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very morning the ritual begins anew: mothers paint babies, adults and children paint each other (or themselves), with fresh flowers and leaves to complement the design in an expression of rare and stunning beauty. Without architecture or crafts, the ongoing tradition of ever changing, ever evolving creativity is deeply valued by the tribe as their primary sense of identity, expression and esteem.

“Bodypai nt i ng,aspr ac t i c e dhe r ei n Eas tAf r i c a,t hec r adl eofhumani t y, s e e mst omet or e pr e s e ntawayofl i f e t ha tdat e sf r om pr e hi s t or yandonc e e nabl e dhumanki ndt oove r c omet he hos t i l i t yofnat ur e . Ar twast he name ansofs ur vi val . ” Ha nsSi l ve s t e r .

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