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V NL New Visual Language Form Follows Function Issue 1 May 2014 Maryiam Mobein Mukhtar



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Modernism & Post Modernism


Street Graphics


Cabinet Of Curiosity


Earth Artifacts




Modernism & Post Modernism


ost-modernism is a late-20th-century movement in the arts, architecture, and criticism that was a departure from modernism. Postmodernism includes understanding about the culture, literature, art, philosophy, history, economics, architecture, fiction, and literary criticism. It is often relates to deconstruction and post-structuralism the reason for that is because it has gained substantial amount of approvals at the same time as twentieth-century post-structural trust and belief. A general and wide-ranging term which is applied to literature, art, philosophy, architecture, fiction, and cultural and literary criticism, among others. Postmodernism is largely a reaction to the assumed certainty of scientific, or objective, efforts to explain reality. In essence, it stems from a recognition that reality is not simply mirrored in human understanding of it, but rather, is constructed as the mind tries to understand its own particular and personal reality. For this reason, postmodernism is highly skeptical of explanations which claim to be valid

races. In the postmodern understanding, interpretation is everything; reality only comes into being through our interpretations of what the world means to us individually. Postmodernism relies on concrete experience over abstract principles, knowing always that the outcome of one’s own experience will necessarily be fallible and relative, rather than certain and universal. Postmodernism is “post” because it is denies the existence of any ultimate principles, and it lacks the optimism of there being a scientific, philosophical, or religious truth which will explain everything for everybody - a characterisitic of the so-called “modern” mind. The paradox of the postmodern position is that, in placing all principles under the scrutiny of its skepticism, it must realize that even its own principles are not beyond questioning. As the philospher Richard Tarnas states, postmodernism “cannot on its own principles ultimately justify itself any more than can the various metaphysical overviews against which the postmodern mind has defined itself.”



odernism is a thoughtful movement that, along with cultural trends and does its transformations in Western society in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Among all the different issues that formed Modernism, the development of modern industrial societies had grown really fast in the cities, Modernism had also rejected the Enlightenment of thinking, and many modernists overruled on religious belief. Modernism includes the activities and creations of those who form of art, architecture, literature, religious faith, philosophy, social organization, and activities of daily life were becoming outdated in the new economic, social, and political environment of an emerging fully industrialized world. This movement’s approach towards what it saw as the new outdated culture of the past. Modernism is self-consciousness, which often led to experiments with form, along with the use of techniques that portray attention to the developer. Modernism makes use of the works of the past by the employment of reappearance..

Street Graphics



his brief is divided into two parts. The success of the second part depends on how thoroughly you have dealt with the first part. Part one: You are required to research into the graphic language of the street, how imagery, artifacts and ephemera of all kinds bombard the senses with visual messages and experiences. In the first instance you should demonstrate your ability to select suitable subject matter for translation into graphic experiments. This visual research should take the form of traditional or virtual sketchbooks. Your research can be either static, moving image, internet, installation or a mixture of all. You should be able to demonstrate multiple ideas and employ a range of media and methods appropriate to the demands of the project. Part two: From your visual research

you should develop the most appropriate concept and a produce a cohesive body of work, which explores this concept. The presentation of this work may be a body of static images, moving image, virtual display, animation or physical installation. I have based my street graphics project on ‘Night light theme of bradford’ I have done this to advertise the night light in and out of bradford so that people can explore the beautiful part of bradford at night and explore in it with thier own eyes. To do that i wanted to make a builboard that promoted the night light theme, so I tuck pictures of bradford city park at night and created it in a way so that it appealed to the audience and gotten their attention to visit bradford at night.


