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What’s a party without sweets? Be the most popular party guest when you bring sweet fun in made-to-take Tupperware® containers. With our classic takers, you’re ready to bring happiness to any celebration, now and always. Bring the yum.

a Rectangular Cake Taker

Holds up to a 9 x 13"/23 x 33 cm single or double-layer cake. Or flip the base to take up to 18 cupcakes or muffins. 1511 Mint Ice Cream $49.00

b Round Container Now freezer safe! Fits a 9"/22.5 cm pie or up to 12 muffins. 792 Mint Ice Cream $21.00 c Snack-Stor® Large Container


Store or transport sandwiches, wraps and snacks. Holds up to three Egg Tray Inserts. 12 x 9 x 2½"/30 x 23 x 6 cm. Egg Tray Inserts not included. 794 Mint Ice Cream $29.00

d Egg Tray Inserts Includes three inserts to hold up to 24 egg halves for mess-free transport. 796 Mint Ice Cream $12.00


b d Now freezer safe!

Holds three Egg Tray Inserts.


For an elegant dessert or an easy snack, make it beautiful with our gelatin molds. e Jel-ette™ Molds

Set of four ½-cup/125 mL gelatin molds for individual desserts. 1592 Mint Ice Cream $12.00

f Jel-Ring® Mold Removable center and top seals make unmolding a cinch. 795 Mint Ice Cream $15.00


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Winter spring 2017 catalog  

Winter spring 2017 catalog