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When I first started with Tupperware, I just wanted to make some

money for Christmas. But it’s been 15 years, and now Tupperware pays my mortgage! It’s surprising how successful this has been for my

family—the money, the trips, the cars. The whole experience has been a surprising journey for me.

I used to be so scared. I remember not even wanting a bridal shower because I didn’t want people to watch me open presents. But I’ve gained the confidence to now even train at the national level.

And I didn’t expect that my family’s relationship would grow closer

because of Tupperware. My husband has always been very involved with our kids, but his taking care of them while I was at a party or

meeting has brought them even closer. He helps with homework and makes dinner and that’s been a real bonding experience for them.

I wouldn’t have imagined that my time in Tupperware would teach

my kids important life lessons. But by watching me, they’ve learned that making a living doesn’t have to feel like a job. A career can be

MY STORY something you really enjoy. They know that you can have a life, and make money and be happy.

And they know this because of the life we’ve lived in Tupperware. I’ve been there to send them off to school—tell them to have a good day

and to be kind. And I’m there most of the time when they come home from school to talk to them about their day.

You can have great achievements in business and valuable time with

your family. It doesn’t have to be the 8–5 grind, dread of going to work. You really can love what you do! 6

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Winter spring 2017 catalog  

Winter spring 2017 catalog