBI single in seventh gives Spartans first state crown, 3-2 Kyle Sakamoto, Honolulu Advertiser

Photos courtesy

Honolulu Advertiser, May 10, 2009. Reprinted with permission. Don’t let Maryknoll’s record fool you. These Spartans scrapped and battled with the best of ‘em in Division II baseball and are walking away with the state championship. Maryknoll scored the winning run on Joshua Arakaki’s two-out single in the bottom of the seventh to beat defending champion Kaua‘i, 3-2, yesterday in the final of the Wally Yonamine Foundation/HHSAA Division II State Baseball Championships at Les Murakami Stadium. “I think all the coaches are floating on a cloud right now,” Maryknoll coach Kevin Uyehara said. Maryknoll (6-14) finished 2-14 in the Interscholastic League of Honolulu season, but won all four state tournament games. Craig Shoji, a 5-foot-4 mighty mite, pitched a five-hitter despite taking a vicious liner off his right thigh in the fourth inning. “It hit me in the leg,” said Shoji, a junior. “It didn’t bother me much. Just the will to win and the heart to win pushed me through, and the support of all my teammates.” The Spartans’ winning rally in the seventh started after the first two batters struck out. Tyler Todd then singled to shortstop and Shoji followed with a single to right. Arakaki hit the first pitch off the second baseman’s glove and into right field. Todd slid in safely just ahead of the throw. “I never thought it was going to come down to me in the bottom of the seventh with two outs and runners on base,” said Arakaki, a senior shortstop. “I’m glad it did. I’m glad I pulled it off.” Arakaki had been 0 for 3 prior to the at-bat and struck out looking in the fifth. “I did talk to him in the dugout (after the strikeout) and told him you’re going to have another chance,” Uyehara said. “This is your time. He had his chance and he came through.” It was Maryknoll’s first state baseball title. This was the second year of the DII state tournament. “A lot of people had negative thoughts,” Shoji said. “Everyone who said we couldn’t be here, we proved them wrong. We can be here and we can win.” continued on next page

Spring 2010


SPORTS REPORT Maryknoll Spartans State Champions continued

Photos courtesy

And the Spartans toppled a Red Raiders’ team that had dominated its foes over the past two state tournaments. Kaua‘i, the No. 1 seed and Kaua‘i Interscholastic Federation champion, had outscored its previous two tournament opponents, 23-2, and both games lasted five innings because of the mercy rule. “It’s good being here, but it’s hard to swallow, you come this far,” Kaua‘i coach Hank Ibia said. “Somebody gotta win and somebody gotta lose.” Kaua‘i (11-4-1) scored in the top of the first after Dustin Prem led off with a double to left-center, advanced to second on a bunt by Kaylen Wakumoto and scored on Jordan Leanio’s ground out to first. Maryknoll tied it at 1-1 in the bottom of the inning, but missed out for more when an illegal slide was called on a Spartans’ base runner after a force play at the plate. Kyle Hirata hit a bases-loaded single to left, scoring Arakaki. Maryknoll took a 2-1 lead in the fourth on a safety squeeze. With two runners in scoring position and one out, David Nishiki bunted back to the pitcher and Hirata came in as the throw went to first for the out. Kaua‘i tied it 2-2 in the fifth on Prem’s ground-rule double to right, which scored Lanan Rice-Kashima.



DIVISION-II ALL-TOURNAMENT TEAM C - Lanan Rice-Kashima, Kaua‘i 1B - Jordan Leanio, Kaua‘i 2B - Scott Rapanot, Moloka‘i 3B - Dalton Miyasato, Kaua‘i SS - Matthew McCraney, St. Anthony OF - Matthew Guzman, Maryknoll OF - Tyler Todd, Maryknoll OF - Devin Fujioka, HPA U - Tryton Gante, Waipahu P - Craig Shoji, Maryknoll P - Jarrett Stinger, St. Anthony P - Jenson Koga, Kaua‘i Most Outstanding Player: Craig Shoji, Maryknoll


Class of 2009 Graduates Honored VALEDICTORIAN AWARD


Geraldine Ribao

Ross Nakahara







Simen Sam

Richard Fong

Janelle Ho

Tracy Yen







Geraldine Ribao

Amy Fisk

UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII AT MANOA The Maryknoll Cup is awarded to the graduate who best personifies the spirit of Maryknoll School’s motto “Noblesse Oblige”

DEPAUL UNIVERSITY The Mother Mary Joseph Rogers Award honors the foundress of the Maryknoll Sisters and recognizes the senior class woman best exemplifying good will and sensitivity toward the needs of fellow students and the Maryknoll Community.


Chasen St. Onge UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, RENO The Bishop James A. Walsh Award honors one of the co-founders of the Maryknoll Fathers and is awarded to the student who displays outstanding character, leadership ability and concern for others.


Ross Nakahara UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII AT MANOA The Christopher Award is presented to the senior who has demonstrated those qualities which mark one as a contemporary Christopher, a person who gives tangible evidence to Christian principles in everyday activities.


Janie Moon UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA The Father John Murray Award honors a former associate of Sacred Heart Parish and recognizes the graduating senior who has, in the tradition of Father Murray, provided unselfish assistance in serving fellow students and the Maryknoll Community.


Chad Kealoha UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC The Chi Rho Award is given to the graduating senior who has displayed growth in personal integrity and Christian outreach.

Spring 2010



75th Graduating Class Attending colleges at: California State University, East Bay Carleton College Central Arizona College Chaminade University of Honolulu Concordia University Creighton University DePaul University Dixie College University of Evansville George Mason University



University of Hawaii at Hilo University of Hawaii at Manoa University of Hawaii at West Oahu Hawaii Pacific University Hawaii Tokai International College Kapiolani Community College Leeward Community College Loyola Marymount University University of Nevada, Las Vegas University of Nevada, Reno

New York University Oregon State University University of Oregon Pacific University University of the Pacific University of Pennsylvania Pima Community College University of Portland University of Puget Sound San Diego State University

University of San Francisco Santa Barbara City College Santa Clara University Seattle University Sophia University (Tokyo) University of Southern California Washington State University University of Washington Whittier College Windward Community College

Teachers Leave: Kateri Inglis by Krystal Sales ’09 Editor-in-Chief, Chi Rho Knoller Chi Rho Knoller, 3rd Trimester 2009. Reprinted with permission.


he’s very intelligent, supportive, healthy, fun, and very kind. Her expandable knowledge and ability to connect very well with students makes her well-liked amongst many here at Maryknoll. However, after 37 years of teaching, English teacher Mrs. Kateri Inglis has decided to step down from her long and successful career as a teacher. Many students and teachers enjoy having Mrs. Inglis around, and feel that she is an important asset to the quality education that Maryknoll bestows upon their students. Since 1972, Mrs. Inglis has taught almost every English course that Maryknoll has had to offer. She has taught World Literature I and II, Women’s Writers, Human Development, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, World Poetry, American Literature I and II, and many more, as well as other courses including Psychology, Theology, and even a Buddhist Meditation class. When asked about her favorite class to teach, Mrs. Inglis replied, “I enjoy teaching Women’s Writers, AP Literature Composition and AP Language Composition the most. I feel that those classes were more challenging for me as an educator to teach. I also enjoy the positive participation and responses from the students.” Throughout her years teaching here, Inglis says that Maryknoll’s sense of community and support are the two important things that she

enjoyed and admired the most. She recalls a story in which Maryknoll really showed that sense of ‘ohana to her. She recalls that in 1974 when her first child Daniel was born, life for her and her husband was a little difficult at the time. However, the Maryknoll community showed love and grace by surprising her with six baby showers. In these six different baby showers, she was supplied many necessities, including diapers, blankets, and rice cookers. “The kids here have been extremely incredible. The constant support from both students and faculty were just positively overwhelming. The students are the reasons why I enjoy my job. As for the faculty, I have made so many lifelong friends here,” she said. After 37 years of teaching, Inglis has really left a positive impact on so many lives here at Maryknoll. “Of course I will miss Maryknoll. I will miss interacting with many of the students and faculty. I will definitely come back to visit from time to time.” Although she is retiring from teaching, she is not letting retirement slow her down. This very youthful woman will continue to live up her healthy lifestyle. In the summer, she has plans to hike up the Dolomite Mountains in Northern Italy. She is also planning to run a half marathon in June. These will be in addition to the many exciting adventures she has already encountered during her life. Aside from the hard-core, fun, healthy lifestyle, Mrs. Inglis also plans to start watching her grandson, La‘a, two times a week. Mrs. Inglis is still going to live her life and taking it day by day. Her legacy as a wonderful teacher, mentor, colleague, and friend will never be forgotten. Thank you Mrs. Inglis for all that you have done! You will be missed greatly!

Teachers Leave: Frankie Lucas

by Davin Nagamine Chi Rho Knoller, 3rd Trimester 2009. Reprinted with permission.


rs. Frankie Lucas, an English teacher who has been teaching at Maryknoll High School since 1979, retired at the end of the 2008-2009 school year. She has been teaching at Maryknoll for 30 years and all that time she has been educating and bettering high school students in their English knowledge. Mrs. Lucas taught a variety of English classes ranging from World Literature to a college writing class. Her favorite classes were AP Literature and Writing for College. Mrs. Lucas earned her Master’s degree for English from the University of Hawaii and then started working at Maryknoll. She said that she started teaching English and literature because she loves reading books and loves literature. She also loves teaching children - especially teenagers. She doesn’t have an exact favorite author because it changes from time to time. She has many great memories that she has gathered from the 30 years here at Maryknoll. But, Mrs. Lucas’ proudest moment was when the school literary magazine, The Toad, won the National Council of Teacher’s highest award in the nation while she was the adviser. After she retires, Mrs. Lucas will be having fun with her friends and family. She is going to move to Eugene, Oregon for at least one or two years. But she will be flying back and forth between the mainland and Hawaii. Spring 2010


Career Day 2009 Rogers Hall, High School Campus April 30, 2009

Stephen Florino, keynote speaker Robert Kekaula

(L to R)

Brad Heatherly

Brenda Dung Wong ’77

Dr. Theresa Wee ’72

Nick Kim ’01

Kai Chang ’85

Tammy Yano Kubo ’83

Rich Meiers ’91

Carlin Yamashita ’01

Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66, Angela Lo ’87

Greg Wong ’94, Wes Wong ’01, Carlin Yamashita ’01, Nick Kim ’01

Dr. Theresa Wee ’72, Stella Wong ’68, Betsey Hughes Gunderson ’68

Katy Parsons ’05



Laine Skiendiel ’68

Coach Tim “Lanky” Morill


10th Annual Family Bowl-A-Rama Aiea Bowl July 12, 2009

(L to R) Kathy Abreu Miyamoto ’95, Greg Wong ’94. Eve Yeung ’94, Craig Watson ’99, Brian Miyamoto, Aarin Gross, Robb Bonnell

Alumni Coordinator Lloree Gamiao, Bowl-A-Rama Co-chair Michael DeMattos ’83, Fran DeMattos

Hirokazu Sasaki , Joshua Bosworth-Cadinha, Wyatt Pedro, Ian Moracco, Conrad Chong

(L to R)

BOWLING SPONSORS MAROON SPONSOR Hawaii Medical Assurance Association GOLD SPONSOR American Coating Company Bank of Hawaii - Kevin Higa ’99 Jim Hiramatsu ’75 Honolulu Zoo Society The Old Spaghetti Factory McKinley Motor Services, Inc. Bale - Trung Lam ’99 DeMattos Ohana Sea Life Park Hawaii KCCN FM100 Maui Taco’s - Mark & Judy Ellman Stratacom - Kerry Lam ’76 Dave & Buster’s StorSecure Kapolei Jamba Juice Zippy’s

