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BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS DANCE PERFORMANCE (B.F.A.) Dance performance conservatory, focuses on dance and marketability. Eightclass semester dance core.

BACHELOR OF ARTS DANCE (B.A.) Focuses on dance and minor. Six-class semester dance core.

BACHELOR OF ARTS DANCE EDUCATION (B.A.) Teacher certification in dance instruction and minor.

DOUBLE MAJOR OPTIONS Dance/Art Dance/Business Dance/Political Science Designed for the well-rounded dancer who is able to navigate the responsibilities of life. This program is unique to Marygrove College (typically completed in five years).

MINOR IN DANCE PERFORMANCE The minor requires a minimum of 24 credit hours.

why dance at marygrove college Through history, dance has dramatically influenced society and its social circumstance. The trends of political, emotional, and social issues are often documented through the innovative performances of leading dance artists and choreographers. Marygrove’s unique program offers a variety of components to grant you a career as a dancer, teacher, or multi-skilled professional. Above all, because technical proficiency is decisive in the market of professional dance performance as well as dance education, the foundation of our dance curriculum is based on classical dance technique in the ballet, modern, and jazz dance idioms. This multifaceted structure is key, as today’s dancer must be adept in all forms of dance. Marygrove College will help you master your ability with regular accredited rehearsals and course work. Aside from thorough training with core courses, we will expand your repertoire with courses in theory, pointe techniques, character dance, and other work designed for the well-rounded student. Our specialized dance degree programs, together with the Liberal Arts education, create a plan of study geared to the specific interests of each student. Marygrove’s dance department offers a four- to five-year program leading to a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Dance Performance, Bachelor of Arts/ Dance, and a Bachelor of Arts/Dance Education.

curriculum Modeled on dance conservatory training, core courses include ballet, modern, and jazz dance technique. Additional technique courses in ethnic, tap, character, pointe/variations, men’s technique and partnering are also included. Supporting theory classes include sequences in dance improvisation, composition, production, acting, teaching theory, music, theatre production, and nutrition. Together with the Liberal Arts requirements, the curriculum is designed to foster critical thinking, communication, and ethical decision-making necessary for professional success in today’s competitive and ever-changing world. Marygrove’s rigorous dance program nurtures each student as a creative artist while maintaining the highest professional standards. All technique classes support live accompaniment. Students dance an average of five hours per day including technique classes and rehearsals. All students are members of the Marygrove College Dance Company, and receive college credit for rehearsals and performances. All degree-seeking majors, prior to graduation, will participate in the Senior Showcase Concert for their final evaluation. This final theatre performance showcases the culmination of student design, choreography and performance. Students have the opportunity to assume direction of the concert including casting, choreography, rehearsals, costumes, public relations, scheduling, and collaboration with light, sound, costume, and set design. AUDITION AND ADMISSION An audition is required for admission into each of the dance degree programs. Prior to the audition, prospective students must complete the academic admissions process and be accepted into the Marygrove academic program. Talent and academic scholarships are available. In order to be considered for a talent award, students must be admitted to Marygrove College and must pass the audition requirements. SUMMER DANCE Students are encouraged to continue dance training during the summer months. Credit may be awarded and applied toward graduation for summer study and co-op internship experiences. Students at Marygrove have received credit while pursuing studies at Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, International Summer Dance at Point Park University, American Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive, Urban Ballet Theatre, and contracts with Aretha Franklin.

MARYGROVE COLLEGE DANCE COMPANY Marygrove’s dance program is professionally oriented and emphasizes broad performance experience. Every dancer, freshmen to senior, performs on a traditional, curtained proscenium stage as provided by our two dance companies: Marygrove Dance Company I and Marygrove Dance Company II. Dancers will perform informally on campus, off-campus, in lecture demonstrations, and in three full-scale proscenium productions in the Marygrove College Theatre. This immersion experience is an important part of your learning and growth. Your graduation through the companies – beginning in Dance Company II and graduating to Dance Company I as an upperclassman – will fully implement your knowledge of front and back stage operations, dance performance, production and technical work. In addition, the dance department participates in the Michigan Dance Council (MDC) and the American College Dance Festival (ACDFA) conferences.

faculty The secret to the Marygrove Dance Department’s success is your personal access to our accomplished faculty. Our teachers are experienced professionals in their field, who can direct you in all phases of training and personal growth. Acting as mentors, we don’t just teach; we invest in you, fully implementing the tools you will need for success in the professional arena. Think of your time in the dance studio: the discipline, the physical demands, the love of performing — you’re not alone. Our faculty understands what it takes, and will assist you in cultivating your passion and precision as you reach for the holy grail of your craft. With our dance faculty serving as your advisors, we’re always by your side. The ability to get to know you helps us to hone your strengths so that we may build on your special qualities and interests. Our drive is to teach you through example, building on the skills that dance and even life will require. Upon graduation, we guarantee you a well-rounded education, perspective, skills, and attitude as only a Marygrove education can.

Marygrove College’s Dance program will be your greatest experience as an up and coming dancer. You will be supported throughout your journey and confident in your education as you strive to improve. At Marygrove, we will

MASTER TEACHERS AND CHOREOGRAPHERS 2002-2011 Guillermo Asca Pattie Obey Roberto Munoz Scott Heinrich Avi Scher Waverly Lucas Mark Borchelt Danny Cantanach Ruth Leny-Midkiff Joanne Danto Anthony Madrigal

Roger Jeffrey Ray Mercer William McClellon Tracy Halloran-Pearson Alexander Magno Lou Conte Sidra Bell Mary Farris Bill Janisse Glenn Edgerton Virginia Johnson

train you in all aspects of dance and study so you get the most of your education.

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This is your opportunity ‌ audition. To apply for the Marygrove Dance program, visit our website: or call: (313) 927-1838

Marygrove College Dance Office 8425 West McNichols Rd. Detroit, MI 48221-2599 Phone: ( 313) 927-1838 Fax: (313) 927-1345

Marygrove College Dance Program  
Marygrove College Dance Program  

Marygrove’s unique program offers a variety of components to grant you a career as a dancer, teacher, or multi-skilled professional. Above a...