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Take Your Time.

Introduction. It’s easy to view online shopping as a result of our modern inclination towards efficiency and disconnect, but ASOS challenges this perspective on all fronts. The sheer volume of products alone encourages leisure, nudges a customer and whispers those magic words: “Take. Your. Time.” Turning a fifteen minute break at work into a New Year’s Eve daydream, scouring through page after page of party dresses, each one inspiring a new version of the evening — ASOS stretches moments. Creates luxury from the mundane. It’s so much more than “efficient”. It’s indulgent. It’s personal. It’s infinitely potential. I’m more than excited to work with the ASOS brand in developing a holiday campaign. As one of the most prominent, online-only retailers, I see an opportunity here to transform virtual shopping into an incredibly relatable, fun, real experience. I have no doubts that our collaboration on this campaign will have customers itching to take a moment — hell, more than a moment, itching to take their time — and experience holiday shopping through the ASOS universe. Thank you, Director

Concept. The subject of this first installment is a young office assistant. Relatable, eager, just getting her feet wet. We see a series of celebratory fantasies — all involving rich, holiday-themed outfits — interrupted by the usual office drama. We ultimately end with her snuggled up in bed, wearing a fancy dress and fuzzy socks (at last, combining her dreams with reality), and scrolling through ASOS’s site.

Interrupted Daydreams. Pouring a glass of champagne while wearing a fancy dress turns into pouring coffee in a break room. Our protagonist dances amongst dimly lit cubicles, a close up on her happy face pans out only to reveal our girl daydreaming at her desk while the phone rings. A coworker drops off a multitude of beautifully wrapped presents at her desk. With a straightforward “Can you file these?� we realize the presents are nothing but half-hazard piles of bulky folders.

Look & Feel. Creating unique, contrasting atmospheres is essential to this piece, as it relies on clear -- yet seamless -transitions between reality and imagination. The simultaneously bright and dull lighting of the office contrasts with the rich environment of her daydreams. Fisherman’s sweaters and loafers with tights hint at some kind of seasonal setting, but it isn’t until we see her alternate world that the sense of winter festivities solidifies. Maybe the cubicles become paved with fairy lights or even blue-tinged snowflakes. Yes, the office serves as the setting in both worlds, but the seemingly normal environment takes on a different glow in her fantasies. It becomes warm, as if a fireplace blazes just out of view. And then, in an instant, we’re back to gray cubicles, neutral file cabinets, and blah carpet.

Casting. Our young woman is clever, maybe even a little bookish. Attractive but not distractingly so, she’s a protagonist that holds a mirror to our audience. She is a relatable figure -- cool, warm, independent. A character who encompasses the modernity and style of the ASOS brand.

Music & Sound. Music can be used to aid in contrasting our two environments. A smooth song with natural rhythm, reminiscent of Rhye’s “Last Dance” guides us through the imaginary world, only to be interrupted by fax machines, phones, and silence when our subject returns to her usual setting.

In Closing. Though this is specifically a holiday project, I think it transcends one season. This campaign will do more than simply change common perceptions of online shopping, it’s an open invitation to suddenly stop in the midst of life’s traffic and take your time. Thank you so much for contacting me regarding this endeavor and I look forward to working with you all. -Director

ASOS Spec Treatment  

This is a fashion spec I created to showcase my visual research and writing skills.

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