Eric Chong ’85, Ashley Hung, Claude McDowell, Michael DeMattos ’83, Elden Esmeralda ’82, Corinne Yamane ’85, Bentley Kam

(L to R)

Special Thanks CHAIRPERSON Jared Kaufmann ’58

CO-CHAIR Michael DeMattos ’83 Aiea Bowl

Jared Kaufmann ’58, Brandon Ferreira ’99, Michael Kaufmann ’99, Trung Lam ’99, Cristofer Baptiste ’02, Brandon Lam ’02

(L to R)

Spring 2010


18th Annual FORE! Maryknoll Golf Tournament STEERING COMMITTEE


Lori Kern Carlos ’87 Mark Conching ’83 Douglas Ferreira ’63 Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66 Michael Ho ’57 Patricia Chu Ho ’57 Kerry Lam ’76 Charlene Wong Lum ’60 Jerry Pang ’56 Mara Saito ’84 Naomi Saito Lori Ann Saunders Claire Tong Michelle Arakawa Ushio ’81

Melvin Agena Gene Albano Anheuser Busch Sales of Hawaii Armstrong Produce Asia Manoa Big City Diner Blooming Pot Body Glove Cruises Bryan Clay Foundation C.S. Wo & Sons, Ltd. Central Pacific Bank Lin Ann Chang ’81 Scott Collins Attorney at Law Coca-Cola Bottling Company Mr. and Mrs. Charles & Suzie Cooke D. Otani Produce Dave & Busters Department of Land & Natural Resources DH 2 Construction Division Two Varsity Baseball Dole Food Corp Doug Ferreira ’63 Gary Dworshak Edward Enterprise Eggs Hawaii - Debra Shimabukuro ’80 Ewa Beach Golf Course ET Graphics First Hawaiian Bank Fort Ruger Market - Loren Pulice ’83 GBC Inc. GEICO Golden Duck Michael Jay Green Angie Golis-Yamamoto Hansen Sales Hawaii Coffee Company Hawaii Kai Golf Course Hawaii Self Storage Hawaii State Golf Association Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union Hikari Shiatsu Hilton Hawaiian Village Holiday Inn Waikiki


Straub - An affiliate of Hawaii Pacific Health SPARTAN SPONSORS

DH 2 Construction Galen Enterprise, LLC - Galen Ho ’63 Kerry & Bernie Lam ’76 Marians Island Wide Catering - James Harada Rasko Supply Xerox MAJOR DONORS

ABM Family of Services American Coating Company - Jim Hiramatsu ’75 Dennis Uniform Gabriel W.C. Ma, MD Mr. & Mrs. Richard Yu Pacific Transfer, LLC - Alvin Tanaka S & M Sakamoto Inc. Title Guaranty - David Pietsch STUDENT TEAM SPONSORS

Cades Schutte - Gino Gabrio Maryknoll School - PTG Mikel Inc. - Michael Guimond ’95 Pacific Transfer, LLC - Alvin Tanaka



Honolulu Advertiser Jed Inouye It’s Mine Jack in the Box Jade Properties - Darryll W. Mattos James Perry, Pacific Island Auto Sales Ka‘anapali Golf Resort Ko Olina Golf Club Longs Drugs Marian’s Islandwide Catering Manoa Barbershop MC Consulting - Mark Conching ’83 Merrill Lynch Mimi’s Alterations Miramar at Waikiki Oahu One Credit Union Olomana Golf Links Pacific Beach Hotel - Oceanarium Restaurant Pacific Island Auto Sales, Inc. Jerry Pang ’56 Panya Bakery Paradise Beverages Polynesian Cultural Center ProSec LLC Safeway School Kine Cookies Servco - Rod Saunders Shiatsu Therapist of Nuuanu Sodexo Stephen Soares ’85 & Irma Baptiste StorSecure - Kapolei Stratacom Straub - An affiliate of Hawaii Pacific Health Claire Tong Treetops Restaurant Volvo Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa Ward Centers Watanabe Bakery M/M Alfred Wong Y.Hata & Co. Kenneth Yamashita Yanagi Sushi Aaron Yoo

18th Annual FORE! Maryknoll Golf Tournament Ewa Beach Golf Club July 16, 2009

(L to R) Jo-Ann Morisato, Gail Yamashita, Sara Harrison, Michelle Arakawa Ushio ’81, Shana Campos Tong ’83, Joy Higa

President Perry Martin, Dr. Gabriel Ma

Fred Wong, Greg Wong ’94, Emilly Wong McCollum ’91, Kevin Higa ’99, Michael Higa, Brian Higa ’97

(L to R)

Eric Chong ’85, Herbert Chong ’52, Kai Chang ’85

Kerry Lam ’76, Rick Moad ’74, Trevor Lam

Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66

Spring 2010


ALUMNI WEEK Golf Tournament continued

(top row) Greg Larsen ’81, Marty Silva ’81, Carlton (bottom row) Kevin Ramirez ’81, Lin Ann Chang ’81,

Higa Stephanie Choo ’81

Edwina Siu ’57, Ernesto Bonilla ’57, Patricia Ho ’57

Jimmy Borges, Lucile Smith Mistysyn ’37

Kevin Higa ’99

Galen Ho ’63, Yvonne Usita Morris ’63, Jim Morris



Golf Tournament continued

Russell Siu, Paul Chinen ’57, Tad Ono

Jim Hoban, Damien Enright ’99, Sean Hoban ’93

(L to R) Cynthia Lai, Lucile Smith Mistysyn ’37, Pattie Wong Heatherly ’66, Michael Ho ’57

Greg Wong ’94

Jay Kanegawa, Dan Holt, Rendy Borg

Spring 2010


Photos courtesy

ALUMNI WEEK Alumni Achievement Award 2009 Roberta Chang ’49 spent much of her time immersed in social work, serving as a Maryknoll missionary for 11 years - seven of which were in Korea. After returning to Hawaii, she worked as a social worker for the state and later became a legislative assistant to Sen. Daniel Inouye, researching social and health issues concerning immigrants. Since retirement, her many activities continue to center around research on the development of the Korean Community in Hawaii. She is the author of The Koreans in Hawaii: A Pictorial History, 19032003. Roberta also directed and produced several video documentaries including The Korean American Epic: Kook Min Hur, The Korean National Association of Hawaii, which documented the lives of women who achieved milestones in the history of Korean social service. Roberta’s commitment to social service is a testament to living the Maryknoll spirit of Noblesse Oblige. We commend her ability to not only learn and empathize with a people’s challenges in life, but also her dedication to service through education and reform.

Dr. Robert Young ’59 was a Maryknoll School “lifer” and consistent honor student from kindergarten through his senior year. He was always a friendly, caring, unassuming person with marked leadership ability, clear personal goals and consistent academic excellence. Robert went to medical school at Georgetown and Yale and also studied law while at Georgetown. Robert has also been an activist for consumer protection in his work at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, involved in the Laetrile drug controversy, government reform issues and in the formation of a union. He was President of the Medical and Dental Officers Association of the Food and Drug Administration and Local 282, National Treasury Employees Union. Robert is married to Virginia Lum ’72. They have three children and reside in Bethesda, Maryland.

Alumni Emeritus Award 2009 The Alumni Emeritus Award is to recognize exceptional Maryknoll alumni who have dedicated years of selfless service and who have made significant contributions to the Alumni Association and Maryknoll School. The awardee is also:  An inspiring role model who has dedicated himself/herself with a decade or more of selfless service in the spirit of Noblesse Oblige.  A person of outstanding character who demonstrates concern for others, courage of faith and beliefs, integrity and honesty.  A person of exceptional generosity who has shared his/her time, talent and treasure. Ted Candia ’46 provided the vision and leadership in establishing the Maryknoll Alumni Association. When his daughters enrolled at Maryknoll, he saw the need to establish a strong alumni association to keep graduates connected with the school. Along with Fred Lum ’44, Gordon Chun ’42 and Sister Dolores Rosso, Ted formed an alumni executive committee to build the Alumni Association. Within three years, the association increased fundraising, started a regular alumni newsletter, formed a booster club supporting Maryknoll athletics, created alumni events such as the alumni/varsity basketball game, alumni banquet and annual luau. Ted’s outstanding contributions are examples of his generous and caring spirit - a living example of Noblesse Oblige.

Sister Dolores Rosso, M.M. devoted decades of service to Maryknoll School and the Alumni Association. She was a teacher for 22-years. After that, she served on the executive committee to form the Alumni Association and in 1971, became the first, full-time executive director of the association. Sister helped compile the first alumni class directory, prepared the alumni newsletter, helped organize alumni events and school fundraisers. For all her work and accomplishments, Sister Dolores was the first non-alum to be named an honorary alumni member in 1979. When the original Alumni Association became inactive, she volunteered to be in the planning group that formed the current alumni association. Sister Dolores has been an inspiration of selfless service. Her professional life has been given in service to the students and alumni of Maryknoll School. She has influenced thousands of graduates with her commitment to God and for her compassionate love for Maryknoll School.



10th Annual Alumni Week Class Dinner Hawaii Prince Hotel • July 18, 2009

Class of 1937 Lucile Smith Mistysyn

Class of 1946 (Seated) Mary Machado, Ted Candia, Lorraine Chang Bachran (Standing) Donald Machado, Garrett Yanagi, Henry Kam

Class of 1949 (Seated) Robert Dunaway, Roberta Chang, Doris Kamioka Dudley (Standing) Helen Uchida Yano, Beatrice Iwamoto Jost, Leonis Hee Karratti

Class of 1953 Shirley Hayashi, Betty Doi Gomes, Eva Chang Matayoshi, Jean Uyeda Leong (Standing L to R) Vernon Young, Charlotte Soares Simmons, Gordon Leong (Seated L to R)

Spring 2010


10th Annual Alumni Week Class Dinner Hawaii Prince Hotel • July 18, 2009

Class of 1954 Douglas Ching, Nina Kealiiwahamana Rodrigues Rapozo, Genevieve Lee Greene, Betty Lee Chang, Fred Chang (L to R)

Class of 1957 (Seated) Lorraine Shirai Maeda, Velma (Standing) Gordon Tom, Paul Chinen

Class of 1956 (Seated) Jeanette Lum Chun, Darleen (Standing) Ronald Chun, Jerry Pang


Class of 1958 Lujan Young, Sadie Mau Lew

Edwina Cordeiro Lee, Jared Kaufmann

Class of 1959 Merrilee Barkus Murphy, Robert Young, Patty Rapoza Robb, Willy Crozier, Fabiana Baquering Crozier, Marcella Simon, Roger Simon, Lorrie Young Lee, Myrna Wong, Claire Murakami Dang (Standing L to R) Rennette Wright Miller, Cliff Miller, Peter Robb, Janice Aguiar Perreira, Gary Choy, Tina Choy, Mike Kekina, Vivian Kekina, Edison Kwock, Gerry Gonsalves Kahale, Julia Hao Neumann, Jerry Neumann, Glenn Dang (Seated L to R)



10th Annual Alumni Week Class Dinner Hawaii Prince Hotel • July 18, 2009

Class of 1960 (Seated) Diane Jeremiah Rittmeister, Charlene Wong Lum (Standing) Leocadia Kaopuiki Naone, Monica Teves Souza

Class of 1964 Sung Song Yamabe, Audrey Kong Lee, Audrey Nakagaki Tanaka, Brenda Lum, Cary Jane Miller, Sandra Freitas Peltzer, Carol Ann Lum, Sr. Dolores Rosso (Standing L to R) Rodney Yamabe, Frank Lum, Darlene Tsuny Nakago, Waley Kwock, Francis Nakago, Russell Donnelly, Anne Lucas Chung, Leslie Chung, Wayne Lovell, Noho Lovell, Michael Lum (Seated L to R)