Cabinet Of Curiosity



n the same way that certain artists attempt to capture experiences, or ephemeral moments of time in their work, as in the boxes of Joseph Cornell and animations of the Brother Quay, you are required to use your personal experiences to build a cabinet of curiosity or shrine. This does not have to be a literal physical cabinet but can be virtual, physical or static. In the first instance you should collect written and visual information based around your personal experiences and interests. You should not be too literal with your work, merely developing a series or collection of shallow, collaged, postcard images but think about your own preoccupations and concerns. You choice of materials should be selective and you should be able to justify choices, image selection and composition. I have based my cabinet of curiosity project on 5 pillars of Islam. Every box

represents the pillars of islam, that is why I have used 5 boxes. The first box represents salah, this means in Islam it is compulsary to pray 5 times a day and to symbolise the 5 prays, I have writen the prayer names on 5 pebbles. They are positioned in like a clock so that it shows that eacy prayer has a different time, therefore they are placed in the order. The second box represent shahdah the decloration of faith and to symbolise this, I have used prayer beads (tasbeeh) and a mini version of the Qur’an. The third box represents charity (zakat), to symbolise this, I have used Arabian money in notes and coins. The forth box represents fasting (sawm) and within this box I have used date seeds and something sweet to symbolise sweetnes of fasting. The fifth box represents the last pillar of Islam which is Hajj. To symbolise this I have used two sculptures of Kabah and Haram Sheef because they are the main mosques that we visist when performing Hajj.



Earth Artifacts


ver the next few weeks you are required to submit visual and written proposals for a new version of the ‘Golden Record’ entitled, ‘Earth Artefact’. This does not have to be a slavish reproduction of the original golden record, but could be a more contemporary version, which should be reflected in the content and the format/media channel of your choice. You should document all stages of the research and design process, which should demonstrate a critical understanding of the design challenge. You should be inventive and demonstrate your ingenuity in solving this design challenge. It is important you generate several design solutions, taking one justified idea forward to a final solution. For my Earth Artifacts project I decided to create the new version of ‘Golden Records’ on an info

‘Golden Records’ on an infor graphic that tries to symbolise the message of peace and war. My first poster contains elements such as the heart, which symbolises different emotions towars peace and war. Within the poster I have used simple blue and red colour to represent the two sides. My second poster is also about peace and war but I have designed so that the information is shown through a different view point. Therefore on this poster I have used a bird that symbolises peace instead of a heart. From the two posters the bird/peace poster is a much better design as the graphics on this poster are very clear, understandable and interesting, thus it is my final piece for this project. I have not put alot of writing or texts on my posters as i am trying to leave a question for the audience tp see how they react towards this.







Many YEARS have gone by, the month of MARCH has returned again with bad memories and sadness, but I know you are in peace. I still find it so hard too accept the fact that you have gone, all I know is that I MISS YOU. You were there for me; I never thought you would go far away. I though I would spend my whole life with you, that you would see me accomplish my achievements & SUCCESS. The day that you left me were the saddest day of my life, I remember sitting alone in the corner thinking about our last MOMENTS that we spent together that day. It just brings tears into my eyes; then again an image comes in front of my eyes when you used to wipe my tears away. You weren’t only my HERO, you were my best ACQUAINTANCE but you were & still are my everything. I might try to be STRONG, however I am very weak from inside, I feel very ISOLATED. I wish you were here or if you could have stayed until I had become successful, INDEPENDANT & stood on my own feet. I know you loved me & I still love you too, so I'm trying to be strong like you but I’m not PERFECT at it. I know I'll never be, I just HOPE you're up there, and that you're proud of me. You had to let go, Even though you were holding on for so long, but there's not a day I don't think of you. I've been surrounded by FEAR without you, you fort for my HAPPINESS, kept me safe from the SORROW, now your not here; my life feels DARK, COLD & EMPTY with out you, your MEMORIES are stored in my HEART. Plus you were so strong. I just want to say that you're always in my heart. When I think about them it bring a SMILE on my face, and then I say to my self that I'm so LUCKY to share them PRECIOUS moments with you, but then again it bring TEARS into my eyes when I realize your not with me any-more even though I still cry I know we're not apart. Thinking of YOU.


c New Visual Language 2014 An Exploration of Modernism and Post Modernism

New Visual Language  

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