Class of 1970

Wayne Haberman, Cora Choy Haberman

Class of 1974

Vanya Rapozo Kelai, Lynn McClusky Spring 2010


10th Annual Alumni Week Class Dinner Hawaii Prince Hotel • July 18, 2009

Class of 1979 Christian Beattie, Janell Goo Beattie, Dana Ann Yee, Nina Rapozo Bourke, Brian Zweber, Nadine Luke Cho, Joy Soares ’89, Frank Boyer

Class of 1980s & 1990s (L to R) Joy Soares ’89, Eve Yeung ’94, Collette Kaufmann ’91, Shana Campos Tong ’83, Chris Mattos Loomis ’85

Class of 2004

Alyssa Oshiro, Gabriel Nojadera





Have anything you’d like to share? Graduations? Marriages? Births? Travels? Awards? Honors? Special occasions? Please share your stories with the Knoller by contacting your class representative or email Want to be a class rep? Contact our alumni coordinator Lloree Gamiao at

1937 Lucile I. Smith Mistysyn 955-0691 1955 Catherine S. Salado Wong 1957 Gordon K.K. Tom 1959 Hazel Doi Wong 1960 Leocadia Kaupuiki Naone 1961 Elliot Chamizo 1968 Sandi Asejo Campos 1975 Shauna Candia 1976 Lovelyn Mun Voorhees 1978 Pamela Gomez Murnane 1979 Nadine Luke Cho 1981 Michelle N. Arakawa Ushio 1986 Malia McLaughlin Zimmerman 1990 Sheri Kurashige Teves 1992 Christina Low 1994 Eve Yeung 1995 Tino Valdez 2000 Kenny Lindsay 2001 Lynn Chan 2002 Melisa Orozco 2003 Jason Kennedy 2004 Jessica Pang 2007 Jeremy Ramos

Class of 1954

Class of 1971

Capt. Linus G.K. Chock ’54 was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and inducted into the Gallery of Heroes at the Hawaiian Army Museum at Fort

The 38th reunion launched in San Mateo, California on Sept. 17, 2009 at the elegant and spacious home of Kathryn Tsushima and her husband Dan Keller. “Mainland” classmates Isabel Wu, Georgianna Honea Pena-Kues, Darlene Fong Metter, husband John Metter and Debbie Ichiriu husband Dennis Tojo, joined Kathryn and Dan in a night of reminiscing, getting re-acquainted, great storytelling, sumptuous food and drink amid a ton of laughter.

Capt. Linus G.K. Chock ’54

DeRussy in April 2009. Chock was killed in November 1966 in Vietnam. With his fighter plane, he attacked a Viet Cong strongpoint and drew their fire away from a U.S. Army battalion that was pinned down. His plane was shot down on his third pass. Capt. Chock served with the 183rd Aviation Company, 223rd Combat Support Aviation Battalion. The Distinguished Service Cross is the second highest decoration in the U.S. Army.

The 10th annual Alumni Class Dinner July 2009 at the Hawaii Prince Hotel. (Seated) Nina Rodrigues Rapozo ’54, Betty Lee Ontai Chang ’54. (Standing) Fred Chang ’54, Sister Dolores Rosso, Douglas Ching ’54

Darlene Fong Metter ’71, Isabel Wu ’71, John Metter, Kathryn Tsushima ’71, Georgiana Honea Pena-Kues ’71

(L to R)

Dim Sum lunch on Friday at the Koi Palace in South San Francisco was a special treat for all. After lunch, part of the reunion party migrated to Calistoga, in beautiful Napa Valley. Home-base was the breathtaking home of Susan Wynne-Piters and her husband Kenneth, located in the middle of a lush “ready to harvest” vineyard filled with cabernet and merlot grapes! Saturday, SF Bay area classmates rejoined the group. The dream-like journey continued with a tour of Castello di Amarosa, a rebuilt authentic Italian castle (14 years in the making!)/winery. It was a step back into the Middle Ages (hmm... wasn’t that Mr Keuss?). The castle tour was followed by a private wine tasting then a personalized tour and wine tasting at Twomey Vineyards. Last but not least was a tour of the Piters Vineyards. After a long hard day of fun the exhausted reunion party, found themselves re-energized by the exquisite cuisine at Tra Vigne restaurant and Piters Totem Ridge Vineyard Reserve Wines! All in all a fabulous experience!

Spring 2010



Front row: Dennis Tojo. Middle row: (L to R) Darlene Fong Metter ’71, Georgianna Top row: Susan Wynne-Piters ’71, Kathryn Tsushima ’71, Dan Keller

Honea Pena-Kues ’71, Debbie Ichiriu ’71, John Metter

Class of 1984

Class of 1986

With the recent passing of one of our dear classmate, Cornwell Ciacci, a number of ’84 mates attended his services at Sacred Hearts Church. A few even came from San Francisco, Las Vegas, Wisconsin and Maui to be together. Mahalo to Randal Chong ’84 who offered his home for us to gather and celebrate our 25th reunion (below), sharing memories of the “good old days” and remembering our dear friend “Corn”.

Kaleo Keolanui ’86, director of security at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa, won the Elwood J. McGuire Award at the 25th Annual Law Enforcement/ Security Appreciation Luncheon in October 2009. The late Elwood J. McGuire is remembered for fostering a close working relationship with federal, state, and local agencies. The award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a similar commitment to working with representatives from law enforcement, private security, or criminal justice.

(Standing) Agnes Leung Demarke ’84, Donna Souza Hoeft ’84 (Seated) Lisa Wong-Yamamoto ’84 and Andrea Young Takemoto ’84. We got together to catch up with each other and enjoyed lunch.

Class of 2005 Angelica Zabanal ’05 graduated last summer from Stanford University with the degree of Bachelor of Arts majoring in Political Science with Honors.



In Memoriam Maryknoll Alumni November 2008 – November 2009


very year, Maryknoll School celebrates those who have passed on (alumni, Maryknoll Fathers, Sisters and friends) in the past year with a special mass. In November, we remembered 30 from the Maryknoll ‘ohana.































Spring 2010


My Friend Pio by Dave Mills ’88


io and I started at Maryknoll in 1984 - Mr. Stepp’s summer school class. His strengths were writing poetry, music, and loved to sing his way in and out of class. Pio loved to call me a haole and I wasn’t stupid enough to call him something back. He was big and tough but he always treated me well. I went up against him my junior year in both football and basketball. The happiest days of my life were his recruiting trips which typically happened during the week. After high school, he went to San Diego State and I went to University of Dayton, Ohio. When he was drafted by the Browns, I saw him play his rookie year and he visited me at college. He was larger than life! I remember walking him around the campus and we would laugh about being yelled at by Coach Tony Sellitto just four short years ago. We grew up so much between then. However, I remember both of us agreeing that Coach was the biggest inspiration in our lives to that point. Pio signed autographs and talked with people about playing for the Browns. Most pros would never do that, but Pio was a fan of people, much more than they were a fan of football. I saw Pio twice more when the Browns played the Redskins in DC. We made him a Hawaiian style dinner a day before the game. Here was an NFL player with slippers and shorts in my living room! I saw him a few times after that and he always remained the same - joking, laughing and smiling like a child. Who could forget his smile and his side-to-side walk. Outside of my father and Coach Sellito, Pio was the greatest inspiration of my life. He taught me not to take life serious. He taught me to use humor as a way around tough and stressful times. I think I inherited his smile when I wore his number 32 my senior year. I believe I am who I am today because of the three great years I spent with Pio - getting my butt kicked, being teased, but most of all, feeling his love because that what’s he gave you as a friend. Mahalo Pio - you will be missed but your legacy, and smile, will always be here. Pio Sagapolutele ’87 passed away in Chandler, Arizona on June 7, 2009 after suffering a brain aneurysm. He was born in American Samoa, grew up in Kuhio Park Terrace, and made his way to the NFL, enjoying a seven-year career with the Browns, Patriots and Saints. He played in Super Bowl XXXI, but says his fondest NFL memory - his first game. “I was playing for the Browns and I remember sitting on the field stretching in the pre-game, thinking about growing up in Kalihi...and how far I had come.” Pio was 39-years old. He is survived by his wife Yvonne and four children.



34th Annual Luau Maryknoll Community Center November 7, 2009 Mahalo Nui Loa! Our luau is all about our ‘ohana coming together in celebration of this time-honored tradition. This year, we are able to bring the luau home for the first time in our brand new gym. Our day was filled with fun and fellowship because of a group effort. Heartfelt thanks to all our volunteers, parents, students, faculty and staff who shared their time, talents, and treasures with us in making this day unforgettable! Special thanks to our super volunteers: Brenda Wong ’77, Committee Co-Chair Esther Abbey ’73 Stacy & Keith Nakano Brenda Ballesteros-Miyashiro Sharon Ong Merv & Waynette Cabral Betty Robello-Steljes ’66 Stephanie Conching Kelsie Saiki Josh Dela Luna ’12 Sybil Saito Verna Ferreria ’53 Kalene & Karl Sakamoto Cora Gushikuma’73 Glen Shiroma High School Advisories Renee & Milton Tengan Christy Lau ’99 Tusi Toomata-Mayer Darrel Lau Michelle Ushio ’81 Carin Lim Deb Wong Adrianne Liongsan ’11 D’wayne Wong Pansy Ma Kent Yamasaki Linda Mizuguchi Rebecca Yoshikawa Pat Mukai

Pali Tuan Kaaihue ’89

Betsey Hughes Gunderson ’68, Darryll D.M. Wong ’68, Leann Martin, Devon Gunderson, Perry Martin, Dr. Thomas Kosasa

Mailani Makainai ’98

(Seated L to R) Fredric Lum ’44, Mark (Standing L to R) Pauline Lum, Andrew

(L to R)

(L to R)

Lum, Francis Lum Lum, Patrick Lum

Shana Campos Tong ’83, Aspen-Marie Tong

Della Au Belatti ’92, Lance Suzuki, Darcie Au Kawamura ’90, Reece Kawamura

Spring 2010


Holiday Homecoming Clarence T.C. Ching Gymnasium @ Maryknoll Community Center December 28, 2009

(L to R) Wes Wong

’01, Matt Suyderhoud ’01, Carlin Yamashita ’01, Brendan Higa ’01, Daniel Sabin, Jamie Tomita ’01

Juli Borges, Colleen Yoda Liu ’75, Shana Campos Tong ’83, Lynne Taniguchi Watanabe ’69, Darcie Au Kawamura ’90

(L to R)

(L to R)


Stephanie Conching

Evanson Chang, Nicole Thommes ’99, Cade Darryll Santos ’99, Sean Hoban ’93, Lynn Chan ’01, Jamie Tomita ’01, Sean McGirr ’99, Daniel Sabin, Damien Enright ’99



ALUMNI GIVING 2008 - 2009 TOP TEN CLASSES BY PERCENTAGE OF PARTICIPATION Class of 1937 . . . . . . . . . 100.00%

Class of 1954 . . . . . . . . . . 36.00%

Class of 1938 . . . . . . . . . . 40.00%

Class of 1958 . . . . . . . . . . 29.31%

Class of 1942 . . . . . . . . . . 38.89%

Class of 1946 . . . . . . . . . . 26.09%

Class of 1945 . . . . . . . . . . 38.46%

Class of 1957 . . . . . . . . . . 22.41%

Class of 2001 . . . . . . . . . . 38.46%

Class of 1959 . . . . . . . . . . 22.39%

TOP CLASSES BY NUMBER OF CONTRIBUTORS Class of 1954 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Class of 1960 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Class of 1958 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

Class of 1965 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Class of 1959 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

Class of 1946 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Class of 1966 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Class of 1952 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

Class of 1957 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Class of 1964 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11



Class of 1963. . . . . . . . . . $19,100

Class of 1956. . . . . . . . . . . $3,560

Class of 1981. . . . . . . . . . $12,330

Class of 1969. . . . . . . . . . . $3,530

Class of 1955. . . . . . . . . . . $5,560

Class of 1966. . . . . . . . . . . $3,445

Class of 1970. . . . . . . . . . . $5,300

Class of 1954. . . . . . . . . . . $3,435

Class of 1975. . . . . . . . . . . $3,801

Class of 1968. . . . . . . . . . . $3,263

Dear Maryknoll Supporters: Charitable giving is part of Maryknoll’s moral fabric. Thank you for being part of a generous community enabling us to focus resources and effort toward issues we care about. We all understand that this economy calls for careful consideration; it calls for new thinking and ideological collaboration. It is remarkable how you have responded to our unique needs. In my opinion, there is no other school that commits so much, so voluntarily, to help those in need. I realize that you have choices with your charitable giving and thank you for keeping Maryknoll School as a priority. I especially thank you for continuing to support Maryknoll in these difficult economic times, a time when each dollar counts heavily. I am optimistic about our future with a strong 21st century school that offers excellent student facilities, challenging curriculum that prepares students to be work -ready, financial aid for those in need, endowment growth for our future, and other student educational opportunities that produce future leaders. Because of your support, we have been able to meet all of our goals in both raised funds and giving participation for the fiscal year 2008-2009. Your support allowed almost 22% of our student body to receive the financial aid necessary to attend our school. Most notable is your generosity in helping us develop and fund the new Maryknoll Community Center and the exciting new programming opportunities it affords us. Lastly, your commitment has allowed us to attract and retain the very best educators in leadership of our children! As Winston Churchill said, “You make a living by what you make; you make a life by what you give.� I personally want to thank you for your kindness. Your generosity certainly reflects the spirit of Noblesse Oblige. Thank you for your continued support. I promise to be a good steward of each dollar. May God bless your generosity. Sincerely,

Perry Martin

Annual Giving Report 2008-2009


WAYS OF GIVING TO MARYKNOLL SCHOOL To contribute to Maryknoll School, or to create a new scholarship or gift, please call the Development Office at (808) 952-7310.

AIM FOR EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION The foundation for giving at Maryknoll is the ongoing yearly appeal. It raises funds to bridge the gap between tuition and the real cost of educating students at Maryknoll School. Annual giving is not just making a contribution. It’s about investing in the future of the institution and, above all, in each young person who is entrusted to our care.

LEGACY LEVELS OF GIVING Maryknoll values the ongoing commitment of its donors. We have established Legacy Levels of Giving to recognize cumulative levels of giving to Maryknoll, including all contributions to funds and appeals. NOBLESSE OBLIGE $200,000 and above MARYKNOLL MISSIONERS $100,000 - $199,999 SPARTAN $50,000 - $99,000 MARYKNOLL OHANA $25,000 - $49,000

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN The Capital Campaign is a drive to raise funds for building improvements, additions, and endowments. Large gift pledges are usually scheduled with payments over a period of years. Gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, and other negotiable securities are the most common types of contributions. Continued support of AIM and the Capital Campaign is vital to the financial well-being and future growth of Maryknoll School.

ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS A number of generous individuals have established endowed named scholarships. Restricted gifts may be made directly to these funds. Jerry & Mieko Beckers Scholarships The Beckers Scholarships are renewable, partial tuition awards for students who are entering middle school (grades 6, 7 and 8). Applicants must demonstrate financial need, academic achievement and involvement in extra-curricular activities. Earl Joseph & Ann York Gallian Memorial Scholarship Fund In 1993, Dr. Franklin Young ’60 established this scholarship at the request of Mr. and Mrs. Gallian, who became fond of our school through their lifelong friendship with Dr. Young. This scholarship is awarded every year to female high school students who demonstrate the potential to contribute significantly to Maryknoll’s extracurricular programs. Ho-Ching Scholarship Established in 2002 by Class of 1963 alumni Galen Ho and Patricia Ching Ho, this scholarship is awarded to students of good academic standing and financial need who have demonstrated leadership and service to the community. 56

Father James Jackson Endowed Scholarship In 1986, Father James Jackson, former associate pastor of Sacred Heart Church and School Chaplain, established a scholarship in memory of his mother, Clara Rose de Lima Calouri. This scholarship provides assistance to students demonstrating a willingness to contribute to the continued excellence of the Maryknoll family. Monsignor Charles A. Kekumano Scholarship Created in 1998 to honor the Monsignor who epitomized our Maryknoll School motto, Noblesse Oblige, “to whom much is given, much is expected,” this scholarship is funded by the proceeds from the Monsignor Charles Kekumano Scholarship Dinner. The Kekumano Scholarship is awarded annually to a returning Maryknoll junior or senior who demonstrates financial need, is Roman Catholic, has a solid academic record, and exemplified a spirit that takes the teachings of the Catholic faith and puts them into action by serving others, showing a keen interest in both the school and the greater community, and working toward the promotion of justice. Marie S. Lindo Scholarship Fund Marie S. Lindo passed away in August 2007. She believed in education and wanted the best for her three children, two of whom attended Maryknoll School. This scholarship was established by her daughter Paula Lindo Boyce ’63 to recognize and memorialize the memory of Marie, and to make the opportunity for learning accessible to all children that come from single-parent families who have financial need. The Maryknoll Fathers’ Scholarship In 1998, a challenge gift of $100,000 was given to Maryknoll when the Maryknoll Fathers returned Sacred Heart Parish and the school to the care of the Diocese of Honolulu. This gift will help fund scholarships for Maryknoll students. The Andrew ’55 and Zosima Padilla Book Scholarship Fund The Andrew & Zosima Padilla Book Scholarship Fund was established in February 2005 to honor the memory of Andrew Padilla ’55 and his wife Zosima. Andrew always valued the education he received at Maryknoll and wanted to find a way to help students with their education. Their endowed scholarship will be used to aid needy students with the purchase of their books. Sacred Heart Parish Scholarship Established in 1998, this scholarship provides 50% tuition assistance to a newly-admitted middle school or high school student who is a member of Sacred Heart Parish. This student must be a practicing roman Catholic who demonstrates financial need, carries a minimum grade point average of 3.50, and is actively involved in community service or church-related activities. Rudolph A. and Ralph W. Sylva Scholarship Established in 2001 from the estate of Rudolph Sylva ’35, this scholarship is awarded annually to students with proven scholastic promise, with preference given to those of Hawaiian or partHawaiian ancestry. Vance O. Smith Endowed Scholarship In the 1980s, the Bishop Trust Company, Limited, as Trustee of the Vance O. Smith Trust, established this scholarship for

Maryknoll School. Mr. Smith had a special interest in social studies and history and willed his remaining trust assets to organizations established and operated exclusively for educational purposes. This scholarship is awarded to deserving students who display academic promise and financial need. Robert “Foxy” Thomas Scholarship Established in 1992, this scholarship is given in honor of Robert “Foxy” Thomas. Mr. Thomas was an avid sports enthusiast who admired the competitiveness of Maryknoll’s athletes, particularly in basketball, which led him to leave the bulk of his estate to fund this scholarship. The Robert “Foxy” Thomas Scholarship is awarded to students based on their demonstrated special qualities of leadership, scholarship, potential for contribution to the school’s co-curricular programs, and financial need.

RESTRICTED SCHOLARSHIPS Every year, Maryknoll receives funding from various individuals and organizations for scholarship awards. Ching Scholarship Created in 1996 by the Hung Wo and Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation, this scholarship is awarded to Maryknoll students who are citizens of the United States. DeFontes Scholarship Establisehd by Mrs. Georgia E. Blake Rice ’55, the DeFontes Scholarship is awarded to qualifying Maryknoll students. Father William Desmond Scholarship This scholarship was established in 1986 by families belonging to Sacred Heart Parish in honor of Father William Desmind, presiding pastor of Sacred Heart Church from 1981 to 1985. Father Francis Diffley Scholarship Established in 1998, this scholarship honors Father Francis Diffley, the last Maryknoll priest to serve as pastor of Sacred Heart Church and president of Maryknoll School. Maryknoll School Alumni Association Scholarship This scholarship was established in 2006 in memory of Karen Chinen. It is awarded to an exceptional graduating senior for the purpose of pursuing higher education or training. Maryknoll School Parent Teacher Guild Scholarship Every year, our Parent Teacher Guild generously donates portions of the proceeds from their successful fundraiser to support scholarship for students with financial need. St. Francis of Assisi / Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii Scholarship The St. Francis Scholarship is a renewable, partial tuition award for students who are applying to enter grades 7 through 12. The applicant must be a member of the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii who has actively participated in a clubhouse for at least one year, and who demonstrates financial need and scholastic promise. The Shirley Campos Uniform Fund This fund was established in 2005 to honor 31-year Maryknoll School secretary Shirley Campos for her dedication to our children and the school. This fund is to be used for families in need, to help them cover the cost of purchasing a school uniform.

SPECIAL GIFTS Restricted financial gifts for special programs, specific purchases or other needs within Maryknoll School not included in the budget for a given fiscal year come under this category. Special gifts benefit the school while addressing the particular interests of donors.

OTHER FORMS OF GIVING In addition to the above gifts, Maryknoll School also encourages other forms of giving as described below: Planned Giving Planned giving provides an opportunity for donors to support Maryknoll through deferred giving. Examples of such programs include bequests, life income plans, gifts subject to a retained life estate, gifts of life insurance, and charitable lead trusts. In addition, you can name Maryknoll in your will to help ensure the vitality of Maryknoll School for future generations of students. Planned giving may be discussed with Maryknoll’s Development office or the donor’s own financial advisor to determine personal application. Memorial and Named Gifts These gifts honor a family member, friend, or loved one and can be made to the school with the assistance of our Development Office. Gifts-in-Kind Any item that does not have a professional appraisal is considered a gift-in-kind. Donations of computers, office equipment, furniture and other items of value to Maryknoll are greatly appreciated. Acceptance of such items is subject to qualifications in our Gift Acceptance Policy, and usage and space constraints. Gifts of Service Parents, friends and businesses who offer their services to the school without remuneration are greatly valued by the Maryknoll family. Aloha Auto Auction Generous gifts of used automobiles provide additional money to our operating fund. The Development Office can answer questions about this program and make arrangements regarding donation. Mike McKenna’s “Spirit of Giving” for Education Program For every new car, truck, or van sold to parents or friends of Maryknoll, Mike McKenna will donate $100 to the school. Qualifying vehicles may be purchased at one of three locations: Mike McKenna’s Windward Ford, Mike McKenna’s Windward Volkswagen/Mazda, and McKenna Motor Cars in Kailua-Kona. The tuition crediting program at allows families to earn real-dollar rebates in the form of tuition credits for their online purchases. Each family can also benefit from the commissions earned by purchases made by their extended family and friends. There is no cast, term or obligation to the family, or their supporters, to participate in this program. For more information, visit

Annual Giving Report 2008-2009


Make a Match to Double Your Donation Many companies dedicated to charitable giving participate in a matching gift program. Yours could be one of them. To make the most of your gift to Maryknoll, ask your human resources department if your company has a matching gift program. If it does, fill out the form and return it to Maryknoll’s

Development & Alumni Office, according to your employer’s guidelines. Maryknoll School is grateful for the generosity of the companies who supported our 2008-2009 annual giving fund through matching gifts.



Annual Summary for the Fiscal Year September 1, 2008 through August 31, 2009 The donors listed in this report made gifts in support of Maryknoll School between September 1, 2008 and August 31. 2009. Gifts made after August 31, 2009 are credited to the 2009-2010 Annual Investment in Maryknoll (AIM) and will be recognized in next year’s report. We

have made every effort to be accurate in recognizing those who have done so much for Maryknoll. Please accept our sincere apologies for any errors or omissions. Feel free to contact the Development and Alumni Office at (808) 952-7310 so that we may correct our records.

ANNUAL SUMMARY Annual Investment in Maryknoll – AIM Unrestricted Gifts Gifts to Scholarship Gifts-in-Kind Fundraising Events 34th Annual Luau Kekumano Scholarship Dinner 18th Annual Golf Tournament PTG Fundraiser Endowment TOTAL GIVING FOR 2008-2009

$403,304 $66,724 $318 40,005 113,251 41,678 50,507 204,782 $ 920,589


Current Parent 20%

Alumni 24%

Administrator/ Faculty/Staff 6%

Friend/Formers 3% Grandparents 5% Corporations/ Foundations 12%

Board Member 27%

Annual Giving Report 2008-2009


Legacy Giving *Indicates those who have given gifts to AIM for 10 or more consecutive years. A special mahalo to these donors for their ongoing commitment to the students at Maryknoll School.




($200,000 and above)

($50,000 to $99,999)

($25,000 to $49,999)

Anonymous Bank of Hawaii Mr. Gerald William Beckers First Hawaiian Bank Foundation Friends of Maryknoll Harold K.L. Castle Foundation Hawaii Community Foundation Hung Wo and Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation Marielouise Abel Terminating Trust Mary D. and Walter F. Frear Eleemosynary Trust Maryknoll School PTG* Mrs. Nancy Hada Nakamura ’40 The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation Mr. Foxy Thomas Verizon Foundation*

MARYKNOLL MISSIONERS ($100,000 to $199,999)

Anonymous Atherton Family Foundation Catholic Diocese Mr. Paul Y. Chinen ’57* Mrs. Elizabeth Lau Ching Mrs. Juliette Y. Chock ’53 Earl Gallian Estate Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fergus Mr. and Mrs. James S. Hiramatsu ’75* Mr. Galen and Mrs. Patricia Ho ’63* Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel W.C. Ma Maryknoll Fathers Hawaii Pacific Century Financial Corporation Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James C. Wo 60

Alexander & Baldwin Inc. BHP Hawaii Dr. and Mrs. Malcom H.M. Chang Mr. Andrew W. Corcoran ’64 Dr. Collin ’61 and Dr. Mary Dang First Hawaiian Bank* G.N. Wilcox Trust Mr. Fukuyoshi Kawazoe Dr. and Mrs. Irwin K.M. Lee Mr. James G. Lee, Sr. McInerny Foundation Mrs. Lucile I. Mistysyn ’37* Mr. Dean ’72 and Mrs. Mayumi Miyamoto Ms. Henrietta A. Nobrega* Mr. Hirohita Ota ’93 and Mr. Junya Ota ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rodriguez Mrs. Edna Kozuma Shirai ’49 Mr. Jasen H. Takei The Edward E. Ford Foundation The Schuler Family Foundation Theo H. Davies Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C.S. Tsai Vance O. Smith Trust Rev. Theodore Vierra ’48* Mr. Stacey ’70 and Mrs. Lorena Wong Dr. Calvin and Mrs. Susan Wong ’66

Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Kuniaki Azuma Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Baker* Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Baptiste, Jr. Mr. Randy W.G. Ching Dr. Thomas A. Ching ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Chock Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Darcey Mr. Paul ’66 and Mrs. Rebecca de Ville Mrs. Miriam Desha Dowson ’39 Ernst & Young LLP Mr. Scott Finkboner ’62* Ms. Virginia Gonsalves ’38 HEI Charitable Foundation* Mr. and Mrs. Alan H.L. Ho Honolulu Chinese Junior Chamber of Commerce Foundation Dr. Worldster and Dr. Patricia ’61 Lee Mr. Stanford C. Lee ’75 Mitsunaga & Associates, Inc. Mr. James and Mrs. Yvonne ’63 Morris* Mrs. Karen T. Nakagaki Nakamura ’62 Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Monica ’83 Ng Pack Mr. and Mrs. Peter P.J. Ng Okada Trucking Co. Mrs. Alice P.S. Roberts* Mrs. Linda E. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Schuman Mr. David and Mrs. Valerie ’63 Sorensen The ABC Stores Mr. and Mrs. John K. Uekawa Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M.K. Wong, Esq.* Mr. and Mrs. Darryl P. Wong Dr. Livingston M.F. Wong ’48

Annual Gifts *Indicates those who have given gifts to AIM for 10 or more consecutive years. A special mahalo to these donors for their ongoing commitment to the students at Maryknoll School.

BENEFACTOR’S CIRCLE ($5,000 and above)

Anonymous G.N. Wilcox Trust Galen and Patricia Ho* Dr. Thomas and Mi Kosasa* Maryknoll School PTG* McInerny Foundation Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Cara-Ann ’81 Murray Nike Employee Matching Gift Stacey and Lorena Wong

BOARD CIRCLE ($2,500 to $4,999)

Hickam Chaplain Tithes and Offerings Fund J. Hiramatsu* Mrs. Darlene (DeMello) Sousa and Dr. Patrick J. Sousa Maureen and Albert Wong Mr. Warren ’71 and Mrs. Napualani Wong ’71 Mr. Bucky Yee ’55


Gino Gabrio Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Harrison Mr. Michael ’57 and Mrs. Patricia ’57 Ho Carolyn Dang Hong ’67* Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Inatsuka Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S.O. Lee ’42 Matson Navigation Company, Inc. Elliott C. Mattos Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. Jim and Yvonne Usita ’63 Morris Naval Station Religious Offering Fund Ms. Janet Mei Chi Ng ’78 Mr. Robert and Mrs. Betty ’55 Rice* Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rodriguez Linda E. Ross K. Saito Florence and Charles Shigeta* Brian, Karen & Rex Tajiri Cori Weston Alfred and Laurie Wong Mr. Kiman and Mrs. Brenda Wong ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Darryl P. Wong Darryll ’68 and Teresa ’69 Wong Susan Chong Wong Mr. and Mrs. Ken Yamashita

($1,000 to $2,499)

Mr. and Mrs. Eleuterio C. Arnobit, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bella Albert Chong Associates Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Jeanette ’56 Chun* Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii, Inc. Harrilynn-Joy Kameenui and Danilo Domingo Mrs. Mary Kathryn Kosco Farrell ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Fasi Alfred and Mary Ann Fernandes* Mr. and Mrs. Myles Fujiwara

PRINCIPAL’S CLUB ($500 to $999)

Walter Y. Arakaki, General Contractor, Inc. Janice and Mike Baker* Vim and Janine Balantac Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Cajski* Kimberly Carahasen ’87 Chevron Mr. and Mrs. Paul Y. Chinen ’57* Betty K. Chinen

Juliette S. Chock Hal and Lei Darcey Guy De Primo Marlene Dias DeCosta ’66 Thomas and Katherine Doan Edward Enterprises, Inc. Mr. James Fallon Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Scott Finkboner* Shogo Fukuzawa Green Thumb Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Guevara Betsey Hughes Gunderson Steven and Audrey Hidano Lori Ho Valerie Ho Jane C. Wong Private Foundation Gerard Kam Eugene and Jin Sook Kaminaka Mr. and Mrs. C. Kawasaki Greg and Lynn Kiyan Knights of Columbus Mr. and Mrs. Gordon D. Lau Debbie Lazur Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Lung Jean-Claude Mademba-Sy and Joy Yanagida Mrs. Lucile I. Mistysyn ’37* Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Murakami Pat Nakagawa Mr. and Mrs. Clifton N. Okimura In memory of Diane Pike-Bourne Emanuel and Sophie Relator Mr. and Mrs. Roland Shimabukuro Mr. and Ms. Gregory K. Shiu Roy L. Shults Annual Giving Report 2008-2009


PRINCIPAL’S CLUB continued Roxanne Simpkins-Williams Janis Ing Strauss* Dr. Bert and Ellen Sumikawa Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Takano Mrs. Shana ’83 and Mr. Rodney Tong* Cindy Lee Tsun Steven Y.Wong ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Yee Drs. Michael Yee and Helen Ing-Yee T. Phyllis Zerbe

SPARTAN CLUB ($100 to $499)

Anonymous (2) Wendy K. Abe Mrs. Margarita Q. and Mr. Dick C. Adair Lisa and Scott Adams Lt. Gov. and Mrs. James R. Aiona, Jr. Air & Sea Travel Center, Inc. Liberta Du Pont Aiwohi Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Akau Barbara V. Nobrega Akau* James and Faye Aki Takashi and Dorothy Akimoto Mr. and Mrs. Gene C. Albano The Very Reverend Marc R. Alexander Yuklin Aluli Jerome and Gladys Andrade Edward and Sue Arakawa Mrs. LeeMarie Armstrong-Gomes ’93 Edwin and Lois Asato Mr. and Mrs. Dickie H. Au Richard Y.C. Au Sharon J. Azevedo Mrs. Rosalina J. Juan Baysa ’50 Mrs. Antonella K. Chock Bennett ’55* Mr. and Mrs. Max L. Besenbruch


Setsuko Bluemke Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bolte Peter Boneza and Cris Chong-Boneza Mr. and Mrs. Suthap S. Boonyatera Serry and Robert Borek Harold V. Botelho Elena Salangsang Bowker Paula Rochelle Lindo Boyce ’63 Todd and Kristen Bradley Haidee Bristol-Horne Thomas P. and Laurie L. Broderick Felice N.J. Wong Broglio* Dr. Joel D. Brown Kathleen H. Buckey Kyle and Young-ja Burns Thomas J. Burns Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Lori ’87 Carlos* Megan Carnate Tang Ms. Suzanne Elizabeth Casart ’65* John and Sarah Casken Leo Castillo Mr. and Mrs. Leoncio Castillo Mr. Christopher A. Casupang Mr. Elliott W. Chamizo ’61* Elena Q.B. Dung Chan Alma K.S. Kam Chang Mr. Evanson H.W. Chang* Mrs. Flora Chang Mrs. Flora Y. Chang Mrs. Frances Spencer Chang ’51 and Mr. Donald Chang ’52 Jo Ann A. Chang, DDS Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S.M. Chang Mrs. Michelle A. Goo Chang ’82 Patrick and Iris Chang Stanley and Cynthia Chang Renee Chang-Yamada Mr. Dennis W. Chee ’52*

Esther Lee Chee Kenrick and Sara Chee Lorrin Chee* Warren G.K. Chiang Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chikasuye Douglas and Kathleen Chin Mark and Jeanie Chin Mr. Ronald Chinen ’60 and Mrs. Marilyn Thompson Chinen ’61, CPS Carol Young Ching ’61* Reid Alan Ching Mr. and Mrs. Richard H.S. Chock Stephen C. Chock* C. Choi Curtis and Debra Chong David and Reba Choo George J. Chu, M.D. & Daine W. Wong Dorothy C. Chun Col. and Mrs. Edward K. Chun Fat, Jr. Edward K. Chun Fat, Sr.* Frances Chun Gordon Chun Henry W.C. Chung Cisco Systems Joe Clare* Class of 2009 Class of 2010 Class of 2011 Class of 2012 Taryn A. Clatanoff (Carr) Mrs. Leila Villada Condon ’45 Agnes Sills Cordeiro ’37* Hilda De Cambra Cordeiro* Robert J. Coursey, Jr.* Alan and Karen Crosswhite* Mrs. Fabiana K. Baquering Crozier ’59 Bedda D’Angelo Else M. De Mello

Photos courtesy

Paul and Rebecca de Ville Dale McIntyre Dela Pina Leo and Charito Delgado Mrs. Napua E. Prados Demers ’58* Joe DePrimo Monsignor Daniel J. Dever Haunani F.M. Burns Dickson Ms. Agnes L. Domdoma Teddy A. and Lolita R. Domingo Russ Donnelly* Robert R. Dunaway Ohana Barbara Dung Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Durkin Bobbi and Gary Dworshak Fr. Timothy Eden S.M. Mr. and Mrs. James F. Evers Mook-Lan M. Fan ’41* Ms. Antonina V. Farm ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Renato (Renceh) Flojo Mr. Stephen Florino Elaine Chun Fong ’54 Gwendolyn Chang Fu Laura Fujimoto Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Fujimoto Ira and Catherine Fujisaki Michael and Caryn Fukunaga Mr. and Mrs. Brian Funai Joy Funakoshi (Kara 2010; Jayna 2012) Jay and Kathleen Fung Mr. and Mrs. James S. Gamiao Judge Colette Y. Yoda Garibaldi ’73 Jessie and Judith Garo Mr. and Mrs. A.J. John Gaudet* Lester Gibo Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Ginto Mrs. Carole H. Goldstein Betty D. Gomes

Garret and Shere Goo Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goo, Sr. Mr. Clarence L. Gouveia ’51 Lisa Anne Wong Gruebner Peter A. Guevara, D.M.D. Mr. Wayne Gushikuma and Mrs. Cora C. Cabebe ’73 Gushikuma Mieko Gushikuma* Mr. and Mrs. Randall Ha Thomas Haioka* Lorraine Chamizo Hamilton* Bob and Joan Hann* Ryan and Susan Harada Mrs. Wendy S.K. Kishaba Hata ’87 Shirley H. Fujii Hayashi ’53 Mr. Allen Heau Gwen Char Heliker Higa Family Mr. and Mrs. David T. Higa Ms. Lee Y. Higa David and Joni Higashiguchi Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hino Mr. George S. Hino ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Hirata* Mr. and Dr. Daniel G. Ho Stephen Ho Liz Russell Hochberger ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Hoke, Jr. Sanai Hoshi Henry M. Howlett Norma N. Hung Florence Ikei Raymond Imbo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Ing Mr. Leslie Sin Chong Ing Luke Inoue and Mika Mori Mrs. Allene M.C. Higa Ishikawa*

Norine Lau Jalbert Paul and Ann Jones Susan K.S. Taam Jong ’46 Beatrice Iwamoto Jost Barbara Jean Jones Kaaihili Rogan and Frelynn Kahalehili Frank R. and Naomi I. Kahookele Joey and Christine Kaitoku Mr. Edwin S. Kala’i ’43* Mr. Alexander Yat Yung Kam ’42 Glen and Stella Kam Yukie Kam Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Y. Kanada Mrs. Lilian Ohira Kane ’54 Bryan and Lesley Kaneshiro Kurt and Barbara Kawamoto Mrs. Katherine A. Alquisa Kawano Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kaya ’82 (Ranson and Ryder Kaya) Mrs. Denys S. Furutani Kazama ’83 Violet K. Kekina* Vivian Y. Higa Kekina ’59 Takemi Khau Craig and Lisa Kim Faye Spencer Kim Hyun Kim Michael D. Kim and Joni Hashimoto-Kim Glenn & Traci Kim (Katelyn Domdoma) Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Kirst Mr. and Mrs. Kazusumi Kitagawa Jason Knight Mrs. Mildred F. (Burlem) Koch ’42 Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Kohama Mr. Paul Y. Koike ’77 Aiko Koochi* Dr. and Mrs. Arnold & Vanessa Kop Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Kramer Annual Giving Report 2008-2009


SPARTAN CLUB continued Marjorie ’51 & Stan Kum Mr. Brian Kung and Mrs. Maggie Zhu Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kuriyama Glenn and Ann Kusaka Scott and Joanne Kuwada Mr. M. Thaddeus Kwiatkowski ’56 Mr. Edison C.Y. Kwock ’59 Mr. Waley C.M. Kwock ’64* Philip Kwon James Kwong Mary Ann Cordeiro La Fazia Mr. and Mrs. Arne La Prade* Dr. Dolly Langen ’66 Michael and Sandra Langer Linda Jo Niemitz Langley Michael and Cyndy LaPorte* Merton S.C. Lau David and Eileen Lau Mr. and Mrs. Edward F.C. Lau Henry and Chris Lau Melissa Domaloan Layden ’87 and William Layden Mrs. Audrey Kong Lee ’64* Diane O.L. Lee* Eddie Lee Mrs. Edwina Cordeiro Lee ’58 Ernest Lee ’48 Yean Jung and Jaejun Lee James and Nancy Lee Dr. Lorrin S. K. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Lee Tiffany Lee Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Lee Mr. and Mrs. Ah Sung Leong Mr. and Mrs. Brian H.M. Leong M/M Gordon ’53 and Jean Uyeda ’53 Leong Tahn Chow Leong Irene W.Y. Letoto* Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S.J. Liang David Wo and Lei Lin Mr. and Mrs. Chester Ling Kyle and Wendi Lishman Mr. Garrett Liu and Mrs. Colleen Yoda Liu ’75*


Mrs. Mary U. Apao Loebl ’57 Mrs. Jackie L. Loo* Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Loo Mr. Patrick Loo, Jr. ’90 Dr. and Mrs. T.J. Loo Mrs. Christine Mattos Loomis ’85* Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J.K. Louis Mrs. Frankie Lucas* Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lui Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Luke Mrs. Adele Odo Lum ’72 and Mr. Alfred Lum ’71 Charlene Lum* Chuck Lum Mr. Dorman Lum Mr. Fredric D.W. Lum ’44 Kenneth and Keiko Lum Mr. and Mrs. Robert C.Y. Lum Wesley Lum Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred W.C. Lum Kenlyn Lum Yee and Albert Daniel Lum Yee Richard K. Lung and Louella Ahakuelo Lung Donald C. Machado Bruce and Brenda Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Akira Makinodan Catherine Masica Maley Ms. Diane K. Malinovich Dorothy Goo Man* Col William Earl Marshall ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Marmin Martin Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Perry K. Martin Sharon Y. Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Matsumoto Carl and Gail Matsuura Patrick and Gay AhLoy Mr. and Mrs. Laurence W.C. Mau Mr. and Mrs. Richard A.K. Mau Mr. Ronald H.H. Mau Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Mau Mr. Russell and Mrs. Joan Mau Patricia A.C. McIntyre* Roger and Dolores McLain Manny Medeiros Col. and Mrs. Richard E. Meiers

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Melim Melodee Barkus Metzger Camille Domaloan Michel ’84 and Whit Michel* J. Mickelsen Ms. Cafey Millard Craig and Linda Mitchell Joc Miw Mr. and Mrs. Wayne I. Miyamoto Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Miyashiro MMC Matching Gifts Program Roger and Natalie Morey Dr. and Mrs. Hayato Mori Thelma Nobuko Sano Mori* Mrs. Michele Tokunaga Morikami ’65 Mr. James Morris II ’85 and Mrs. Doreen Leong Morris ’84 Mary Helen Tom Morrow ’52 Allan and Sharon Mossing Agnes M. Braz Motley Archie and May Murakami Ross and Dayle Murakami Carl and Helen Nagami Mr. and Mrs. Dan Nagami Melvyn and Beverly Nagata Mr. and Mrs. Vincent C. Nagtalon Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Nakagawa Kyle S. Nakahara Mrs. Adora H. Aoki Nakamura ’44 Charlene Nakamura Gail Nakamura* Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nakasone Mr. and Mrs. Keichi Nakasone Mr. and Mrs. Russell Nakasone Paula Nakata Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Naone Joey Neilson Julia M. Hao Neumann Gavin Ng Kurt and Liz Ng Kevin Ngo Mr. and Mrs. Bat Cuong Nham Jerrilyn Nirei Mr. and Mrs. Duane K. Nishimura

H. Noh and Mikyung Kang Gabriel L. Nojadera Harry T. Nomura ’47* Mitchell and Gail Nowicki Michael and Catherine Nozaki Elaine Oda-Kam Ellen Funakoshi Ogata Mr. and Mrs. Roland S. Ogoshi Masahiro Ogura Mr. and Mrs. John S. Ohari Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Okada* Cortney Okaneku’s Grandfather Mr. and Mrs. David Okaneku (Cortney) Scott and Brenda Okazaki Mark and Okihiro Stanley Okimoto Aaron and Sherri Okinaga Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Okinaga Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Okita Mr. and Mrs. Clayton H. Oku Cary and Heidi Omoto Darren, Darcy and Taylor Omoto Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Omura Mrs. Sandra L. Onaga Mr. Fred Chang ’54 and Mrs. Betty Ontai-Chang ’54 Iris M. Oshiro Mr. and Mrs. Lester K. Oshiro* Lynn and Lincoln Oshiro Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Otani Mr. and Mrs. Vince Otsuka Henry T. Oyama, M.D. Robert and Kyoko Palma Brian and Karen Pang Mr. Jarrett Pang ’59 Mr. and Mrs. John Parris Ms. Cheryl L. Nobriga Patoc Bernadette Perry*

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. Perry Lauryl L. Uchima Pfrimmer Dr. Norman Polk and Ms. Sharon Connelly Virginia Thom Poon Prudential Foundation Julie and John Quinn Frank Ramos, Jr. James P. Rapoza ’45* Chad Resari Mr. and Mrs. Marc K. Rezentes Mrs. Patricia H. Rapoza Robb ’59 Betty Robello-Steljes Mrs. Alice P.S. Roberts* Mary Maloney Roberts Daniel Rodi’s Mom and Dad Jonah Chang and Lena Rodriguez Paul and Sybil Saito Geraldine Y. Sakai ’56 Judge and Mrs. Karl K. Sakamoto Gwen Sakanashi Joseph and Patricia Salas Shirley Salomon Carol Santiago Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Sato Mrs. Margaret E. Goto Sato* Mr. and Mrs. Nobuo Sato Schoolpop, Inc. Stanley Seo Akio Serizawa Mrs. Charlotte M. Chow Sexton ’42* Lance and Nadine Shibata Mr. and Mrs. Natsuo Shigezawa Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Shimomi Ms. Kathleen M. Shin Mr. and Mrs. Mitsuo Shinsato Lance Shirai Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Shiraki

Ernest and Jean Shoji Lucy and Patrick Sibayton Mr. Glenn J. Silva* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sim Mrs. Carla A. Siu ’74 Mrs. Edwina Lau Siu ’57 Mrs. Laine A. Matsuo Skiendiel ’68* Tracy and Paul Soenksen Mrs. Marlene M. Soares Souki ’56* Mr. and Ms. Alexandre Souza William E. Spencer, Jr.* Brian Spitzer ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Oran Spotts Frances Goo Steen Heather Stone Mr. and Mrs. Frank Suenaga Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Sumulong Kelli Sunada Joan Kwock Sung ’56 Lance Suzuki Carl and Paula Tadaki Wesley Y. Taira Christina Takafuji Mr. Duane Takamine ’86 and Mrs. Allison Lee-Takamine ’87 Stanley M. Takamine* Mr. and Mrs. Paul Takamiya Doris Takara Hiroji Taki Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Tamanaha Terry and Carole Tamura Gary Alan and Grace Tanaka Mr. and Mrs. Tadayuki Tanaka Mr. Clarence K. Tatekawa ’42* Chester and Ikuko Tatsumura Mr. Mike Tavepholjalern and Ms. Darlene Chun Mrs. Sheri Sachi Maile Teves ’90 Annual Giving Report 2008-2009


SPARTAN CLUB continued

Pirith Thipphavong Time Warner Cable Edward T. Tokuda Tony and Yayoi Tokuhara Dr. Benjamin C.K. Tom ’45 Kat Tom Mr. and Mrs. Kevin K.S. Tom Mrs. Lillian Ohta Tominaga ’46 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest K. Tottori Mrs. Alice H. Neumann Trani Leilani Tsukazaki Lorraine and Jon Tsuruda Tomoko Tsuyemura Mr. and Mrs. Dean Y. Uchida Keith and Lea Uehara Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred T. Uekawa Ralph and May Ukishima Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Ursulum Glenn and Michelle Ushio* Mr. and Mrs. James A. Uy Howard E. Uyehara Dr. and Mrs. Kurt I. Uyehara Marian (Scanlan) Van Kirk* Mrs. Maxine Vickery ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Riza L. Villa John Vivoli Mr. and Mrs. Dayne Wada Carol Wada Virginia L. Wat* Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. Watanabe Tadashi and Jean Watanabe Theresa Young Wee, M.D. Michael and Gail Weisz Wells Fargo Dan and Rae Whitford James C. Wo John and Joan Wollenbecker David Won Barbara C. Wong Clifford Y.B. Wong ’46 Mr. Derrick ’68 and Mrs. Carol ’68 Wong D’Wayne B.F. and Lucy M.H.F. Wong Elizabeth B. Wong Connie & Gerald Wong* Mr. James K.W. Wong ’65* 66

Kyle Wong Mr. Leonard Wong and Mrs. Debra Lew-Wong* Shari Wong Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Wong Wendell and Loui Wong Mr. and Mrs. Wilson K.S. Wong* Mrs. Isabella Grohmann Wooldridge ’80 Celia Chun Wright Laura Xiao Hang Xie and Mei Wong Mr. Kenrick N. Yagi Toru and Yumi Yamada Mrs. Jean K. Nakamura Yamamoto ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Yamane* Mr. and Mrs. Herman Yamasaki Mr. and Mrs. Kent H. Yamasaki Gail Yamashita Eloise Yano* Helen Uchida Yano Jean Yuen Yates* Phyllis Q. Yee* Davis and Debra Yogi Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Yokoyama Mrs. Barbara A. Yoneda ’72* Mr. Daniel W.C. Yong Pamela J. Yoon* Deacon and Mrs. Walter Yoshimitsu Mr. and Mrs. Clarence S. Yoshino Mr. and Mrs. Ted Yoshizaki Gerald Young Mr. and Mrs. Paul Y. Young Virginia Lum and Robert Young Ronald S.K. Young ’57* Allen Zhang

FRIENDS (up to $99)

Anonymous (4) Esther (Todd) Abbey ’73 Caleb, Matthew and Noah Agena Cathy A. Agor Judith Vierra Aguiar Mildred C. Chang Ai-Chang Mr. Kazuyuki Akashi ’45*

Mr. James Aki ’64 Mrs. Yvonne Lau Ambrose ’61 Rhys and Terry Amimoto Ms. Harolyn Arakaki-Pedro Mr. Roy Kiyoshi Aratani ’45* Dr. Garvin V. Arrell ’60* Thomas and Tammy Atou Mildred Awana Mr. and Mrs. Bill Axt W. Bacnis Ed Bajcar Chris and Elaine Batacan Janell Beattie ’79 Mrs. Dolores Grohmann Beddow ’78 Amber Malia Belcher ’00 Bonnie Bise Marla Naito Boley Juliann Borges* Mrs. Gloria M. Glorioso Breininger ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Brewer Lance and Virginia Bull Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Cagle Larry J. Campman Krystin Carillo Mr. and Mrs. Dion Chan Lynn Chan Ms. Evelyn C. Chang Glenn and Laurie Chang Harris and Jo Chang Mr. Jeffrey L.K. Chang ’94* Ms. Roberta W.S. Chang ’49 Mr. Byron Moon and Ms. Wendy Chang Edwin K. Char Kelvin and Phyllis Chee Joe Cheng George C. Chin Douglas M.C. Ching Elaine Young Ching Mr. George K.H. Ching ’48* Jeanette T. Ching Mr. Randall Y.C. Ching ’63 and Mrs. Sylvia Ching ’66 Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Chock ’81 Mrs. Mandy Rose L. Baptist Chock ’99 Caroline Choi

Mr. Frederick K.C. Chow ’58* Mr. Steven K.L. Chow Darryl Choy ’90* Dr. and Mrs. Stephen S.F. Choy Anthony P. Chun* Mr. and Mrs. Joe Chun Laura Y. Chun Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B.H. Chun Peter Chun Mr. and Mrs. Bing Fay Chung Al Cicogna Mrs. Melissa N. Wong Coelho ’82 Christian and Rachael Colman Mrs. Stephanie Conching LtC David Copp and Mrs. Connie Copp Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Lori Costa* Karen L.H. Cowan (Watt)* Mrs. Martha and Mr. Richard Crawford Mary Jo Leineweber Culvyhouse Sr. Maria Rosario Daley Mrs. Hiroe I. Daswani Dr. and Mrs. Dino U. Dee Mrs. Alison V. deVille Roseyn J. Devlin* Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Donohue Jeanne C. Amlin Duggan ’58 Mrs. Daisy Pang Dung ’49 Mary Ehring Mrs. Dulinda Gomes Ernesto ’37 Mrs. Betsy June Fabro-Borg ’82 Mr. David K. Fernandes ’71 Foodland Super Market, Ltd. Robert and Maggie Fortuna Toshiko Fortuna Lillian Y. Fujihara Nancy F. Oshita Fujii* Akihiko Fukusato Kimberly Fuller

Debbie Ng-Furuhashi and James Furuhashi Michelle Gabriel Patricia Gabriel Mr. and Mrs. William Gabriel Phyllis Boner Gardner Cheryl Kunimune Gesik* Kimberly L. Gleason Mrs. Angie N. Golis-Yamamoto* Ms. Virginia Gonsalves ’38 Franklin R. Gonzales* Mrs. June Mattos Gorgonio ’75* Mark and Yurica Griffin Lisa Anne Wong Gruebner Mrs. Donamay C.H. Lau Guinasso ’76 Mrs. Sydney Y.P. Kam Gutierrez ’82 Guzzi* Janet Hall Mrs. Christine G.L. Hangai Mrs. Dolores Burnett Hansen ’58 Ms. Jaime T. Hara ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Gus H. Harper Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Hashimoto Fumiko Hashimoto Mr. and Mrs. Yuji Hata Hawaii Agriculture Research Center Hawaiiana Management Co., Ltd Ms. Stephanie M. Hayashi Mrs. Patricia K.M. Heatherly ’66* Mrs. Ellen A. Hee Mr. Jonathan T. Hermosura* Mrs. Allison S. Higa Carlton and Joy Higa Mr. and Mrs. Edwin I. Higa Janice Higa Ray M. Higa Mary H. Hill Maylanie Hipolito Frances and David Hisashima*

Elizabeth W.P. Hisashima* John T.K. Hisashima Chester D. Ho Cyndi Ho Patricia Chun Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Hung Mr. and Mrs. Asami Ichimura* Mrs. Mary C. Inglis* Mr. and Mrs. Nathan A. Inouye Linda C. Ipsen Roger and Florence Ishii Carolyn Ishiwata Ms. Cindy Maki Ito Edith T. Iwami Catherine Iwami* James and Monica Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Paul L.K. Jones Dorie Kahaulelio Clifton and Sandra Kaholokula Mr. Kaipo Kaina and Ms. Britney Kokubun Lavina Leong Kam Grace Kamikawa Mr. and Mrs. Kunito Kamimura Sterling and Petra Kamiya Mrs. Betty C. Yoneda Kaneshige ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Kaneshiro Annie C. Kau Mr. Darryl Kau and Mrs. Alicia Andrade-Kau Mr. Jared Kaufmann, Sr. ’58* Darcie W.L. Au Kawamura ’90* Frank M. Kawamura Ms. Mia E. Kawamura ’05 Paul and Faith Kealoha Mr. Kristopher C. Kern ’98 Curtis and Lucille Kern* Ms. Karen Kim Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Kintu Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Kitagawa

Annual Giving Report 2008-2009


FRIENDS continued Virginia M. Hulten Klein* Karin and Glenn Kobashigawa Mrs. Lorraine C. Samson Kojima ’83 Bradley T. Koki and Theresa Quinn Koki* Mrs. Donna M. Higa Komagome ’71 Mrs. Beatrice K.H. Kam Kong ’54 Micah Kong Mrs. Virginia Koo Becky Kotake Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kozuma Mrs. Raenette G. Jeremiah Kreis ’59* Jackson and Ruby Kuang Mr. and Mrs. Gordon T. Kurokawa Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kurosu Serena Kwong Siri Ky Paulette and Arnold Laanui* Tammie Labatad Nin Wah Lam Georgette Lau Marc Devon K.T. Lau Mr. and Mrs. Ken Law Mr. and Mrs. Darren W.P. Lee Deanne Lee Mrs. Joelle L.K. Lee Mrs. Lorraine Young Lee ’59 Aaron and Hiroko Lehl Mr. and Mrs. William Leonardo Mrs. Cecilia A. Taum Leong ’37* Dorothy M. Leong* Mrs. Liane Yamamoto Leong ’87 Helene Chock Lewis ’53 Mr. and Mrs. Nelson D.W. Lindsay Raymund and Nicetas Liongson Ryan M. Liu ’03 Travis M. Liu ’07 Bette Liu Loo Bobbie Loo Lila Loos Patrick Low Lily Lu* Alfred Lum ’71 and Adele Lum ’72 Blake M.K. Lum Melody Lum


Mr. and Mrs. David T.E. Lum Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred C.H. Lum Mr. and Mrs. Khubo Luu Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Lyckman Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel W.C. Ma Mrs. LeAnne Mistysyn MacAllister ’97 Macy’s West G.I.F.T. Patty Lum Maffit Milton Y. Makishi* Gabbi Maier* Mercedes Wong Manalili* Tracy Manlansing Anna Marks Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Martin* Ms. Theresa L.M. Martin* Mr. and Mrs. Harold Masaki Betty and Don Mastropaolo Marion Masuda* Bert and Autumn Matsuwaki Krissie Yanagawa-Mattis Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Mau Claudia McCloskey Mr. and Mrs. William McCorriston Celia Villafuerte McCuaig Gayle S. McEntire Mr. and Mrs. William J. McFeeley III* McGivern Family Ms. Suzanne P. McLaughlin Mary Jane McMillan Cynthia Medeiros* Mr. Glenn A. Medeiros Mr. and Mrs. Kauinohea Mendonca Jon H. Miki Mrs. Florence G.D. Min Mission Fish Mr. Brian K. Mistysyn ’95 Mr. David K. Mistysyn ’01 Mrs. Lynn E. Mitchell* Ms. Mildred M. Miyasato Rie Mizumura* Mr. Anthony James Mizuno ’89 Michelle Klein Morgan Mrs. Jo-Ann and Mr. Neal R. Morisato* Mrs. Patricia A. Moskal*

Cecilia Wong Mukai Dennis and Arlene Mun Kendrick and Gail Mun Allan and Janet Murakami Danelle Murakami-Ha ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nakama Judge Craig Nakamura and Ms. Elise Matsumoto Duane and Kaori Nakamura Kazue Nakamura Mark and Dale Nakamura Reid Nakamura ’04 Roy Nakamura Stephanie Nakamura ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Nakano Mr. and Mrs. Norman M. Nakano Shawn and Lisa Nakano Mr. and Mrs. Nakasone Mrs. Leocadia Kaopuiki Naone Marisa Navalta Ms. Denise C. Nelson ’03 Ms. Erika N. Nelson ’08 Mr. Alfred Neves, Jr. ’53 and Mrs. Sylvia Costa Neves ’54 Kam Ng Mr. and Mrs. Steve Nguyen Tammy Nguyen Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Niebling Ms. Antoinette Nishida* Ms. Jaymie L. Nishigaya Nishigaya Dr. Linda E. Nishigaya ’65 Mrs. Stephanie Kam ’83 and Mr. Patrick Nishimura Mrs. Vivian E. Enos Nobrega ’37* Mr. and Mrs. Alan T. Nunokawa George S. Odo Mary Y. Ogata Nancy C. Oide Phyllis Okamura Nadine J. Jeremiah Olinger* OneCause, LLC Eric Ornelles John T. Oshiro Carole Ota Mr. and Mrs. Roy T. Otsuka*

Mrs. Amparo Padilla-Lau ’57* Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Pang Mrs. Daisy Yee Pang ’52 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Parks V Toyoko N. Pasoquen Mr. and Mrs. David X. Pham Mrs. Kelly K. Pila ’86 Mr. and Mrs. William Ramos Angela O’Malley Reed Erik and Brandy Rhinelander Mrs. Barbara M. Soon Richards* Mrs. Eva Lynn Robinson* Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rodrigues Lori Tseu Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Mike Roh Mrs. Antholina Rosokow ’68 Sr. Dolores A. Rosso, MM* Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sabatini Mr. and Mrs. Darren T. Saiki Donna A. Saiki Mr. Scott and Mrs. Mara Saito ’84 Naomi Saito and Robert W. Love Francis and Arlynn Sakamoto Ken Sato* Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Tessie Ann I. Schmisseur ’81 Anthony (Tino) Sellitto III Arthur Senining Jennifer Severson Mr. and Mrs. John K. Shimabukuro In memory of Mrs. Helen Shimomoto Jon and Clarice Shimomura Tamae S. Shiraishi Mr. and Mrs. James Shiroma Shayna Silva Julia Adviento Siobal Mr. Denis J. Siu ’59 Dr. and Mrs. James C. Skudlarick Col. and Mrs. Charles P. Smiley Bruce Smith Carol Smith* Mrs. Sara Q. Bassford Smitherman Mr. Stephen D. Soares ’85 Todd Soma Tanya Machado Soriano

Jay M.K. Stone and JoAnn M. Stone Mr. Richard F. Strawn II ’64 Mrs. Stephanie Suehiro Akira Sugiyama CDR Gerald T. Sullivan Dr. and Mrs. David Sumikawa Mr. and Mrs. John L. Suyemoto Mr. and Mrs. Dean Suzuki Harumi K. Suzuki Reynold and Regina Suzuki Ms. Anne Wong Sylva ’97 Shelley K. Tadaki* Mrs. Leona A. Tadaki Tadaki-Kam Neil and Candace Tagawa Steven and Cheryl Tagawa Yoshiko Takagi Mr. and Mrs. Keith T. Takahashi Ms. Melissa Tam Lena Ann Tamashiro Thomas Tamashiro* Dr. and Mrs. Ray N.K. Teramoto Mr. and Mrs. Irwin W.C. Thom, Jr. Jenna Richards Mrs. Janeen N. Haleamau Tirrell ’79 Mr. Lindsey C. Todd Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Todd Shirley Mamiya Tokunaga Ms. Loida Tolentino Tolentino Gordon and Judy P. Tom ’57* Mrs. Norine I.S. Chun Toriki Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Tottori Fred and Edna Tseu Mrs. Jennifer Tseu Mr. and Mrs. Tsukamoto Mr. and Mrs. Jon Y. Tsukamoto Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Y.F. Tyau Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael U. Ung Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Uno Troy T. Uyehara Troy Uyehara Mrs. Mary Jane Arce Vannatta Galen Vasconcellos Mr. and Mrs. Edwin I. Ventura Mr. Leonard Ventura and Mrs. Benedith Tabiolo-Ventura*

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Vinluan Mrs. Patricia L. Walraven Vincent and Sophia Wang Mr. and Mrs. Yi-Chi Wang Denise Leong Watanabe Kristie Watanabe Lorianne Watanabe Lynne Watanabe Reid Watanabe Hazlett Weatherwax Wallace Weatherwax The Williamsons Elsie L. Won ’46 Aaron Wong Betty Loo Wong* Frances Wong* Mr. and Mrs. James C.A. Wong* Michael and Sheryl-Ann Wong Mr. and Mrs. Orrin C.M. Wong Mr. and Mrs. William K.C. Wong Mr. and Mrs. Yiu-Wing Wong Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne A. Worley Charles and Iris Wright Jun Xie Mr. and Mrs. Alan T. Yago Mr. David Yamasaki Mrs. Kimberly A. Yamauchi* R. Lo-Lan Mui Yee ’43* Ms. Eve L.Y. Yeung ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Nathan M.G. Yim Mr. and Mrs. Gary Yogi Ms. Joy J. Mihiwa Yoshimura Ms. Carol M. Young ’58 Lenore Fong Young Royden and Jennifer Young H. Thomas Zerbe III Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Zerbe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Cedric H. Higa Mr. and Mrs. Alfred K. Lindsey Mr. and Ms. Mike K. Ma Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Nitta Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Yoshikawa

Annual Giving Report 2008-2009


HONOR /MEMORIAL GIFTS In Honor of Mr. Alfred M.K. Wong Mr. and Mrs. Bert T. Kobayashi, Jr.

In Memory of Mr. Paul Domaloan ’55 Mrs. Camille Domaloan Michael ’84 and Mr. Whit Michel Mrs. Melissa Domaloan Layden ’87 and Mr. William Layden

In Memory of Mr. David A. Kula ’04 Hawaii Agricultur Research Center

In Memory of Mr. David J. Lum Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Loo

In Memory of Mrs. Evelyn Chang Lum ’49 Mr. Dorman Lum

In Memory of Mrs. Luriel W. Lum-Pang Mrs. Daisy Pang Dung ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B.H. Chun

In Memory of Mrs. Jo Ann Yuriko Mau Mr. Ronald Mau

In Memory of Mrs. Helen Lan Lau Shimomoto Mrs. Sharon Marie Chun Kuh ’81

In Memory of Mr. George Takeshi Taniguchi ’46 Mrs. Lynne Y. Taniguchi Watanabe ’69


SPECIAL EVENT Monsignor Charles A. Kekumano Award & Scholarship Dinner Maryknoll School is grateful to all who have so generously helped with the Monsignor Charles A. Kekumano Award & Scholarship Dinner Pikake Sponsors Dr. Thomas and Mi Kosasa Dr. Lawrence K.W. Tseu DDS Ilima Sponsors Albert C. Kobayashi, Inc. American Coating Ernst & Young Ted & Betty Jung Mitsunaga & Associates Maile Sponsors Bank of Hawaii Malcom H.M. Chang DDS, Inc. First Hawaiian Bank Jim & Yvonne Morris/Jim & Beth Hoban Plumeria Sponsors Architects Pacific Inc. Terry & Violeta Arnobit Paul & Yvonne Chinen Sonny & Barbara Ching Al Fernandez/KMH Ross Galen & Patricia Ho Diane Kimura Kobayashi, Sugita & Goda

Dr. & Mrs. Irwin Lee Dr. & Mrs. Gabriel W.C. Ma Dean Miyamoto Friends of Peter Ng Saint Louis School Phyllis Shea Sodexo Ohata Chun Yuen LLP Alfred & Laurie Wong Walter C.K. Wong Darryl P. Wong Annette & Harlan Young

Kekumano Award Dinner Steering Committee Barbara Ching ’61 Mi Kosasa Charlene Lum ’60 Gabriel Ma Yvonne Morris ’63 Monica Ng Pack ’83 Nina Rapozo ’54 Larry Rodriguez Laurie Wong ’56 Acknowledgements Day AV Services ET Graphic Design Tom Foster – Manheim’s Aloha Auto Auction Hilton Hawaiian Village Norman Kaneshige – Ohia Ridge Candy Company Greg LeLesch – Manheim’s Aloha Auto Auction Maryknoll Photography Club Olomana Marketing Tamura’s Fine Wines & Liquors

Event Preparation Mary Lou Botelho ’53 Betty Doi ’53 Doug Ferreira ’63 Verna Ferreira ’53 Ben Fong ’52 Wanda Fong ’53 Angie Golis-Yamamoto Betty Gomes ’53 Angel Guevara ’11 Shirley Hayashi ’53 Courtney Kemmler ’12 Carmen Kiyabu ’53 Frank Kiyabu ’53 Maxine Koyanagi ’09 Michelle Koyanagi Gwen Leong ’56 Jean Leong ’53 Jackie Loo Eva Matsuyoshi ’53 Camille Michel ’84 Lucile Mistysyn ’37 Doreen Morris ’84 Jim Morris Yvonne Morris ’63 Janie Moon ’09 Gail Nakamura Catherine Phillips ’53 Charlotte Simmons ’53 Edward Simmons Brenda Wong ’77 Barbara Yamada ’53 Vernon Young ’53

Event Volunteers Jim Gahler Carole Goldstein Dan Holt Becky Kotake Bobby Loo Charlene Lum Milton Makishi Suzie McLaughlin Lynn Mitchell Jo Ann Morisato Gail Nakamura Les Oshiro Tessie Schmisseur Mara Saito Naomi Saito Melissa Tam Carleton Williams Auction Committee Violeta Arnobit, Co-Chair Beth Hoban, Co-Chair Charmain Bernard Lori Carlos ’87 Jessica Chang ’08 Lisa Chun Fat Verna Ferreira ’53 Janet Hall Dan Holt Linda Ipsen Maryknoll School Faculty Maryknoll School Student Ambassadors

Gayle McEntire Carole Mito Patricia Moskal Darcy Okumura Linda Ross Mara Saito ’84 Kalene & Karl Sakamoto Melissa Tam Brenda Wong ’77 Auction Donors Ace Medical Inc. Allison’s Make Me Beautiful Salon Violeta Arnobit Irma Baptiste Bob Chinn’s Crab House Teresa Brink-Wong Bryan Clay Foundation Chef Chai Chaowasaree The Cheesecake Factory Russell Chun Class of 1957 Class of 2013/Jeff Chang Class of 2018/Carol Goldstein Class of 2019/Charlene Lum & Catherine Iwami A Cup of Tea Everlasting Services - Ben & Edith Gudoy Doug Ferreira ’63 Flawless Permanent Makeup Friends of Maryknoll School Gino Gabrio

Janet Hall John Dominis Harp Therapy Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa Hilton Waikaloa Village Beth Hoban Dan and Ann Holt Honolulu Club Indich Collection Catherine Iwami Chelsea Iwami ’06 Izumi Arts Christine and Andrew Johnston Ka’anapali Golf Resort Kirin Chinese Restaurant Kit ’n Kitchen Restaurant Eric A. Knudsen Trust Kobayashi, Sugita & Goda Marjorie Kum ’51 Kumu Kahua Theater Georgianna M. Lagoria Lau Lau Woodworks Leahi Swim School Sadie Lew ’53 Dr. Gabriel Ma Marian’s Catering Market City Shopping Center Maryknoll School Glenn Medeiros Tammy Medeiros Mermaids Hawaii Michel’s at the Colony Surf Miramar at Waikiki Mitch’s Sushi

Mitsunaga & Associates, Inc. Janie Moon ’09 Yvonne Morris ’63 Patricia Moskal Nancy Nakamura ’40 Neiman Marcus Oahu One Credit Union Oceanic Time Warner Cable The Pain Relief Center Alice Roberts Robert Palma Roy Sakuma Studios Shangri-La Tea Company of Hawaii, LLC Katheleen Shin Stephen & Irma Baptiste Soares ’85 Anne Wong Sylva ’97 Taj Clubhouse Alan Tang Kaliko Thomas Tiki’s Grill & Bar USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc. Lynne Watanabe ’69 Darryl P. Wong Fran Wong ’69 Robert Wu Wai Shing & Catherine Young Rich Zegar

Annual Giving Report 2008-2009


Come say farewell to our beloved Sister Dolores Saturday, April 10, 2010 • 10:30 am to 1:00 pm Japanese Cultural Center $20 per person Seating is limited. Contact Alumni Coordinator Lloree Gamiao to make your reservations today. 973-6123

Maryknoll School 1526 Alexander Street Honolulu, HI 96822

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Knoller spring 2010 part 1 and part 2  

Knoller spring 2010 part 1 and part 2